Đồng nghĩa của abiding

Alternative for abiding

Đồng nghĩa: enduring, imperishable,

abides, abided, abode, abiding

Đồng nghĩa: accept, dwell, endure, obey, reside, stay, tolerate,

Trái nghĩa: leave, start,

Tính từ

Continuing or persisting in the same state
continuing enduring eternal everlasting lasting persisting remaining surviving constant fast permanent persistent prevailing durable firm indissoluble long-lasting perpetual steadfast tenacious unchanging unending immutable lifelong standing ageless dateless fixed immortal imperishable ongoing perennial stable timeless undying steady unshakable ceaseless endless never-ending unfading established deep-rooted continual deathless long-lived indestructible perdurable ineradicable changeless long-standing unwavering continuous sempiternal unceasing incessant unvarying unremitting unfaltering interminable sustained infinite settled relentless chronic immovable uninterrupted invariable inveterate set long-term ingrained lingering unabating unrelenting unfailing deep-seated regular staunch unchangeable sure forever without end unbroken unyielding reliable resolute rooted unshakeable undeviating entrenched long-established non-stop inbred indefinite living existing unalterable stubborn secure amaranthine never-failing confirmed unswerving habitual consistent recurrent never-changing recurring boundless unqualified decided extant traditional continued uniform old dependable unflagging inextinguishable incurable unfluctuating unrelieved solid persevering inborn indelible irreversible in existence dyed-in-the-wool set in stone unchanged existent faithful untiring alive inflexible invariant current tireless even dedicated indefatigable certain running around ever-present present unquestioning round-the-clock residual dogged rigid long-running unflappable inexorable illimitable intense obstinate usual always immemorial incorruptible devoted repeated strong termless undestroyed stationary well established longstanding age-old ancient time-honored unshaken static never dying resolved unhesitating loyal irremovable deep contemporary hard-and-fast true nonstop hard-core bred-in-the-bone intrenched never-ceasing unvacillating unbreakable time-honoured determined prolonged innate unmitigated routine inseparable adamant single-minded wholehearted classic undiminished dead set on good active vestigial returning incommutable real operative inalterable limitless functioning inexhaustible frequent profound basic fundamental accustomed sustaining maintaining progressing advancing pursuing live unflinching protracted operating unmodifiable unabated built-in radical inbuilt still existing going working devout operational functional unbending subconscious inherent unmovable always-on habituated subsisting pious absolute going on pat equable stanch stabile being in for the long haul bound true-blue down-the-line carrying on brick-wall same ardent intent allegiant tried-and-true trustworthy long-living time-hallowed resilient binding long-l fresh unspoiled youthful long-existing never-dying cast-iron niggling gnawing nagging unforgettable open-ended atemporal agelong yearlong annual yearly seasonal predictable inevitable unended serious endemic implanted irreparable committed severe inexpungible in progress consecutive stalwart trusty hard and fast repetitious repeating reoccurring intermittent death-defying ever living unwaning dangerous acute perduring phoenixlike undeadly level sound deep-set on an even keel pigheaded mulish stiff-necked dire alarming extreme grave for keeps lengthy extended flat about in circulation to the fore obdurate liege immobile irredeemable congenital neverending infallible shatterproof staying repetitive monotonous set in concrete till the cows come home determinate frozen marathon gut instinctive intrinsic close that will never die that will live forever periodical periodic hard calm ticking awake vigorous alert developing dynamic forever and a day interminate unwearying resistant lifetime sworn radicated customary indurated seasoned well grounded meaning business bound and determined bent on going all the way dear in use livelong staying put solid as a rock telling indisputable uncompromising convinced satisfied confident incontestable valid indubitable positive undeniable incontrovertible genuine doubtless free from doubt convincing unequivocal unquestionable for a fact clear persuaded assured heavy-duty hard-wearing toughened sturdy nonperishable non-breakable stout lifetime's regularised regularized standardised round the clock oft-repeated around-the-clock loving confidential intimate boon well-established sacrosanct standardized fail-safe unlimited surefire can't-miss unerring driven in unvaried leftover all-time for life supportive cherished special treasured valued without respite for all your life bottomless adamantine infrangible tried and true straight assiduous delivering there come-through rock solid diligent tried and tested counted on rock-solid irrefragable nonbreaking inexterminable unwreckable reinforced made to last armored undestroyable undestructable unruinable armoured irrefrangible inextirpable longtime prevalent undoubting nerveless imperturbable familiar impregnable unsinkable on fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians attached stunted imperceptible shrunken token deep down lodged in one's brain deeply felt on-going on the agenda in operation in force on the map actual in current use not lost

