Đồng nghĩa của tractable

Alternative for tractable

Trái nghĩa: intractable,


Ready to accept instruction or direction in an obedient manner
compliant amenable obedient docile manageable submissive biddable controllable governable tame complaisant persuadable willing meek persuasible yielding accommodating conformable deferential dutiful gullible humble obsequious passive trusting unassertive workable impressionable servile sycophantic acquiescent game subdued suggestible easily swayed law-abiding malleable pliable pliant cooperative obliging agreeable manipulable adaptable susceptible unresisting influenceable responsive flexible easy receptive easily influenced resigned ductile soft nonresistant suasible tolerant subservient respectful polite mild gentle accepting well-behaved assenting susceptive ingratiating obeisant lamblike open forbearing unresistant unprotesting tolerating resistless orderly moldable quiet teachable milky convincible patient easily persuaded consenting courteous complying good bootlicking easily handled spiritless timid spineless mannerly easy-going reverential regardful indulgent longanimous supple go-with-the-flow transformable bendy ready disciplined duteous well-disposed untroublesome conciliatory assentive non-resisting civil docious slavish considerate forgiving weak-kneed long-suffering easygoing uncomplaining amiable thoughtful self-effacing attentive fawning supine cool laid-back toadying agreeing approving seemly non-resistant credulous nonresisting easily led helpful well-mannered domesticated disposed accessible lowly lenient quiescent cowed like putty in one's hands enduring sympathetic favorable favourable putty in hands rolls with punches like putty in your hands restrained acceptive conformist tameable mouldable consentient assentient accordant compromising bendable tamable submitting unformed under someone's control amendable trained convenient inexperienced acceding spongy putty lithy willing to compromise conforming mellow usable childlike complacent unassuming encourageable awed plastic giving bending able to be influenced easily manipulated reverent deferent stoical pervious acquiescing well-regulated well-disciplined domestic putty in one's hands ingratiatory weak proper solicitous formative adjustable well-trained fatalistic reconciled philosophical wimpish frightened boneless concurring friendly generous Uriah Heepish observant under control wussy onside supportive adapted calm genial phlegmatic renouncing cordial satisfied stoic peaceable relinquishing adjusted accommodated shy unobtrusive demure companionable useful eager to please eager to help forthcoming open-minded easy to deal with administrable well trained well disciplined well brought up well behaved mindful well-brought-up well mannered decorous good-natured good-tempered in accord in agreement sheepish supplicatory devoted loyal honoring faithful sheeplike venerating honouring hearsome unquestioning permissive like a lamb to the slaughter timorous mim self-conscious unambitious hesitant tentative apprehensive fearful good-humoured good-humored glad to be of assistance nonviolent lifeless non-violent non-aggressive wrapped around finger in one's pocket on a string in one's power in one's clutches disinterested static reflexive sleepy unreceptive asleep latent stolid flat motionless poker-faced bearing moony flaccid idle unflappable at one's beck and call deceivable compassionate charitable inclined hands off dupable clement happy prepared going through motions walking through it pardoning moderate benign merciful pampering naive liberal temperate unburdensome unsuspicious mollycoddling humoring spoiling excusing light condoning deludable fleeceable lax unoppressive pleased humouring glad enthusiastic eager content keen set predisposed prone self-abasing grovelling desirous like-minded nothing loath in the mood one in accord with so minded in favour of a mind so-minded fain in favor zealous minded under someone's thumb obeying bowing down comformable abject giving-in groveling kowtowing subordinate menial surrendering placable trainable disciplinable handleable under one's thumb cowering cringing downtrodden cheerful subject modest peaceful unpretentious truckling snivelling inferior retiring sniveling ignoble dancing mean ungrudging down-to-earth diffident selfless with the patience of Job at one's mercy a slave to pabulum Milquetoast nothing wishy-washy serene zero plain dominated kind subjugated bullied browbeaten benevolent kindly oppressed intimidated repressed nagged magnanimous unselfish neighbourly constrained uxorious understanding sweet pleasant affable gracious nice henpecked bighearted breezy decent altruistic warmhearted ground down treated like dirt without a mind of one's own in fear of one's partner led by the nose tied to someone's apron strings under the thumb subjected to nagging wife-ridden under someone's heel softie marshmallow neighborly well disposed warm-hearted good-hearted willing to please kind-hearted even-tempered favourably disposed


