Đồng nghĩa của mucky

Alternative for mucky

mucky /'mʌki/
  • tính từ
    • bẩn thỉu, nhớp nhúa


Covered with dirt or filth
dirty filthy grimy muddy soiled grubby messy begrimed mud-caked stained unclean befouled dusty foul grotty scummy slimy smeared bespattered cruddy grungy smeary besmirched polluted sooty squalid sticky bedraggled bemired black blackened crummy dingy draggled gloopy gungy icky insanitary manky nasty smudged smutty sordid sullied uncleanly yucky bogging feculent festy scungy skanky clammy glutinous mucous muculent tarnished viscous yukky scuzzy unwashed sloppy unhygienic spotted unsanitary greasy contaminated unkempt disheveled dishevelled shabby slovenly defiled sleazy muddied miry dirt-encrusted besmeared murky smoky grimed tainted untidy fetid ruined uncleaned impure dark not clean undusted fouled foetid unswept blemished discolored marked gunky grody discoloured gross putrid rotten disgusting smelly sludgy fuliginous insalubrious putrefied decaying slatternly seedy soot-covered repulsive dreggy dungy spattered mud-encrusted mud-spattered unlaundered pigpen goopy dusky rundown slummy dowdy scruffy slushy frowzy miserable spotty dust-covered dust-filled cloudy oozy flea-bitten raunchy sloughy caked arenaceous arenose dust-ridden straggly disarrayed unsightly dishabille mung vile odorous moldy mouldy reeking scurvy musty faecal fecal loathsome horry yecchy soily revolting verminous slipshod spoiled infected spoilt corrupted dirtied adulterated corrupt decayed vitiated debased adulterate alloyed poisoned diseased degraded rank despoiled stinking rancid infested noxious disfigured scratched flawed imperfect impaired mixed bastardized devalued marred diluted unhealthy lowered germy unwholesome depreciated bastardised unhealthful septic harmful decomposed faded perverted disease-ridden germ-ridden decomposing festering rotting bleached yellowed rusted wan pale putrescent sour mouldering putrified addled foxed etiolated blotched weathered oxidized rusty bad rotted mildewy off perished corroding caried worm-eaten poisonous purulent wormy stale carious mephitic pustular noisome washed out oxidised maggoty offensive flyblown unfit for human consumption bad-smelling overripe moldering beastly unpleasant smelling


(of a walking surface) Dank, muddy, and full of water
soft swampy marshy boggy muddy slushy peaty moory paludal sodden miry soggy fenny squelchy oozy heavy quaggy sloppy wet sticky humid waterlogged muggy damp sultry clammy watery dank spongy moist close steamy airless slimy sopping stuffy saturated oppressive suffocating gooey squashy stifling gloopy sweaty like a Turkish bath like a sauna soaked drenched sloughy soaking squishy soppy dripping pulpy pappy doughy squidgy mushy awash bathed bedraggled washed watered doused dowsed pasty soupy soused logged saturate wringing pulpous soaked through dripping wet soft and wet wringing wet semi-liquid sopping wet wet through over-moist water-soaked uliginose marish glutinous viscous mossy claggy clarty sweltering dampish fuggy unstable paludine sludgy clogged warm uliginous yielding hot mucous dirty scummy muculent filthy smothering hot and humid misty boiling tropical irriguous yukky very damp clayey clay viscid gluey difficult cloggy gloppy thick gelatinous mucilaginous caked murky gummy treacly syrupy inundated drowned water-logged soaked to the skin streaming wringing-wet soaking wet droukit like a drowned rat dewy moisture-laden moistened rainy wettish flabby drizzly drippy steeped wetted dampened showery foggy drizzling aqueous teary squooshy slippery flooded fleshy cushy cushiony downy flushed big afloat hosed irrigated sprayed quenched showered sprinkled teeming stormy pouring raining snowy drunk bloated stewed muddied boiled seethed splashed perspiring chilly musty perspiry sweating colourless waterlike dim anemic bloodless flavourless serous watered-down flavorless colorless hazy anaemic bemired unaired fusty not dry mucid gunky subfuse greasy diaphoretic sudoric stinky thin liquid runny impregnate full overwhelmed packed marinated overfull replete brimful overloaded brimming covered with sweat splashy slap streaming wet cloudy vaporous mashy pap semi-solid paste-like jelled semisolid semiliquid pastelike


Very disgusting, dirty or unpleasant