Tính từ

Having been firmly established and typically not subject to change
ironclad definite inflexible unwavering firm agreed arranged certain changeless confirmed determinate enduring in the bag planned prearranged settled stated stubborn sure unalterable uncompromising set decided established preset unchangeable allotted predetermined specified defined determined prescribed precise decreed inalterable express frozen invariable explicit immutable exact final incommutable flat hard steady inexpugnable stable irreversible unbending undeviating unblinking rigid resolved unmovable unqualified unmodifiable hard-and-fast still definitive stipulated inveterate fixed cast-iron writ in stone never-failing hard and fast not subject to change chosen scheduled designated ordained given destined selected pre-planned preplanned pre-established programmed named fated specific arranged in advance concrete decided beforehand appointed cut-and-dried approved unfluctuating regular unchanging unvarying clear clear-cut uniform consistent straight constant assigned particular nonnegotiable concluded clinched organized prepared ready commissioned decided upon delineated identified worked out authorized delegated elected installed preordained nominated familiar written finished trite plotted controlled intended nailed authorised assumed known wrapped up sewn up pre-agreed set in stone pre-decided arranged beforehand advance inevitable encoded inexorable premeditated calculated foredestined proposed precogitated forethought bound doomed deliberate sorted out in the cards done and dusted old hat established in advance organised set up cut and dried

Tính từ

(of a person) Having been in existence for a long time
old elderly mature aged older senior grey grizzled hoary ancient decrepit doddering doddery ripe senescent senile superannuated venerable septuagenarian ageing aging geriatric octogenarian unyoung nonagenarian centenarian gray matured long-lasting longevous advanced in years along in years getting on gray-haired grey-bearded grey-haired in one's dotage long in the tooth no spring chicken not as young as one was not long for this world not young of age on in years over the hill over-the-hill past it past one's prime up in years long-lived age-old antediluvian hoar antique immemorial dateless timeworn as old as the hills olden old-fashioned not as young as one used to be long-standing feeble traditional very old antiquated archaic deep-rooted weakly out-of-date of advanced years frail oldie long-established rusty retired past your prime time-honored established faltering of a certain age anile outmoded enfeebled cobwebby primeval worn ancestral primaeval been around creaky past old-time pensioned time-honoured lot of mileage mossy time-worn moth-eaten on last leg old as the hills pensioned off advanced usual customary childhood from way back long forgotten outdated obsolete bygone middle-aged patriarchal primordial white-haired silvery-haired silver-haired grizzly vintage well-established tired declining relic worn-out full of years passé on its last legs dotard shot ripened long in tooth weak past your sell-by date of an advanced age wasted debilitated infirm senior citizen worse for wear from the past fogyish incapacitated weakened tottering old as Adam former crippled fragile in second childhood in your dotage emeritus ex- early conditioned seasoned major out of shape discharged classical ageless enduring historic in bad shape anachronistic lasting first ritual dated put out to grass mouldy clunky earliest moldy ritualistic fixed rooted Elder I First of yore timeless resigned in retirement emerita prehistoric atavistic forever old hat tried and true tried and tested of long ago horse and buggy leading above high-grade oldest higher over primary eldest first-born centuries old the elder mellow rooted in the past next higher more advanced

