Đồng nghĩa của persistent

Alternative for persistent

Đồng nghĩa: haunting, lasting, relentless, unrelenting,

Tính từ

Continuing stubbornly in an opinion or course of action in spite of challenges
dogged persevering tenacious determined pertinacious resolute stubborn tireless indefatigable obstinate relentless steadfast unrelenting assiduous unflagging unwavering diligent firm patient untiring enduring fixed immovable insistent obdurate purposeful steady importunate sedulous unshakable intransigent perseverant persisting bound single-minded sticky bound and determined stiff-necked in for long haul like bad penny unyielding resolved uncompromising staunch unfaltering unshakeable committed constant unbending dedicated unflinching strong-willed inflexible adamant intent driven unswerving strong-minded stalwart earnest inexorable zealous industrious implacable set unremitting headstrong decided hardened spirited mulish active inveterate pigheaded intractable keen indomitable vigorous self-willed rigid intense bullheaded forceful enthusiastic strong undaunted eager refractory obsessive unhesitating confirmed steely willful chronic wilful indurate perverse unshaken undeviating sure compulsive recalcitrant energetic opinionated strenuous dyed-in-the-wool settled bold hard habitual hard-nosed conscientious assertive hardheaded ardent adamantine hard-working ingrained demanding gritty mettlesome unfailing true decisive pushy contumacious dead set on bent on tough stout unbendable established iron-willed solid rigorous loyal aggressive serious faithful thorough incurable abiding avid bent plucky devoted incorrigible painstaking fanatical gutsy unwearied pat inexhaustible full of determination ineradicable studious unchanging bent upon ambitious dynamic unreasonable laborious courageous deep-rooted attentive enterprising deep-seated balky rock-ribbed ossified spunky cussed inconvincible bull-headed irredeemable deep motivated weariless hell-bent purposive iron fierce obsessed bloody-minded devout incessant self-opinionated never-failing contrary focused dead set set on obsessional unflappable eager beaver unmanageable clamorous brave go-getting pathological self-assertive do-or-die defiant wholehearted incompliant bred-in-the-bone busy grim hell-bent on hell-bent upon cantankerous militant hard-core entrenched careful stout-hearted unwearying emphatic focussed passionate meticulous regular deliberate unqualified out stubborn as a mule close long-standing valiant dependable bustling seasoned hopeless plugging froward unceasing rooted exigent stiff rebellious strict bolshie pressing insubordinate unvacillating radical unmalleable true-blue uncooperative urgent intrenched certain continuous remorseless entreating vehement high-pressure meaning business indelible sustained stable consistent fervent clamant difficult lingering addicted uncontrollable punctilious exacting complete unreformable manful fast unrepentant particular engaged thoroughgoing self-starting hard-driving employed bulldog reliable long-established unashamed minute set in one's ways working die-hard self-driven goal-oriented searching elaborate occupied scrupulous pig-headed unfluctuating secure profound restive irremovable repeated untoward unpersuadable good operose aspiring thirsty tried-and-true inspired diehard ornery four-square hungry desirous unswervable trustworthy unmovable uncompliant deep-dyed ruthless continuing feisty intensive well established innate long-lasting brassbound definite hardy cast-iron self-asserting cross-grained permanent jumping grind hyper perky set in stone ultra-careful intent on insistent on determined to impassioned hooked concentrated imperative burning crying imperious dire fervid ungovernable wayward Herculean lasting swotty compelling stanch hopping tied-up persuasive pushful ball of fire never-tiring resounding basic fundamental disobedient obstreperous pious plodding acute pedantic religious fussy dutiful recurrent impulsive game hanging tough hardworking inbuilt built-in congenital high-powered sworn gung ho trusty absolute striving domineering monomaniacal even unvarying uniform violent sturdy subconscious inherent unappeasable besetting fixated contrarious impenitent longtime allegiant invariant intrepid awkward immutable ferocious in-your-face thrusting independent unapologetic unalterable mule full-blooded unquestioning inbred positive perennial lifelong tried and true tried and tested progressive pioneering brick-wall ironclad mean deep-set confident single-minded about firm about explicit self-confident accustomed habituated hard-line obsessive about self-seeking inflexible about on one's mettle get up and go stop at nothing power-hungry fixated on fanatical about committed to the idea of deaf to reason power-loving high-reaching hell bent on uncomplaining long-suffering addictive on the go dependent self-disciplined hardboiled buckled down restless unassailable mullish firmly-based unshrinking unending unretiring cohesive responsible tried coherent unadaptable daring possessive unforgetful fearless unblinking immoveable well-founded endemic hellbent unintimidated frequent involved resilient muscular unruly unsinkable correct accurate down-the-line noncompliant lionhearted instant emergent critical necessitous nagging self-motivated pleading thrawn mutinous absorbed engrossed adventurous stroppy grinding whiz ballsy dour formidable stony non-compliant telelogical calculated unmoved dogmatic heady unbreakable opinionative shameless hopeful going all the way renitent pervicacious red-blooded lusty vital incontrollable rebel recusant unimpressible beseeching begging whole-hearted convinced go-go unstinted undeterred fireball continued disturbing solicitous annoying troublesome suppliant overeager harassing impertinent hardhearted bullhead harsh uncompassionate unemotional sagacious liege immobile changeless nose to grindstone determinate dominant in earnest as game as Ned Kelly competitive prevailing inexpugnable mean business infallible with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone going irrepressible utter playing hard ball be out for blood nose to the grindstone cold fish proof against persuasion like a ball of fire on the make desiring success as stubborn as a mule by habit cutthroat hang tough through-and-through stand pat hard-and-fast radicated long-lived customary indurated old usual proved concentrating observant endless boundless bloodthirsty unabated stringent assured with one's feet dug in wrong-headed with one's toes dug in locked in firm in spirit perceptive keen as mustard animated heroic two-fisted tough-minded resourceful take charge torrid supreme fiery warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way tall in the saddle intent upon tough nut to crack consumed compelled peremptory entire preoccupied all exclusive enrapt whole undivided inured staid irrational patriotic repetitive possessed thick-skinned toughened hard as nails rugged intensely competitive fiercely competitive having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough go for broke self-assured can-do self-possessed minding sicker ceaseless exhaustive impervious reiterative monotonous overly solicitous watchful immersed alert out to fixed upon anxious to committed to intending to fixed on obsessed with resolved on impatient to resolved to decisive about determined on galvanized impelled irresistible trusted fail-safe unlimited surefire can't-miss unfading undying unerring continual red-hot through and through hard-shell all-consuming firmly established bona fide card-carrying well-established induced iterative malevolent maleficent malicious spiteful malign fractious genuine pushed steered guided galvanised bottomless full detailed all-out in-depth