Đồng nghĩa của pointless

Alternative for pointless

Tính từ

Having little or no sense, use, or purpose
meaningless senseless fruitless futile useless aimless inane unavailing unproductive worthless absurd hopeless ineffectual irrelevant needless nonsensical unprofitable purposeless idle in vain valueless wasted empty fatuous footling insane hollow impotent inconsequential ineffective insignificant nongermane purportless redundant superfluous unnecessary to no purpose without rhyme or reason not pertinent vain nugatory profitless trivial unimportant bootless trifling unsuccessful abortive otiose barren paltry inefficacious petty immaterial negligible frivolous minor to no avail incidental inconsiderable slight nonessential piddling failed insubstantial sterile minute to no effect small unrewarding inessential peripheral niggling extraneous of no consequence unessential casual fiddling Mickey Mouse inutile of no use little measly unneeded non-essential piffling superficial beside the point of no account lightweight picayune unfruitful inadequate nothing small-fry null nickel-and-dime not worth mentioning of no importance uncalled-for foolish unsubstantial uncalled for non-successful light inappreciable inferior goalless inapposite motiveless nominal of little consequence unfructuous of little importance good-for-nothing gratuitous unhelpful no-account meager of no avail thwarted impractical forlorn meagre vapid neither here nor there off the subject of little account second-rate expendable impracticable junky silly inefficient time-wasting of no great concern Sisyphean wandering trite inapplicable marginal without success unconnected no-good piddly pimping no dice unusable impertinent miserable not germane irrelative unrelated unwarranted scanty counterproductive secondary de minimis mediocre minuscule cheap lesser mindless dispensable small-time impossible unsatisfactory vacuous no use chaffy feckless unprolific foiled void drifting baulked unwanted doomed unremunerative unpurposed frustrated unrequired lost haphazard wanton shallow lame chicken peanut balked extrinsic commonplace tangential baseless directionless no-win wanky inoperative for nought twopenny-halfpenny puny unfounded small-bore ignorable random not to the point inappropriate on a treadmill out of place surplus lazy wasteful poor trashy nondescript wretched low-ranking bogus waste ignoble abandoned wide of the mark not worth the candle of no moment not needed no great shakes not worth speaking of groundless base unreasonable dull unworkable thankless undesired boring objectless misfired powerless excessive dry unreal uninspiring indiscriminate vacant banal uninteresting undirected exhausted desultory delusive pathetic avoidable causeless pants inept humdrum bad drab insufficient prosaic unachievable gainless feeble penny-ante unavailable flighty flimsy minimal inapt beyond hope indecisive unable dinky additional everyday unimpressive optional unmerited not much cop of no value a dead loss tiny cosmetic shoestring not worth bothering about a dime a dozen nothing to do with it infinitesimal mean of minor importance minor-league not required not to the purpose not having a prayer with no chance of success not pertaining to off the topic off the point abject drossy not at issue not connected with despicable contemptible unjustified stupid automatic oblivious ne'er-do-well childless slothful inactive laggard indolent uneconomic objectiveless unasked throwaway unsalable pyrrhic scant unmeaning unsound insincere botched helpless adrift bungling bungled specious frustaneous unlucrative disastrous defeated without direction smaller pettifogging unsuitable save one's breath witless designless thoughtless illogical irrational of no earthly use ill-fated bleak misleading unnotable shuck delusory exorbitant two-bit unserviceable nonfunctional rambling dead puerile flippant frothy tinpot zero zilch zip indifferent brainless surplus to requirements stillborn nonpractical unfunctional bush-league uncelebrated obscure smalltime momentary microscopic skin-deep diminutive atomic evanescent vanishing insipid going nowhere for naught lilliputian stale erratic nonproductive uncreative slow unyieldly blocked issueless scrap unuseful inoperable dysfunctional broken ridiculous floundering not a prayer in vicious circle not worth worrying about not the issue nothing to do with the case lacking foundation Pyrrhic beyond remedy parlous spinning one's wheels wild goose chase empty-headed without depth arid tedious flat not useful vagrant capricious heedless blind resultless unpromising threatening sinister menacing weak despaired of without grounds without foundation invalid lacklustre dreary unstimulating monotonous lifeless hit-or-miss desperate despairing despondent unattainable not serious wishy-washy of little import beside the question wide of the point not important nihil ad rem not significant unfilled clear forceless emasculate withered slack-spined spineless neutralized defeasible neutralised innocuous limited anticlimactic no good to gundy driftless careless disposable cancelled nullified rescinded revoked lackluster fortuitous no go no way not effective uncritical defective deficient prodigal noncompulsory null and void nonvalid non-viable nonbinding terminated discontinued poxy rubbishy inconsequent undesirable chance accidental unexceptional of no benefit no need ordinary detached disconnected average rubbish remote independent unassociated unapt disparate dissociated foreign outside hair-splitting inapropos separate inappurtenant common typical plain two a penny of no matter not applicable off base not connected not related nothing to do with out of order mundane bland unremarkable undistinguished usual unmemorable pedestrian fussy unexciting routine unnoteworthy vanilla normal canceled not binding extra middling uneventful uninspired hairsplitting niggly too much supererogatory workaday supplementary inadmissible characterless whatever not in force adventitious dime-a-dozen run-of-the-mill common or garden bog-standard garden-variety so-so nothing to write home about middle-of-the-road nothing special plain vanilla garden variety bog standard not worth a hill of beans de trop intrusive

