Đồng nghĩa của hard bitten


Showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others
callous case-hardened hard-boiled heartless insensitive soulless unfeeling unsympathetic harsh cold cold-blooded hard hardened indifferent indurated obdurate uncaring affectless hard-hearted indurate ruthless stony-hearted uncharitable bloodless brutal cold-hearted compassionless cruel desensitised desensitized hardhearted inhuman inhumane insensate insensible ironhearted merciless pachydermatous pitiless remorseless slash-and-burn stoney stony stonyhearted take-no-prisoners thick-skinned unconcerned unmerciful unsparing unsusceptible apathetic careless impassive impenitent inflexible insentient inured lacking compassion marble-hearted spiritless stiff stubborn torpid tough toughened unaffected unbending uncompassionate unimpressionable unresponsive as hard as nails blind to deaf to with a heart of stone unsentimental cynical unforgiving hard-nosed implacable strict stern firm uncompromising unyielding rigorous hard as nails fierce rough headstrong hard-line unrepenting hard-shelled hard-edged unemotional casehardened hard-headed world-weary unpitying savage unkind lacking sentiment obstinate avaricious unregenerate murderous indefatigable grim vindictive greedy uncontrite forbidding sour bloody sanguinary tyrannical intolerant barbarous toughened by experience severe adamant as tough as old boots flinty hard-hitting drastic rigid authoritarian cool exacting stringent draconian austere intractable resolute ferocious refractory desperate pugnacious immutable ramrod hardheaded two-fisted heavy-handed accustomed habituated sturdy hardy strong cast-iron rugged deadened vigorous stout seasoned experienced coarsened used acclimatized impenetrable irreverent benumbed inaccessible prepared coldhearted contemptuous acclimatised steeled hard-as-nails resistant disdainful impious unsubmissive unashamed obtuse sadistic relentless barbaric unrelenting vicious monstrous fiendish unmoved brutish inexorable bloodthirsty bestial wicked truculent wanton brute butcherly atrocious diabolical mean heinous unappeasable violent beastly steely fell inconsiderate cut-throat hellish vile unfriendly evil unremitting mortal homicidal cutthroat malevolent inclement bitter wolfish infernal horrible nasty dog-eat-dog intransigent abominable nefarious villainous ghastly frigid crude feral coarse dastardly malicious irreconcilable deadly base malignant depraved flagitious adamantine thoughtless mean-spirited unloving hostile sworn gruff revengeful stone-hearted illiberal dangerous unkindly devilish surly arch black-hearted black low dark low-down punishing egregious spiteful ironfisted vulgar icy hateful wild hurtful immoral selfish dispassionate tigerish impervious terrible tactless slaughterous imperturbable untamed out-and-out unruly unrestrained matter-of-fact feelingless without sentiment crazed inattentive cold fish killer rancorous demanding without pity solid detached abusive uncouth tyrannous constant vengeful punitive satanic hatchetjob coldblooded malign cannibalistic warlike ungenerous appalling dead heedless hardline antagonistic unnatural ravening uncommiserating lifeless unflinching killer instinct stolid unpleasant self-centred bearish premeditated bellicose untouched ignorant armour-plated invulnerable mechanical demoniac stingy unfair ungracious intense unrefined uncultured unlettered iron-fisted bloody-minded sanguine murdering sanguineous destructive uncalled-for lupine voracious ravenous mean machine unchristian censorious having a killer instinct repellent lukewarm disinterested halfhearted aversive repugnant crass faceless utilitarian inexpressive gray subhuman grey bleak to the death at each other's throats imperceptive crotchety cantankerous unempathetic anesthetized unamiable churlish sensationless emotionless anaesthetized uncordial gory blank self-centered unsympathizing expressionless deadpan incurious unsensitive aloof oblivious no-nonsense browbeating oppressive bullying with a hide like an elephant frosty inured to chilly unwelcoming fixed Rhadamanthine poker-faced immovable aggressive menacing furious bad foul corrupt fiery hideous awful infamous degraded dreadful degenerate worthless intimidating threatening fearsome ungentle rabid unswerving unwavering determined unshakeable debased abhorrent profligate unprincipled sinful impetuous dour raging louring frightful convulsive frightening baleful delirious unplacatable unmollifiable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable licentious contaminated perverse faulty indecent reprehensible demoralised lewd miscreant reprobate putrid abandoned insubordinate impure demoralized libidinous incessive raving stark lowering uncontrollable enraged undomesticated fearful angry frantic infuriated mad rapacious animalistic primitive venomous biffo aggers ineluctable single-minded dogged bound unmovable necessary ironclad unchangeable immobile compulsory pernicious maleficent wrathful roughshod virulent mean business locked in no going back bound and determined hell bent on dead set on set in stone like death and taxes