comprehensive concerted supportive clinical illogical bludgeoning same straight delivering there wrapped up eternal come-through invariable irreformable resistant all-absorbing total all-inclusive all-encompassing coercive intrusive noisy vociferous obtrusive loud perfervid pushing pressurizing prevalent recurring unreformed irrecoverable irremediable unrecoverable unredeemable irretrievable uncontrite all-embracing methodical stressful pressured ineffaceable counted on rock solid true-hearted urged on heedful impossible beyond hope bad beyond redemption useless irreparable loser wicked recidivous abandoned uncorrectable beastly explosive vicious exquisite ghastly sweeping blistering almighty heavy-duty excruciating fearsome heavy widespread terrible frightful extensive hellacious dreadful furious fearful imperishable pressurising true to life unreasoning pathologic neurotic uncontrolled extreme accelerated severe speeded-up out-and-out slogging inborn longstanding inextirpable not taking no for an answer deep down deeply felt lodged in one's brain doughty powerful audacious gallant authoritative dauntless valorous hardline potent unequivocal conclusive go-ahead categorical high-spirited sound forcible stern robust unambiguous unafraid gutty in the bag have-a-go undeniable hard and fast unquestionable unsparing commanding driving bullish definitive hard-hitting known clear nervy unswayable unmistakable real evident indisputable sincere unchangeable guaranteed irrefutable final predestined destined incontrovertible indubitable unstoppable incontestable effective authoritarian merciless flat stouthearted heroical bossy hearty undauntable punchy greathearted direct pitiless undoubted plain no-nonsense demonstrable inarguable unfearful confirmable verifiable provable establishable ascertained safe undisputable forward overbearing draconian lively salted away on ice sure thing having down pat express unrestrained cruel outright unconditional dashing influential sprightly unaccommodating unchallengeable downright lion-hearted unforgiving brisk iron-fisted venturous heavy-handed not giving an inch obvious convincing pulling no punches standing one's ground invincible unconquerable specified brassy defined precise unstinting oppressive peppy determining blunt unbridled wild disciplinary unmitigated distinct unarguable frozen irrefragable unanswerable unsurpassable invulnerable manly virile ultimate accomplished zippy bouncy combative snappy unalloyed unadulterated inescapable chivalrous serious-minded gingery unpermissive contentious peppery heartfelt truculent daredevil honest zesty watertight ineluctable cocksure inalterable proven necessary doctrinaire venturesome racy storming assaultive predetermined undismayed undefeatable decreed all out compulsory death-or-glory carnivorous spartan prescribed predictable exact standing pat unmodifiable beyond dispute irreversible narrow-minded flat-out herolike calculable frisky beyond doubt trustable antagonistic austere beyond question full of life full of spirit dug in tough nut high-octane not backward in coming forward writ in stone tyrannical beyond a shadow of a doubt proactive mature ended predisposed tending inclined leaning disposed professional bombproof realistic not joking macho sedate sensible sporting uninfluenced stiffened masculine male unbeatable unbudgeable perseverative great redoubtable strapping iron-jawed unsentimental durable immalleable unthinking quick hasty snap undiscouraged arduous taxing forbidding illiberal swashbuckling frightless uptight picky pounding mortal hard-headed mettled hidebound unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable unpacifiable impassive exhausting resolute about temerarious blinkered obstructive unhelpful well-built butch Ramboesque fit impregnable adventuresome manifest patent stony-hearted unimpressionable believing in oneself careerist puritanical orped unfearing in place in position airtight self-evident clinching cynical impavid undefeated quiescent imprudent chin-up foolhardy fortitudinous meaning what one says clear-sighted straight out set in your ways locked-in unflexible crisp desperate optimistic intending aspirant wannabe potential would-be budding wishful untameable insurmountable bulletproof insuperable undebatable clear-cut steamroller self-respecting powerhouse stuffy concrete fire-eating cool hard-bitten never give up disobliging trying exasperating riveted static ramrod agreed impassable imposing not discouraged future possible prospective likely unmoving do or die hold one's ground hold the fort sticking to one's guns hold the line arranged preset constructive formative creative developmental foundational seminal emulous not put off insistent about controlling decided upon cut-and-dried strait-laced stick to guns set in concrete unquenchable bitter granite extremely motivated very motivated allotted prearranged not in doubt apodictic enthralled vying arrogant longing tough as old boots disciplinarian callous drastic ascetical by the book astringent uncharitable hard-hearted browbeating rough ascetic unsympathetic autocratic grave no going back quantified as tough as old boots obscene pornographic X-rated planned incommutable competing like death and taxes effectual collected composed impatient dictatorial pontifical shoo-in unanxious undoubtful sanguine easy nailed down able locked on carefree expectant endeavoring endeavouring poised determinant limited warring opposing oppositional stipulated still stated Type A upwardly mobile triumphant resisting ringing glaring significant stressed important solemn trenchant impressive pointed sober cogent accented unnatural mannered high-handed intolerant arbitrary unwaivering one hundred per cent unreserved opinioned not subject to change unrestricted no mistake self-reliant spoiling for a fight on the warpath ready for action magisterial small-minded crucial for a face sparkling cool-headed despotic fascistic high and mighty bigoted formal prejudiced one-sided egotistical dictative unbowed unfeigned undiluted warm exciting flourishing vivacious electrifying effervescent flamboyant alive dazzling authentic fullhearted happening airy stirring humming colourful zestful kinetic colorful animate buzzing vivid rousing decent upright spry coruscating bubbly stimulating astir sparky fresh thriving abuzz posed honorable unimpeachable honourable truthful reputable impeccable respectable righteous high-principled bouncing springy vibrating pert radiant sensitive breezy responsive determinative quarrelsome bellicose pugnacious abubble jazzy pizzazzy pizazzy vibrant jaunty spanking aboil highly motivated veracious incorrupt categoric full-scale gay belligerent chippy confrontational discordant brawly argumentative agonistic disputatious alive and kicking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of the joys of spring full of beans full of vim and vigour bright and breezy full of pep full of get-up-and-go plumb clean maximum consummate hundred percent whole-souled stark simple sheer arrant rank pure stone chirpy without reservations crashing deadly optimum dead very perfect unavoidable flip hot-tempered hostile have a bone to pick on the outs at loggerheads hot have chip on shoulder battling fighting have it in for bodacious blank fair blooming unpreventable fated imminent preordained foreseeable impending expected ineludible ordained obligatory full-blown full-on fateful impreventable required unescapable cotton-picking straight-out mandatory foreordained doomed irrevocable natural ineliminable to be expected bound to happen in the cards without recourse sure to happen for sure for certain no ifs ands or buts inevasible inevitable all locked up to be anticipated certain to happen binding open and shut

