Đồng nghĩa của rolling with punches


(of a person or animal) Able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions
resilient strong tough hardy irrepressible gritty hardened inured resolute spirited stalwart capable headstrong indefatigable intrepid plucky rugged staunch tenacious toughened valiant enduring feisty resistant stout stouthearted sturdy unflagging robust sound difficult to keep down quick to bounce back quick to recover durable solid hard-wearing long-lasting indestructible hard strongly made well-made heavy-duty substantial well-built made to last vigorous imperishable firm cast-iron hard-bitten built to last stable reliable impervious perdurable mighty infrangible lasting fit healthy tight bulletproof unbreakable lusty unyielding bombproof seasoned brawny invulnerable dependable wear-resistant weatherproof stark infallible foolproof safe shatterproof inexpugnable secure perduring diuturnal long-continued non-breakable error-tolerant well-constructed everlasting armoured adamantine nonbreakable permanent unshakable incorruptible brass-bound indissoluble armored hearty rigid stiff inflexible hale leathery strapping muscular in rude health fighting fit fit as a fiddle hale and hearty in good health in fine fettle powerful able physically fit hefty acclimatised in good shape in good condition burly acclimatized well fresh able-bodied cohesive dense steeled moulded molded conditioned withstanding tough as nails fast hard as nails serviceable impenetrable water-resistant waterproof unaffected insusceptible protected repellent of impervious to unsusceptible to imperviable to proof against invulnerable to repellent unaffected by immune immune to reinforced heavy forceful fortified rock-solid influential strengthened invincible steady important potent impregnable significant puissant tried-and-true well-founded iron athletic unassailable established steely airtight indomitable flawless knockabout flourishing dominant forcible well fortified fixed authoritative almighty powerhouse shellproof hulking husky beefy upright thick thickset compelling effective upstanding green cogent indubitable immovable energetic whole galvanized tempered galvanised inviolable impassible unattackable concrete intact sinewy active big storm-resistant stormproof well defended well-protected well protected well-armed well-defined well-established wholesome bouncing well-conditioned unimpaired undamaged in fine feather vibrant wide-ranging sane vital undecayed normal perfect rigorous unhurt unblemished leading doughty commanding manful prestigious controlling predominant right as rain alive and kicking hanging together holding together up to snuff in the pink dynamic wieldy omnipotent steamroller boss strengthy redoubtable formidable overwhelming overpowering efficacious strong as ox inextinguishable immortal useful punchy spanking great trenchant go-getter ball of fire gutsy accustomed habituated abiding indelible unfading undying nonperishable deathless desensitized deadened experienced perennial endless ineradicable coarsened used indurate undestroyable perpetual undestructable unruinable irrefragable nonbreaking inexterminable immutable unwreckable unchangeable irrefrangible inextirpable eternal unalterable indurated unfeeling uncaring irreverent benumbed hard-edged inaccessible hardhearted coldhearted callous cruel hard-as-nails cynical unrepenting impious hard-boiled uncompassionate unemotional desensitised heartless unsentimental prepared contemptuous disdainful case-hardened unsubmissive unashamed obtuse

Trái nghĩa của rolling with punches

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