Tính từ

Lacking in intellect
unintelligent obtuse thick brainless dense stupid vacuous dopey dumb foolish ignorant mindless slow witless absurd birdbrained nonsensical unwise vapid doltish fatuous idiotic imbecile imbecilic knuckleheaded lamebrain lamebrained laughable moronic senseless unreasonable unsmart barmy daft dopy dorky impolitic inane risible silly thickheaded unreasoning unthinking ridiculous dim-witted dull-witted half-witted simple-minded brain-dead ill-advised simpleminded ill-considered hare-brained pea-brained wooden-headed asinine harebrained preposterous crazy ludicrous insane half-baked nutty illogical mad wacky dippy imprudent loony cuckoo lunatic kooky irrational whacky crackpot dotty cockeyed inept looney foolhardy kookie irresponsible farcical thoughtless damfool bizarre daffy balmy zany featherheaded sappy puerile injudicious gormless weak-minded screwball lunkheaded bubbleheaded goofy outrageous meaningless jerky tomfool fool rash glaikit fantastic unthinkable infantile dim indiscreet crackbrained incautious derisible reckless fantastical dotish chowderheaded derisory fanciful unbelievable cockamamie futile cockamamy incongruous strange scatterbrained incredible cretinous grotesque shocking comical monstrous wild implausible impractical unreal astonishing screwy inappropriate derisive batty pathetic empty-headed short-sighted weird impracticable halfwitted divvy childish cock-eyed ill-conceived careless giddy dof potty misguided unsound flighty immature featherbrained peculiar eccentric unworkable queer braindead loopy surreal dunderheaded clueless odd unrealistic dull frivolous unusual simple unsuitable empty outlandish vain improper insipid wrong hasty out to lunch naive off the wall graceless off your head dead from the neck up impulsive heedless slow-witted improvident unconsidered unreasoned idiotical negligent thick-witted nonrational fruitless feather-brained purposeless contemptible dimwitted insensate complacent unaware foolheaded untenable hilarious extreme impossible slang poor funny excessive extravagant exorbitant boneheaded blockheaded chuckleheaded pinheaded muttonheaded freaky inconsistent donkeyish obstinate bad risky squirrelly idiotish Boeotian trifling worthless tearaway far-out smoothbrained extremely foolish off beam stupidly irresponsible full of holes way out too much aberrant ditzy very stupid out of the question taking the cake useless ineffectual fat-headed pie-faced crass wishy-washy vacant weak flat innocuous frothy ditsy joshing camp embarrassing gelastic in vain campy incompetent diverting smooth-brained devoid of intelligence to no avail dizzy whimsical mercurial for grins childlike juvenile yeasty wackadoodle abnormal unique bewildering freakish baffling nonconformist wackadoo phenomenal crazy-ass mystifying puzzling extraordinary offbeat rum inconceivable remarkable outré funky quixotic quirky weirdo dreamlike lightheaded light-headed light-minded spaced-out off-the-wall off-kilter beyond all reason bird-brained out of all reason incorrect inapposite inapt inexpedient unapt unfit indecorous malapropos indelicate tactless ill-judged undiplomatic misconceived wrong-headed brash untoward infelicitous unbecoming unhappy unsensible inconvenient unadvised undesirable unrecommended perverse amiss inadvisable not recommended unseemly scatty gonzo doolally wacko off your trolley off the air up the pole softheaded oafish airheaded opaque bonehead soft dozy dunce-like slow on the uptake not the full shilling soft in the head bovine demented deranged gullible mental feebleminded pig-ignorant cracked unhinged crazed unbalanced