Tính từ

Continuing to exist or occur over a prolonged period
continuous constant continual lasting chronic endless perpetual relentless sustained unending uninterrupted continuing incessant interminable steady unceasing unrelenting unremitting frequent habitual lingering permanent repeated unbroken nagging unrelieved pushy never-ending non-stop ceaseless eternal unabating everlasting perennial enduring nonstop regular recurrent abiding continued undying round-the-clock unfaltering unchanging ongoing running recurring immortal timeless unwavering unvarying unfailing dateless imperishable undeviating deathless unfading stable fixed unabated invariable unyielding ageless periodic prolonged persisting indestructible unflagging periodical infinite immutable consistent repetitive uniform amaranthine ineradicable even without end changeless routine protracted usual lifelong settled consecutive unstoppable indefinite always-on unchangeable sempiternal long-lasting deep-rooted deep-seated untiring monotonous boundless indefatigable unswerving dogged incurable day-and-night ingrained inborn ever-present long-lived inbred tenacious stubborn obstinate rooted unmitigated perdurable steadfast inexorable persevering inextinguishable without respite unfluctuating unchanged oft-repeated around-the-clock rhythmic round the clock unwearied numerous intermittent long-standing unwaning unalterable tireless reliable forever predictable reiterative staying confirmed inveterate set static immovable illimitable niggling steady-going gnawing unquenchable neverending cyclical inevitable inescapable standing many irrepressible stationary countless dependable on-and-off drawn-out unlimited interminate unwearying connected aeonian established limitless indissoluble indelible classic undivided cyclic reoccurring never-changing irreversible stabile successive inflexible without interruption invariant rolling repeating same equable iterated immemorial always rigid undiminished very many oft repeated a great many never dying never-ceasing day and night on a treadmill long-drawn-out flowing irrevocable unavoidable slow dragging faithful without ceasing remaining fast lengthy unintermitted remorseless diligent assiduous unsparing fluent resolute maintained spun-out long haunting unsuppressible unflinching sedulous unalleviated hard harsh stern world-without-end regularized standardised regularised implacable fluid frictionless customary daily nonrandom extended closed standardized never-dying homogeneous extensive undestroyed all-year-round drawn out on an even keel smooth orderly uncontrollable unended 24/7 stretched out solid true at all times all day and all night traditional spasmodic seasonal sporadic serious death-defying ever living no end to with no let-up no end of expected incorruptible phoenixlike undeadly without a break for ever and ever without surcease severe isochronal alternate isochronous odd chain measureless unbounded entrenched unshakeable irremovable well-established unbending sacrosanct unrestricted immeasurable that will never die that will live forever incommutable inalterable hard-and-fast unvaried inexhaustible unconstrained irreparable acute dangerous untold incalculable true to type absolute unmodifiable happening at intervals abundant abounding inestimable durable indeterminate great unmanageable unrestrainable uncontainable insuppressible unrestrained immensurable bottomless alarming extreme dire grave fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians unfathomable horizonless perduring overlong fathomless not stopping having no end incorrigible intractable wild for keeps set in concrete set in stone invincible out of control unconquerable forever and a day unbeatable in for the long haul invulnerable termless indomitable impregnable familiar common insurmountable profuse reiterated manifold several insuperable 24-hour thick various bulletproof overwhelming irresistible occurring often overpowering lots of millions of loads of a good many heaps of masses of quite a lot of dozens of hundreds of thousands of quite a few more … than one can shake a stick at