nasty foul unpleasant dirty distasteful disagreeable disgusting horrible sickening filthy nauseating odious offensive repellent repugnant vile loathsome obnoxious awful abominable dreadful objectionable repulsive revolting nauseous unappetizing appalling hideous horrendous noxious terrible unpalatable frightful grotty horrid malodorous noisome yucky atrocious gross icky rancid squalid stinking unsavoury evil-smelling foul-smelling lousy smelly uninviting acrid beastly diabolical foetid fetid ghastly grubby gruesome mephitic polluted putrid rank skanky cruddy pongy stinky ugly whiffy abhorrent bad bedraggled befouled begrimed bemired besmirched bitter black blackened cheap contemptible deplorable despicable dingy disgustful displeasing draggled dusty evil fulsome funky grimy grungy harsh illegal lame loathly mean miasmal muddy niffy obscene paltry pitiable pitiful ratty repellant rotten scabby scandalous scummy scurvy shocking smudged smutty sneaking soiled sordid sorry sour stained sullied unclean uncleanly uncongenial unfair unlovely unpleasing unsavory unsportsmanlike unwelcome wicked wretched yukky festy olid yucko bum hellish poison ungodly unholy off-putting God-awful sick-making on the nose grody detestable crummy shabby grim rundown tatty brackish messy scuzzy raunchy yecchy vulgar sleazy creepy hateful execrable bogging reprehensible heinous distressing vomitous gut-churning annoying stomach-turning monstrous stomach-churning grisly vomit-inducing dire hellacious invidious miserable upsetting uneatable inedible unappealing rebarbative base intolerable poisonous unspeakable unacceptable undesirable tasteless unattractive insufferable lamentable poor beyond the pale godawful dislikeable woeful sick vexatious cringe-making irritating galling pestiferous horrifying abysmal pesky insipid gut-wrenching unsightly flavourless bland dislikable very unpleasant low cruel regrettable sad emetic damnable grievous irksome flavorless troublesome unsatisfactory dismal horrific forbidding severe agonizing exceptionable savorless unwholesome macabre coarse painful uncomfortable from hell indigestible rubbish harrowing hurtful biting tainted unhappy uncool unbearable ornery hateable agonising godforsaken sharp uninteresting dull tart rough depraved flat shameful seedy stiff fierce poignant punk reeking harmful ignominious brutal inhuman sucky rubbishy unfortunate disquieting strong egregious abject degraded disconcerting stale inadequate pants disturbing injurious traumatic torturous difficult heartbreaking wrong intense outrageous immoral trying pathetic bothersome fearful dishonourable tremendous unconsumable distressful mortifying weak tormenting contaminated turned spoiled ignoble low-down hostile afflicting tragic excruciating snide currish dishonorable lurid nightmarish off embarrassing cutting heartrending heart-rending low-minded afflictive off-color depressing calamitous accursed alarming hated spoilt a load of pants gnarly unfit for human consumption not fit to eat unsympathetic yechy discordant not pleasant sickly inhospitable chunderous acid shady shifty diseased discouraging catty slimy foul-tasting reviled scabrous repelling drag pain deleterious unhealthy pernicious mischievous woozy rocky offending opprobrious censurable shameless serious baneful pestilential very disgusting insupportable terrifying reeky abusive impertinent insolent discourteous eye-watering pill heel unpardonable inexcusable deadly insalutary dangerous vapid detested execrated high musty stenchy fusty troubling shuddersome resentful blasted infamous cursed cussed confounded frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty unforgivable despised worrisome discomforting pigpen ripe mighty unlikable dismaying unenticing boorish piggish gluttonous ferine swinish barbarous animal brutish carnal brute bestial sadistic feral irrational prurient unsettling stressful perturbing daunting abominated maggot loathed abhorred grewsome terrific nightmare acute unpopular contradictory inconsistent opposed incompatible adverse squicky cloying surfeiting sleazeball humourless sombre unnerving humorless discomposing sober doleful agitating solemn somber bloody eerie sanguine inimical averse antipathetic antagonistic crashing destructive