Đồng nghĩa của second class


Of mediocre or inferior quality
indifferent mediocre middling second best second-rate substandard inferior bad lousy poor second-class execrable shoddy wretched worthless low-grade trashy rubbishy cheap pitiful sorry terrible unsatisfactory crummy third-rate deficient two-bit rotten paltry awful dreadful deplorable sad imperfect atrocious low-rent miserable lamentable inadequate diabolical low-quality unacceptable abysmal appalling junky rubbish ropy pathetic tawdry duff common shabby dire grotty below par junk not up to snuff bargain-basement average below standard lame base useless lemon poxy schlocky dismal dime-a-dozen ordinary subpar pitiable sub-par hack pants below average schlock coarse under par disagreeable poorer crude wanting dissatisfactory déclassé el cheapo a load of pants poor-quality good-for-nothing not up to much abominable suboptimal laughable contemptible direful dodgy bum trumpery tatty cruddy gimcrack cheapjack not up to scratch not up to par cut-rate bush-league the pits low-end unsound faulty disgraceful defective downmarket flawed unexceptional subnormal pedestrian tinhorn leaving much to be desired amateurish hopeless woeful frightful God-awful cheesy punk tacky cheapo disastrous horrendous horrid sleazy chronic horrible nasty damnable garbage tinny egregious cheapie a dime a dozen less-than-stellar cheap and nasty twopenny-halfpenny negligent careless objectionable meretricious abject pits dud grubby mean insufficient reject insufferable reprehensible worse ratty stinking meager meagre kitsch scroungy bodger wack odious crumby scurrilous gross irremediable stinky indefensible dime-store tenth-rate Brummagem entry-level pinchbeck valueless tattered piss-poor beastly poor quality bottom-rung run-down naff two a penny brassy rinky-dink ineffectual incompetent fair tinpot inept broken inexpert jerrybuilt minor second choice poopy not good enough of a sort unseemly rough revolting repulsive impermissible exceptionable distasteful offensive intolerable insupportable displeasing obnoxious improper inadmissible unsuitable inappropriate undesirable unimpressive repellant repellent dubious low unreasonable questionable repugnant bad news raunchy downer icky unspeakable diddly fallacious grungy bummer godawful detestable grim not good grody erroneous not the best blah sucky loathsome condemnable out vile off wrong disappointing won't do over the fence inacceptable not on unappealing from hunger not quite the done thing half-baked second rate not cricket uninviting of poor quality not up to standard beyond the pale bush of low quality out of order hellish rancid disgustful hellacious rebarbative loathly jerry-built commonplace end-of-the-pier half-pie second-best no great shakes strictly for the birds not much cop lacking weak gaudy low quality impaired unworthy dilapidated seedy very bad scruffy dingy broken-down flimsy sour no good tasteless vulgar trifling unpleasant brummagem lowbrow incomplete sketchy damaged slipshod unfinished amiss low cost scant unsatisfying ill makeshift insalubrious showy garish slovenly rickety insubstantial ramshackle outrageous unsaleable mangy bungling shameful patchy sordid of little value cheap-jack limited feeble garbagy short scrubby scarce threadbare neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels down-at-heel timeworn shy for the birds of no value weak sauce needing injured marred run down untidy unkempt scanty down at heel of no financial value not acceptable bereft failing regrettable hideous ghastly found wanting unfortunate god-awful calamitous piddling derisory distressing down scale corny cheeseball squalid shocking kitschy badly built down-market slummy thrown together bad quality craptacular undistinguished uninspired tricky of negligible value doubtful not cutting it excruciating desperate twopenny throwaway uncultured low-class unfashionable unsophisticated off-form puny poorly hateful off-color uncomfortable meritless plastic pretentious inglorious low-down scuzzy Mickey Mouse less than ideal not okay inconsiderable too little stupid unwelcome harmful would fetch nothing shlocky unsightly scummy scurvy godforsaken dirty yucky shlock scabby gruesome not oneself without value downscale iffy catastrophic ridiculous absurd ludicrous foolish-looking silly rueful tragic cataclysmic affecting disreputable minor-league negligible minor league trivial small potatoes not satisfying minimal insignificant bedraggled decrepit worn-out small-time catchpenny rundown menial of no worth of little worth nickel-and-dime under the weather underwhelming scrappy of little financial value bathetic not all it's cracked up to be unfulfilling uninteresting falling short ineffective anticlimactic disillusioning skimpy exiguous unassembled rare undersupplied infrequent unequal underprovided outta gas third string not enough second string second fiddle not make it not cut out for ten a penny dumbed down unfit warped unsellable absent missing restricted flash loud scratched partial torn blemished inoperative cracked deformed unrefined unpolished malfunctioning immature omitted empty gone unfulfilled less devoid cooked away needed destitute bankrupt deprived flashy undeveloped inexact rudimentary burned out in default cut off not up to expectations too little too late out of gas vicious faultful sick bottom-of-barrel disfigured not functioning minus not working fallible outmoded faded ostentatious out-of-date stodgy frumpy unbecoming waxy poky messy sloppy few bugs in a state of disrepair in bad taste