Tính từ

Incapable of being reversed, recalled, repealed, or annulled
irreversible irreparable irrevocable final irremediable unalterable unrectifiable unrepairable absolute binding enduring immutable invariable irrecoverable irredeemable irretrievable lasting permanent unchangeable unrecoverable unredeemable beyond repair categorical certain changeless constant doomed established fated incurable indelible inevitable lost peremptory predestined predetermined settled unappealable unrepealable unreversible beyond recall hopeless incorrigible fixed irreformable past hope set hard-and-fast beyond hope firm inflexible incommutable inalterable unsalvageable severe uncorrectable conclusive decided definitive cureless immovable steadfast stable unmodifiable past mending rigid incontrovertible decisive irrefutable written off impossible perpetual unchallengeable cast-iron ineradicable unvarying definite determinate fatal terminal remediless unchanged helpless unmovable gone inveterate unchanging inexpugnable unwavering unshakeable hard and fast ill-fated unbending undeviating beyond cure complete irreclaimable unrestorable commanding imperative compelling gone forever irremedial broken ruined destroyed irreplaceable not changeable fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians unconditional undeniable obligatory lost and gone unfixable uncurable fruitless serious grave indisputable deadly unmitigable mortal entrenched irremovable well-established unyielding sacrosanct ageless ultimate despaired of beyond remedy beyond recovery past cure bad sad worsening static unvaried determinative emphatic unanswerable persistent past remedy invariant finished beyond redress fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians deep-rooted agreed strong indestructible eternal unfading preset arranged allotted confirmed specified prearranged no-win up the creek defined determined precise prescribed decreed continuing lifelong consistent perdurable resolute frozen explicit exact planned flat express hard steady unblinking resolved still sure stated unqualified stipulated set in stone writ in stone not subject to change in the bag never-failing strict rooted stiff ironclad pegged unfluctuating regular straight uniform positive quantified nonnegotiable known limited distinct exacting written dictated mandatory compulsory concrete intent determining hardheaded ingrained hardened deep-seated stubborn solid obstinate set in concrete carved in stone stringent well-set hidebound solid as a rock pigheaded stiff-necked bound locked in jelled unflappable hard-line tight rigorous fast uncompromising unmoving dyed-in-the-wool hard-nosed unbreakable iron-fisted

