Đồng nghĩa của fervent

Alternative for fervent

Đồng nghĩa: ardent, devoted, enthusiastic, intense, passionate, sincere, zealous,

Trái nghĩa: apathetic,

Tính từ

Having or displaying a passionate intensity
ardent fervid intense passionate emotional enthusiastic impassioned vehement earnest animated heartfelt devout eager flaming perfervid sincere warm zealous fanatical feeling fiery avid deep-seated excited keen passional profound spirited wholehearted blazing burning card-carrying charged committed dedicated demonstrative ecstatic feverish glowing hot-blooded incandescent red-hot religious superheated torrid warm-blooded deeply felt raw enthused hearty heated mad keen pious responsive serious tender unfeigned warmhearted true blue dying to gotta have gung ho hopped up hot for keen as mustard fierce wild devoted violent deep crazy energetic lively frenzied strong nuts vigorous powerful extreme voracious furious true hot raging intent forceful desirous acute pumped obsessed hungry raring obsessive resolute solicitous rabid genuine angry mad steadfast athirst inflamed consuming interested juiced determined antsy unwavering agog assiduous thirsty yearning frenetic longing motivated fired up active faithful great loyal ready impatient driven honest urgent full-hearted vivacious manic exuberant excitable stimulated stirring staunch willing cordial diligent vivid high-spirited afire aroused deep-rooted emphatic stoked heightened as keen as mustard anxious bona fide ebullient ferocious greedy firm explosive impetuous tempestuous potent bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ambitious hopped-up restless zestful hepped up overzealous nutty from the heart itching overenthusiastic uncontrollable craving expressive on fire ablaze all-consuming sprightly delirious appetent unrestrained geeked forcible fanatic exhilarated temperamental ready and willing fixated frantic warmblooded mettlesome moving stormy stirred gung-ho constant thorough intensive champing at the bit real impulsive sworn keyed up raring to go sentimental dynamic true-blue dutiful fevered pining dying aflame dyed-in-the-wool hankering dinkum immoderate breathless psyched over the top carried away obsessional bigoted amped hot to trot crazed incensed amorous settled obstinate stubborn gone on purposeful significant inveterate deep-dyed excessive hooked single-minded infatuated complete severe uncompromising thrilled eloquent dotty engaged stanch set hard thrilling rousing desiring intemperate unswerving volatile heavy rash hellacious melodramatic uncontrolled unqualified emotive animate diehard blistering potty authentic vocal dithyrambic game stalwart good titillated steady poignant affecting concerned thoroughgoing steamed up pledged whole-souled addicted fond enamoured enamored covetous touching adoring aching loving happy white-hot doting chomping at the bit solid unflinching vociferous industrious strenuous unfaltering unaffected effervescent unruly clamorous full of beans hopeful fixed over-enthusiastic sensitive meaningful extraordinary fuming persistent unadulterated exceptional insistent absorbed aggressive conscientious occupied involved messianic ghastly almighty forthright full inspiring upfront absolute total unpretentious entrenched exquisite engrossed tumultuous militant compulsive rooted dreadful truthful ungovernable biased raving guileless opinionated irascible possessed abject terrible self-starting intrenched extremist distracted vicious fearful pleased stirred up fearsome unpretended tough blunt unbridled fired acquisitive unshakeable loud frightful hyper incorrigible hyperactive brisk hectic bugged excruciating full-throated roused hung up volcanic supreme wrathful habitual enduring hard-core amatory punchy outspoken mercurial wishful heavy-duty overwhelming overpowering inspired fascinated infatuated with itchy hard-hitting fast solemn acrimonious go-ahead overemotional dear addicted to devoted to restive rarin' to go adherent energized whole-hearted deepest down-the-line hooked on activated confirmed studious in-your-face amenable energised disposed bred-in-the-bone hot-tempered supportive unpretending inclined through and through pulling no punches hard-working heart-to-heart out-and-out amped-up mournful bursting wishing enraged effusive proselytizing evangelistic plucky delighted mighty tremendous seething spunky sad aflutter insatiable dramatic red-blooded marked sexy arousing titillating intent on uninhibited peppery gingery penetrating piercing inordinate bubbling over sultry scintillating susceptible intensified uplifting doleful grave all out thirsting bitter strong-minded resolved dogged decided