Đồng nghĩa của complacent

Alternative for complacent

Đồng nghĩa: contented, self-satisfied,


Showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements
smug conceited proud pompous vainglorious egotistical vain egotistic overweening egoistic bigheaded prideful egoistical important biggity assured biggety swellheaded consequential happy content pleased gratified satisfied contented serene confident wisenheimer gloating triumphant unconcerned obsequious self-satisfied self-important stuck-up self-conceited self-opinionated self-righteous self-congratulatory self-admiring self-regarding self-approving pleased with oneself pleased with yourself self-assured proud of oneself self-contented easy-going self-pleased self-possessed resting on your laurels like the cat that got the cream arrogant haughty cocky superior puffed up swaggering snobbish boastful pretentious snooty swollen-headed goody-goody supercilious immodest holier-than-thou bumptious bragging narcissistic full of yourself self-centered strutting self-centred imperious egocentric uppity uppish priggish high-and-mighty big-headed self-loving well pleased full of oneself sanctimonious inflated affected too big for your boots presumptuous condescending puffed-up patronizing Pharisaic glad cheerful delighted overbearing opinionated comfortable thankful untroubled patronising unworried tranquil pietistic relaxed at peace boasting self-assertive placid at ease high-hat pontifical forward magisterial domineering ostentatious overconfident snobby disdainful braggart lordly cavalier huffy peacockish chesty pious bombastic hifalutin self-applauding high-handed know-it-all hypocritical above oneself in love with oneself high and mighty full of hot air unctuous preachy fulfilled hoity-toity stuffy sententious vaunting secure cheery crowing aloof swanky individualistic swollen chuffed cocksure tickled snotty blissful joyful joyous egomaniac inner-directed toffee-nosed loudmouth windbag self-absorbed smart-alecky stuck up think too highly of oneself have an excessively high opinion of oneself too big for one's britches tickled pink pleased as punch think a lot of oneself stuck on oneself saucy huffish self-asserting braggy self-affected pontificating selfish self-complacent impudent self-promoting self-adulatory unreserved self-glorifying toploftical impertinent self-flattering lofty bossy masterful self-confident self-engrossed self-gratulatory self-dramatizing authoritarian blustery peremptory dominating brash highfalutin extroverted extraverted toplofty presuming sniffy blusterous uninhibited self-opinioned blowhard self-obsessed persnickety religiose la-di-da big-mouthed swanking insufferable flushed snippy posh pushy grandiose self-aggrandizing big exultant wrapped up in oneself ingrained obsessive personal intimate inborn inherent idiosyncratic intrinsic isolated introverted autocratic subjective squeaky-clean sure too big for your britches too big for one's boots officious think one is the cat's pyjamas think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift certain too big for your breeches pietistical judgmental artificial simon-pure I'm all right, Jack well-pleased flushed with success proud of yourself like a cat that has swallowed the canary like the cat that's got the cream on ego trip hot stuff nose in the air hotshot assuaged unco guid blowing one's own horn safe pleased as Punch protected egomaniacal agreeable willing appeased like the cat that swallowed the canary moralizing pharisaic mealy-mouthed pi reassured calm sheltered can't complain canting Tartuffian Pharisaical noble prim narrow-minded puritanical prudish starchy brag boast ham phony gall conceity phoney at one's ease at rest home-like eathful at home cared for thrilled moralising stiff strait-laced moralistic tight-laced snot-nosed blowing one's own trumpet big talking grateful elated overjoyed pedantic Victorian old-maidish censorious narrow schoolmistressy schoolmarmish prissy Pecksniffian too good to be true euphoric wrapped rapt gruntled appreciative charmed Grundyish on cloud seven made up over the moon as pleased as Punch in high spirits cock-a-hoop on cloud nine like a child with a new toy like a dog with two tails insolent stiff-necked self-serving audacious assumptive hubristic contemptuous scornful bold self-seeking cheeky self-involved elitist blustering self-interested self-concerned solipsistic self-oriented self-preoccupied self-infatuated fancy-pants bloated brazen fresh assuming brassy sassy showy