Capable of being bent or shaped
malleable adjustable plastic pliable pliant ductile fictile tensile tractile bendable elastic facile flexible manipulable easily handled moldable workable supple flexile soft flexuous yielding mouldable adaptable transformable bendy modifiable springy alterable impressible resilient variable squashy shapable spongy versatile changeable convertible fluid extensible extensile conformable shapeable waxy unresisting quaggy putty in hands mushy pappy pulpy squishy easy-going compliant all-purpose multipurpose easygoing hanging loose can-do all around switch-hitting limber movable wiry lithe multiway compromising stretchable whippy stretchy forgiving amendable rubbery lithesome bouncy lissome rubberlike lissom accommodating mobile bending stretch bendsome formable formative puttylike like putty going every which way easily bent mutable amenable protean open-ended reversible open to change easy revocable all-round universal all-around rescindable open exchangeable obliging interchangeable nonimmutable multifaceted handy many-sided functional varied multiskilled cooperative permutable undoable transposable replaceable not fixed not settled swappable translatable switchable tolerant complaisant ebullient effervescent lively animated airy buoyant soaring high-spirited vivacious sprightly expansive spirited gay recuperative volatile discretionary inconstant able to be changed rolling with punches variant resourceful easily altered easily fiddled easily tampered with easily falsified easily fudged easily distorted easily interfered with easily doctored easily corrupted easily misrepresented easily tinkered with multitalented multifunction multiuse conversant skillful skilled ingenuous dexterous multiform dextrous gifted able accomplished polymorphic ambidextrous ready talented polymorphous skilful various adroit all-singing, all-dancing


Obeying the laws of society
law-abiding obedient compliant honest correct good honorable honourable orderly peaceable peaceful righteous dutiful ethical high-minded lawful moral principled proper right-minded solid virtuous worthy amenable biddable civilised civilized clean-living conformable decent docile duteous manageable submissive upright upstanding well behaved deferential disciplined just respectable respectful straight above board noble dignified pure equitable rectitudinous exemplary laudable meritorious professional reputable incorruptible admirable lofty saintlike saintly godly innocent sound incorrupt scrupulous uncorrupted untainted angelic squeaky clean sinless unbribable pure as the driven snow favoring whiter than white unimpeachable balanced incorrupted elevated right clean right-thinking self-righteous morally correct praiseworthy lily-white inculpable charitable irreprehensible well-behaved estimable irreproachable guiltless cultivated anti-corruption blameless sanctimonious dinkum prim saving favouring religious sportsmanly lenient sportsmanlike straightforward proud polite courteous well mannered well-mannered trustworthy stand-up respected venerable fair esteemed glorious distinguished restrained controlled trusty notable great decorous reliable eminent prestigious quiet non-violent high-principled ruly nonviolent calm tranquil at peace obliging kind neighbourly helpful accommodating gracious thoughtful friendly hospitable considerate amiable dependable generous comradely unselfish altruistic agreeable sympathetic indulgent civil benign nice amicable benevolent kindly pleasant sociable regardful mannerly genial companionable well-brought-up well-disposed neighborly true on the up and up all right