Able to stand difficult conditions
hardy strong sturdy tough fit robust rugged vigorous healthy hearty lusty stout sound stalwart cast-iron hale hard hardened inured toughened able able-bodied acclimatised acclimatized brawny burly capable enduring fighting fit firm fresh hefty indefatigable mighty muscular powerful resilient resistant seasoned solid staunch substantial tenacious unflagging well hale and hearty in good condition in good health fit as a fiddle in fine fettle in rude health physically fit in good shape durable hard-wearing well-built stable unbreakable indestructible strongly made heavy-duty long-lasting hard as nails iron strapping reinforced fortified heavy strengthened imperishable invincible fast bombproof unyielding well-made built to last cohesive serviceable stark impervious bulletproof galvanized galvanised tempered rigid stiff inflexible athletic leathery forceful husky beefy hulking tight dense steeled moulded molded conditioned thick thickset withstanding indomitable made to last tough as nails secure steady reliable safe impregnable invulnerable unassailable resolute impenetrable established tried-and-true well-founded immovable determined dogged armoured rock-solid dependable aggressive gritty flourishing inviolable everlasting storm-resistant unattackable well fortified stormproof well defended well-armed well-protected fixed lasting concrete steely impassible airtight knockabout armored well protected stubborn obstinate obdurate feisty doughty cynical red-blooded self-assertive two-fisted self-confident as tough as old boots tough as old boots hard-nosed high-powered buff ripped shredded jacked energetic sinewy hunky muscly Herculean active thewy in good trim powerfully built virile lively potent in tip-top condition vital manly well-conditioned whole fine in the pink big bouncing peppy blooming dynamic thriving trim powerhouse solidly built full of life bursting with health manful right as rain meaty wear-resistant rough as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea as strong as an ox spirited flush in shape gingery wholesome in trim bulky perdurable redoubtable functional forcible wiry practical sensible plain unadorned heavyweight well muscled masculine utilitarian infrangible muscled macho studly aerobicized loyal faithful buoyant jock beefcake stocky constant efficient healthful animated well-developed vivacious sprightly steadfast perky zippy jaunty formidable devoted effective spanking committed dedicated trusty snappy brisk chipper muscle-bound true in good kilter unwavering alive and kicking spry tireless unshakable unswerving unfaltering hard-working strenuous true-blue enterprising steamroller driving broad-shouldered in good physical shape mesomorphic unhesitating well-knit in top form ball of fire well knit tried and true in fine feather ropy tried and tested pumped up bruising hulky herculean fearsome ferocious young flexible sporty physical butch agile nimble lithe A1 weatherproof full-bodied built bursting with good health inexpugnable influential fleshy great important supple foolproof infallible overpowering significant shatterproof abled non-decorative perduring long-continued diuturnal well-constructed slim toned non-breakable irrepressible toned up as right as rain error-tolerant sure sound in body and limb in excellent shape vitalized energized energised invigorated puissant restored rosy-cheeked unimpaired safe and sound normal adamantine nonbreakable OK plucky intrepid headstrong valiant good pious down-the-line trustworthy devout full-blooded stouthearted lumbering sturdily built tall heavily built mammoth imposing towering huge gargantuan massive colossal gigantic bright-eyed up to snuff all right bushy-tailed in good physical condition the picture of health fit as a flea indissoluble brass-bound permanent incorruptible allegiant ardent liege difficult to keep down airy pizazzy mettlesome springy animate frisky jazzy pert racy gay sparky pizzazzy stringy tiger musclebound swole quick to bounce back quick to recover rude rolling with punches wrinkled roaring pragmatic useful unpretentious moving demoniac motive mobile untiring kinematic kinetic breezy dynamical locomotive motile industrious coarse handy neat workaday utility ordinary soulless working as strong as a horse as strong as a ox coriaceous sparkling high-spirited down-to-earth unsentimental undecorative realistic bristly chunky effervescent playful callous weather-beaten lined furrowed wrinkly wizened strong as an lion intense strong as an ox vibrant strong as an horse zestful hardheaded matter-of-fact pragmatical commonsensical to the purpose no-frills unromantic unidealistic upbeat go-getting bouncy daring wick spunky curly wavy persuasive take-over exuberant take-charge dashing hard-driving leathern leather-like gnarled leatherlike thickened bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of vim raring to go audacious bound unafraid hanging tough bound and determined dead set on nervy full of beans kinky fibrous scratchy full of energy nuts and bolts suited to the purpose