Tính từ

Lasting for a very long time, especially for the duration of one's life
lifelong enduring lasting continuing abiding eternal constant permanent immutable durable persisting fixed perennial remaining steadfast firm fast established stable prevailing secure steady old lifetime inveterate livelong lifetime's long-lasting deep-rooted long-lived long-standing long-term long-running all-time for life for all your life everlasting surviving immortal undying ongoing perpetual perdurable unchanging unending imperishable long-established dateless ageless timeless chronic endless time-honoured traditional unwavering unfaltering far great long-drawn-out long-drawn unfading advancing pursuing maintaining persevering sustaining progressing carrying on living strong immovable reliable resilient time-hallowed changeless sempiternal tenacious indissoluble indelible dependable standing well established ancient staunch time-honored age-old ceaseless continual never-ending unfailing unshakable resistant adherent uninterrupted recurrent extended long marathon lengthy incessant unceasing deathless never-changing annual seasonal regular returning yearlong sustained longstanding yearly longevous multiday longish interminable overlong multiyear old as Methuselah full of years prolonged familiar conventional set settled balanced customary usual ritual ritualistic faithful habitual historic folk ancestral old-world old-time routine wonted respected unchangeable rigid sure equable sound solid long-living long-existing long-cherished long-harbored long-nurtured close good dear inseparable confidential devoted intimate boon loving cherished special treasured valued longtime trustworthy long-held accepted handed down committed sturdy true tried attached responsible stout unshakeable resolute spread out protracted extensive drawn out expanded of considerable length broad strung out stretched out very long drawn-out dragged out stalwart trustable frozen unswerving staying put calm solid as a rock stationary determinate stabile hard even well grounded uniform unfluctuating flat certain hard-and-fast unvarying level invariable unalterable set in stone honourable calculable trusty bulletproof honorable proven classic well-built well balanced well-balanced venerable tried and true tried and tested ingrained irreversible indestructible unbroken non-stop inexpungible inexhaustible forever unremitting till the cows come home in for the long haul