(of a person) Easily influenced by feelings or emotions
susceptible gullible naive vulnerable ingenuous persuadable trusting unsuspecting credulous impressionable responsive sensitive unwary acquiescent amenable defenseless defenceless exploitable given gullable inclined influenceable prone pushover receptive swayable adaptable disposed emotional innocent manageable nonresistant predisposed ready soft suggestible susceptive tender easy impressible movable dewy-eyed fall for wide-eyed wide open over-trustful over-trusting thin-skinned easily deceived easily led easily taken in out on a limb easily moved highly strung sitting duck at risk easily taken advantage of readily taken advantage of unsuspicious open dupable trustful foolish unguarded deceivable believing liable fleeceable accepting malleable unsceptical pliant unskeptical biting unsophisticated childlike subject perceptive tending apt accessible pliable exposed likely unworldly simple willing green unquestioning inexperienced mouldable reactive sympathetic wet behind the ears sentient sensile sensible exploitative exploitatory exploitive flexible affected approachable guileless sharp conquerable vincible attackable verisimilar beatable penetrable assailable alert easily influenced formative uncritical minded in danger moldable well disposed fain open to suggestions open-minded agreeable yielding unknowing likely to get apt to get likely to have at risk of born yesterday as green as grass in danger of getting with a tendency to get confiding pervious ductile undoubting enthusiastic eager partial awake alive forthcoming aware defenceless against plastic affectable wax-like feeling naif raw primitive simpleminded dewy jejune aw-shucks easily exploited easily controlled given to developmental naïve silly green as grass overcredulous prepared overtrusting respondent active compassionate warm softhearted replying quick to react acknowledging conscious answering warmhearted passionate kindhearted clueless artless fictile biased prejudiced ignorant endangered sucker mark not unwilling developing genuine easily fooled tumbling for taken in kidding oneself swallowing whole easy mark falling hook line and sinker taking the bait being a sucker in the mood of a mind subject to growing quick to respond foundational immature seminal creative on the cards bent interested uncorrupted soppy unrealistic teary-eyed sentimental sinless callow pure undefiled idealistic dovelike friendly welcoming favourable devoted attuned broad-minded acceptant acceptive bright hospitable well-disposed open to new ideas recipient observant favorable quick ready to consider new ideas willing to consider new ideas quick on the uptake


