Đồng nghĩa của inspecting

Alternative for inspecting

inspects, inspected, inspecting

Đồng nghĩa: contemplate, examine, observe, study,

Động từ

To touch with the purpose of ascertaining the degree of something
feeling testing checking examining investigating probing analyzing assessing evaluating exploring trying analysing trying out running one's hands over palpating scrutinizing scrutinising studying reviewing scanning surveying checking out looking over considering viewing researching looking at appraising going over searching auditing looking into poring over vetting delving into eyeballing perusing dissecting checking over sifting giving something the once-over going through taking stock of going into digging into sizing up questioning overlooking conning enquiring into weighing up prospecting going over with a fine-tooth comb inquiring observing eyeing reading working over enquiring overseeing reconnoitring giving the once-over casing reconnoitering recceing looking through assaying scouting canvassing pondering inquiring into subjecting to an examination checking up on screening contemplating scoping giving something a once-over estimating monitoring judging seeing frisking weighing skimming watching chewing over searching into giving the once over checking up flicking through scoping out regarding running through browsing delving putting under a microscope examining closely looking seeking running over thinking through checking into looking at carefully taking a dekko at flipping through casting an eye over sussing out putting to the test sampling touring interpreting leafing through separating digging querying gauging proving interrogating thinking about anatomizing gaging experimenting sounding out making enquiries into eyeing up sizing conducting an enquiry into prying into giving something a going-over taking a look at conducting an investigation into probing into parsing scouring sweeping dividing beholding rating raking deconstructing winnowing verifying following up breaking down enquiring about cutting penetrating mulling over sifting through ferreting in clocking rummaging through prying making enquiries about experimenting with valuating measuring brainstorming ferreting about in rooting around in rooting about in picking at pegging combing turning over spying ferreting around in sorting out finding out feeling out excogitating sorting through nosing around running down picking apart running your eye over cross-examining dipping into fossicking through skimming through staking out poking around making inquiry trying to get to the bottom of staring at thumbing through looking around gazing at inquiring about conducting investigations into reading through perlustrating practicing discussing visiting understanding traversing patrolling balancing looking something over tasting resolving fathoming valuing fanning hunting through reading over asking questions about quizzing catechizing finding out about surfing hunting determining supervising candling piercing staring following panning glancing over diagnosing bugging poking tapping superintending rummaging in searching the evidence concerning poking around in asking questions of looking upon playing around with diving into leaving no stone unturned getting a load of ranging over taking stock rootling around in wading through taking apart rousting around in reading up on making inquiries browsing through doing research into kicking around listening in grading looking up and down shaking down giving something a look-see sifting the evidence concerning reading into going through with a fine-tooth comb making inquiries about putting questions to practising sorting rifling through summing up looking see brooding over deliberating on driving round having a look at going round glancing through looking round comparing trying on noticing searching for asking about repeating reiterating rehearsing revising revisiting perceiving discerning adjudicating double-checking censoring redacting muckraking questing underseeking wiretapping making a recce of spying on making an observation of dissolving snooping making enquiries identifying esteeming treating tackling passing under review boning up passing through contextualizing contextualising keeping an eye out looking out referring to devouring burying oneself in ploughing through looking on thinking of removing sitting in reporting getting down to brass tacks seeking an answer conducting an enquiry opening up establishing laying bare taking a good look at gazing peering witnessing asking skirring certifying noting confirming ascertaining diving in doing research following a line of investigation doing tests looking up consulting consulting the archives drilling mining dowsing memorizing keeping an eye on keeping under surveillance giving the eagle eye memorising keeping tabs setting guesstimating pricing getting rid of picking over riffling through trialing trialling making a survey of decomposing decompounding going after telling smoking examining carefully nitpicking spying out quartering attempting endeavoring striving essaying testing out ensuring making sure of counting keeping account scouting out correcting triangulating parading mustering roasting requesting hitting grilling knocking burning up taking the measure of having a tour of going on a tour of having a look round having a look around having one's number figuring out figuring in adjudging figuring deeming calculating taking account of setting at unraveling comprehending criticizing unravelling unpacking plotting mapping out summarizing graphing charting summarising demonstrating piloting glassing finding fault spot-checking looking closely patting down criticising picking holes grasping sounding sightseeing undertaking taking a stab at taking a shot at apprising giving a go endeavouring seeking information of testing the waters requesting information of requesting information seeking information hitting up rumbling riffing flashing riffling glancing at taking a gander having a look-see looking something up and down sieving giving something a whirl trying something on for size giving it a go having a taste of putting to the proof wearing fooling with experimentalizing road-testing carrying out trials conducting research giving a tryout field-testing making a trial run practicing with conducting experiments putting to trial messing around test driving carrying out tests doing tests on putting through its paces carrying out trials on trying on for size knowing turning debating meditating cogitating perpending revolving reflecting on deliberating about ruminating entertaining deliberating searching through ransacking auditioning fitting walking round going around musing on ruminating about taking soundings plumbing getting to the bottom of rummaging underseeing contrasting wrestling with deliberating upon thinking over tracking minding rehashing reflecting upon giving thought to meditating on hashing over entertaining the idea of thinking out thinking on meditating upon sweating selecting putting through a sieve marching past draining cleaning looking around in dredging rifling trolling juxtaposing scrabbling about in rummaging around in fossicking digging in foraging scrabbling around in foraging through rummaging about in regulating beating the bushes looking high and low turning upside down rummaging round in fishing about in going through with fine-tooth comb finecombing digging through delving in poking about in searching high heaven beating grubbing about in fishing around in grubbing around in leaving no stone unturned in grubbing reconsidering differentiating collating correlating stripping down reexamining giving something a check-up overhauling debugging paralleling competing parallelling balancing the differences between setting side by side setting against standing the pace measuring the differences between weighing the differences between standing the test stacking up against weighing against another weighing against matching up opposing putting side by side confronting measuring up hanging segregating placing in juxtaposition visiting with holidaying at spending time in going over to going to see stopping by stopping over in holidaying with going to going see staying in holidaying in coming to see taking in vacationing in pursuing getting back to chasing up subjecting to an inspection kicking the tires

