Đồng nghĩa của merciless

Alternative for merciless

Đồng nghĩa: unmerciful,

Tính từ

Cruel, pitiless, and disinclined to show mercy
ruthless hard callous pitiless heartless cruel unfeeling harsh inhuman unsympathetic unmerciful remorseless insensitive unsparing inhumane brutal uncharitable severe stony obdurate compassionless indurate fierce soulless affectless unforgiving ironhearted stoney stonyhearted barbarous pachydermatous insensate desensitised desensitized grim inflexible unrelenting implacable stern uncompromising unpitying unyielding inexorable hardhearted rigid mean unappeasable intolerant cutthroat wanton unflinching illiberal hard-hearted cold-blooded case-hardened hard-boiled thick-skinned slash-and-burn stony-hearted take-no-prisoners cut-throat dog-eat-dog iron-fisted uncalled-for mean machine having a killer instinct savage uncaring relentless unkind cold-hearted tough sadistic cold vicious unbending barbaric ferocious rigorous uncompassionate murderous hardened strict unmoved rough bloodthirsty draconian with a heart of stone unemotional oppressive hard-nosed austere lacking compassion exacting inconsiderate stiff indifferent monstrous brutish tyrannical bitter wicked authoritarian fiendish steely vindictive heavy truculent adamant violent unconcerned sanguinary malevolent coldhearted evil heavy-handed firm malicious onerous spiteful flinty aggressive atrocious bestial nasty inclement unpleasant malignant beastly grievous demanding punishing trying stringent brute unfriendly butcherly hurtful excruciating hellish rugged fell unremitting mean-spirited hardhanded thoughtless marble-hearted unfair excessive adamantine diabolical burdensome troublesome homicidal hostile bloody torturous forbidding resolute heinous revengeful obstinate stressful distressing headstrong hard as nails rancorous abominable competitive galling intransigent wolfish unresponsive mortal tyrannous difficult autocratic hard-bitten arduous immovable determined bloodless crushing stubborn apathetic weighty agonizing dogged taxing hateful despotic domineering intense bad strenuous exhausting maleficent formidable ramrod harrowing imperious vengeful tormenting extreme backbreaking hardheaded painful hard-line dictatorial agonising bloody-minded dastardly vile unkindly feral intemperate unwavering searing ironfisted punitive horrible unshakeable tactless slaughterous wretched wilful voracious laborious unsusceptible killer deadly drastic daunting gruelling overbearing gruff challenging unjust grueling back-breaking high-handed forceful unruly stiff-necked awful uphill tedious troubling intractable toilsome wearisome unmovable perverse mulish ossified bullheaded ponderous devilish dour fatiguing grave bleak killing distressful single-minded as hard as nails unreasonable expressionless ungenerous frigid sanguine sanguineous murdering dead set on stone-hearted unloving selfish cool impassive wild irreconcilable arbitrary ghastly flagitious egregious insensible dispassionate resentful arch unswerving surly unchristian tigerish disagreeable imperturbable emotionless depraved indurated icy repressive without sentiment malign absolute unsentimental antagonistic indefatigable abusive hardline undemocratic appalling spiritless unrestrained ill-natured furious matter-of-fact pertinacious terrible impervious rabid dangerous bullying tortuous mighty bruising hard-headed disquieting iron-handed sour threatening fiery upsetting fixed venomous anti-democratic bound pat pigheaded opinionated willful self-willed inconvincible self-opinionated solid obtuse thorny ambitious bothersome impossible colossal pugnacious inured unaffected baleful rotten distasteful traumatic miserable unpalatable disturbing irksome destructive frightful catty sworn unamiable peremptory toughened impetuous delirious discomforting wearying crippling herculean tenacious mad without mercy frightening dismal coercive testing inattentive feelingless exigent titanic prohibitive every person for themselves intimidating cold fish hellacious uncomfortable frantic hard-shelled sapping wearing tiring Herculean refractory vexatious dire moiling sweaty tall no-nonsense browbeating effortful hairy stark bound and determined intensely competitive fiercely competitive headache steadfast locked in tiresome serious hard-core pressing grinding intolerable cumbersome exploitative heedless warlike self-centred hatchetjob coldblooded satanic without pity sharp stonehearted stingy