Tính từ

Great in importance, extent, or size
monumental outstanding prodigious awesome classic grand important lasting majestic significant awe-inspiring enduring enormous historic impressive memorable stupendous unforgettable immortal remarkable striking ambitious large-scale magnificent marvelous marvellous astronomic astronomical Brobdingnagian bumper colossal cosmic cosmical cyclopean distinguished elephantine epoch-making exalted galactic gargantuan giant gigantesque gigantic herculean heroic heroical Himalayan huge humongous humungous immense jumbo king-size king-sized leviathan mammoth massive mega mighty monster monstrous mountainous oceanic oversized pharaonic planetary super super-duper supersize supersized titanic transcendent tremendous vast vasty walloping whacking whopping permanent fantastic king size lofty mortal overwhelming towering great substantial big large hulking ginormous thumping epic considerable extensive whopping great whacking great hefty thumping great weighty Herculean extraordinary heavy sizable bulky gross imposing very large very big major serious stellar consequential immeasurable sizeable notable terrific almighty material brobdingnagian momentous lavish oversize voluminous handsome meaningful extreme excessive ample inordinate very great solid critical boundless behemoth abundant Bunyanesque goodly extravagant exorbitant grandiose far-reaching high profuse noteworthy eventful decisive generous ponderous blimp pythonic appreciable phenomenal infinite crucial tall marked limitless expansive powerful exceptional outsize substantive outsized emphatic staggering princely whale of a mastodonic tidy high-priority heavy-duty spectacular urgent whaling plentiful worthwhile key superabundant severe vital plenteous massy telling heavyweight grave special pivotal behemothic earthshaking sky-high prominent principal earnest intense much influential complete dirty great dramatic resounding noticeable statuesque arresting conclusive fundamental healthy profound conspicuous wide wonderful pronounced respectable thundering earth-shattering broad amazing immoderate splendid stunning life-and-death copious fabulous all-important formidable long landmark profitable unusual full largish biggish roaring mondo incredible good sensational paramount illustrious insane elevated eminent soaring unmistakable sky-scraping central essential multistorey deep portentous astounding cardinal moving incalculable skyscraping impactful rip-roaring big-time of consequence breathtaking altitudinous measureless out of this world stately astonishing prosperous disproportionate famous steep wondrous super-colossal towery celebrated renowned titan advantageous sufficient startling lucrative commanding entire unwieldy whole unbelievable unlimited unbounded dire core headline distinctive noble cumbersome signal preeminent extra-large acute unreasonable especial overriding full-size prime intrinsic leading exigent overgrown main dynamic salient tough pressing capital tectonic burning of great consequence useful strong of great import of moment luxurious great big forceful unqualified major league fateful big league glorious high-rise high-level major-league of significance inspiring super colossal out-and-out thorough high rise endless eternal rising raised indelible Homeric stiff miraculous interminable high-reaching mind-blowing illimitable groundbreaking awful Gargantuan exaggerated mind-boggling ascending cracking kingly bold extremely large extremely big august catchy haunting abnormal undue excellent famed sweeping unconscionable overmuch showy comprehensive Cyclopean prolific plethoric outrageous cumbrous jumbo-sized capacious overdue overweening intolerable integral barn door overextravagant devilish uppermost giant-size eye-catching pertinent bountiful purposeful surpassing superior larger-than-life pre-eminent mahoosive primary determining somber sober sublime intemperate unmeasurable spacious upraised alpine commodious uplifted ground-breaking difficult socking great whopper mastodontic steady sombre solemn absorbing newsworthy sumptuous front-page milestone bounteous requisite arrestive valuable brilliant hard foremost instrumental well known beautiful megalithic big-league life and death good-size good-sized never to be forgotten not to be forgotten ridiculous stirring no joke a whale of a magnific no laughing matter touching affecting necessary rousing potent confounding adequate not to be sneezed at rewarding reasonable lumbering daunting laborious paying booming deafening ear-splitting thunderous ear-piercing superhuman clumsy Moby thrashing pleasing wicked crashing Brobdignagian remunerative gainful very loud elephantic extended decent rich flabbergasting widespread irresistible fine appalling dreadful desperate loud fantabulous red-letter expanded terrible frightful fearful featureless immovable impenetrable intractable faceless characterless detailed mundo unfathomable fathomless persistent spanking relevant ominous through the ceiling consistent monolithic lank strategic valid never-ending breakthrough heightened increased escalated jacked up imperative invaluable focal stretched-out far-flung spread-out remembered cherished rememberable singular treasured meaty liberal measurable fat hulky thick germane earth-shaking giant-sized catholic cosmogonic interstellar intergalactic interplanetary cosmopolitan empyrean global cosmogonal space ecumenical jaw-dropping man-size fair-sized family-sized economy-size life-size swelled roomy of considerable size husky family-size man-sized fair-size economy-sized all-inclusive above average intensified well-known of importance pioneering admirable palatial dignified eye-popping humbling eye-opening stupefying immediate top-priority pointed ostentatious real innovatory innovative revolutionary indicative pithy fixed in the mind penetrating firm sturdy sound preponderant obvious keynote glaring particular rare resonant worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum uncommon unordinary ponderable climacteric grievous top-level overshadowing life-changing dangerous of concern high-profile of note amazeballs something else surprising top seminal radical audacious immodest sententious durable supreme resplendent exquisite fantastical out of sight dreamy unmitigated far-out splendorous fascinating electrifying perfect sightly dazzling noted dominant trusted reputable elaborate lordly cool baroque fancy unmerciful big-deal imperious crazy unreal high profile high-up indispensable top-notch honorable top-drawer of high standing honourable honoured big time top-ranking high-powered highly regarded puissant needed high-ranking skookum honored daring impassioned exciting swell groovy dandy first-rate superb delicious bad first-class primo divine like wow far out hunky-dory thrilling unwarranted unrestricted unbridled superfluous unrestrained airy fanciful imperial spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate ballsy adventurous zealous wild gratuitous needless extortionate surplus uncontrolled profligate wanton prodigal improvident indulgent overabundant imprudent dizzying redundant wasteful dissipated uncurbed unmissable page-one unhampered unchecked supernatural overkill overgenerous extra unnecessary silly more preposterous recrementitious stratospheric overindulgent ludicrous overboard unfettered uninhibited vivid self-indulgent too many O.T.T. too much OTT over the top out of all proportion over the odds way out uncalled for a bit much of great moment of import prestigious notorious redoubtable sedate staid glum stern persuasive astral luminous bright star gloomy grim humourless dour effective competent provocative responsible contributory motivational energetic robust stimulating animating motivating swayful formative inspirational convincing masterful efficient forcible efficacious effectual vigorous compelling swaying capable enticing encouraging operative able inducing impelling hard-hitting guiding authoritative cogent successful controlling alluring seductive austere quiet downbeat sad humorless underlined uncomic cold sober of great importance no-nonsense matter of life and death big deal most important