Tính từ

Very difficult or impossible to forget
unforgettable memorable indelible exceptional extraordinary impressive striking catchy distinctive haunting notable outstanding remarkable significant special spectacular arresting cherished distinguished enduring eventful famous great historic illustrious important lasting meaningful monumental noteworthy rememberable remembered signal singular super treasured fixed in the mind never to be forgotten not to be forgotten momentous celebrated renowned glorious conspicuous eminent famed consequential marked immortal prominent noble rare preeminent especial pronounced brilliant noticeable red-letter acclaimed well-known salient bright wonderful honoured major eye-catching timeless unusual marvelous serious sensational honored uncommon marvellous weighty venerable phenomenal amazing material heavy out of this world superior splendid unfading fantastic legendary prestigious grand imperishable pre-eminent noted observable notorious unreal prodigious esteemed heroic star tremendous redoubtable luminous obvious arrestive considerable out of the ordinary perennial headline landmark astral particular substantial exalted august glaring abiding ageless well known shining far-reaching permanent indestructible everlasting vivid undying ineradicable beautiful awesome astonishing smashing perpetual eternal whimsical epic main miraculous incredible supreme dazzling astounding stunning unbelievable magnificent peculiar mentionable stupendous citable wondrous elevated uncanny grandiose large urgent critical of moment groundbreaking triumphant earth-shattering amazeballs high-priority sublime big emphatic namable nameable unco much earthshaking gratifying imposing proud heavy-duty earnest large-scale portentous extensive grave fateful resplendent cardinal decisive capital burning front-page newsworthy pivotal forceful leading vaunted lionized lauded revered popular respected evident influential foremost reputable evergreen traditional classic time-honoured manifest distingué peerless lionised nonpareil name aristocratic epoch-making fulfilling major league big name highly regarded big-time talked of enthralling superlative exciting thrilling terrific honourable good cheering satisfying honorable uplifting epochal pleasurable heart-warming rewarding pleasing commemorated tectonic ground-breaking excellent standout surpassing commanding inextinguishable splashy bold dramatic showy earth-shaking strong preponderant severe resonant impactful deep mighty sizable all-important intense keynote worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum generous milestone conclusive fundamental high-level extreme hefty unordinary vital ponderable potent climacteric pressing appreciable crucial principal solid flamboyant deathless mind-blowing primo wicked paragon laureate genius storied of importance dateless continuing ongoing undiminished long-lasting stamped on your memory festive ineffaceable majestic world class of consequence of significance sempiternal never-ending perdurable exquisite fabulous happy magical ingrained imperial gorgeous divine royal regal heroical superb magnific stately massive gallant baronial Homeric spesh gilt-edged forever zero cool inerasable red-carpet primary celebratory magic splendiferous effulgent radiant inexpungible unexpungeable stubborn inextirpable without end never dying adored time-honored unique persisting worthwhile best odd strange surprising curious dire uppermost overriding deep-rooted unerasable stirring fast fixed deep-seated improbable fanciful weird telling page-one of great consequence unmissable life-and-death ponderous acute ridiculous absurd dubious unwonted unrealistic uncustomary preposterous wild exceeding unlikely extraordinaire unprecedented eye-popping ludicrous fantastical atypical queer extravagant preternatural unaccustomed doubtful offbeat nonsensical implausible abnormal aberrated funny aberrant freak anomalous irrational bizarre out-of-the-way unthinkable unimaginable inconceivable wacky foolish crazy mad cockamamie unfamiliar insane zany comical oddball of import of great import of great moment determining flash gnarly forby hare-brained unexpected unheard-of off-the-wall far-fetched off the wall make-believe off beaten path key essential paramount central indispensable necessary imperative profound prime chief requisite integral powerful needed compelling required heavyweight exigent palpable clear mandatory basic of the utmost importance visible solemn dominant perceptible must-have of the essence vitally important deciding sober necessitous detectable radical needful somber sombre discernible sweeping predominant compulsory obligatory relevant reasonable unmistakable absolute pertinent distinguishable distinct definitive of great importance sedate staid definite major-league interesting sizeable intrinsic core decided quintessential life and death focal substantive unparalleled humourless full humorless patent comprehensive prerequisite underlined no laughing matter effective tangible measurable pointed no joke broad called for wide no-nonsense apparent life-changing final plain expansive utmost determinative valuable big deal settling premier wide-ranging top huge cogent kenspeckle widespread master healthy recognizable apocalyptic incomparable certain trenchant goodly ample blatant complete sensible extended indicative sound clear-cut forcible thorough far-flung tough puissant rangy highest uncomic first noisy bodacious grabby respectable world-shaking vast effectual ruling tidy across-the-board recognisable exhaustive grievous convincing primal discernable constitutive persuasive apprehensible number one perceivable refreshing big-league topmost something else valid unrivalled meat-and-potatoes defining awe-inspiring unsurpassed useful all important inimitable dynamic operative controlling authoritative stimulating pervasive precious all-embracing invaluable high-profile firm of note staple rich positive big league world-shattering rudimentary strenuous difficult global greatest elementary downright lucid unrivaled arch sovereign terrible hard direct immense mind-boggling unconventional inherent overbearing strategic eloquent overmastering sovran enormous ringing attention-grabbing life-or-death excessive bottom-line far-out ominous ultimate numero uno revealing germane all-encompassing fair unequalled matchless pithy shaping fitting apposite devastating real abundant purposeful consummate efficacious inauspicious shocking apt overarching threatening astronomical meaty staggering worrying last in-depth scandalous instrumental startling wholesale appropriate