Động từ

Present participle for to look at closely or with interest
eyeing observing viewing seeing regarding beholding noticing watching eyeballing perceiving spotting noting discerning scrutinising scrutinizing surveying sighting looking at examining spying scanning descrying espying distinguishing witnessing checking remarking catching clocking checking out gaping slanging gazing at rubbernecking staring at monitoring taking in following surveilling getting a load of sizing up glancing at perusing leering spying on taking a look gawping at keeping an eye on keeping under surveillance keeping tabs on keeping under observation keeping watch on gazing upon keeping a tab on taking a gander at watching like a hawk keeping a weather eye on keeping under scrutiny having a gander at twigging having a squint at giving something a once-over having a dekko at taking a shufti at giving the eye taking a dekko at giving the once-over keeping a beady eye on having a shufti at having taking a glance at having a look keeping eagle eye on contemplating studying staring gazing gawping ogling gawking looking goggling peering blinking paying attention to glaring glimpsing marking heeding peering at catching sight of recceing minding laying eyes on taking note of peeping peeking looking on giving something the once-over admiring looking fixedly looking vacantly getting an eyeful flashing clapping eyes on casing setting eyes on beaming piping considering rubbernecking at checking something out gloating boring pinning focusing focussing focusing on feasting your eyes on staring open-mouthed having a butcher's at taking a good look staring in wonder discovering making out detecting reconnoitring reconnoitering paying heed to earmarking squinting prying keeping track of keeping one's eye on picking up on poring over getting an eyeful of looking closely analyzing gawking at feasting one's eyes giving attention to snooping looking earnestly squinnying ogling at bewaring gaping at trying to see leering at taking notice of concentrating on analysing looking over exploring scoping out taking stock of looking through narrowed eyes mooning rubbering lamping seeing over giving the once over having a look-see spectating reviewing going over squinting at taking a butcher's at auditing overseeing digging believing assessing canvassing pondering overlooking scoping reading screwing up eyes narrowing your eyes gazing open-mouthed staring in amazement riveting the eyes on making eyes at having a look-see at checking over feasting eyes on outstaring glowering looking intently having a good look riveting on looking hard fixing on watching closely