Tính từ

Having unconditional and enthusiastic support
wholehearted complete committed emphatic absolute categorical full genuine real total true unambiguous unqualified unreserved unshakeable unstinting determined earnest enthusiastic fervent hearty positive sincere solid staunch thorough unconditional undivided unequivocal unflinching unlimited unmitigated unrestricted zealous dedicated devoted steadfast steady sure unadulterated unalloyed unfaltering unswerving unwavering utter ardent enduring heartfelt outright serious stalwart thoroughgoing undiluted unfeigned unquestioning warm authentic constant entire fullhearted impassioned loyal passionate whole-hearted bona fide hundred percent whole-souled never-failing out-and-out without reservations downright consummate arrant unvarnished very perfect straight-out cotton-picking simple fair deadly plumb dreadful rank definite all-out flat-out profound bodacious blank dead pure stark flat sheer regular categoric clean stone blooming crashing deep-dyed express infernal firm explicit confounded unrestrained clear blessed blasted certain no catch without reservation no ifs ands or buts through and through right-down surpassing in every respect veritable right full-bore gross inveterate overt clear-cut dyed-in-the-wool blatant undiminished unmixed flagrant brazen glaring naked uncompromising whole proper barefaced extreme straight out true-blue patent plain egregious mere single altogether quite unregenerate undisguised comprehensive monstrous atrocious notorious vile infamous effusive gushing exhaustive stone-cold obvious shameless austere relentless full-on rigid unabated rightly so called unhesitating severe untempered unmollified unbending intense unmoderated unabridged resounding forthright direct wholesale definitive oppressive through-and-through full-scale fixed unshaken conclusive decisive persistent unmodified unsoftened unalleviated unbroken harsh grim unrelieved ultimate final unquestionable indubitable assured unconstrained open unmistakable apodictic specific plenary actual determinate wide unshakable point-blank perpetual everlasting unaltered habitual undying double-dyed untarnished untouched unremitting confirmed eternal unblemished extraordinary accurate inevitable implicative embedded inarticulate constructive intrinsic virtual hidden inferential practical unquestioned implicit unuttered contained in every way all out one hundred per cent no holds barred no strings attached no strings no fine print no kicker

Tính từ

Loudly cheerful, enthusiastic or approbatory
hearty ardent eager passionate enthusiastic intense spirited avid zealous animated ebullient lively impassioned exuberant energetic vivacious dynamic deep devout emphatic loud affable effusive generous jovial unreserved cheerful profound backslapping deepest uninhibited responsive amiable vigorous cheery frank full gay glad gushing honest jolly profuse unrestrained welcoming back-slapping deep-rooted warm-hearted deep-felt good natured keen fervent vehement earnest fanatical wholehearted fiery fervid committed dedicated excited warm perfervid enthused exhilarated devoted gung ho high-spirited forceful rabid sincere burning emotional great fierce obsessed zestful passional pumped intent antsy afire hungry ready willing voracious red-hot interested desirous wild athirst mad keen keen as mustard heartfelt extreme flaming titillated stoked raring motivated violent assiduous agog solicitous active diligent determined aflame impatient nuts anxious ambitious appetent thirsty heated crazy superheated torrid charged religious glowing feverish blazing demonstrative hot-blooded warm-blooded incandescent hot greedy ready and willing deep-seated as keen as mustard keyed up raring to go deeply felt bright-eyed and bushy-tailed champing at the bit hopped up full of beans chomping at the bit effervescent heartful feeling inspired stirred inspirited galvanized stimulated roused energized diehard card-carrying ecstatic encouraged moved aroused uplifted influenced activated raw gotta have dying to serious pious hot for tender true blue unfeigned warmhearted habitual militant energised self-driven stirred up galvanised hung up hankering amenable breathless restless inclined disposed happy longing unreluctant pining engaged craving game restive covetous single-minded pushy purposeful obsessive itchy ripe zealotic fired go-ahead frenetic fanatic fireball self-starting possessed gung-ho wild-eyed acute strong coming on strong powerful forcible explosive heavy intensive urgent vicious exquisite overwhelming overpowering abject excruciating hellacious heartrending hard ghastly dreadful furious terrible almighty frightful clamorous outspoken vocal noisy vociferous heavy-duty fearsome very great blistering ferocious fearful forthright insistent strident desperate angry impetuous frantic on the make inflamed full-throated pronounced opinionated potent concentrated hyper delirious thrilled fascinated rhapsodic animate geeked nutty wacky tantalized industrious concerned unqualified yearning juiced conscientious gaga itching driven tantalised pleased sprightly bugged zesty warmblooded turnt gone on hopped-up hot to trot hepped up excitable tempestuous stormy frenzied raging mad rash temperamental consuming tumultuous impulsive fired up on fire manic fevered psyched uncontrollable hectic amped heightened volatile crazed hyperactive messianic irascible acrimonious hysterical dithyrambic volcanic steamed up mercurial hot-tempered wishing amorous hopeful dying desiring intent on overzealous raving uproarious steadfast allegiant agitable neurotic aggressive proactive bullish banzai daft in a frenzy very excited untrammeled untrammelled jumping up and down potty extremely enthusiastic take-charge can-do short-fuse hot-headed high-strung highly strung eventful exciting severe immoderate uncontrolled marked inordinate vivid intemperate penetrating piercing bitter busy excessive melodramatic intensified turbulent rough emotive overemotional sentimental all-consuming ungovernable noteworthy interesting moving inspiring eloquent stirring poignant high-pressure hotblooded expressive precipitate thrilling affecting headlong quickened high-powered convulsive paroxysmal cyclonic touchy savage disorderly knock-down-and-drag-out bad-tempered blood-and-guts ill-tempered bang-bang hammer and tongs distracted overactive overwrought full-hearted agitated red-blooded unruly high sultry high as a kite action-packed strenuous ireful indignant wrathful irate wigged-out