aristocratic flaunting potty portentous ritzy smarty rude orgulous dismissive inconsiderate wise guy contumelious nervy la-de-da high-minded cool wise mocking on an ego trip scoffing sneering puffy flatulent cold-shoulder jumped up self-indulgent highfaluting putting on airs high brassbound foolhardy arch dictatorial mannered exclusive chichi thoughtless familiar unabashed bullish on high horse overfamiliar overbold brazen-faced poncey disrespectful rash bold-faced independent improper inappropriate pert exaggerated impolite grand remote tony free flamboyant individualist megalomaniac shameless high-flown inward-looking self-respecting too big for one's breeches puffed despotic tyrannical silliness giddy dizzy flighty obnoxious loud standoffish highhanded windy ranting assertive airy commanding cliquish ambitious offensively self-assertive throwing one's weight around reserved distant detached indifferent spectacular magnificent splendid flowery overstated fustian uncaring unthinking indulgent overindulgent over-free wiseguy smart grandstanding flip pushful on one's high horse looking after number one on a high horse in love with yourself self-contained boldfaced barefaced procacious unblushing malapert on your high horse insensitive inward looking self-minded impetuous uncivil overhasty precipitate previous premature hasty self-sufficient having a swelled head wrapped up with oneself temerarious daredevil reckless madcap presumptive self-aggrandising tolerant free-and-easy swollen with pride highfalutin' riding for a fall heedless overoptimistic careless throwing one's weight about refined high falutin genteel contrived precious schmaltzy campy heading for a fall lah-di-dah extravagant overambitious flashy high falutin' upper-class conspicuous tinselly kitschy gone Hollywood over-refined unique original full of airs and graces posey flaunty elaborate heroic pseudo specious sophomoric pseud poseur unorthodox nonconformist unconventional atypical uncommon off-centre singular individual dicty hollow feigned hyperventilated put-on stilted gaudy splashy arty swank too-too fake characteristic distinctive unconstrained bohemian special groundbreaking pioneering unfettered liberated eccentric untrammelled typical free-spirited freethinking particular strange peculiar odd maverick self-reliant arty-farty chi-chi untrammeled positive jaunty smart aleck smart guy smarty pants


Done or acting in an indifferent or apathetic manner
indifferent nonchalant unconcerned uninterested apathetic insouciant casual disinterested pococurante incurious uncurious careless insensible perfunctory lax lazy breezy carefree free and easy uncaring lackadaisical happy-go-lucky relaxed detached offhand laid-back cool easygoing easy-going devil-may-care informal airy lukewarm heedless impassive blasé cavalier composed calm serene flippant cursory loose laid back indolent aloof artless unstudied superficial light languid effortless disimpassioned leisurely regardless simple unfeeling unenthusiastic unmoved clinical unresponsive bored passive slack blithe withdrawn remote negative just watching the clock not giving a damn low-pressure affable mellow untroubled collected moderate mild self-possessed amenable undemanding unhurried indulgent uncritical liberal tolerant placid hang-loose poised tranquil complaisant even-tempered permissive lenient patient outgiving uninhibited unworried unruffled easy equanimous equable sunny light-hearted gay buoyant frivolous lacking concern unserious jaunty upbeat thoughtless free from care free from worry distant unceremonious unanxious unflappable unbothered free at ease without a care in the world weary secure halcyon jaded glutted couldn't-care-less impervious world-weary take-it-or-leave-it unexcited cloyed brash smart impetuous prankish reckless natural unforced spontaneous transparent unconstrained uncommitted free-wheeling free-spirited unstructured off the hook fancy-free unperturbed lighthearted unsympathetic slaphappy callous lightsome oblivious debonair uninvolved dispassionate nonplussed insensitive feckless neutral inattentive supine reserved deaf undisturbed forgetful not bothered negligent phlegmatic hardened blind hard-hearted cold undaunted self-centred stony self-centered cool, calm and collected not giving a toss


Not easily perturbed, upset or excited