Lower in rank or status
inferior lesser lowly minor humble mediocre menial secondary second-class subordinate unpretentious base insignificant junior low-ranking second-string small subservient subsidiary unassuming undistinguished unimportant ancillary bottom common degrading demeaning inglorious little lousy low low-grade meagre meager measly middling miserable ordinary paltry puny reduced second-fiddle second-rate smaller contemptible humdrum ignoble ignominious lower lower-ranking petty pitiful plebeian poorer sad scrubby servile shabby slighter sorry wretched bush-league dinky low-born lower in rank lower in status mean minor-league small-fry small-time subjacent third-string undersized back seat below someone beneath someone bottom-rung entry-level less important lower-class not so important not very important second-banana under someone's heel accessory auxiliary supplementary peripheral lower-level collateral supplemental extra attendant backup additional contributory assistant adjuvant second reserve marginal associate supporting under lower-grade tributary subject less sub of little account aiding appurtenant assisting nether lower rung low-level accompanying alternative outranked of little importance satellite substitute spare alternate fallback complementary supportive accessorial younger relief low-class youngest fall-back vice- sub- incidental inessential tangential non-essential bourgeois baseborn dependent trivial substract inconsiderable proletarian philistine lowborn unwashed déclassé low-life working-class declassé plebby lumpen prole branch cooperative helpful serviceable useful tributory inconsequential trifling negligible irrelevant slight immaterial casual piddling light frivolous nugatory nonessential minute extraneous fiddling Mickey Mouse optional unnecessary picayune two-bit beside the point piffling of no account unsubstantial inappreciable footling extrinsic minuscule niggling of no consequence superficial add-on concomitant foolish minus meaningless lightweight no-account pointless worthless nickel-and-dime dispensable expendable scanty tacky penny-ante minimal nominal of no great concern accidental coincidental piddly pimping unessential purportless below the mark not worth mentioning related external cheap shoestring added on the side de minimis borderline contributing diminished bonus more abetting needless supervenient further redundant subaltern tiny appended affixed nondescript unwanted ornamental gratuitous cosmetic unwarranted insubstantial chicken peanut pettifogging smalltime uncritical unrequired noncompulsory unneeded of minor importance infinitesimal useless senseless scratch shallow inconsequent not necessary not essential not needed uncalled-for not required helping coincident adminicular attending incident trite contingent conducive instrumental small-scale low precedence beneath concurrent extramural tinier ignorable adventitious parenthetical alien foreign second-best petite local increased low preference not a priority advantageous beneficial valuable outermost outside adscititious puppet reciprocal correlative token perimetric outer exterior lilliputian twopenny-halfpenny derisory flunky by the by by the way surface sideline bordering obscure nothing ineffectual uncelebrated pathetic beggarly mingy poxy exiguous roundabout assisting in lessened small-bore top-up augmenting potty extracurricular bush by-the-way by-the-by background unconsiderable not worth bothering about adjunctive lower than indirect low priority corresponding side of lesser importance than less important than of less importance occasional fewer limited a notch under shortened negative depressed deficient declined flimsy not the main not so great not as great not so much of little consequence of no importance of no moment not worth speaking of of little import haphazard futile causeless undesirable chance avoidable fortuitous random prodigal