gloomy sedate hairy worrying troublous unendurable frightening fraught grave unfriendly extrinsic counter against extraneous unconformable different opposite revulsive unfitted alien foreign spine-chilling blood-stained unlucky undesired disappointing tragical saddening awkward affecting concerning anguished sorrowful in opposition rejected unwanted substandard inferior mediocre unpleasant-tasting vicious disgraceful poxy corrupt perverted nerve-racking nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking dilapidated trashy sinful blameworthy excluded uninvited ropy duff chronic pits very bad degenerate subpar wanting bush crumby suboptimal junky deficient dissatisfactory debased iniquitous direful unsought ill-favoured inadmissible dark common shoddy schlock tough as old boots pungent unwished for unwished-for dissolute diabolic reprobate humiliating debauched flimsy shlocky wack faulty schlocky gimcrack cheapjack cheesy disastrous shlock trumpery degrading nefarious fiendish devilish worthless not wanted ill-advised too bad ill-favored piquant villainous unrighteous unlawful unethical run down bush-league cut-rate low-grade low-quality low-rent el cheapo second-rate bargain-basement down at heel flagitious impure abandoned stinging spicy acidic effluvial tangy hard fiery hot acerb aromatic rich spiced zesty peppery zingy vinegary overpowering ruthless savage murderous onerous unrelenting burdensome tough heavy relentless chilling hardhanded oppressive merciless rugged searing ferocious sore remorseless great intemperate provoking rigorous inclement hard-hearted sharp-tasting


Vulgar or indecent in nature or quality
coarse vulgar indecent obscene dirty crude lewd smutty filthy bawdy ribald gross blue rude foul improper raunchy pornographic profane indelicate impure offensive nasty suggestive lascivious salacious racy wanton naughty indecorous spicy vile immodest earthy trashy risqué gutter porny unprintable sordid unseemly prurient adult stag tasteless saucy crass raw scatological inappropriate base scatologic broad debased impolite mean salty explicit lecherous lowbrow scandalous rakish colorful colourful taboo tacky vulgarian randy farmyard low X-rated off colour off-color locker-room foul-mouthed nudge-nudge bad-mannered hard-core low-down-and-dirty in bad taste lowdown and dirty disgusting immoral cheap unsavory uncouth uncivil distasteful profligate repulsive uncultured uncultivated unrefined questionable ignoble licentious malicious libidinous scurrilous inelegant odious rough unclean shameless grubby grimy gamy unchaste unvirtuous fruity unsavoury near the knuckle lowbred insensible raffish rugged incult unpolished roughneck common illiberal wicked Rabelaisian porno sexy depraved titillating erotic abusive unwholesome shocking porn steamy degenerate lustful boorish carnal corrupt near the bone blasphemous dishonourable bad dishonorable loose sleazy dissolute evil rank off gamey juicy off-colored debauched sinful scabrous ill-bred obnoxious discourteous low-down detestable unmannerly sensual perverse libertine low-minded contemptible despicable outrageous close to the bone off-colour reprobate graceless sickening tactless sick indiscreet loathsome wrong shameful perverted unbecoming brutish provocative profaned churlish horrible arousing desecrated sexual revolting soft-core wretched unworthy repugnant atrocious degraded execrable ignominious noisome abject snide currish paltry tawdry shady objectionable ill-mannered unpleasant Fescennine unrestrained decadent insulting disrespectful disagreeable fleshly dissipated lusty untoward disreputable uncleanly unscrupulous concupiscent lively demoralized unacceptable barnyard skin villainous rotten abominable unprincipled hideous scurvy infamous reprehensible disgraceful demoralised in poor taste degrading beastly discreditable uninhibited not pure poor boisterous bodily robust unsuitable undignified irreverent repellent barbaric rollicking uncivilized Cyprian embarrassing brash foulmouthed derogatory mature unsophisticated loutish defiled bold voluptuous vicious brazen awful fast incontinent gaudy corrupting hateful disparaging nauseating rascally unfitting exploitative incorrect inapposite inapt uncivilised terrible dishonest gruesome inept unfit incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos tainted shabby malodorous rowdy vituperative corporeal wrongful impudent outlandish feral unblushing fleshy appalling devilish monstrous out of place humiliating bestial iniquitous dreadful untactful yucky rough-hewn God-awful barbarous loud wild brute presumptuous purple ugly contaminated undiplomatic beyond the pale out of keeping animal inhuman affronting abhorrent lurid page-three heinous hot petty sorry cheeky worthless servile menial out of the way charmless barbarian gruff evil-minded orgiastic sooty Philistine profanatory risque libellous libelous sullied warped rakehell jackleg rakehelly sexually explicit exuberant satirical barro bizarre undecorous ridiculous daring ruttish lubricious unconventional unbefitting slippery sneaking fractious callow seamy seedy grody blunt ignorant awkward rogue goatish amoral exciting stimulating entertaining squalid shoddy sizzling sly illicit ithyphallic vigorous extravagant parodic tempting seductive ill-advised unladylike ungentlemanly excessive strong sacrilegious ungracious dirty-minded dubious suspicious notorious suspect base-minded groveling unsubtle roisterous ruffian ungodly slavish humble low-down and dirty out of line colloquial crooked in the gutter sexually suggestive annoying irritating piggish cruel gluttonous ferine swinish brutal sadistic irrational unsettling vilifying derisive unutterable lowly pitiful plebeian grovelling dodgy funny iffy audacious displeasing craven flashy garish unchivalrous vitriolic ghastly wounding hurtful exasperating uncharitable blameworthy dastardly contumelious denigratory invective pejorative deprecatory opprobrious ostentatious flash showy personal vexing provoking impertinent galling slighting insolent exceptionable meretricious naff tatty peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple plain cocky arrogant loud-mouthed venomous contemptuous censurable kitsch physical stupid ornate useless pretentious foolish unsightly unclassy trivial artificial unlovely makeshift upsetting vituperatory scurrile scurril groundless truculent horrid undesirable cheap and nasty self-assertive inconsiderate self-confident vivacious rumbustious rambunctious vituperous offending off-putting riotous deplorable dark natural diabolic diabolical miserable gut-churning hellish icky nefarious sick-making fiendish damnable slapstick inborn biological intuitive visceral corporal innate mammalian vomitous unrighteous bogging black noxious unlawful lousy unethical flagitious egregious yucko disgustful loathly farcical animalistic subconscious untamed instinctive somatic organic instinctual stinking abandoned knockabout casual rough-and-tumble harum-scarum appetitive material mortal vomit-inducing earthly subhuman beastlike forward fresh unashamed familiar free overfamiliar presuming pushy bold as brass brass-necked


Scruffy or shabby
mangy scruffy shabby moth-eaten grungy seedy dirty mean shoddy sleazy squalid tatty filthy scuzzy worn beat-up bombed-out dilapidated dog-eared down-at-heel down-at-the-heels dumpy miserable neglected ratty run-down scrubby sorry tacky tatterdemalion threadbare timeworn tumbledown unkempt grotty raggedy scabby skanky yucky decrepit gungy gunky impoverished indigent messy poor ragtag rank sick sticky tattered unpleasant worse for wear rundown ragged bedraggled gone to seed broken-down dingy worn-out run down ramshackle grubby down at heel old crummy battered rickety faded frayed decaying worn out slummy decayed derelict ruinous ruined wretched rough deteriorated insalubrious deteriorating beat up tired crumbling untidy sordid falling to pieces uncared-for pitiful desolate slipshod well worn cheap degenerated disreputable damaged rumpty low torn base paltry dodgy scungy frowzy shacky down-at-the-heel in ruins poorly maintained gone to rack and ruin weather-beaten in a bad way seen better days badly maintained holey tawdry dismal disfigured bare meager meagre second-rate raggedy-ass warby disheveled dishevelled seamy unprepossessing depressed dowdy unmaintained trashy disintegrating poverty-stricken impaired injured shambly scraggy slovenly skeezy untended out at elbows shaky low-class slimy in tatters in shreds used-up all the worse for wear limp falling apart