psychotic maniacal psycho whacko crackers certifiable bonkers feeble-minded nuts loco cranky haywire meshugge brainsick bughouse gaga fruity bedlam moonstruck wud meshuga thick as two short planks maniac bats flaky flakey looney tunes loony tunes non compos mentis as thick as two short planks unstable touched stolid deficient around the bend disordered not all there dappy blockish psychopathic thick-skulled schizophrenic distraught wooden sluggish paranoid raving invalid fallacious frenzied thick-headed off one's gourd off one's head unjustifiable nutty as a fruitcake mad as a hatter out of one's mind crazy as a loon off one's rocker stark raving mad sick in the head delirious unscientific groundless nitwitted backward distracted addle-brained nutsy unschooled rabid raving mad derailed unsettled out there raging off as daft as a brush madcap mentally ill of unsound mind clownish erratic sick specious disturbed sectionable berserk incoherent retarded sociopathic faulty illegitimate inconsequent inconsequential unfounded buggy lumpish bushed sophistic unglued flawed cloddish confused ill-thought-out uneducated hebetudinous boorish nerdy unearthly skittish contradictory moonstricken not right upstairs not quite right in the head flipped out not in one's right mind not right in the head oddball lethargic torpid numskulled shallow dazed dreamy barking in the ozone know-nothing out of one's gourd one card shy of a full deck a few cards shy of a full deck a few sandwiches short of a picnic without foundation without basis barking mad not intelligent away with the fairies round the bend mentally deficient foaming at the mouth mentally handicapped stark staring mad mad as a March hare round the twist in another world not making sense off one's nut in a daze off one's trolley untutored crude unstudied unworldly uncomplicated rattlebrained ill-mannered unpractical nerdish bone-headed callow stupefied harum-scarum insensitive credulous green addle-pated woodenheaded incomprehensible dummy anencephalic anencephalous idiot comic illiterate inexperienced ignoramus surd notional boobish buffoonish unsafe shortsighted loggerheaded clottish forgetful neglectful numbskulled untaught fatheaded impassive mentally slow burlesque droll mooning daydreaming inattentive unmindful out moony not bright unintellectual spurious heavy slumberish comatose sheepheaded manic baseless arbitrary slow on uptake hysterical neurotic schizoid schitzy unjustified erroneous bathetic feather-headed worthy of scorn out of it uncontrolled mentally incompetent bugged out paranoiac paranoic inconclusive reasonless disconnected disjointed frantic psychopathological violent muddle-headed wet behind the ears nutso bemused bananas pea-brain sophistical demoniac yarra casuistic unproved porangi lacking knowledge superficial unzipped dingy flipped schizo false irrelevant unconnected irreconcilable self-contradictory unsubstantial beyond belief hollow as mad as a March hare having bats in the belfry deprived of one's wits manic-depressive stark mad over the edge non compos severely mentally ill one sandwich short of a picnic not together out of one's tree not of sound mind mentally deranged having a screw loose with a screw loose off the deep end as mad as a hatter having kangaroos in the top paddock flipped-out freaked out off the chain not well thought out light-hearted facetious bedlamite not quite right fried not following flippant merry beyond the bounds of possibility flip idle non-serious lacking seriousness nonserious perky unprofound not serious lighthearted lacking in sense tongue-in-cheek gay volatile light playful