ungracious constant premeditated bellicose censorious cynical cannibalistic killer instinct abrasive crude coarse stone-faced ice-cold dead self-centered unsympathizing bearish infernal ravenous lupine unrepenting avaricious unregenerate greedy uncontrite carnivorous inordinate unnatural world-weary uncommiserating lifeless gory stolid unprincipled untouched torpid impenitent careless unimpressionable insentient outrageous extortionate rowdy curt stony-eyed snide armour-plated invulnerable mechanical cat-and-mouse lacking sentiment hard-edged crass shabby wounding grudge-bearing ill-disposed inept undiplomatic bungling suppressive hard-hitting imperceptive inhospitable uncivil repellent lukewarm disinterested repugnant halfhearted aversive utilitarian inexpressive gray grey faceless subhuman at each other's throats toughened by experience hard-as-nails benumbed seasoned cantankerous unempathetic churlish anaesthetized deadened uncordial crotchety anesthetized sensationless acrimonious poisonous OTT overstrict seeking revenge unsensitive aloof incurious oblivious unplacatable unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable blank critical lethal destroying ruinous butcherous devastating criminal deadpan deaf to blind to uncooperative unpersuadable disciplinarian resolved ascetical by the book astringent disciplinary dyed-in-the-wool ascetic as tough as old boots swingeing penal horrendous disconcerting evil-intentioned avenging to the death out-and-out ill staunch iron-willed deliberate needless unjustified senseless with a hide like an elephant frosty ineluctable inured to over the top objectionable horrid horrific worrisome dreadful desperate immutable stiffened diehard inconvenient awkward chilly unprovoked wreakful out for revenge retaliatory grudging malefic hard-shell unchangeable immobile necessary ironclad compulsory sky-high unwelcoming renitent unmalleable two-fisted woeful loathsome horrifying unsettling revolting perturbing not nice responsible gratuitous groundless motiveless Rhadamanthine not giving an inch durable hard and fast immalleable unswayable uncompliant cold-faced poor execrable agitating lousy gruesome foul doleful persnickety mean business exorbitant unjustifiable poker-faced grisly fraught macabre troublous nightmarish full of spleen set in stone no going back hell bent on willed unmotivated immoderate like death and taxes menacing monocratic untamed tragical time-consuming overtaxing embittering overpowering plodding aimless steep nerve-racking high-impact drudgy unnerving tough going operose worksome depleting uphill battle shattering knackering hard-won backbreaker immense no picnic energy-consuming marathon insufferable sticky staggering like getting blood out of a stone solemn almighty dicey hazardous easier said than done slavish torturesome toilful labored upstream laboured vigorous high-pressure really hard unbearable jarring scabrous problematic unendurable difficile problem draining ominous gargantuan not easy debilitating painstaking very hard gigantic fearsome ungentle impoverished oppressed poverty-stricken absolutist totalitarian hideous overwhelming raging louring convulsive undisciplined contrary ornery insolent wayward double-crossing berserk autocratical uncontrolled tyrannic unaccountable arrogant autarchic one-party summary unconstitutional single-party raving lowering uncontrollable enraged incessive undomesticated fearful frenzied poignant assiduous unflagging unstoppable tireless sedulous infuriated rapacious angry crazed maniacal terrorizing heartbreaking tsarist czarist masterful authoritative bossy thuggish biffo animalistic primitive aggers heart-rending overweening unwelcome unhappy yucky afflicting heartrending chilling unlovely unpleasing tragic sad yukky displeasing uncongenial unsavory nefarious gloomy sombre dispiriting ironhanded worrying depressive somber depressing confining disheartening discouraging hefty superincumbent explosive maddened frenetic assertive hotheaded great icky sore mortifying pounding set unabated insistent brick-wall impassioned demoniac crazy agitated hysterical feverish forcible fuming terrorising radge potent unsavoury afflictive provoking annoying offensive calamitous rough going hanging tough gut-wrenching hot-tempered hot-headed pernicious immoral wrathful roughshod virulent knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts full-blooded knock-down out of control drag-out hammer and tongs bang-bang

