Đồng nghĩa của nefarious

Alternative for nefarious

Đồng nghĩa: villainous,

Tính từ

Villainous, criminal or wicked in nature or behavior
evil sinful vile villainous wicked abhorrent abominable appalling atrocious base criminal dark depraved foul heinous infernal iniquitous monstrous odious shameful vicious devilish diabolical fiendish scandalous unholy bad black corrupt despicable detestable disgraceful dreadful execrable flagitious horrible immoral infamous knavish opprobrious outrageous rotten satanic shocking unethical ungodly unlawful unrighteous unsavoury unsavory unspeakable wrong dastardly degenerate disreputable egregious flagrant glaring gross miscreant perverse putrid reprehensible sinister treacherous underhanded good-for-nothing unprincipled dishonourable reprobate dishonorable contemptible mean cruel dishonest ignoble dissolute unscrupulous shady beastly diabolic perverted loathsome crooked barbarous dirty low sordid hateful low-down malicious hellish terrible wrongful savage demonic debauched malevolent inhuman nasty impure bent amoral offensive brutish deplorable warped hideous dissipated disgusting debased underhand indecent damnable stinking murderous ignominious morally wrong discreditable black-hearted horrifying wanton scurvy ghastly lawless irreligious barbaric accursed malfeasant shameless profligate impious intolerable abandoned obscene felonious scoundrelly unfair wretched illegal illicit awful degraded decadent profane sacrilegious blasphemous unforgivable rascally cacodemonic fallen malignant shabby unconscionable peccable maleficent sick horrendous illegitimate not cricket sadistic unworthy brutal Mephistophelian unclean ruthless dodgy indictable demoniac unhealthy godless notorious culpable devious unpleasant loose abject rakish deceitful improper demoniacal unwholesome facinorous libertine horrific roguish erring spiteful revolting horrid merciless bestial repugnant frightful blameworthy nightmarish sullied tainted heartless fraudulent shoddy louche delinquent lewd harmful vulgar demonical licentious intemperate vitiated snide demoralized corrupted rakehell jackleg rakehelly pernicious low-minded mercenary unjust deleterious demoralised lamentable nauseating untrustworthy sickening irreverent venal baneful inexcusable undesirable grisly gruesome lawbreaking objectionable grievous inhumane degrading godawful beyond the pale shy unrespectable guilty injurious unwarranted violent vice-ridden dangerous promiscuous sneaky sorry noxious sleazy cheap currish paltry against the law desperate filthy under-the-table hurtful graceless unvirtuous pervy rancorous uncivilised uncivilized satanical ghoulish low-life repellent transgressing obnoxious grave unpardonable butcherly brute truculent prohibited shadowy insufferable grewsome lurid macabre terrific nightmare uncharitable unchaste unlicensed malign disagreeable peccant adverse ugly forbidden detrimental beyond contempt outlawed actionable banned damaging sick-making distasteful dire inglorious indefensible unauthorized bad-hearted Hadean disgustful loathly exceptionable unbearable contraband naughty humiliating ogreish unhallowed deviant unsanctioned baleful distressing lustful proscribed caitiff bloodthirsty scurrilous unbecoming bribable wild fast pitiless ferocious excessive lousy unfeeling verboten Stygian wrathful blamable censurable aberrant worthless lascivious prejudicial nocuous retrograde perfidious faithless wayward lowlife twisted unfortunate libidinous taboo ill black-market extortionate unnatural bootleg unauthorised lecherous noisome questionable ominous errant sly retrogressive crass deceptive sicko kinky incorrigible mischievous scummy deadly defiled no good drunken open under-the-counter venomous virulent harsh serpentine slimy under the table under the counter two-faced self-indulgent gone to the dogs no-good fast and loose vindictive ogry ogrish ruffianly blackguardly thievish atheistic boorish abased dishonored suspect embarrassing implacable demonian Luciferian condemnable risqué repulsive crazed frenetic mad maniacal possessed morbid morally bereft smutty salacious raunchy undignified off-putting ill-famed abnormal cowardly inequitable cursed crying menacing thoughtless immodest ribald carnal mephistophelean ill-reputed degenerated demeritorious blameful amiss sinning unregenerate tawdry threatening dishonoured praetorian servile inelegant menial beneath contempt miserable yucky despisable gut-churning icky God-awful coarse vomitous bogging unreasonable yucko demeaned sinking flatitious failing steep meanspirited lame disrespectful immoderate exorbitant insupportable unendurable off-color callous extravagant maddening exasperating impossible OTT preposterous corruptible vomit-inducing O.T.T. hellacious slipshod grubby ratty cruddy scabby disdainable grafting swindling buyable unkind forbidding slippery tyrannical shifty unconscientious scheming inexorable depraving debasing contumelious too great shaming disgracing extreme debauching profiteering tricky pornographic hostile disparaging exploitative hard-hearted mean-spirited crafty scrofulous evil-minded self-seeking vengeful contemptuous conscienceless cold-blooded squalid scornful despiteful disdainful unfaithful cutthroat whorish Machiavellian bawdy shrewish incorrect crabbed ill-tempered ill-natured surly unaccommodating bad-tempered churlish harrowing suborned sneaking over the top very bad unsafe aggressive intimidating feral grim double-dealing saturnalian X-rated intimidatory untamed frightening ill-boding foreboding hollow-hearted on the take good-for-naught meritless no-count no-account hedonic tragical woeful unlucky heartbreaking distressful heartrending tragic regrettable minatory viperous minacious fierce rowdy uncontrollable hairy grody fearful bad news concupiscent riotous prurient unrestrained of easy virtue indulgent flagitous raffish unconstrained sybaritic swinging voluptuary weighty disturbing troublesome disquieting heart-rending pathetic dismal pitiful upsetting