Tính từ

Lacking in originality, variation, spirit or energy
insipid flat bland boring dull banal dry tedious unimaginative prosaic vapid characterless stale tame trite uninteresting wearisome jejune unexciting uninspired uninspiring weak anaemic commonplace drab lackluster lacklustre limp lustreless monotonous stupid tired wishy-washy colourless humdrum lifeless pedestrian run-of-the-mill tiresome bloodless hackneyed half-hearted ho-hum inadequate lame milk-and-water namby-pamby poor sterile watery barren hacky prosy spiritless anemic arid beige blah colorless corny drivelling driveling dry as dust fatuous feeble inane innocuous mild mundane nebbish nothing plain slight soft subdued tenuous vacuous weariful common or garden dreary heavy slow expressionless lusterless draggy lethargic stiff wooden torpid static apathetic hollow cold mechanical sluggish emotionless inexpressive lacking vitality passive listless two-dimensional slothful pabulum zero spent droning dead toneless soporific vacant uniform empty depressing numbing leaden unfeeling featureless unexcited monochromatic ponderous wearying unchanging mat weary dulled dim unexpressive stodgy dusty tiring jading stuffy drudging matte old samey deadly unvaried uninflected sapless unseasoned muted unpalatable vanilla blind whitebread mind-numbing ho hum lead balloon routine ordinary unremarkable uneventful nondescript flavourless flavorless pallid common tasteless mediocre bromidic unstimulating pale undistinguished workaday repetitious soulless indifferent zestless unexceptional everyday inoffensive quotidian gray grey thin unoriginal unanimated unappetizing savourless antiseptic unmemorable derivative as dry as dust wan watered-down etiolated nowhere languid dull as dishwater passionless plodding ineffectual neutral usual effete platitudinous frail pathetic conventional wimpy average unvarying unsavory big yawn plain vanilla unobjectionable dullsville dreich matter-of-fact spineless stereotyped unsavoury run of the mill spiceless anodyne faint ineffective wimpish threadbare unadventurous sickly nothing to write home about wet undistinctive weakling limp-wristed invertebrate weakened weak-kneed enervated nerveless irksome middle-of-the-road stock uninterested well-worn monochrome fatiguing tepid ornery savorless washed out unentertaining unenjoyable distasteful yawnsome lacking variety puny unflavoured worn-out unexceptionable lacking excitement lacking interest old hat harmless unimpressive unappealing blank non-stimulating vigourless weedy halfhearted waterish lackadaisical interminable overworked institutional moth-eaten hack pasty plebeian safe unresponsive uncreative overused derived uninventive sallow unromantic unemotional predictable wussy nerdy clichéd quiet peaky white waxen ashen-faced watered down flat tire normal unnoteworthy antiquated indecisive deadpan dull as ditchwater outdated desolate outmoded ashen peakish typical archaic obsolete defunct out of date prolix damp elementary bog-standard dismal unspirited lacking variation unrelieved simple unembellished unadorned light-coloured whitish milky lymphatic peely-wally white-bread soul-destroying cliché-ridden timeworn repetitive deadening passé downcast worn out light-colored garden-variety no great shakes played out out of the ark a dime a dozen like death warmed up washy usual thing familiar long-winded unimposing nothing special insignificant bummer drag cloying drear bomb second-rate impotent powerless inferior washed-out smooth sombre somber peaceful gentle unoffending laboured clinical irresolute stilted mindless unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed yawn unartistic bleak dowdy crude meagre simplistic meager laborious least Milquetoast unfateful noneventful inconclusive cautious overlong sleepy not up to much day-to-day circumspect disinterested unenthusiastic labored forced depressed indistinct unsentimental unvarnished unpoetic nitty-gritty literal terrestrial factual clear customary banausic regular null phoned in wavering cowardly vacillating prudent unlively unpassioned raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful oppressive windy dragging enervating mortal exhausting poky snooze square inedible chary treadmill monotone garden variety casual unenthused blasé endless attentive vigorless languorous energyless backward uneatable uninviting timid stagnant backwoods comatose warmed-up nonchalant unenergetic gingerly considerate careful heedful wary calculating off-putting unpleasant unattractive disagreeable lacking in character deadly dull one-horse conservative long-drawn-out shopworn cliche obligatory warmed-over musty hackney cobwebby formulaic passable low-grade so-so stereotypical old-fashioned behind the times dead-and-alive cliché regimented unenterprising extinct past out-of-date bent foetid mawkish fetid yesterday's out leery antediluvian superannuated mainstream insensitive hoary diluted governmental utilitarian corporate functional rudimentary ugly gone off past their sell-by date like a dinosaur frigid glazed lacking energy boiled down without punch antwacky time-worn fuddy-duddy cut and dried numb dispassionate impassive unsympathetic inert simpering standard issue benumbed callous numbed stony asleep inhuman generic garden lukewarm glassy senseless anesthetized boneless indistinctive faceless noncommittal bog standard paralyzed still anaesthetized paralysed blending into the background folksy humble inelaborate pure and simple unpretentious normophilic homely uncluttered unornamented austere rustic your basic modest unostentatious uncomplicated unelaborate clean undecorated candy-assed

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