gritty strong-willed bent on hardboiled tenacious indomitable buckled down set on untiring bent persevering unhesitating allegiant aglow heartrending pushy ravenous grasping hysterical neurotic agitable big exciting heartwarming overcharged bound edgy wild-eyed ripe zealotic fireball expectant rapacious avaricious responsible tried tried-and-true inspirited galvanized verklempt sentient importunate primal preoccupied soulful knee-deep visceral unconcealed undisguised noisy prepared moved influenced encouraged uplifted intuitive instinctive alight engagé attached touchy-feely very great very angry strident demanding raucous natural straining chafing gagging prepossessed relentless open single-hearted old faithful true to the end given over to mushy romantic agitated overactive overwrought galvanised hot-headed high-strung desperate pronounced concentrated up proselytising evangelical in a hurry straining at the leash vociferant obstreperous compelling coming on strong self-driven turbulent rough glad unreluctant short-fuse highly strung perfectionistic principled ignited precipitate headlong high-pressure high-powered hotblooded quickened major gut participating fain off the air very excited on the warpath untainted artless visionary minded meant worked up paroxysmal cyclonic touchy savage convulsive busy drastic foaming at the mouth fit to be tied keen on daft disorderly lit lighted indignant irate ireful wackadoodle wackadoo sharp full-blooded assertive resounding arduous muscular taxing actual undissembled pretensionless undesigning on the make starry-eyed in the mood of a mind pysched up up for on for favourably inclined waiting with bated breath nutso knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts bad-tempered ill-tempered hammer and tongs bang-bang hardened seasoned frank candid contributing influential activist high rigorous all-out exhausting erratic monomaniacal partial headstrong domineering credulous willful contumacious chronic maniacal intolerant crazy about mad about rhapsodic wacky tantalized established twenty-four carat honest to God high as a kite goody-goody worshipping worshiping venerating heart-and-soul revering pietistic employed working gaga tantalised zesty smitten radical perennial lifelong critical in love with revolutionary turnt shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about very keen on nutso over nuts about trustworthy hopping immersed bustling forward indelible proved immutable unyielding idealistic unreasonable illiberal prejudiced one-sided irrational partisan cut-throat beguiled enchanted besotted charmed unquestionable revolutionist nuts for high on turned on impenitent unshakable intransigent unapologetic unashamed irredeemable unreformable ineradicable longtime inexorable mad on in flames infuriated swivel-eyed narrow-minded berko berserk goody two-shoes ingrained definite incurable explicit accustomed inured habituated staid lovesick captivated bewitched wigged-out subjective unstinting unambiguous unreserved categorical infected naked insane corybantic deranged overboard sick poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased sizzling bitten unwell virulent flipped ill sicker tied-up go-getting unlimited unmitigated unrestricted unequivocal positive unconditional undivided taken intoxicated spellbound love-struck enraptured seduced indulgent erotic anacreontic amative sisterly brotherly overindulgent long-established righteous affectionate unalloyed sure utter legitimate long-standing freaked out vital two-fisted hard-line well established die-hard deep-set hard-shell firmly established well-established creditable credible ultra undiluted unquestioning outright up front articulate detail oriented silver-tongued vibrant abiding entire fullhearted buoyant fair dinkum rebel persuasive fluent sparky perky very keen very enthusiastic caring kind airy peppy quick alive sparkling zippy benevolent gentle terrorist bubbly bouncy pregnant revealing graceful friendly nurturing full of life gay hundred percent effective suggestive chirpy bouncing springy snappy go-go frisky jazzy pert racy zappy elated pizzazzy pizazzy chipper kinetic jaunty spanking thoughtful considerate sympathetic peart without reservations never-failing close generous attentive amiable reverential reverent telling revelatory graphic glib lucid smooth-tongued meaning pointed well-spoken alert vitalized zingy warm-hearted tenderhearted bright and breezy indicative well-expressed alive and kicking expressing adoration bound up close-knit grandiloquent rhetorical smooth-spoken well spoken voluble impressive magniloquent well expressed sententious facund full of vim and vigour