imperturbable calm collected composed cool unflappable sedate serene tranquil undisturbed unmoved nerveless self-possessed unexcitable unruffled equanimous unfazed cool-headed poised relaxed self-controlled stoic stoical easy-going even-tempered phlegmatic placid unbothered unperturbed untroubled nonchalant together unagitated undismayed unflustered unshakable assured disimpassioned immovable laid-back level-headed nonplussed self-satisfied smug steady thick-skinned unaffected untouched at ease as cool as a cucumber cool as cucumber hard as nails roll with punches stiff upper lip cool, calm and collected equable peaceful unworried mild mellow stable easygoing patient well balanced confident positive assertive self-confident self-assured certain self-reliant bold cocksure sure sanguine self-asserting impassive implicit fearless doubtless brazen audacious clear pushy filled with aplomb overconfident sure of oneself dauntless secure high upbeat gutsy rosy unhesitating gung ho puffed up sure of yourself pumped up unemotional dispassionate coolheaded possessed self-composed recollected unshaken sober controlled quiet easy level stolid chilled smooth equal limpid staid insouciant dignified levelheaded grounded indifferent temperate forbearing detached unexcited serious emotionless unconcerned sensible at peace rational philosophical cool as a cucumber businesslike passionless tolerant reserved blithe cold-blooded proper resigned casual seemly decorous realistic apathetic somber undemonstrative reasonable mature practical dependable balanced stiff formal solemn sound impassible restrained numb affectless commonsensical wise reliable stately unfeeling moderate still cold sombre aloof philosophic indulgent long-suffering in control full of common sense matter-of-fact sane uncomplaining pragmatic grave circumspect judicious accepting prudent deliberate clearheaded good-natured pacific urbane gentle well-balanced heartless expressionless poker-faced unimpassioned laid back lenient understanding happy-go-lucky accommodating considerate breezy undemanding unhurried agreeable brave courageous fatalistic easy-peasy settled remote even frigid glacial suave free and easy longanimous halcyon intrepid hushed stilly lown distant unexpressive elegant logical calmed self-respecting enduring inexcitable serious-minded good-tempered dead blank bland vacant toneless wooden deadpan stony hollow centered passive keeping your cool devil-may-care chill nowhere icy impersonal nonemotional centred flat down-to-earth dry self-restrained with the patience of Job well adjusted stony-eyed well-adjusted even-keeled liberal daring unperturbable plucky flexible carefree no-nonsense clubby benign graceful unafraid complaisant restful straight hard-headed debonair amenable permissive unflurried stabile orderly systematic unfluctuating methodical lackadaisical happy discreet deliberative farsighted broad-minded amiable measured forgiving civil hard-boiled with one's feet on the ground soothed repressed suppressed quieted indomitable open-minded cordial good-humored pleasant generous good-humoured euthymic persistent persevering kind well-disposed neutral mild-mannered stress-free all there pellucid content satisfied reconciled resting fair quiescent comfortable responsible submissive untiring mild-tempered calm and collected unsentimental unswerving good calculable fortitudinous keeping a stiff upper lip not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on have one's act together earnest nonpassionate clinical unpassionate demure having both feet on the ground analytical scientific uncaring unsympathetic enlightened profound deep moral ethical deep-thinking learned tough abstract iceberg prim stuffy cold-fish cool cat non-emotional couldn't care less peaceable stick-in-the-mud boring starchy bovine irenic docile callous self-contained cold sober informal inscrutable lax affable friendly insensible leisurely pokerfaced understated unimpressible insusceptible straight-faced downbeat unrevealing reticent hardened indurated taciturn spiritless self-sufficient can-do surefooted sure-footed low-pressure low-key believing in oneself self-assertive live-and-let-live chilled out with both feet on the ground


Ready to accept instruction or direction, obedient, subservient