direful unexampled menacing painful satisfactory buzzworthy inclusive settled underlying far-ranging fatal ill-fated electrifying priceless incisive peremptory lead overt breakthrough efficient resounding choice unconcealed transparent almighty harsh elemental gloomy plausible irresistible dangerous crisp dynamite stellar unequivocal transcendent foundational dreadful unequaled egregious maximum universal distressing structural prevailing basal fascinating of substance fat mondo bad reasoned credible unanswerable unambiguous uttermost max pioneering nitty-gritty energetic moving coherent unmatchable constitutional rudimental awful bitter novel insistent explicit vehement innovatory innovative revolutionary rational logical articulate audible well founded unsurpassable thundering unequalable towering sure copious super colossal mammoth most innate outright well reasoned well-grounded detailed prior unqualified atypic worldwide much needed out-and-out maxi sharp peracute aggressive express assured charming number-one now or never confident very important blue-chip high-powered expressive applicable reminiscent evocative moderate overwhelming king worthy topical active busy lively drastic apropos productive affecting impactive careful legit handsome everything of considerable importance responsible evaluative causal sententious earthshattering intrusive projecting protruding obtrusive jutting largish bountiful identifiable event-filled glum open easily seen undeniable optimum doomful unlucky resultful competent senior stern overruling hectic action-packed not to be ignored formidable grim dour ideal climactic champion ultra titanic astronomic cognizable perspicuous understandable traceable austere exact world-class big-name high-ranking dear business-critical mission-critical written all over one quiet downbeat sad different drop-dead demanded untypical arch- axial cold sober life-saving biggish jaw-dropping gee-whizz of particular interest worthy of note fearless tenacious vigorous immediate top-priority inestimable irregular infrequent life or death jazzy lofty confounding testing incumbent capable prevalent apogean matter of life and death to be reckoned with worthy of mention murder splash boss hot stand-out cool irreplaceable under one's nose in plain sight in full view right under your nose big as life can't miss it open and shut top-level overshadowing of concern extremely important of vital importance searching trying uncharacteristic involuntary nonelective forced assertive able horrifying helpful characteristic nth assiduous considered scrupulous diligent meticulous storming imperious psychological compulsatory punchy histrionical well-founded theatric performant powerhouse on the ball sufficient enthusiastic hard-hitting successful graceful natural original diametrical serviceable wholehearted categorical constituent orderly compulsive systematic methodical wanted desired incumbent on recommended expedient preferred proper de rigueur binding name of game specified the end worth mentioning worth taking a look at root initial primordial primitive organic thumping valorous moulding guiding ardent determined component connected out of the way seldom seen sturdy ascertainable desperate clamorous blanket greater ascendant extremely useful worth its weight in gold extremely helpful beyond price violent full-blooded muscular unconditional unmatched durable justified consistent convictive inducing suasive a hard nut to crack beginning introductory abecedarian afflicting damaging sensationalistic lurid appalling showdown climatic touchy ambitious larger predominating at the heart of superabundant steady good-sized estimable forming developmental one hundred per cent no mistake dogmatic stressed for a face accented flat touch and go on thin ice hanging by thread litmus test name-of-the-game hurtful agonizing wounding sensationalist breathtaking screaming gee-whiz catchpenny wide-reaching mass well organized sustaining axiomatic supporting substratal underived groundlaying axiological substrative grass-roots theoretical bottom flagrant only prepotent in control prepollent coal-and-ice three-dimensional big-deal nationwide injurious yellow shock-horror melodramatic hair-raising across the board sinister involved nourishing hearty formative molding dominating overpowering life-threatening disastrous fine spacious packed walloping bull whopper chock-full hulking stuffed intercontinental a whale of a colossal humongous voluminous brimming crowded bulky roomy strapping husky capacious oversize international commodious burly whopping jumbo monster awash gigantic super-duper much touted fab doozie something highly rated utter cruel tormenting galling heartrending harrowing excruciating torturous piquant tabloid vulgar pungent livid X-rated emotional sultry coloured rough coarse colored brutal epigrammatic compact factual outrageous in the ascendancy foreboding select admirable of repute well thought of well received of distinction rank unlimited encyclopedic elegant delicate dainty fierce bleak hazardous arduous toilsome ugly taxing audacious barefaced naked heinous brazen shameless harmful calamitous full of interest mellow mellifluous sonorous catholic compendious of high standing solid gold sheer arrant undisguised out of sight disgraceful inordinate shameful atrocious reprehensible eclectic the most sobering exacting punishing precarious grinding perilous minatory warning premonitory alarming foreshadowing to the max unquestionable exorbitant villainous unmitigated monstrous iniquitous giving food for thought agonising vibrant mortal umbrella intensive immoderate gross unarguable guaranteed concrete interdisciplinary encyclopaedic scopic multidisciplinary prognosticatory forbidding doomy predictive ill-omened ill-boding baleful ill out and out brass-necked recherche specific proven univocal black-and-white full-bodied melodious full of content full of meaning broad-ranging very fine top-notch first-rate first-class bodeful unfavorable unfavourable unpropitious unpromising cut-and-dried convinced all-inclusive recognized black and white well-defined as plain as the nose on your face well-marked minute as plain as daylight forthright clearly defined graphic hard and fast cut and dried clean-cut crystal clear straightforward undubitable known silhouetted not vague recognised stated fruity booming mellifluent dulcet cross-disciplinary augural fated exhilarating impending inspiring doomed intriguing suggestive prophetic destined silvery phat canorous rotund more powerful more important most important most influential most prominent most significant most powerful