Tính từ

Harshly sarcastic or satirical in nature
keen scathing cutting incisive searing pointed stinging trenchant acid sardonic satirical contemptuous ferocious nasty sharp unblunted virulent caustic corrosive heartless piercing savage biting brutal fierce malicious penetrating satiric callous critical mocking sarcastic scornful tart venomous acerbic bitter harsh pungent salty snarky violent acidic cruel devastating edged hurtful mordacious unrelenting acute derisive pitiless truculent vicious vitriolic acrid acrimonious grim sadistic scorching unsparing withering astringent belittling mordant ruthless scalding wanton cold-blooded extremely critical acidulous acerb waspish barbed razor-edged severe smart-mouthed smart-aleck smart-alecky sarky polemic spiteful poignant dry wounding rapier-like cynical unkind catty abrasive ironic telling peppery piquant snappy burning hostile rude ironical disparaging poisonous polemical forceful corroding racy emphatic tangy wry scoffing pithy spicy witty disrespectful brusque tongue-in-cheek acetose ridiculing rancorous unfriendly churlish stern sour chaffing burlesque zesty controversial alkaline zingy pert savoury savory contentious stringent mean rough snappish snippy testy short unpleasant disapproving hard argumentative disputatious offensive hateful provocative salt exciting stimulating strong vigorous destructive sneering double-edged forthright driving clear vinegary acidulated crisp explicit powerful distinct effective blunt erosive potent unequivocal blistering edgy acetic derisory crushing acidy taunting backhanded sourish tartish smarting clever implausible ridiculous defiant contradictory exaggerated backbiting alert arrogant jibing atypical twisted uncomplimentary curious quick-witted accurate venomed pertinent irreverent with a kick briny acetous soured green razor-sharp meaty meaningful insightful right-on insinuating short-and-sweet legit pregnant parodying Hudibrastic Rabelaisian lampooning humorous spoofing paradoxical spoof farcical bantering in a nutshell on the nose boiled down laid on the line right to it calling a spade a spade on the button sly subtle deadpan droll laconic deprecating waggish apathetic sharp-tongued matter-of-fact straight-faced low-key quietly humorous poker-faced snide vindictive maleficent malignant slashing malign pernicious malefic jeering malevolent derogatory abusive insulting antagonistic aggressive splenetic evil-intentioned slighting denigratory curt baleful resentful ill-natured contumelious squint-eyed vituperative ornery disdainful austere teasing dismissive detracting pillorying rigorous deprecatory vitriolous tough inconsiderate irritating grievous envenomed smart evil snidey vehement menacing hate-filled despiteful angry galling crabbed bad grudging cussed dirty terse drilling clear-cut impertinent strict exacting coarse rigid sound vengeful bilious shrewish overwhelming overpowering distressing ill-tempered bad-tempered tonic wicked harmful demeaning degrading derogative depreciative detractive decrying pejorative depreciatory denigrative sharp-worded thoughtless ungracious stabbing injurious damaging nauseating grating highly effective slanderous defamatory cold irascible unfeeling annoying viperous viperish toxicant twitting saucy scurrilous captious needling carping insensitive unsympathetic comfortless weisenheiming dripping with malice dripping venom full of spleen full of gall accidentally on purpose spiky gruff scathy lousy horrid negative hard to take rubbing the wrong way discouraging absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical preposterous unhelpful excruciating out-of-line flip cocky fresh cheeky crusty gally sassy nervy agonizing intense undermining disobliging invalidating contrary adverse obstructive awful harrowing terrible intolerable dreadful oppressive torturous discrediting vexatious grueling tormenting unbearable punishing extreme insufferable repressive grave for the birds wrenching painful consuming troublesome racking pounding agonising afflicting gruelling embittered very bad sullen begrudging sore aggrieved hurt disgruntled offended indignant morose discontented wounded dissatisfied choked jaundiced miffed peeved piqued peevish petulant with chip on shoulder put out hard done by grudge-bearing irreconcilable with a chip on one's shoulder crabby ill-disposed sulky