Động từ

Present participle for submit to, put up with
tolerating accepting bearing enduring standing brooking suffering taking hacking stomaching countenancing handling supporting wearing absorbing biding facing going meeting pocketing sustaining swallowing living with sticking tholing acknowledging conceding consenting coping with deferring putting up with receiving sticking out sweating out withstanding bearing with hanging in hanging tough sitting tight standing for submitting to hanging in there allowing undergoing weathering permitting braving going through experiencing sanctioning resisting going along with living through indulging encountering condoning admitting of admitting agreeing to approving of dealing with consenting to riding out sitting through meeting with grinning and bear it standing up to bearing the brunt of seeing authorizing digesting surviving coping authorising having toughing out abiding by feeling shouldering confronting defying passing sweating lumping it acceding to approving letting acquiescing hearing of seeing through favouring favoring taking something lying down engaging in humoring humouring holding with sticking with holding out against taking kindly to facing up to resigning oneself to sitting still for staying the course green-lighting subjecting oneself to sitting and taking it taking patiently waiting out coming up against giving the green light to taking on grinning and bear bearing up under grappling with contending with submitting persisting persevering managing lumping assuming reconciling allowing for submitting oneself to carrying coming to grips with licensing witnessing undertaking knowing tasting passing through granting permission to granting giving the go-ahead to permitting to giving permission to allowing to licencing getting on with taking it ignoring recognizing resigning oneself reconciling oneself bowing sharing yielding biting the bullet yielding to hearing winking at recognising conceding to coming in for eating sitting out toughing out it seeing out bowing to stringing along blinking at seeing through to the bitter end bearing up living out falling for becoming accustomed to becoming resigned to becoming reconciled to getting used to reconciling oneself to turning a blind eye to making the best of learning to live with standing firm against outlasting overcoming endorsing encouraging surmounting approbating backing helping abetting aiding commending championing dying hard against bearing up against prevailing against pulling through holding out getting through persisting with persevering against coming through sticking it out inviting applauding confirming upholding advocating smiling on giving green light giving the nod giving stamp of approval stomaching something nodding at getting behind signing off on giving the okay to going for putting John Hancock on giving the thumbs up to daring tackling engaging fighting battling courting risking challenging eyeballing opposing crossing bearding brazening playing against going up against venturing making a stand playing bracing for breasting affronting outbraving flying in face of meeting head-on squaring off accosting outfacing taking the bull by the horns warranting ratifying okaying OKing validating accrediting affirming certifying giving the go-ahead seconding clearing agreeing with empowering assenting to rubber-stamping formalizing entitling finalizing subscribing to homologating acceding enabling blessing formalising finalising giving the green light signing commissioning siding with boosting giving permission giving the OK to liking assenting espousing promoting legalizing agreeing legalising greenlighting acquiescing in buying backing up chartering giving something the nod saying the word giving leave authenticating legitimating assisting legitimizing indorsing sealing qualifying patronizing legitimatizing causing defending embracing patronising maintaining legitimising backstopping sanctifying concurring granting the right to giving assent to propping up acquiescing to shaking on letting pass saying yes sticking by sticking up for saying yes to giving one's blessing to giving the thumbs up conceiving considering mandating giving support to recommending delegating giving permission for giving leave for giving one's word vouching for lending your name to giving consent to giving one's seal of approval to giving approval to giving the OK keeping up with giving your consent to concurring with giving something the go-ahead giving something the green light giving something the thumbs up giving your blessing to investing giving power to giving authority to vesting conferring a right to verifying vindicating taking up pushing for buying into stumping for giving go-ahead rubber stamping making valid making law concurring in lapping up gaining adopting accommodating entertaining welcoming obeying subscribing believing in yessing cosigning dittoing coming round undersigning justifying standing by holding up one's end holding to coming to the defence of giving someone leave giving someone authorization franchising privileging granting someone the right leaving facilitating decriminalizing binding giving your blessing giving carte blanche making establishing regularizing normalizing regulating laundering making legal constituting legislating enacting formulating codifying decreeing ordaining giving leave to decriminalising normalising regularising pronouncing lawful giving standing behind furthering touting cleaning up allying plunking for plumping for grubstaking voting for giving the O.K. giving okay freeing up succouring giving a boost giving a leg up throwing one's weight behind taking up the cudgels for going to bat for allying oneself with standing up for giving a lift saying the magic word giving the stamp of approval to urging inciting forwarding prompting expediting collaborating with working with fostering cooperating with pushing lending a hand colluding with conniving with spurring arguing for participating in prodding putting up to conniving setting on succoring giving a push to goading conniving at egging on rooting for campaigning for speaking for agitating for working for pulling for lending support to