Động từ

Present participle for to look after and make decisions about, especially in a position of leadership
overseeing supervising superintending directing managing running administering controlling handling guiding conducting governing heading leading minding organising organizing overlooking tending administrating attending chairing commanding eyeing operating quarterbacking regulating stewarding watching bossing captaining chaperoning moderating refereeing ruling umpiring herding masterminding shepherding skippering looking after presiding over caring for heading up watching over baby-sitting calling the shots carrying on running the show keeping an eye on being responsible for keeping one's eye on riding herd on sitting on top of keeping monitoring observing piloting steering policing checking invigilating having surveying running things managing people dealing with cracked the whip taking care of being in charge calling the play taking charge of being in the saddle ordering legislating arranging methodizing standardizing coordinating tempering systematizing normalising readjusting standardising fixing adapting classifying legalising reconciling settling rectifying squaring legalizing systematising normalizing determining fitting checking up on keeping tabs on putting in order pulling things together keeping a tab on keeping a beady eye on making conform orchestrating dominating holding sway over calling the tune having control of tending to pulling the strings reigning over swaying spearheading having charge of attending to influencing being in the driving seat presiding manoeuvring maneuvering taking over engineering officiating exercising control over mastering executing ministering to taking the helm manipulating domineering maintaining carrying out negotiating taking the chair of guarding helming dictating judging mediating taking the chair calling the shots in holding the reins having authority over babysitting contriving marshaling marshalling ministering driving protecting surveilling disciplining taking charge advising micromanaging officiating at arbitrating holding down calling the tune in laying down the law keeping under surveillance sitting with keeping safe planning calling the shots of owning hegemonizing devising taking wangling fronting originating framing childminding facilitating finagling following stage-managing nursing conceiving finessing machinating safeguarding examining creating working studying scrutinizing tyrannizing tyrannising wielding putting together officering coaching taking the reins ruling the roost heeding calling the signals holding office seeing to administering to scrutinising looking out for coming up with keeping track of ruling over leading the way keeping watch over riding shotgun taking notice of pulling the wires keeping a check on paying attention to keeping under observation keeping watch on assuming command of hosting calling introducing seeing assuming command over commandeering mothering ordaining disposing serving emceeing limiting tilling calling the tune for constraining containing tracking adjudicating wielding baton measuring curbing having the say having control over scanning shielding defending fielding addressing keeping up sitting adjusting sorting out taking in hand being responsible controlling the affairs of recording hacking acting functioning noting restraining allocating pointing in the right direction putting on the right track editing plying instructing treating holding dominion over prevailing over exercising power taking the reins of having authority exercising authority over taming keeping under guard keeping in view overruling reigning rendering dictating terms lording over calling the shots on keeping under one's thumb taking forward giving heed to looking over minding the store setting bridling controlling the content of covering inhibiting engaging in calling upon auditing assuming command occupying throne exercising authority holding sway holding dominion modulating maintaining order listening to holding balancing wearing the crown serving the people funnelling coxswaining trailblazing beaconing funneling navigating channeling channelling pointing doing the honors performing official duties pushing restricting taking control of browbeating bullying pulling in reining in carrying out official duties keeping in check pressurizing railroading bulldozing scheming causing fostering pacing having a handle on plotting nannying bringing about pressurising leaning on setting up effecting mounting concocting choreographing mobilizing giving orders lording it over riding roughshod over walking all over trying to control bringing off designing staging pulling off encompassing telling what to do ordering around bossing about ordering about giving orders to using strong-arm tactics on bossing around waiting on hatching forging initiating constructing concerting generating angling rigging doctoring putting on conning mobilising upstaging scamming jockeying swinging planting cooking authoring dreaming up working out instigating fixing up pulling strings playing games putting over putting through pulling wires putting one over putting one on having the bright idea of thinking up thinking of oppressing keeping in sight keeping up with keeping in touch with keeping up to date with predominating subjugating subjecting affecting regimenting bewielding besteering puppeteering wearing the trousers having someone in the palm of one's hand having something in the palm of one's hand having someone in one's hip pocket having someone eating out of one's hand holding the purse strings holding purse strings having a hold over pushing buttons