taxing violated easy deteriorated pestilential dirty-minded fast-living in the fast lane gone bad pleasure-seeking night owl lacking restraint in the gutter high living pestiferous inimical prejudicious counterproductive disastrous pestilent ruinous lethal cancerous fatal corrupting calamitous poisonous destructive unfavorable unfavourable insidious toxic devastating miasmatic miasmic disadvantageous negative mortal nocent malefic ruining killing destroying environmentally unfriendly disorderly clandestine anarchic furtive terrorist unruly punishable impermissible disruptive unacceptable insurgent insurrectionary anarchical rebellious unofficial interdicted seditious mutinying insubordinate mutinous noncompliant nonconformist anarchistic adulterous disobedient violating turbulent heavy warlike contumacious criminogenic ungoverned unregulated unpeaceful nihilistic disordered racketeering recusant uncultivated infringing wildcat piratical traitorous tapu haram out of line off base smoking gun against the rules contrary to law in violation of law not acceptable off limits not permitted without law and order ruled out not allowed poor abysmal inferior crummy unsatisfactory inadequate hopeless unseemly sad pitiable useless chronic poxy substandard duff mortifying laughable pants unjustifiable pits third-rate rubbish unsuitable second-rate disappointing demeaning inappropriate ropy mediocre a load of pants petty nauseous trashy unbefitting belittling indecorous defective not up to snuff bum derisory second-class deficient lowering rancid repellant fulsome imperfect amateurish not up to scratch faulty not up to par cheapening inept untoward unwarrantable direful inexpiable sucky rubbishy meagre meager dubious detractive ungentlemanly derogatory unfitting infra dig unrefined excruciating not on ill-advised punk displeasing indelicate beggarly measly out of order scungy inopportune low-grade rueful remiss indiscreet discomfiting careless negligent feeble unladylike seedy unwelcome bungling fearsome seamy derogative depreciative pejorative depreciatory denigrative denigratory slighting decrying uncomplimentary deprecatory unceremonious too much over-the-top uncomfortable piteous discrediting unpermissible untenable unallowable catastrophic agitating confounded unhappy not the done thing over the fence a bit much cringe-making ridiculous bringing shame bewildering lowly from hell too bad cheesy junky bargain-basement cut-rate schlocky low-rent common tenth-rate insufficient recreant uninviting dissatisfactory affecting mournful forlorn out of place el cheapo selfish cheerless joyless wack grotty stinky irremediable garbage crumby valueless comfortless out of keeping bush-league poor quality under par low-quality god-awful poor-quality below par less-than-stellar two-bit unheroic unsuccessful failed irregular unremittable humiliatory unpopular undesired blithering opprobious senseless tarnished foolish flaming narrow-minded craven tasteless unpalatable patronizing derisive depreciating condescending sneering backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing gossiping detracting unchivalrous wet sleazoid cheapjack trumpery gimcrack schlock footling highly improper out of bounds unearthly humble slavish hateworthy red hot patronising ineffectual cheating swinish outcast stupid modest simple peasant ordinary reproachful plain negligible incompetent cataclysmic ungenerous plebeian reproachable cunning wrongdoing guileful in poor taste lacking dignity beneath you wanky insubstantial irremissible unjustified in bad taste silly absurd ludicrous foolish-looking unsought unwanted broken inexpert of bad reputation suspicious not quite the thing below contempt uncalled-for unprovoked reprovable blameable fishy dirty rotten tinhorn downer bummer sub-par not good erroneous not the best diddly the pits blah rough fallacious grungy afflictive regretful criticizable gratuitous rude impolite stingy miserly inconsiderate natty arrant casuistic beneath your dignity in bad not forgivable subpar suboptimal infelicitous tactless inexpedient injudicious severe serious at fault in low esteem in the doghouse without reason without justification without cause wanting inadmissible moving a pity unimpressive inapt saddening touching explosive exquisite hard intense blistering keen acute almighty heavy-duty vehement profound deep intensive furious incongruous inconsistent incompatible crude cheapo off tatty out inacceptable bush unappealing reject poignant tear-jerking plaintive beneath undeserving undue ill-suited ill-considered ill-timed unsuited stupefying scary disconcerting terrifying heartstopping perturbing downgrading gut-wrenching ineligible dreary startling staggering stunning astonishing unsettling overwhelming alarming amazing formidable parlous below average won't do below standard half-baked of low quality second rate of poor quality from hunger not quite the done thing not up to standard bleak depressing unnerving surprising redoubtable desolate compassionate afflicted stirring arousing small derisible commiserative tearful suffering to be pitied sorrowful doleful distressed unfitting to nothing unmerited unsuitable for unfit improper to inappropriate to godforsaken awkward gloomy sombre drab hair-raising out of character unbecoming to solemn somber disheartening discouraging unpromising sullen morose drear flustering compromising funereal not much cop not good enough out of character with not deserving not worth out of place with not fit depressive impoverished sepulchral indigent dreich lugubrious saturnine glum destitute spine-chilling delicate confusing sensitive sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome elegiacal tenebrific elegiac discomposing discountenancing touchy Cimmerian poverty-stricken cringey cringeworthy barro toe-curling dishonouring blush-making perplexing dishonoring equivocal puzzling uneasy trying unpropitious inconvenient discommodious distracting worrisome discommoding troubling incommodious rattling