docile amenable compliant obedient submissive tractable biddable manageable pliant ductile deferential dutiful cooperative lamblike teachable unassertive unresisting accommodating conformable controllable law-abiding malleable manipulable meek mild passive persuadable tame willing yielding acquiescent adaptable agreeable childlike cool docious easy easygoing gentle governable humble laid-back mellow milky obliging orderly persuasible pliable quiet resigned soft unassuming usable weak-kneed well-behaved easily handled easily manipulated easily influenced complaisant obsequious servile subdued impressionable susceptible subservient suggestible influenceable flexible forbearing tolerant responsive respectful patient disciplined peaceable nonresistant receptive obeisant reverential duteous workable peaceful longanimous modest easy-going fawning polite timid ingratiating lowly bootlicking good resistless accepting long-suffering forgiving menial reverent cringing suasible unresistant spiritless calm tolerating self-effacing indulgent grovelling slavish abject sycophantic lenient mean retiring groveling conciliatory regardful assenting attentive courteous uncomplaining compassionate serene domesticated amiable trained susceptive unprotesting inferior demure sympathetic self-abasing easily swayed ignoble toadying low enduring subordinate restrained good-natured go-with-the-flow supple transformable bendy under one's thumb base tender placid pacific devoted open convincible stoical pleasant assentive non-resistant shy decent loyal faithful disciplinable affable deferent mannerly moderate unpretentious supine trusting gullible well disciplined spineless well-mannered proletarian plebeian non-violent sensitive merciful quiescent well trained civilized easily persuaded complying genial common nonresisting easily led nonviolent unobtrusive flat soft-hearted lowborn well behaved tranquil benign tender-hearted cowering charitable cowed plain downtrodden stoic game lumpen baseborn low-life vulgar prole lower-class subject unambitious like putty in one's hands ready moldable fearful mild-mannered trainable obscure good-humored good-tempered good-humoured civilised poor ordinary simple in one's power in one's clutches in one's pocket friendly unwashed at one's beck and call mundane withdrawing prosaic everyday Uriah Heepish like putty in your hands rolls with punches putty in hands cast down administrable mouldable tameable conformist consenting unformed civil compromising tamable assentient accordant consentient inexperienced considerate controlled thoughtful untroublesome convenient amendable acceding conscientious disciplinal disciplinary plastic giving bending solicitous bendable seemly submitting awed spongy putty lithy agreeing conforming approving willing to compromise decorous under someone's control able to be influenced truckling generous caring rulable down-to-earth diffident snivelling dedicated responsible punctilious ingratiatory acquiescing fatalistic reconciled philosophical selfless putty in one's hands taught ruly benevolent filial average declassed commonplace with the patience of Job sniveling dancing sheepish supplicatory well-trained adjustable adapted well-disposed phlegmatic cordial satisfied adjusted renouncing relinquishing accommodated obligatory binding pabulum Milquetoast nothing wishy-washy zero permissive softhearted well mannered timorous hesitant tentative apprehensive warmhearted angelic gracious harmless mim self-conscious observant under control at peace unoffensive at one's mercy a slave to incumbent on non-resisting non-confrontational sheeplike honouring hearsome honoring venerating unquestioning honest deceivable dupable clement honourable correct honorable righteous sycophantish unctuous toadyish craven lifeless pampering naive liberal unsuspicious mollycoddling deludable lax unoppressive pardoning temperate unburdensome humoring spoiling excusing light condoning fleeceable wrapped around finger on a string slimy brown-nosing soapy forelock-tugging arse-licking sucky excessively deferential apple-polishing humouring non-aggressive solid high-minded worthy moral virtuous lawful ethical principled proper right-minded suckholing ass-kissing despicable static reflexive bearing flaccid disinterested sleepy unreceptive asleep latent stolid motionless poker-faced moony idle unflappable warm kind clean-living upstanding upright warm-hearted dominated under someone's thumb subjugated bullied browbeaten obeying comformable giving-in bowing down hands off straight just respectable kowtowing surrendering placable oppressed handleable equable chilled easy-oasy intimidated repressed going through motions walking through it domestic nagged above board educable jejune instructible vapid dull smooth forbearant low-born low-bred constrained uxorious tamed henpecked peasant low-ranking housebroken broken ground down treated like dirt without a