Động từ

Present participle for to give a synopsis (summary) of
synopsizing summarising summarizing epitomising epitomizing abstracting digesting encapsulating outlining recapping recapitulating reprising briefing examining assessing correcting discussing evaluating judging knocking panning raving reediting revising ripping slamming studying trashing weighing zapping summing up wrapping up boiling down running through bad-mouthing going over running down putting down reading through skinning alive swipeing at taking down giving one's opinion writing a critique restating repeating reviewing reiterating condensing abridging abbreviating shortening cutting putting in a nutshell compressing reducing truncating trimming curtailing cutting down contracting summating editing snipping telescoping summing pruning clipping chopping bluing pencil inventorying giving a summary of shrinking cropping cutting short paring down cutting back decreasing giving a precis of giving a synopsis of giving the main points of compacting concentrating docking sketching downsizing capsulizing eliding syncopating paring giving an outline of giving an abstract of giving the gist of lessening diminishing capsuling minifying constricting skimming rehashing compiling slashing restricting limiting narrowing getting to the meat making a summary of giving a rundown of getting to meat giving main points consolidating zipping capturing retrograding ciphering bowdlerizing expurgating expressing recording coming down to bowdlerising writing a summary of aborting making a outline of stopping short making shorter taking out cutting off cutting out dwindling retrenching excerpting taking up minimizing bobbing getting shorter minimising lopping closing totaling estimating totalling concluding turning up recounting cutting to the bone making a long story short sizing up running over giving a digest of putting in nutshell describing nutshelling delineating rewording paraphrasing listing replaying rephrasing enumerating characterizing indicating drafting stating again giving a summing-up getting the measure of reviewing the evidence summarizing the evidence summarizing the argument adumbrating cutting to bone running through again characterising going over same ground going the same round going over again touching on telling about laying out skeletonizing making an outline of skeletoning giving a rough idea of giving a quick rundown on giving a rough idea giving a thumbnail sketch of

Tính từ

Tending to ask questions or to investigate, typically for information or knowledge
curious inquisitive probing questioning quizzical enquiring inquiring interrogative investigative querying scrutinising scrutinizing enthusiastic examining fascinated interested intrigued keen agog eager excited moved attentive captivated gripped riveted absorbed affected engrossed intent enticed focussed focused stimulated enthused entranced hooked inspired ambitious desirous inspirited roused ardent avid impressed inquisitorial beady-eyed inquisitory analytical analytic searching exploring burning with curiosity dying to know smitten besotted bewitched taken obsessed attracted crazy about infatuated charmed enamoured enamored keen on spellbound wild about enchanted beguiled enraptured in love seduced intoxicated nuts about lovesick mad about enamored of gone on love-struck into enamoured of fond drawn caught predisposed rapt gone sold lured touched mad taken with loving inflamed possessed devoted to passionate about stuck on twitterpated by bewitched by crazy fascinated by smitten with silly sweet on enchanted by charmed by captivated by beguiled by gaga head over heels in love entertained earnest snoopy nosy responsive mad on sold on awakened fired all ears occupied passionate giddy struck sympathetic open devoted on the case eat sleep and breathe head over heels dotty twitterpated amorous silly about has a thing about swept off one's feet fervid fervent zealous very keen nutty nuts very enthusiastic potty wild head over heels in love with hopelessly in love turned on by carried away far gone on under the spell of carrying a torch for potty about consumed with desire for greatly enamoured of swept off your feet bowled over by very attracted to hypnotized by swept off one's feet by hung up on under a spell enraptured by crazed mesmerised mesmerized enthralled by struck on fixated by addicted to hooked on riveted by interested in attached to enthusiastic about mesmerized by attracted to turned on besotted with infatuated with hungry for intent on eager for love-struck by hung up fond of obsessed with partial to gripped by in love with intrigued by

Tính từ

Interfering or meddling in the affairs of others
snoopy intrusive prying meddling interfering meddlesome nosy obtrusive pushy nosey officious intruding presumptuous busy curious presuming inquisitive protrusive pushing impertinent tampering inquisitorial enquiring inquiring interested peering questioning scrutinising scrutinizing investigative peeping analytical prurient searching disquisitive examining fact-finding puzzled investigating interviewing interrogative interrogational cross-examining research exploratory probing researching undercover inspective snooping forward nebby busybody intermeddling spying eavesdropping importunate personal bumptious nosy-parker self-assertive offensive interrupting inquisitory assertive over-curious over-interested brash bossy bold overbearing forceful aggressive loud unwanted domineering pragmatic obnoxious gossipy impudent annoying bustling butting in interloping meddlesomeness nosiness interruptive interference self-important overzealous opinionated dictatorial voyeuristic nosing agog intrigued overbusy nosy-parkering invasive ambitious busybodied big-eyed speculative poking challenging keen sifting thrusting mischievous arrogant burning with curiosity rude fussy bureaucratic encumbering troublesome kibitzing hindering obstructive impeding chiseling interposing unwelcome trespassing disturbing cocksure confident overconfident over-assertive uncalled-for cocky pushful chiselling insensitive unpleasant protruding upsetting indiscreet go-ahead insistent nervy strident loudmouthed full of oneself blatant jutting flagrant projecting sheer bald prognathous bulging

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