Tính từ

Significantly high in temperature
scorching searing burning hot fiery boiling roasting sweltering torrid broiling scalding sultry fervid ardent ultrahot superheated red red-hot white-hot piping hot sizzling blistering blazing baking tropical parching flaming heated like an oven boiling hot steaming warm sweltry on fire very hot humid febrile fevered piping stuffy close baking hot white igneous ovenlike recalescent incandescent thermogenic decalescent smoking calescent tropic extremely hot stifling oppressive withering glowing blazing hot feverish feverous summery like a furnace very warm suffocating sweaty scorched unbearably hot like a blowtorch burning up oven-like aboil burning hot ablaze toasted dry arid parched airless hot and humid barren muggy steamy dried waterless desert sticky jungle-like stewing perspiring like a Turkish bath flashing gleaming overheated fiery hot heavy clammy flushed damp like a sauna claggy soupy balmy moist thermal toasty lukewarm melting breathless dank violent unventilated fuggy confined mucky soggy stagnant thick misty febrific hectic drying lush pyretic low wet uncomfortably warm equatorial snug thermic watery sodden irriguous stale afire very damp foetid fetid frowsty mellow warmish hottish warmed tepid aflame kindled ignited inflamed intense choky mouldy uncomfortable fusty moldy musty stale-smelling lit raging conflagrant alight enflamed combusting fierce acute ferocious lighted flickering empyreal agitable turbulent flaring unrestrained strong extreme dripping moderately hot sweating explosive heavy-duty vehement excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome profound deep hellacious hard ghastly dreadful furious intensive terrible keen almighty fearful frightful in flames clouded fogged hazy foggy cloudy very great blistery steamed up hot and sticky misted up fogged up

Tính từ

Illuminating or reflecting light
glowing bright brilliant shining radiant luminous lustrous dazzling incandescent beaming refulgent shiny effulgent lucent lambent candescent ablaze sheeny fulgent lucid bedazzling splendid lighted shimmering clear illuminated flickering luminescent aglow phosphorescent twinkling ardent gleaming glimmering fervid smoldering smouldering glowy sunny rutilant suffused lit up red-hot white-hot burning blazing fiery aflame Day-Glo on fire intensely hot fluorescent flaring sparkling resplendent glittering scintillating irradiant flashing vivid light intense coruscating glistening glaring glossy lit glistering polished burnished flaming illumined alight flashy warm iridescent beamy relucent fulgurating agleam glittery white rich vibrant golden argent sunlit moonlit auroral fulgid irradiated silvery mirrorlike satiny splendent brightened lightsome radiating glorious fulgurant glinting fulgurous colourful colorful lurid sleek striking deep strong clinquant gaudy flamboyant bold garish splashy psychedelic kaleidoscopic jazzy gay showy loud deep-coloured bright-coloured highly-coloured eye-catching highly colored molten illuminative brightening rapier-like sharp healthy luminiferous cheery varnished hot soft shinning gleamy irradiating nitid translucent crystal beamful full glazed opalescent splendorous noticeable conspicuous stunning blinding glassy satin rubbed buffed beautiful visual dramatic glacé slick sparkly reflective convey smooth fierce overpowering waxy shimmery luculent rosy ruddy brightly illuminated extremely bright limpid