at the seams having seen better days the worse for wear down and dirty tumble-down in disrepair diseased scaly scroungy underprivileged deprived outworn withering ancient old-fashioned tottering smirched dishonest crooked used well-thumbed well-read peaked shattered uncared wrecked broken frazzled shaggy rugged ripped destroyed crumbly unsound marred bad in bad repair out of condition below par in bad condition under par mediocre substandard lousy ordinary middling low-grade menial two-bit sad raunchy unimproved beat low-rent tasteless crude gaudy vulgar manky kitsch showy nasty garish fallen-in ill-maintained uncared for falling apart beaten up on its last legs fallen in rinky-dink poorly made badly dressed torn to pieces in rags badly worn full of holes droopy overgrown wilted drooping sickly wilting ailing sagging flagging flash Brummagem common loud used up flashy naff cure pot outmoded ostentatious out-of-date unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky stodgy sloppy frumpy cheap and nasty in bad taste inferior rubbishy gimcrack meretricious cheapjack glaring brash junky cheesy worthless execrable glitzy chintzy flamboyant tinny rotten trumpery duff third-rate ropy rubbish schlocky poor-quality brummagem brassy terrible coarse bum tinsel el cheapo jerry-built pretentious flimsy lurid kitschy flaunting glittering flaring bush-league inadequate schlock swanky dreadful cut-rate bargain-basement jazzy tinselly low quality downmarket raffish below standard bodger obtrusive blatant brazen awful atrocious abysmal splashy appalling unsatisfactory swank razzle-dazzle ornate lowbrow deficient frightful pants cruddy dire twopenny-halfpenny over-bright useless dime-a-dozen low-quality crass gross poor quality bright bling-bling a load of pants harsh insubstantial screaming bilious noisy cheapo abject cheap-jack extravagant makeshift insufficient lamentable deplorable valueless unacceptable tinhorn diabolical lame subpar punk direful egregious low cost tenth-rate unfashionable in poor taste brilliant not up to much plastic uncultured snazzy corny violent bold nauseating distasteful unattractive average inelegant florid imperfect overdone defective pitiable ritzy unrefined faulty dud catchpenny junk lemon cheapie colorful daggy slobbish pinchbeck low-down over the top colourful slobby half-pie ungroomed sloven frowsy entry-level low-end blowsy no great shakes slatternly below average dime-store off-color artificial wild not much cop bottom-rung blowzy tousled a dime a dozen not up to snuff tangled contemptible schlumpy second-class two a penny draggle-tailed uncombed thin unsophisticated cheap-looking sporty offensive down scale badly built shopworn overwrought thrown together over-elaborate trifling down-market garbagy sucky indifferent inglorious conspicuous expensive OTT ropey poxy chronic throwaway slumlike twopenny fakey rent pizazzy fancy glittery pizzazzy fancy-pants nifty distressed bombastic outrageous bling elaborate bad quality of a sort sparkling downscale split patched uncomfortable disagreeable common as muck slum-like dumbed down hateful horrible creaky antiquated in holes wack wanting off bush sour suboptimal dissatisfactory wrong ill creaking superannuated noddy desultory unpressed unfinished down at the heel worn to shreds shredded poorly pathetic straggly mussy ruffled unstylish styleless ticky-tack ticky-tacky from hunger scraggly mussed tumbled snarled weak sauce sub-par quavering shaking in a state of disrepair haggard effete anile crippled fragile messed up mussed up matted rumpled windblown unneat commonplace end-of-the-pier bogus empty garbage no-good despicable good-for-nothing abandoned barren piss-poor grody pigpen Mickey Mouse second-best ill-groomed Daliesque clinquant affected twee camp mod posturing gimmicky strictly for the birds rude second class uncouth improper low in quality rough-hewn roughneck incult insensible indiscreet unpolished tactless lowbred uncultivated unseemly ill-bred illiberal indecorous indelicate graceless impolite stupid hideous foolish unsightly outlandish barbarous unclassy low-down-and-dirty trivial unlovely barbaric gay splendiferous pizzazz frou-frou chichi pzazz gussied up putting on the ritz

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