Tính từ

Horrifyingly wicked
atrocious barbaric brutal cruel monstrous savage vicious wicked fiendish heinous ruthless barbarous inhuman nefarious villainous brutish diabolical infernal base ghastly horrible murderous nasty vile black black-hearted dark flagrant grisly gruesome hellish horrifying low low-down nightmarish abominable contemptible despicable disgusting hateful hideous offensive outrageous abhorrent harrowing horrid loathsome odious repellent repugnant revolting scandalous beastly gross infamous intolerable nauseating sickening unforgivable unspeakable appalling awful brute butcherly disgustful dreadful egregious execrable frightful grewsome heartless horrendous horrific inhumane loathly lurid macabre nightmare sadistic scurvy shocking sick sick-making terrible terrific truculent wanton cacodemonic facinorous flagitious grievous bad beyond the pale desperate evil fearful godawful grody hairy bestial ferocious pitiless bloodthirsty fierce remorseless callous cold-blooded devilish violent depraved immoral harsh malicious malevolent foul satanic bloody iniquitous shameful homicidal corrupt fell grim perverse crude sanguinary sinful coarse degenerate demoniac perverted demonic vulgar debased unprincipled reprobate profligate unfeeling ungodly licentious dastardly disgraceful aberrant obscene ominous morbid malignant ignorant implacable dangerous unrefined uncultured unlettered accursed Mephistophelian aggressive gloating wolfish wretched uncouth red in tooth and claw degraded worthless lewd miscreant untamed contaminated putrid impious faulty abandoned insubordinate impure indecent demoralized reprehensible demoralised libidinous wild ravening crazed unrelenting destructive unscrupulous debauched dishonourable sinister amoral shameless mean deceitful dishonorable dishonest unlawful devious wrong criminal unethical squalid underhanded incorrigible scornful rancorous morally wrong shifty dissolute maleficent scoundrelly self-indulgent unkind objectionable vitiated dodgy dirty decadent unsavoury disparaging defiled despiteful delinquent forbidding errant crooked exploitative shady hard-hearted unfair libertine slippery mean-spirited unrighteous unconscientious unconscionable wrathful crafty scrofulous sly unsavory unpleasant scheming virulent evil-minded lawless bent inexorable questionable improper self-seeking vengeful felonious vindictive contemptuous corrupted pernicious conscienceless disdainful spiteful tyrannical ignoble two-faced disreputable