mind of one's own in fear of one's partner led by the nose tied to someone's apron strings under the thumb subjected to nagging wife-ridden under someone's heel deprived pet house-trained used to humans not wild broken-in not fierce used to human contact helpful weak happy flattering willing to please oleaginous smarmy oily unwarlike neighbourly mealy-mouthed neighborly eager nonbelligerent keen diplomatic glad enthusiastic wimpish peace-loving disposed prostrate unselfish weak-minded pusillanimous eager to please kindly wussy eager to help supportive cheerful brownnosing parasitic favorable favourable feeble-minded adulatory weak-willed saponaceous even-tempered acceptive peacekeeping ungrudging following crawling versatile credulous concurring creeping onside arse-kissing universal protean resilient all-round all-around multiskilled encourageable in accord in agreement accessible companionable useful forthcoming bowing scraping sycophant frightened boneless sequacious changeable mindful bowing and scraping indecisive irresolute glad to be of assistance well brought up well-brought-up fulsome yellow-bellied without guts amicable greasy magnanimous pacifist glib understanding sweet nice infirm doubtful feeble non-combative non-belligerent inoffensive conflict-free dovish like a lamb to the slaughter bighearted breezy altruistic pacifistic hypocritical plausible slick softie marshmallow irenic dovelike anti-war still lily-livered cowardly gutless chicken vacillating namby-pamby well disposed good-hearted kind-hearted favourably disposed beggarly crouching enslaved stipendiary sneaking parasitical compliable restful undisturbed balmy gushy hagiographical smooth-talking gushing hagiographic familial ordered pacificatory hospitable bland insinuating smooth-tongued cajoling coaxing suave loving accommodative sonly sororal family fraternal affectionate daughterly inclined handy prepared pleased user friendly on tap on deck befitting a son or daughter content willing to help set predisposed prone desirous zealous one fain minded in favour so minded so-minded of a mind in favor in the mood like-minded nothing loath in accord with


Obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree
obsequious grovelling abject cringing fawning ingratiating servile slavish smarmy submissive subservient sycophantic toadying unctuous bootlicking greasy oleaginous sycophantish toadyish brown-nosing deferential flattering menial oily slimy soapy sucky arse-licking ass-kissing beggarly brownnosing compliable compliant crouching enslaved groveling kowtowing mealy-mouthed obeisant parasitic parasitical prostrate respectful reverential sneaking snivelling sniveling spineless stipendiary subject subordinate truckling Uriah Heepish humble crawling saccharine smooth adulatory slick silver-tongued gushing fulsome craven creeping soft serving charming silken honey-tongued suave smooth-tongued cajoling apple-polishing sugary praising glib disarming creepy suckholing gushy mean self-abasing smooth-talking low forelock-tugging insincere complimentary sweet-talking cloying plausible nauseating base honeyed insinuating excessively deferential saponaceous hagiographical hagiographic insinuative ingratiatory buttery appreciative smug arse-kissing reptilian applauding sickening wheedling slippery commending hypocritical timeserving effusive laudatory smooth-spoken insinuatory suggestive cringey encomiastic encomiastical bowing and scraping persuasive soft-soaping despicable ignoble timid humiliating admiring favourable flannelling blarneying overly flattering sycophant bowing scraping cowering conniving self-effacing gratifying winsome winning endearing supple bland coaxing favorable credible cowardly docile silky eloquent fast-talking obedient unresisting passive worshipping all over someone convincing eating crow enthusiastic glowing commendatory blandishing worshipful eating humble pie rhapsodic acclamatory lionizing eulogistic highly favourable rave hard to resist lionising worshiping lowly unskilled boring degrading low-status routine dull sugarcoated urbane humdrum sweet pleasing sorry demeaning vile phoney sweet-sounding creamy pinguid inferior low-grade ignominious phony blue-collar unworthy tedious common baseborn basic gracious refined extravagant sophisticated courteous debonair lavish polished polite civilized civil OTT courtly civilised over the top excessive overdone affable friendly cool gentlemanly mannerly unrestrained cultivated svelte ebullient expansive unreserved lyrical