Tính từ

Acting or done in a dishonest way
underhand dishonest unscrupulous crooked deceitful shady unprincipled duplicitous dishonourable fraudulent treacherous devious tricky shifty guileful crafty deceptive cunning unethical immoral wily bent disreputable dubious artful dirty unfair scheming designing illegal dodgy criminal cheating calculating unlawful mean conniving sharp shonky snide rogue unsportsmanlike insidious low unsporting fast dishonorable fishy unjust snidey slim oblique double-dealing two-faced Janus-faced two-timing below the belt double-crossing dirty-dealing corrupt underhanded sneaky questionable amoral dark sly evil iniquitous vile rotten Machiavellian slick not cricket suspect suspicious irregular mysterious funny murky doubtful clandestine furtive bootleg surreptitious covert secret secretive under the counter untrustworthy under the table corruptible swindling buyable grafting defrauding venal false wrong queer macabre malfeasant bad improper cloak-and-dagger unconscionable unprofessional sinful wicked untruthful lying ruthless suborned indirect slippery villainous back-alley depraved unsavory black vicious unseemly unworthy unrighteous negligent cutthroat scam unsavoury flimflam nasty despicable under-the-table base fly-by-night contemptible sordid cheap ignominious squalid beggarly shameful cowardly low-down ungentlemanly foul shabby detestable unpleasant scurvy paltry worthless execrable deceiving shrewd grubby illegitimate abject wretched inequitable unsportsmanly sleazy ignoble deplorable lousy currish scummy scungy sorry knavish lame ratty illicit scabby sneaking low-minded off-color ill-gotten out of order against the rules insincere unreliable traitorous undependable not to be trusted unfaithful subtle hollow-hearted untrue irresponsible iffy not dependable not to be depended on fair-weather perfidious unwarranted mendacious beguiling cute cagey foxy cagy rascally lawless evasive disloyal faithless recreant double-faced false-hearted wrongful trustless fickle against the law delusive bribable stinky mean-spirited indefensible unjustifiable unsatisfactory uncalled for unacceptable unjustified unreasonable disgraceful callous roguish off unnecessary slimy cowboy dicey degenerate meanspirited untrusty not trustworthy deviant dangerous truthless not on out of turn fink sham seedy sketchy hoodwinking bluffing sinister misleading backbiting unctuous elusive not to be relied upon unsafe spurious counterfeit scandalous degraded phoney inglorious a bit much pseudo bamboozling falsified fake forged mock imitation phony hard-hearted narrow-minded petty potentially illegal of dubious character hidden hugger-mugger veiled shrouded hole-and-corner over the fence a bit thick hypocritical backstairs conspiratorial inconstant erring errant obliquitous gimmicky unsound treasonable adulterous unsanctioned felonious unauthorized playing politics put on playing games scoundrelly forsworn falsehearted back-stabbing malicious mythomaniac malevolent apostate perjured renegade banned not straightforward faking one out forbidden lawbreaking unlicensed actionable prohibited proscribed contraband unofficial outlawed barred interdicted black-market verboten not permitted unconstitutional not allowed unauthorised