Tính từ

Not socially, culturally, or morally advanced
barbarian uncivilised uncivilized barbaric wild barbarous savage primitive rough boorish heathen uncouth uncultivated vulgar Neanderthal philistine unsophisticated coarse rude uncultured uneducated brutish crude illiterate loutish oafish thuggish benighted gross heathenish natural Neandertal uncivil unpolished unrefined ill-bred ill-mannered lowbrow unmannered yobbish brutal cruel inhuman untamed vicious crass tasteless raw inelegant impolite graceless churlish offensive rugged improper rustic rough-hewn common low roughneck indelicate lowbred raffish incult slobbish ignorant ungraceful nonliterate unmannerly unworldly indecorous untutored earthy undeveloped hooligan unenlightened raunchy foul-mouthed provincial discourteous impertinent disrespectful fierce undomesticated insensible illiberal thoughtless uncomfortable tactless wooden uneasy non-literate stiff inconsiderate shameless rustical stilted corrupt outlandish in a state of nature socially unsure socially awkward lacking in social graces socially inept stupid nescient subhuman swinish bourgeois unread commercial materialist blue ribald base foul bawdy vulgarian mean anti-intellectual inartistic fell ferine bestial truculent beastly feral uninhabited uncontrolled mannerless outrageous ungodly unholy unconscionable wicked ferocious unrestrained off-color dirty immodest smutty gruff lowdown and dirty obscene tacky scatological cheap impure nasty filthy uninformed plebeian beyond the pale aboriginal bearish ungenteel awkward ungentlemanly ungainly ungallant unseemly clownish disgracious clumsy backwoods unladylike classless gawky cloddish hick hillbilly jungli harsh Philistine scatologic clodhopping parochial loud bad-mannered troglodytic uncalled-for loud-mouthed heavy-handed naive simple rough and ready childlike innocent untrained dewy-eyed naif artless uncritical untaught unsuspicious unaffected green unknowing simpleminded unpretentious dewy wide-eyed unwary ingenuous unsuspecting aw-shucks unlearned animal austere atavistic vestigial underdeveloped indecent ungracious lewd blunt profane inappropriate gauche brusque impudent curt abusive insolent unhandsome insensitive X-rated wanton off colour naughty undiplomatic saucy suggestive indiscreet unsavoury lumpish surly unsavory lascivious unpleasant unchivalrous plebby sullen racy insulting vile gutter inept near the knuckle salacious unprintable blasphemous trashy sordid pornographic fruity locker-room offhand lumpen audacious cheeky in bad taste unbecoming short low-minded sleazy sharp brash risqué underbred fresh spicy stag scurrilous porny adult gamy untoward unacceptable disagreeable bungling disgusting unsubtle presumptuous immoral ornery cantankerous unsuitable badly behaved lubberly inurbane unwholesome distasteful derogatory unfitting low-down incorrect inapposite inapt wrong abrupt unfit perverse incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos tawdry licentious contumelious malapert low-bred flip out of place obnoxious close to the bone dour stolid crabbed unlettered unkind disreputable misbehaved revolting maladroit undignified repulsive despicable rowdy unscrupulous gaudy unceremonious dishonourable debased callous uncharitable impolitic injudicious ill-judged gawkish unfriendly cavalier murderous ignoble villainous irritable bashful dishonorable blundering sickening uncoordinated ill-humored crusty ill-humoured explicit foolish backward dark bad ocker steamy unvirtuous disparaging lippy porn porno colourful colorful poor uncomplimentary unclean low-down-and-dirty malodorous Rabelaisian out of keeping smart-alecky shocking inaffable untactful nudge-nudge unchaste in poor taste out-of-line out of the way charmless near the bone ordinary vernacular low-born unfinished basic obtuse non-U baseborn native general agrestic unfeeling rank ill-behaved terse hostile undiscriminating imperceptive lusty trailer-park doltish bullying sketchy uncourteous unbefitting foulmouthed hoonish dense common as muck pert brassy countrified unpoised inhospitable unfortunate sassy shoddy immature guileless loudmouthed unworthy nauseating ill-tempered morose bad-tempered tart improprietous embarrassing off ill-advised discreditable bizarre mannish manlike tomboyish unfeminine unwomanly hoydenish moody salty broad offish lustful concupiscent carnal shameful ruffian Fescennine Cyprian off-colour irreverent dull sick gruesome corporeal voluptuous fleshly sensual sexual lumbering barro colloquial bumbling profanatory mean-spirited arrogant strong sacrilegious unblushing callow careless degrading unsettling affronting vilifying vituperative derisive unutterable blockish dorky blunderous undexterous klutzy stumbling execrable wretched snide ignominious currish contemptible detestable paltry cocky repellent seamy objectionable seedy in the gutter grody rash straightforward precipitate hasty dozy butterfingered flashy garish mouthy smart alecky brazen overbearing insubordinate disdainful dishonest degenerate intrusive peremptory base-minded abject groveling yokelish bounderish tough snippy grumpy ill-natured touchy cussed cross-grained polite miserly unsociable grouchy unneighborly ugly nervous ostentatious flash showy unschooled dubious suspicious notorious rascally suspect unprincipled severe hard bluff meretricious naff tatty splay shy gangly gangling nervy kitsch forbidding stern roughcast grim ape-like grovelling crooked shady like a bull in a china shop ornate useless hideous pretentious unsightly unclassy trivial artificial unlovely makeshift ruthless intimidating louring grievous steely stark loose all thumbs cheap and nasty noisome dodgy funny iffy repugnant flinty onerous ungentle heavy bitter hardhanded oppressive undesirable fiendish heartless remorseless lowering ill-educated ill-informed monstrous nefarious heinous unaccomplished analphabetic uninstructed infernal inhumane atrocious bloodthirsty black-hearted butcherly black brute sadistic inexperienced unversed unpractised pitiless hellish ghastly diabolical horrible unqualified taboo hard-core lecherous profligate questionable scandalous malicious rakish libidinous randy odious mucky grubby grimy

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