exuberant pleasant mushy sentimental emotional self-possessed over-effusive genial over-enthusiastic hyped up media-savvy laid on with a trowel mellifluous sleek gentle amiable blubbery hammy voluble congenial unemotional assured inordinate worldly worldly-wise good-natured immoderate poised gallant dignified profuse extensive liberal ample generous approving over-appreciative diplomatic agreeable tactful rapturous self-assured congratulatory gross impeccable cultured soft-spoken sociable politic cordial well-bred obliging formal distingué magniloquent bombastic grandiloquent canting coarse overgenerous sanctimonious panegyrical well mannered eulogizing good positive approbatory laudative plauditory honoring fair-spoken celebrating eulogising well-wishing with high praise with highest recommendation honouring praiseful kind approbative highly favorable maudlin chivalrous respectable considerate genteel decorous decent overemotional mawkish nostalgic together facile collected composed overacted bathetic icky corny affectionate moonstruck jejune inane demonstrative languishing overenthusiastic impressionable affected dreamy idealistic insipid unruffled possessed loving coolheaded equable sedate royal self-composed dewy-eyed lovey-dovey


Silly and pointless
fatuous foolish silly stupid absurd witless asinine brainless inane puerile idiotic ludicrous mindless nonsensical vacuous childish daft imbecilic preposterous senseless dense dull empty-headed hare-brained infantile moronic pointless weak-minded balmy bubbleheaded cockeyed crackpot crazy cuckoo daffy dippy dotty featherheaded fool half-baked half-witted harebrained inept insane jerky kookie kooky laughable looney loony lunatic lunkheaded mad nutty ridiculous risible sappy screwball simpleminded tomfool unwise wacky whacky zany cretinous dumb gormless imbecile insensate insipid meaningless unaware unintelligent irrational unreasonable dopey illogical doltish thickheaded dim barmy dim-witted bizarre birdbrained imprudent simple goofy thoughtless thick lamebrained obtuse dunderheaded screwy foolhardy boneheaded slow batty pea-brained damfool softheaded slow-witted chuckleheaded brain-dead pinheaded glaikit irresponsible farcical injudicious dopy ill-considered unsmart ill-advised fantastic wooden-headed chowderheaded dotish cockamamie crackbrained lamebrain loopy wild thick-witted soft knuckleheaded dorky oafish impractical scatty bonehead opaque rash airheaded giddy frivolous cockamamy reckless strange feebleminded odd outrageous ignorant scatterbrained flighty potty divvy dof weird eccentric unsound peculiar implausible indiscreet incongruous deranged fantastical fanciful unbelievable comical derisory dozy feather-brained unthinkable off the wall wacko muttonheaded pathetic incautious halfwitted out to lunch vapid unhinged demented unstable unreal incredible braindead shocking blockheaded derisive cock-eyed cracked nuts madcap impolitic slang weak impracticable derisible fat-headed simple-minded immature short-sighted queer unbalanced crazed ill-conceived not the full shilling unusual inconsistent grotesque outlandish psychotic ditzy monstrous mental bonkers gaga maniacal naive certifiable crackers astonishing dappy frenzied touched psychopathic loco distraught bats featherbrained meshuga raving flippant cranky mentally ill non compos mentis unworkable of unsound mind wrong sick in the head mad as a hatter not all there stark raving mad nutty as a fruitcake superficial untenable puzzling soft in the head inappropriate oddball futile trifling squirrelly impossible skittish dizzy up the pole distracted dull-witted unreasoning pig-ignorant off beam whacko psycho brainsick maniac meshugge bughouse fruity haywire as daft as a brush light-hearted bedlam moonstruck waggish dead from the neck up wud rabid flip facetious way out schizophrenic full of holes derailed disordered unsettled paranoid slow on the uptake looney tunes raging out of one's mind around the bend crazy as a loon off off one's rocker loony tunes shallow purposeless unrealistic bewildering mystifying extraordinary baffling non-serious rattlebrained quirky faulty invalid incomprehensible worthless disturbed flawed inconceivable unconventional funny sectionable surreal clownish whimsical inconclusive specious spurious fallacious delirious extravagant careless manic lightheaded doolally hysterical vain schizoid frantic light-headed bananas gullible contradictory buggy gonzo vacant misguided nutso hilarious barking groundless petty changeable