Doubtful as to whether something will happen or whether it is worthwhile
cynical pessimistic sceptical distrustful scoffing unbelieving sardonic disbelieving doubtful suspicious disillusioned doubting incredulous ironic misanthropic mocking negative sneering contemptuous disenchanted hard hardened jaundiced sarcastic scornful world-weary black bleak derisive hard-boiled misanthropical mistrustful mordacious detracting disparaging nonbelieving scathing skeptical wry dubious unconvinced questioning uncertain unsure leery wary quizzical cautious suspecting undecided trustless unsettled chary cagey apprehensive negativistic hinky uneasy hesitant show-me fearful jealous lacking trust careful uptight having reservations been hit before faithless non-believing circumspect guarded iffy hesitating lacking confidence distrusting nervous lacking faith agnostic wondering untrusting freethinking aporetic not born yesterday in doubt rationalist irreligious nullifidian insecure ambivalent anxious possessive solicitous unimpressed unpersuaded unmoved mistrusting not believing dissenting have misgivings have reservations suspect unsatisfied watchful on the fence without faith without belief defeatist misbelieving Pyrrhonist minimifidian unfriendly antisocial unsociable unenlightened taking something with a pinch of salt malevolent unneighbourly uncongenial reclusive inhumane inhospitable reserved selfish hating grouchy solitary egotistical disdainful egoistic narrow-minded standoffish eremitic wavering tentative irresolute vacillating unresolved indecisive in a dilemma in two minds dithering indefinite shilly-shallying of two minds blowing hot and cold faltering undetermined equivocal waffling in a quandary on the horns of a dilemma heedful shy reluctant loath uncommitted teetering fluctuating divided disinclined torn vague shaky perplexed unclear unassured hazy equivocating split ambiguous oscillating noncommittal diffident on guard betwixt and between like doubting Thomas hemming and hawing sitting on the fence running hot and cold not sure worried skittish vexed confused wobbling floating pussyfooting nihilistic revolutionary anarchic destructive rebellious existentialist radical swithering wishy-washy unfinished pendent reticent indisposed unconfirmed hedging your bets in the middle prying inquisitive enquiring searching inquisitorial interrogative curious inquiring nosy probing loth cagy unsavoury fly-by-night unsavory chancy untrusty touch and go having misgivings having qualms halting passive-aggressive unconfident mindful gingerly conservative afraid considerate alert averse frugal scrupulous safe mean parsimonious stingy prudent thrifty restrained canny inhibited miserly constrained economical calculating discreet particular fastidious sparing

Trái nghĩa của hard bitten

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