Tính từ

Inflicting suffering onto others without conscience
cruel brutal savage inhuman barbaric barbarous brutish bloodthirsty murderous homicidal cut-throat vicious ferocious fierce wicked evil fiendish devilish diabolical heinous abominable monstrous atrocious vile hideous ghastly nasty spiteful mean callous malicious sadistic ruthless merciless unmerciful pitiless malevolent unsparing unrelenting remorseless uncaring unsympathetic malignant uncharitable heartless stony-hearted hard-hearted cold-hearted cold-blooded bloodless unfeeling unemotional unkind inhumane severe harsh stern inclement flinty draconian beastly dastardly bestial depraved immoral maleficent pernicious sanguinary truculent slaughterous uncompassionate violent wolfish wrathful brute butcherly hateful roughshod virulent wanton villainous crude infernal coarse black-hearted low dark black low-down base vulgar horrible hellish uncouth ignorant unlettered uncultured unrefined hard relentless unforgiving grim implacable inexorable insensitive inflexible stony unpitying tough obdurate hard-boiled affectless compassionless ironhearted stonyhearted desensitized bitter uncompromising unbending take-no-prisoners indurate soulless rough desensitised rigorous pachydermatous insensate stoney oppressive case-hardened thick-skinned slash-and-burn grievous strict cold rigid onerous unyielding excruciating intolerant unappeasable unmoved stiff hard-nosed rugged exacting vindictive torturous unremitting heavy steely hardhearted illiberal burdensome harrowing hostile searing lacking compassion mortal intense revengeful austere grave awful painful fell trying difficult tormenting cutthroat hardhanded dog-eat-dog frigid coldhearted hurtful authoritarian with a heart of stone marble-hearted punishing irreconcilable agonizing distressing bad solemn deadly serious heavy-handed terrible extreme no-nonsense sworn agonising stringent firm vengeful indifferent inconsiderate rancorous tyrannous adamant sharp tyrannical dour malign unpleasant tortuous unfriendly arch dire galling icy adamantine frosty ironfisted killer intransigent crushing despotic chilly ramrod acute upsetting repressive wretched rotten afflicting unsmiling distressful forbidding calamitous afflictive grueling sober gruff dreadful astringent sombre somber gruelling biting out-and-out very bad strong bloody stone-hearted unkindly flagitious egregious ravening cannibalistic constant punitive surly feral demoniac crazed satanic insensible hatchetjob coldblooded destructive browbeating bullying without pity abusive dictatorial unfair forceful abrasive unjust excessive killer instinct suppressive hard-line hardline antagonistic critical cool impassive unresponsive rowdy curt blank expressionless formal deadpan to the death hardened bleak hard-shell at each other's throats reserved unwelcoming fixed stuffy Rhadamanthine distant aloof louring poker-faced straitened inhospitable spartan scabrous disastrous unendurable uncomfortable comfortless discomforting horrific horrendous nagging grudge-bearing resentful venomous ill-disposed remote solid intimidating lowering earnest ungentle mean-looking mean-spirited acrimonious poisonous woeful shocking appalling godawful worrying troublesome lousy piercing intolerable evil-intentioned ill-natured baleful avenging unbearable penetrating insufferable disagreeable wreakful out for revenge catty retaliatory grudging malefic wrenching stinging burning caustic consuming blistering cutting poignant demanding disturbing heartbreaking racking pounding disquieting heart-rending vexatious challenging taxing yukky traumatic unwelcome unhappy sour miserable distasteful unpalatable yucky heartrending chilling displeasing uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory tragic sad unflinching icky sore mortifying great full of spleen arduous testing laborious unsavoury intemperate provoking annoying offensive tall strenuous toilsome backbreaking formidable herculean iron-fisted gut-wrenching uncalled-for humourless sedate humorless staid sobersided mean machine having a killer instinct back-breaking uphill moiling sweaty hefty hellacious effortful grinding weighty uncomic very difficult pick-and-shovel domineering Augean po-faced

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