nutsy bovine nitwitted bushed poor false irreconcilable hollow ditsy porangi spaced-out yarra frothy dunce-like unthinking illegitimate inconsequent inconsequential nonrational unfounded unreasoned pie-faced wooden yeasty backward bird-brained off-the-wall raving mad off the air not together stark mad away with the fairies round the bend forgetful confused irrelevant barking mad foaming at the mouth mad as a March hare round the twist stark staring mad not right in the head not quite right in the head self-contradictory not right upstairs idle nerdy unearthly light-minded feeble-minded moonstricken thick as two short planks out there off one's gourd dazed off one's head dreamy in another world in a daze inadvisable clueless bathetic defective clock incoherent unsteady heedless unpractical flakey flaky donkeyish obstinate empty idiotish off the beam contemptible unintelligible capricious smoothbrained idiotical improvident stolid foolheaded callow very stupid extreme credulous retarded green unsafe unmeaning nonserious juvenile illiterate mentally incompetent bugged out freaky fickle excessive blockish off your head off your trolley avant-garde off-centre exorbitant negligent inconstant inexperienced goofy loony uneducated unschooled untaught amusing comic neglectful mercurial addle-brained worthy of scorn crass wishy-washy flat innocuous far-out chucklesome diverting wackadoodle nonconformist crazy-ass abnormal unique freakish wackadoo phenomenal bad risky aberrant mooning daydreaming inattentive unmindful out moony kinky outré dreamlike offbeat rum remarkable funky quixotic weirdo erratic heady smooth-brained as thick as two short planks feather-headed wet behind the ears extremely foolish out of the question too much taking the cake devoid of intelligence neurotic schitzy dilly know-nothing pea-brain stupidly irresponsible out of it uncontrolled unglued unconvincing tenuous questionable joshing humorous camp witty campy psychopathological lacking seriousness off-kilter bemused sociopathic vague improbable dubious unpersuasive a few cards shy of a full deck as mad as a March hare demoniac having bats in the belfry flipped out sick deprived of one's wits one card shy of a full deck manic-depressive over the edge non compos severely mentally ill one sandwich short of a picnic a few sandwiches short of a picnic out of one's tree not of sound mind mentally deranged out of one's gourd off one's nut having a screw loose with a screw loose off the deep end as mad as a hatter in the ozone having kangaroos in the top paddock flipped-out berserk off one's trolley beyond all reason out of all reason glib jokey joking in left field unsatisfactory unlikely flimsy nebulous doubtful farfetched lame inadequate unsubstantiated far-fetched suspect feeble sheepheaded unsustainable unsupportable fishy sketchy shaky indefensible obscure muddle-headed incorrect trivial airy reachy problematic thin slight unimpressive unscientific insignificant unjustifiable unjustified erroneous frolicsome jocose sportive won't hold water won't wash minor lightweight unnecessary unimportant sophistical niggling valueless peripheral paltry unhelpful nugatory casuistic unproved sophistic perverse unconnected unsubstantial beyond belief time-wasting without depth not following without foundation without basis not making sense beyond the bounds of possibility idiosyncratic twisted have a screw loose have bats in the belfry have kangaroos in the top paddock mentally unbalanced out of one's head curious unimaginable hard to swallow out-of-the-way quaint bizarro queerish singular way-out unheard of droll fabulous left-field out of the ordinary incredulous unorthodox unconceivable uncompelling rare far out perplexing not on inexplicable cock-and-bull amazing uncanny astounding atypical romantic unfamiliar unexpected unachievable unattainable laboured sensational uncommon hopeless exceptional illusory tall wonderful highly unlikely labored unheard-of out of this world scarcely credible wondrous cock and bull hard to take anomalous contrived marvelous imaginary awesome irregular barbarous mysterious unaccountable useless elaborate horrendous imaginative spectacular stupendous strained breathtaking negligible nominal deviant insufficient minimal tiny insulting debatable visionary unapt pitiful make-believe unfeasible chimeric unviable measly chimerical miserly miserable token freak irresoluble small marvellous unholy incogitable piddling God-awful stingy lousy out of the way ungodly mingy poxy