Casually calm and relaxed
unhurried calm easy comfortable cushy pleasant relaxing sedate agreeable carefree careful cautious cosy cozy leisurely measured nonchalant relaxed reposeful restful stress-free sympathetic casual comfy deliberate easeful easygoing leisured obliging temperate tranquil docile lax unburdensome unoppressive laid-back easy-going at ease serene placid peaceful untroubled insouciant unworried composed collected mellow chilled free and easy tolerant unconcerned unperturbed undemanding happy-go-lucky poised undisturbed mild equable contented safe unruffled amenable considerate patient flexible indulgent even-tempered breezy snug self-possessed homely satisfied content guarded pacific heedful liberal imperturbable blithe soothing calming wary circumspect lenient unexcitable vigilant at home conservative complaisant unflappable unfazed unflustered permissive together forbearing mindful easy-peasy affable level-headed self-controlled informal low-pressure devil-may-care moderate cool, calm and collected lazy in a relaxed manner taking your time warm comforted happy broad-minded amiable protected cheerful understanding open-minded good-natured cordial good-humoured good-humored generous comforting reassured gratified rested fun restored fresh soothed indolent uncritical complacent hang-loose offhand outgiving uninhibited at peace cool intimate homey homy quiet unemotional phlegmatic secure gemütlich homelike nonplussed friendly stoical commodious unexacting sleepy understated downbeat restrained hushed stilly arcadian still languid tranquillizing chilled out live-and-let-live low-key soporific unanxious retired inactive unexcited motionless tranquilizing alert chary free from interference free from disturbance watchful observant attentive apprehensive aware civil balmy assured free from interruption coolheaded halcyon confident gingerly prudent cagey levelheaded lackadaisical idyllic awake protective perceptive suspicious leery unbothered unaffected stolid unagitated unshakable unmoved unshaken playing safe on your toes on guard on the watch on the lookout mild-mannered cool-headed self-composed self-assured cool as a cucumber steady equanimous possessed recollected smooth level equal impassive limpid dispassionate stable controlled careless indifferent genial sober gentle as cool as a cucumber well balanced upbeat blasé detached natural laid back apathetic sunny uninterested grounded heedless good-tempered discreet sociable airy congenial without a care in the world undismayed open gay jaunty reasonable sensible lown commonsensical self-confident pococurante subdued inconspicuous muted loose disimpassioned incurious flippant unostentatious outgoing jolly subtle gregarious gracious jovial polite realistic assertive sane pragmatic buoyant unconstrained mature rational practical sound dependable judicious balanced businesslike nerveless regardless wise clearheaded debonair light-hearted urbane uncaring reliable played down toned down sanguine fearless lighthearted simple gutsy disinterested cursory sure of oneself full of common sense cool as cucumber unforced positive merry humble unceremonious distant lively spontaneous cheery uninterrupted unbroken benign lukewarm bright vivacious convivial pleasing unreserved unpretentious unstirred down-to-earth sprightly approachable unstudied spirited lightsome certain blithesome slack brave trouble-free slaphappy inattentive clubby free thoughtless unserious sure courageous hospitable staid calmed effervescent audacious accessible bold self-reliant welcoming self-asserting amicable insensible uncurious dauntless unobtrusive unhesitating windless cavalier frivolous light forgetful repressed communicative intrepid neutral negligent keeping your cool gung ho filled with aplomb well-disposed conversable well-balanced sure of yourself centered centred in control well adjusted well-adjusted enlightened unburdened unstressed forgiving empathetic no-nonsense unperturbable even-keeled overindulgent philosophical overfamiliar hard-headed daring straight humoring even unflurried unprejudiced deliberative farsighted great-hearted euthymic plucky bored weary stabile orderly systematic unfluctuating methodical elevated stoic unafraid diplomatic familiar sombre somber lacking concern perfunctory glutted jaded with one's feet on the ground artless all there unnoticeable unimpassioned passionless humouring boon footloose nonformal cocksure doubtless pushy implicit brazen clear effortless superficial pellucid reconciled resting fair quiescent impervious world-weary calm and collected thick-skinned untouched immovable smug self-satisfied receptive available serious suppressed quieted overconfident peaceable Zen downhome rosy high free from worry free from care footloose and fancy-free kindly cloyed benevolent nice stormless transparent nonjudgmental puffed up pumped up hard as nails stiff upper lip roll with punches unstuffy brash pastoral harmonious prelapsarian heavenly bucolic keeping a stiff upper lip not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on have one's act together invisible unshowy courteous smart free as the wind free as a bird joyful well disposed easy to get along with easy to get on with non-hostile door's always open likeable clement gleeful free-and-easy joyous glad charming personable kind unstructured uncommitted sparkling jocund paradisiacal sunshiny impetuous reckless prankish animated bland unremarkable soft-pedaled tasteful frolicsome playful funny neglectful free-wheeling free-spirited comradely clubbable neighbourly summerish summerlike hot unclouded cloudless summery jocular remiss humorous matey sweet pally decent chummy optimistic unglamorous modest soft aestival tame estival dry sedative disregardful sparky brisk fancy-free off the hook buddy-buddy facetious out of sight in the background unspectacular minimalist unflashy frisky derelict jokey with both feet on the ground neighborly likable good softened unfussy unassuming muffled unmindful chirpy easy-breezy ventilated expansive resilient modulated callous unsympathetic aloof oblivious delinquent irresponsible slapdash slipshod sloppy volatile feelgood high-spirited unthinking spicy peppy racy uninvolved low-profile toned-down without a cloud in the sky bright-eyed and bushy-tailed oscitant supine reserved deaf not bothered hardened hard-hearted self-centered insensitive feckless blind cold stony undaunted self-centred settled played-down soft-sell low-keyed self-effacing self-sufficient asleep at switch neglecting unheedful slovenly behindhand full of beans failing to take proper care can-do surefooted sure-footed full of the joys of spring believing in oneself self-assertive self-respecting not giving a toss

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