Lacking unusual or special aspects
run-of-the-mill ordinary average unexceptional unremarkable commonplace standard normal routine undistinguished garden-variety humdrum middle-of-the-road mundane prosaic characterless colorless colourless conventional forgettable mediocre middling nondescript so-so unmemorable boring dull indifferent pedestrian quotidian uneventful uninspired uninspiring uninteresting bland common lackluster lacklustre OK tame unimpressive bog-standard cut-and-dried cut-and-dry everyday fair medium passable run-of-mine run-of-the-mine second-class second-rate standard-issue usual vanilla workaday half-pie ornery basic common or garden customary intermediate mainstream no-frills nothing special plain plain vanilla regular no great shakes a dime a dozen not up to much fair to middling nothing to get excited about nothing to write home about middle of the road tolerable adequate moderate inferior fair-to-middling unexciting amateurish amateur fairish not so hot decent all right okay not very good not bad respectable modest satisfactory O.K. insignificant serviceable typical meh good banal mean in-between enough unimportant immaterial acceptable traditional poor of no consequence allowable homespun presentable admissible unpretentious stale sufficient simple fairly good sufficiently good homely fine moderately good humble stereotyped suburban hackneyed not too bad of poor quality corny hacky dime-a-dozen not much cop drab predictable white-bread plastic dreary monotonous garden unnoteworthy trite generic fair enough good enough garden variety stock flat tedious tired vapid unimaginative unoriginal insipid dry wearisome jejune derivative overworked familiar platitudinous overused tiresome old hat lifeless ho-hum clichéd bromidic threadbare set old habitual mind-numbing accustomed stodgy timeworn stereotypical well-worn slow general worn out ponderous arid leaden hack worn-out stupid played out blah cornball numbing stuffy jading monochromatic shopworn tiring wearying heavy drudging dusty musty moth-eaten unvaried time-worn frequent spiritless weary wonted ubiquitous popular established prevailing hokey cliché sterile repetitious familiar tune warmed-over ready-made day-to-day natural prevalent worn nothing anaemic bathetic overdone repetitive household unvarying cliched truistic anemic drained used-up chain exhausted mildewed featureless orthodox dull as dishwater barren dime-store accepted plodding unexceptionable ho hum obligatory hackney cliche formulaic wishy-washy stereotypic platitudinal run of the mill lame vacuous characteristic inoffensive hoary archetypical cobwebby unstimulating widespread ten a penny limp unobjectionable feeble bloodless torpid fixed antiquated banausic archetypal nowhere obsolete representative pabulum inconspicuous dead expected samey recognized dry as dust classic lacking variety weak universal staple unchanging par for the course recognised draggy lustreless lowly matter-of-fact uncreative innocuous public daily unanimated zestless settled well worn inane antiseptic neutral prosy matter-of-course reasonable cliché-ridden dim zero deadly current unadventurous dullsville bog standard goodish dreich going anodyne classical regulation weariful bush-league typic pretty good standardized standardised proverbial domestic outdated outmoded majority overall monochrome terrestrial gray grey nitty-gritty defunct out of date monotone square big yawn milk-and-water true derived watery soporific lacking variation mechanical pervasive time-honoured acknowledged chronic as dry as dust inconsequential out of the ark plebeian pallid unspectacular mild practical nothing out of the ordinary harmless unrelieved out-of-date family anonymous old-hat tripe non-stimulating irksome warmed-up yawn imitative archaic soul-destroying passionless boilerplate tidy casual informal dull as ditchwater uninventive ruling indistinctive listless muted trivial pointless soulless jake passé received comfortable desolate empty treadmill unromantic namby-pamby two a penny unentertaining stiff unenjoyable paltry fatiguing apathetic competent rife yawnsome rampant endemic lacking excitement lacking interest shared prolix prescriptive commensurate proper midway dragging up to standard midsized native median up to scratch sufficing time-honored midsize middle off-the-shelf past their sell-by date inconsiderable prescribed menial discreet straightforward diurnal usual thing long-winded businesslike unartistic workday old-fashioned quiet constant unaspiring unambitious toneless uniform ineffective silly extinct extensive peaceful gentle unoffending indecisive unfateful noneventful inconclusive lusterless actual practicable clean diddly prose antediluvian dumb cornfed facile noplace superannuated mindless unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed wooden vieux jeu blending into the background whitebread bleak dowdy periodic formalistic minimal annoying irritating unlively unpassioned unspirited canonical unnoticeable laborious formal readily available widely available half-hearted inadequate plain-Jane unextraordinary scheduled vexatious boresome no big deal phoned in antwacky superabundant boiled down without punch diluted halfhearted safe familial without variety cut and dried fuddy-duddy one-size-fits-all overlong mimetic plenty nothing to shout about able cromulent deadening raw dispiriting wintry wintery oppressive downcast sorrowful damp windy seasonal methodical matter-of- fact numerous in use ongoing cheap and commonplace collective crude meagre simplistic meager sombre somber monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song reiterated samely unchanged expressionless deadpan blank considerable repeated known grind limited driveling beige fatuous tenuous soft drivelling nebbish slight subdued mimic admitted domiciliary pervading predominant enervating interminable deadly dull depressing endless long-drawn-out dismal mortal exhausting poky snooze generous abundant significant appreciable marked noticeable goodly sizable worthwhile substantial sizeable biggish useless inert static faceless noncommittal sluggish prototypical well established vulgar acquired honoured widely held honored livable unimpeachable of little importance irrelevant of no importance whatever of little consequence meaningless not worth mentioning piddling of no great concern of no account worthless well-known acquainted flat as pancake puts one to sleep apish prototypal model ideal presentational quintessential signature broad effete mawkish fetid past bent foetid yesterday's out unsophisticated homey home obvious starch confirmed common variety well known recognisable recurring recognizable slavish random neither one thing nor the other non-specific across the board par halfway medial central midmost intermediary medium-sized mediate mid middle-sized boiler plate undistinctive gone off played-out old-chestnut old-saw epigonous epigonic ample better than nothing like a dinosaur waterish flavorless wimpy unappealing sapless flavourless nerdy favourite favorite canned outclassed déclassé to be expected only to be expected foreseeable in character indicative inherent steady symptomatic emblematic consistent distinguishing … all over true to type true to form in keeping distinctive anticipated likely individualistic unsurprising idiosyncratic foreseen on the cards reliable automatic methodic rigid emulative systematic turgid imperfect sorry poorer low-grade low-quality shabby worse lousy sad bad substandard junk wretched lemon tawdry low-rent good-for-nothing base two-bit traditionary off-the-rack bought mass-produced store-bought store off-the-peg ritual proven suitable staid appropriate agreeable ceremonial ritualistic solid alright fit palatable sound tried and true doctrinal taken for granted conformist sanctioned widely used rooted tried and tested immemorial valid fitting convenient correct up to the mark assuaging swell up to snuff kosher snug quite good in order up to par assuasive appeasing pleasant completely understandable A-OK totally fine most common

Trái nghĩa của second class

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