nickel-and-dime gelastic piffling unsuitable unconscionable uncivilised uncivilized ill-judged irresolvable unseemly suspicious prodigious unobtainable overdone mythical staggering radical massive forced grandiose terrific different not worth considering surprising unrealizable for the birds artificial mind-boggling unimagined superb splendid exotic original beyond one unnatural suppositious poetic exaggerated untoward glorious divine daggy brilliant a bit much momentous striking not likely dubitable doubtable uncustomary phantasmal phantasmic arresting equivocal insupposable unco over the top eye-popping hard to believe iffy full of it OTT difficult to believe uncertain unsure not to be thought of not in the least likely burlesque inauthentic unsocial vaporous remote dimwitted ill-thought-out unconsidered huge enigmatic confusing harum-scarum unpredictable outre unfathomable stupefying befuddling Bohemian ineffectual Boeotian glamourous romanesque glamorous antisocial uncredible O.T.T. ironic unplausible off-beat off the rails faint embarrassing incompetent in vain not able to hold water rings phony deviating insupportable unordinary beyond possibility sensationalized overdramatic high-flown contrary acting crazy to no avail picayune chicken minute footling peanut piddly pimping no-account inconsiderable great giant fabricated irritating for grins overstated inflated weird and wonderful nasty late horrid atrocious intolerable dreadful less likely outside chance notable miraculous stunning rich entertaining annoying priceless distorted uncharacteristic unforgettable eye-catching unparalleled expressive caricatural sensationalised inordinate extortionate special noteworthy unwonted conspicuous ambitious misleading impulsive a laugh side-splitting a joke exceeding extraordinaire unprecedented serious especial aberrated preternatural unaccustomed tremendous anomalistic creative hokey dodgy big hallucinatory illusive de minimis Mickey Mouse amazeballs untypical eerie scarce not feasible unplanned forlorn undoable insurmountable spooky flash heavy gnarly forby creepy out of line nonstandard off-base inscrutable highly coloured a bit thick off-color unknowable fresh insuperable insolvable unsolvable like nothing on earth shady never to be forgotten unformed sophomoric undeveloped inspired artistic fancy originative inventive paradoxical out of sight off beaten path last straw out of bounds insoluble not possible inaccessible impassable hardly possible no-go infeasible hundred-to-one contrary to reason impervious no-way not a prayer inexecutable non-viable like herding cats beyond you irrealizable artful fertile genius experimental keen ingenious innovative underdeveloped speculative undecided unconfirmed imcomprehensible phony mind-blowing problematical disputable untrustworthy innovational Promethean head in the clouds out of touch with reality vivid revolutionary blue-sky astute unacceptable extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful phoney on thin ice fat chance touch-and-go long shot shonky mean poorly planned not thought through not fully developed ideal beyond reason won't fly extremely difficult to believe aimless fancied made-up unclear open to suspicion not kosher pseudo potentially dangerous potentially false suspected not quite right open under suspicion inapt inapposite legendary needless beyond the realm of reason pretend invented fantasied fictional imagined imaginal fairy-tale fictitious phantom notional mythic malapropos improper unfit indecorous goalless cool not remotely possible shadowy aerial fairy tale fictive floating indiscriminate designless wanton purportless otiose unhappy infelicitous unbecoming excellent unprofitable feckless desultory random inutile motiveless intense thrilling blue sky pipe dream amiss pie in the sky castles in the air on cloud nine floundering drifting wanky profitless barren uncalled for undirected haphazard good-for-nothing unpurposed uncalled-for without rhyme or reason hit-or-miss powerful super inspiring profound graceless daring moving stirring impassioned exciting swell imposing awe-inspiring groovy dandy first-rate bold delicious lavish absorbing touching affecting influential first-class deep primo grand like wow majestic hunky-dory impressive monumental dramatic rousing stately luxurious unknown awkward alien foreign

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complacent Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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