Đồng nghĩa của passing through

Động từ

Present participle for to spread or pervade throughout
permeating pervading filling charging infiltrating imbuing penetrating suffusing impregnating saturating interpenetrating perfusing riddling steeping transfusing diffusing through informing percolating spreading through diffusing drenching entering extending throughout filtering filtering through flooding flowing through infusing ingraining interfusing invading leaking passing percolating into percolating through piercing seeping soaking stabbing stalking running through seeping through soaking through diffusing throughout going through overspreading extending through affecting gripping spreading throughout accessing cutting through bursting through lighting up instilling bathing inculcating washing seeping into covering infecting loading inspiring investing engraining induing inoculating enduing spreading drowning inundating colouring spreading over coloring tingeing tinging overrunning animating injecting sousing mantling lading sopping soddening immersing taking over choking afflicting leavening tincturing macerating soaking into swamping imbruing getting into seething flowing into spreading out pestering plaguing besetting underlying going enveloping engulfing getting in infixing overwhelming endowing assailing probing attacking characterizing passing into typifying fortifying indoctrinating interspersing planting washing over illuminating tinting seeping in working into dyeing dying breathing into filtering in staining characterising interjecting introducing overflowing shading packing crowding clogging pigmenting overlaying bepainting flushing painting streaking piling into dousing wetting cramming into heaping into submerging bedraggling waterlogging wetting thoroughly ducking dowsing sloshing watering wetting through rinsing dipping teeming pouring deluging sluicing down dunking swilling down wetting down

Động từ

Present participle for to pass through the pores or interstices of

Động từ

Present participle for to walk across water or something that impedes progress

Động từ

Present participle for to pass or wind a length of something through an opening

Động từ

Present participle for to physically pierce or probe into
penetrating piercing probing boring impaling perforating pricking puncturing spearing stabbing goring spiking drilling jabbing lancing reaming sticking transfixing bayoneting bayonetting breaching entering knifing thrusting boring through drilling through driving through breaking through breaking in going through making a hole in making a hole popping in sinking into sticking into eating through inserting into running into breaking skewering permeating cutting transpiercing wounding pervading incising gashing harpooning running through making a wound in punching through boring into intruding upon spitting pinking riddling punching pecking picking slitting holing rupturing slicing opening nicking lacerating digging bursting tapping gouging sinking pinning plowing ploughing slicing open slashing honeycombing poking needling splitting injuring cracking pitting cleaving driving jagging boring a hole in thrusting through cracking open putting holes in punching holes in making holes in getting through opening up forcing through bursting through embedding horning broaching putting a hole in sticking in cutting through fixing jimmying notching suffusing transfusing interpenetrating peppering grazing hacking cutting open slicing into cutting into nailing down skivering pinning down scratching tearing busting intruding chopping ramming pronging branding carving sabering shanking plunging hurting cutting a hole in drilling a hole in severing slotting sinking in impairing spoiling corrupting marring percolating into infesting damaging crossing making a flesh wound in busting in kicking in passing renting nipping traversing negotiating poking full of holes shooting full of holes biting piquing prickling stinging

Động từ

Present participle for to find a way through (an obstacle or difficult route)

Trái nghĩa của passing through

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