Tính từ

Very commonly encountered or observed
ubiquitous common commonplace normal regular conventional customary standard rampant universal wonted adopted frequent rife endemic everyday typical constant familiar stereotypical habitual routine mainstream pervasive quotidian prevalent usual generic ordinary stereotyped accepted garden natural congruous household widespread garden-variety well established common or garden extensive repeated recurring prevailing recurrent pervading permeating omnipresent inescapable general perpetual predictable penetrating pandemic epidemic profuse incessant day-to-day daily mundane continual reiterated monotonous suffusive immanent permeative wall-to-wall permeant insidious present everywhere can't get away from all over the place popular accustomed stock established run-of-the-mill recognized recognised workaday average current bog-standard unremarkable unexceptional traditional plain prosaic expected orthodox a dime a dozen shared set public widely held proverbial domestic cut-and-dry cut-and-dried standard-issue garden variety overall settled going acknowledged dull homespun chronic family predominant fixed ruling modest characterless well-known majority homely simple typic humble middle-of-the-road formulaic so-so received vanilla across the board native in circulation old hat no great shakes widely believed broad familial periodic domiciliary conformist scheduled mutual existing collective homey home seasonal methodical admitted known terrestrial casual unimaginative banal informal latest extant modern contemporary present embraced united like acquired honored whitebread acquainted hackneyed derived fashionable nitty-gritty dime-a-dozen intermutual commutual traditionalist unsophisticated colourless nondescript unpretentious undistinguished honoured vulgar superabundant recognizable boring unmemorable uneventful uninteresting humdrum pedestrian ongoing OK uninspiring circulating recognisable run of the mill numerous ornery well known time-honored characteristic ten a penny two a penny trivial colorless reigning common variety matter-of-fact preponderant superior dominant regnant cheap and commonplace plastic matter-of-course grind white-bread inferior mediocre fair indifferent mean in use inherent symptomatic consistent representative afoot nothing to write home about not up to much indicative foreseen reliable anticipated foreseeable emblematic prescriptive about in force in vogue in fashion in style distinctive unsurprising idiosyncratic proper steady likely distinguishing individualistic clichéd cliched bruited about in the air making the rounds doing the rounds talked of in general use going around true to form in keeping to be expected on the cards time-honoured only to be expected in character par for the course … all over true to type on everyone's lips

Tính từ

Having the ability to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering

Tính từ

To a total, utter or complete degree
unmitigated categorical absolute complete outright total unqualified definite thorough utter consummate pure thoroughgoing unconditional unequivocal austere categoric downright positive profound rank relentless unadulterated unambiguous veritable real regular rigid sheer simple stark unabated unalloyed undiminished arrant fair gross intense perfect plumb severe unabridged unbending unmoderated unmollified untempered dead flat oppressive blank blooming bodacious clean crashing deadly dreadful grim harsh stone unalleviated unbroken undiluted unmixed unmodified unrelieved unsoftened very all-out clear-cut flat-out out-and-out straight-out cotton-picking deep-dyed in every way entire unreserved full whole unlimited unrestricted right plain extreme proper ultimate undivided infernal dyed-in-the-wool utmost genuine explicit right-down blasted comprehensive blatant wholesale clear in every respect surpassing supreme through and through wholehearted exhaustive unrestrained solid blessed confounded certain direct plenary unremitting unquestionable straight out unbounded indubitable full-bore emphatic glaring true all out naked sure final overt unmistakable undeniable full-scale unconstrained patent constant no catch flagrant conclusive undisguised all-fired inveterate without reservations steadfast prize sincere unstinting no ifs ands or buts full-on no holds barred limitless maximum firm mere infinite express obvious palpable serious steady uttermost authentic decisive brazen assured unquestioning barefaced open determinate wide matchless full-blown point-blank out and out apodictic no kicker no strings no fine print chronic overarching unblemished huge straight honest everlasting double-dyed enormous committed determined resounding unfaltering unvarnished bald unmistaken enduring overall unswerving dedicated concentrated abiding resolute blunt transparent all max pronounced unadorned sweeping paramount strict uncompromising egregious conspicuous top nth fixed last never-failing very great shameless peremptory unsurpassed peerless terminal atrocious actual monstrous bona fide capital extraordinary true-blue endless abundant uncontrolled preeminent perpetual without limit eternal unbearable inexorable true blue royal candid staring unfailing frank incessant bloody continuous grand unrelenting quite single altogether most customary adamant assertive insistent definitive forthright overwhelming faultless unstinted common decided usual quintessential optimum unregenerate crass specific infamous notorious vile uncorrupted wholesome intensive bare horrible systematic unimpaired maximal stone-cold nothing other than point blank through-and-through unembellished undisputed without qualification long-range long-term rightly so called totalitarian uninterrupted inclusive no strings attached one hundred per cent sovereign untarnished untouched unaltered habitual undying confirmed no joke superlative predominant excellent unsurpassable errant perfected ideal inimitable transcendent flawless impeccable finished without reservation pure and simple unbound tyrannical pre-eminent all-powerful boundless unconditioned omnipotent in-depth unshakeable farthest staunch fervent earnest zealous enthusiastic unflinching hearty farthermost unwavering devoted outermost furthermost open-ended with no strings heartfelt stalwart unfeigned ardent warm furthest accurate exact precise shocking manifest outrageous great massive remotest loyal impassioned passionate fullhearted audacious evident heinous exclusive outmost unconcealed terrific tremendous spot-on inordinate shameful scandalous striking terrible grievous reprehensible disgraceful endmost aftermost whole-hearted focused undistracted collective iniquitous apparent exorbitant villainous wicked significant excessive major valid dinkum engrossed unshared consistent immoderate hundred percent whole-souled fantastic dead-on certified good faithful pukka on-target echt so satisfactory pucka sure-enough unerring certifiable united absorbed unflagging focussed brass-necked last straw ultra out of bounds chief too much farthest away too-too worst case furthest away unanimous scrupulous attentive continued concerted admissible sound factual fast deliberate circumspect minute diligent detailed vigilant intent rip-roaring thumping whopping undoubted watertight veridical immaculate rigorous amen inerrant bang on undistorted solemn lock stock and barrel right on roaring diametrical flaming bold archetypal straightforward convincing model irrefutable reliable best idyllic exemplary copybook prototypical uninhibited brutal even bleeding blithering flipping uncontested classic round visible blinking effing muscular indisputable incontestable incontrovertible chuffing strong robust bally forceful classical polar noticeable plurry optimal representative ruddy legit unsparing utopian upfront upright transcendental paradigmatic idealized idealised plainspoken unguarded untainted deep literal bare-faced best possible matter-of-fact no-nonsense plain-spoken stupid plenipotentiary outstanding signal singular marked drastic perceptible full-frontal unfettered all-encompassing effusive gushing without reserve basic arrogant distinct convinced confident awful right royal eminent flaunting sublime ostentatious immodest satisfied doubtless persuaded to the exclusion of everything else implicit concrete flagitious crying diametric highest typical flagitous unashamed hellacious guileless outspoken biggest topmost grody pie-in-the-sky best-example dream come true fairy-tale self-assured self-conceited self-confident unhesitating greatest acute almighty prime essential bald-faced heartless forthcoming natural correct vigorous affirmative cold free from doubt unhidden dead on verbatim particular radical preposterous hard cocksure inarguable forcible irrefragable dependable undisputable strenuous hanging out stick out like sore thumb unsullied undoubting unquestioned observable recognizable deciding clinching free-spoken up-front thundering uber unchallengeable guaranteed pointed pinpoint greatest amount of greatest possible legitimate veracious aggressive violent vehement energetic dynamic recognized plain to see unchallenged writ large accepted close completing nailed down concluding state-of-the-art finishing settling closing limiting terminating ending determining uncontradicted unarguable persuasive accomplished tangible unanswerable official trusty kosher bonafide credible unspoiled for real authoritative original recognisable as clear as day recognised surgical defined individual all-embracing hard-hitting unbridled secure well-defined on the money error-free inch-perfect on the nose on the button as plain as a pikestaff wakeless heavy unencumbered unmortgaged virile full-blooded hardy powerful vital hands-down freaking doggone standing out a mile full-bodied rich lusty potent beyond question beyond a doubt as sure as eggs is eggs sticking out a mile plush big heady standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb pulling no punches fitting blimming seamless irreproachable indefectible unmingled stuffed boiled down telescoped crashed undiffused picture-book without fault picture-perfect letter-perfect have-it-all most distant most extreme