Động từ

Present participle for to have as one's home
dwelling residing living bunking crashing inhabiting lodging nesting perching rooming roosting settling squatting bunking out hanging out staying sojourning biding parking boarding putting up locating living in stopping occupying dwelling in resting taking up residence having your home quartering housing tenanting lodging in remaining having rooms staying over holing up lying indwelling inhering sheltering domiciling roofing harboring tarrying harbouring camping holidaying visiting vacationing stationing residing in existing stopping over staying in biding in sojourning in taking a room having lodgings keeping house taking lodgings establishing oneself having one's home making your home in having as your home setting up home in making one's home having one's residence having your home in taking up residence in subsisting populating nestling spending some time stopping off peopling lingering having its being having taken up residence in hanging out in having established oneself in bedwelling possessing tenting hanging one's hat putting down roots going to live in setting up home going to live putting down roots in setting up house becoming domiciled in hanging up one's hat making one's home in establishing yourself setting up housekeeping in moving to taking root emigrating to staying on abiding in settling in pitching tent accommodating billeting billetting encamping chambering bestowing bivouacking bivouacing cantoning renting hosteling taking in having digs inwoning staying with staying at coming to stay owning establishing yourself in establishing making your home using permeating moving into ensconcing oneself in keeping ensconcing yourself in establishing oneself in pervading maintaining ensconcing sitting

Động từ

Present participle for to remain in existence or active
continuing lasting remaining persisting surviving enduring biding perduring holding on staying holding up keeping up persevering running on carrying on living on keeping on lingering prevailing living holding out going on holding existing carrying through standing tarrying being grinding hanging on staying around keeping going sticking around going the limit toughing it out going all the way striving perseverating dwelling repeating recurring following through hanging around clinging on having no end staying on sticking at keeping at seeing through pressing on following up grinding away sticking at it sticking to guns hanging in there sticking it out occurring subsisting happening lasting out standing firm standbying bearing on bearing up continuing to exist standing your ground lying perpetuating extending staying round keeping protracting residing attending hanging round proceeding maintaining projecting sustaining progressing passing taking hanging in the air remaining standing remaining alive cutting it staying alive making the cut coming through standing up dying slowly clinging to life ploughing on holding fast dragging on pushing on sweating it hanging in sitting tight watching for lying in wait hanging out holding the phone pressing ahead outlasting pursuing obtaining hammering away pegging away going the distance soldiering on sticking to your guns staying with something stopping at nothing seeing something through staying the course leaving no stone unturned plugging away following something through not giving up struggling on outliving refusing to go away wearing on sticking to wearing well riding out never saying die digging your heels in resisting making it standing fast reserving suffering withstanding sticking with it staying fresh seeing it through hanging tough cracking on hacking it wearing staying staunch stretching out remaining true drawing out holding true holding good remaining unchanged evading death keeping afloat keeping body and soul together escaping death having being having life keeping your head above water cheating death drawing breath walking the earth fighting for your life sustaining oneself sustaining life executing conducting deporting behaving taking place acting going ahead advancing bearing comporting coming about rambling

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