Tính từ

Not susceptible to corruption, especially by bribery
incorruptible honest unbribable honourable straight trustworthy upright principled anti-corruption conscientious correct high-principled just moral proper scrupulous ethical good high-minded righteous right-minded upstanding virtuous decent noble respectable constant honorable immortal inextinguishable loyal perpetual pure reliable unchanging undestroyable untouchable above suspicion true reputable right faithful dependable worthy law-abiding conscionable truthful blameless exemplary stand-up trusty irreproachable unimpeachable nice fair admirable laudable morally correct true-blue moralistic dutiful sincere equitable guiltless saintly all right straightforward steadfast sinless responsible on the level clean angelic unwavering immaculate steady square kosher uncorrupted self-righteous lofty meritorious praiseworthy lawful innocent elevated irreprehensible staunch chivalrous whiter than white pure as the driven snow squeaky clean genuine patriotic pious fair-minded unswerving full of integrity of good repute dedicated sure dignified tried impartial tried and true tried and tested saintlike godly impeccable devoted estimable commendable wholesome chaste veracious respected right-thinking aboveboard enduring resolute obedient dyed-in-the-wool fast firm clean-living circumspect up front ardent hard-core behind one allegiant true blue sensible unfailing creditable level-headed inculpable seemly decorous sound venerable knightly incorrupt committed unstained sanctimonious forthright legit lily-white of principle fitting unobjectionable distinguished proud humane down-the-line devout stanch gallant magnanimous noble-minded attached on the up-and-up squeaky-clean confiding tried-and-true above reproach loving affectionate string along with unerring above-board strict redoubtable modest celibate rectitudinous rightful punctilious undefiled confirmed above board professional reverent liege Christian vestal G-rated untainted favoring balanced incorrupted high guileless honest-to-goodness card-carrying stalwart orthodox holy faultless spiritual morally right morally acceptable on up and up greathearted natural lordly cultivated tractable charitable well-behaved heedful punctual exact precise fastidious critical courteous unbiased unprejudiced uncompromising deep-dyed unfaltering objective favouring religious prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly unmarred highly regarded in good faith dapper alright inoffensive clean-cut goody-goody precious die-hard esteemed credible extremely careful thinking twice humble authentic salt of the earth neutral open-minded even-handed legitimate non-partisan unpretentious uncontrived unfeigned disinterested anti-discrimination non-discriminatory evenhanded equal dispassionate nonpartisan indifferent reasonable candid true-hearted trusted uncolored nondiscriminatory immovable true to life believable secure safe solid foolproof trustable calculable mature guaranteed quality unbuyable fly right to be trusted straight-up sure-fire worthy of trust boy scout tried and trusted down home never-failing rock solid always there as good as one's word untarnished without reproach in the clear on the up and up of excellent character excellent eminent honored gracious notable honoured great illustrious considerate benevolent grand august sterling important fine deserving prominent big polite courtly prestigious celebrated imposing stately outstanding exalted generous model thoughtful high-ranking beneficent applaudable unselfish glorious mannerly refined renowned legal helpful civilized hospitable noteworthy magnificent kind superior influential gentlemanly heroic altruistic big-hearted recognized leading great-hearted well-mannered civil acclaimed famous respectful civilised revered recognised bounteous liberal urbane sublime free kindly well mannered philanthropic famed well behaved kindhearted well-thought-of unblemished genteel justifiable paradigmatic classic quintessential easy obliging batting a thousand not too shabby thankworthy tolerant meritable pre-eminent principal stainless spotless well-known noted praisable preeminent valiant peaceful bueno neato prototypical classical powerful beyond reproach orderly bountiful duteous well known stable unblamable exceptional established high-powered perfect reputed munificent acceptable fair and square majestic open regal not bad moderate aristocratic flawless seminal peaceable sporting dominant highest brave extraordinary gentle distinctive suave worthy of admiration well thought of serious gentlemanlike representative typical illustrative characteristic foremost lavish giving ideal high profile high-level unsparing sympathetic portly rational accommodating ladylike major league well bred strong due philanthropical couth name suitable impressive loose soft-touch unstinting attentive compliant first-class justified courageous competent bighearted benign premier prime sedate commanding of repute main uplifting valued impersonal consequential iconic first integral formidable resonant prized self-sacrificing pivotal puissant monumental disciplined stout high-up mighty top-ranking admired bold intrepid with no axe to grind big time far-reaching valorous formal cultured polished ceremonious unsullied profuse prudish pleasant befitting understanding highest-ranking unspoilt unaffected sturdy idealistic becoming prissy apple-pie smart ungrudging prodigal open-handed egalitarian hallowed redoubted well-bred copybook venerated fulsome openhanded freehearted freehanded affable strait-laced copper-bottomed handsome willing inflated consummate classy solemn sane kingly highbrow composed frank conventional staid primary intellectual of note humanitarian detached worthwhile white friendly amiable according to the rules stellar indulgent amicable well respected valuable imperial clear sociable supreme conforming done memorable genial astral exaggerated excessive immodest upfront self-respecting major kind-hearted comely key legendary predominant chief top-notch royal palmary central de rigueur of good standing with a good reputation prevailing notorious compassionate fabled matchless peerless splendid uninvolved worthy of commendation eventful arch magnific alpha all-important authoritative grave merciful tender pleasing without fault historical material fundamental well-connected large-hearted highfalutin' core superb comme il faut of good report remarkable essential of influence senior incomparable signal marvelous potent fair-and-square number one top marvellous unassailable resplendent top-drawer of high standing pompous brilliant big name big-time big league protective peacekeeping soft-hearted warm-hearted complying highly respectable uncorrupt right-hand favorite particular close intimate proved palatable submissive biddable amenable manageable conformable docile finicky chivalric even inspiring individual sporty according to Hoyle God-fearing abundant ample deferential daring delicate fussy discreet godlike deserved merited condign time-honored number elegant needy eligible adult free-handed ready well favoured well-favoured capable go-to pukka warranted savory savoury reverenced pernickety unbigoted kin full-figured well-rounded plump womanly certain rocklike eleemosynary almsgiving plentiful full independent self-sufficient predictable infallible caring selfless straight-arrow favourite terrific mean self-important overblown sophisticated stylish archetypical imitable archetypal textbook definitive top-level head controlling spirited well-regarded much touted manly quixotic acknowledged decisive determined virginal higher meretorious appreciable on-the-level right and proper on the square crimeless worshipped fearless dauntless stout-hearted on up-and-up uncoloured proportionate picture-book cleanhanded picture-perfect letter-perfect absolute indefectible seamless crucial fit maidenly sweet princely goodhearted public-spirited goodish plenteous willingly given unstinted invaluable squeamish capable of being trusted cardinal unequivocal positive careful irreprovable eloquent rich oratorical towering four-star upper-class VIP upper cogent successful phenomenal deciding supportive level even-steven cricket fair-to-middling virgin lionized demure debonair in limelight popular favored very good focal veridical wholehearted undistorted truehearted grandiloquent considerable vital reproachless pristine carrying the load without fear or favour awe-inspiring epic grandiose heroical massive baronial Homeric sacred reverend sage favoured prodigious good as one's word to be counted on acquitted higher up high up snow white tasteful graceful meritious winner meedful golden boss choice world-beating durable fair shake square deal edifying of distinction reserved no lie indispensable high-priority intrinsic major-league requisite heavy-duty earnest big-league necessary needed skookum conspicuous wise public unchangeable immutable puritanical priggish fixed rigid A-1 good-natured approachable cordial forthcoming bonhomous good-hearted complaisant benignant mild congenial bland unctuous female motherly highbred flattering preux adulatory complimentary high-bred studied lionised matriarchal philosophical experienced patriarchal worshipful worshiped non-erotic improving non-violent continent unprofaned inviolate unspotted unblighted characterful meet top drawer imperious in high favor of mark of great consequence in the public eye licit not to blame not guilty beyond criticism guilt-free in line by the book by the numbers lasting unshakeable gone tough swell slick keen select pillar gnarly lily white wide-eyed sombre magisterial somber distingué starchy nifty momentous fateful landmark gratifying permanent simple equable pure as driven snow babe in woods wet behind ears historic invigorating envigorating hygienic commonsensical open-faced ruddy practical together fresh-faced sanitary normal blooming settled matronly neighbourly deserving congratulations first-rate wicked bulletproof perdurable cheering unforgettable shining satisfying triumphant significant pleasurable rewarding bright fulfilling meaningful groundbreaking wonderful epochal red-letter heart-warming ace smashing tip-top champion super fab brill splendiferous long-standing long-lived long-lasting presentable salt of earth just so agreeable comradely top-hole bully beaut all there well balanced well-built well-balanced neat tidy spruce accepted up to the mark nasty believeable satisfactory organic deep-rooted regardful companionable in the pink hale and hearty in fine feather appropriate ordinary mediocre neighborly capital well-disposed well-brought-up paramount superlative learned triumphal overbearing unparalleled primal first rate of the first rank unsurpassed gifted prior unexcelled unequaled unequalled highly rated arch- greatest

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