Tính từ

Feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement
ecstatic elated enraptured euphoric rapturous entranced joyful joyous rhapsodic transported blissful delirious overjoyed enthusiastic frenzied beatific cock-a-hoop delighted happy in raptures in seventh heaven jubilant on cloud nine ravished sent thrilled elevated enchanted enrapt exhilarated exultant giddy heady intoxicated in transports over the moon rapt rhapsodical blissed out orgasmic stoked wrapped athrill crazy delirious with happiness dreamy excited floating gleeful gone high in exaltation jumping for joy mad out overexcited sunny upbeat wild beside oneself with happiness beside oneself with joy walking on air floating on air flying high tickled pink turned on very happy in a frenzy in transports of delight pleased as punch tickled to death on top of the world ardent passionate eulogistic extravagant lyrical emotional over-the-top explosive emotive fervid glad pleased on a high animated on cloud seven cheerful cheery merry tickled gay exuberant chuffed in high spirits jolly jovial carried away gratified content bright buoyant mirthful laughing exalted blithe light-hearted chirpy as pleased as Punch captivated radiant peppy carefree satisfied inspired chipper jocund hysterical wigged out as happy as Larry blithesome beaming beside oneself triumphant corybantic sparkling as happy as a clam made up contented gladsome untroubled treading on air thankful pleasant flying genial as happy as a sandboy in good spirits charmed ebullient delightful rejoicing breezy like a child with a new toy airy jaunty sprightly grinning sparky smiling bubbly lively wild with excitement without a care in the world unworried optimistic festive heavenly wonderful hopeful smiley enjoyable roused happy-go-lucky winsome lighthearted in a frenzy of delight enthused interested aroused proud absorbed effervescent peaceful turned-on up convivial pleasurable blessed looking good frolicsome full of beans positive perky vivacious sublime peart good-humored good-humoured serene zippy zingy jocular flipping full of hope fascinated enthralled cheered of good cheer full of the joys of spring spellbound engaged glowing saintly stimulated bewitched piqued electrified seraphic impassioned puffed up hung up moved beguiled pleasing overwhelmed in heaven blest light playful bright-eyed and bushy-tailed enamoured gladdened exulting high-spirited deliriously happy heartwarming enamored flushed crowing fantastic can't complain entertained eupeptic lightsome canty fulfilled crank glorying prideful gloating amusing hilarious rollicking sportive triumphalist humorous spirited boisterous jumping boon riotous uproarious larking grooving extremely happy saturnalian zappy rocking jocose fun-loving at ease rip-roaring doing handsprings like a dog with two tails uplifted glorious exhilarative energized zestful overpowered triumphal inspirited thrilled to bits bouncy in paradise in rhapsodies frantic poised composed pacific possessed commodious providential sober measured collected effusive atingle energised filled with joy psyched pumped vigorous heartening distraught agitated distrait hysteric distracted aglow celebrating poetic expressive cheering only too happy blissfully happy Corybantic dizzy angelic holy divine pure drunk overwrought revelling infatuated easy hushed unflustered sedate unperturbed unruffled funny comical comic easy-going happy as a lark happy as a clam celestial facetious swaggering boastful debonair hopped up set up fired up galvanized concerned galvanised affected quickened welcome in transports of joy in transports of pleasure frisky insouciant unconstrained entertaining full of vim and vigour bright and breezy victorious reveling wowed good grateful flattered privileged easygoing unthinking amiable amused diverted beside yourself innocent ethereal cherubic satisfying paradisiacal well rosy paradisal fun paradisaical paradisaic sanguine paradisiac rousing enchanté gratifying comfortable magical blown away at peace self-possessed harmonious idyllic spaced-out cool perfect Panglossian honoured honored in ecstasies in a good mood very pleased in ecstasy gripped pleasantly surprised feel-good in the twilight zone starry-eyed rose-colored eager mesmerized engrossed held riveted desirous excitable enlivened motivated encouraged willing great preoccupied intent inclined craving gung ho popping absent dreaming mesmerised absent-minded abstracted daydreaming employed hypnotised busy occupied inattentive taken involved hypnotized unconscious oblivious avid amenable hungry agog bursting ambitious appetent thirsty restive athirst impatient disposed solicitous awakened longing pining keen geeked hepped up hopped-up hankering greedy covetous alive tumultuous wrapped up caught up in aflame

Tính từ

Causing cheerfulness
uplifting affecting inspiring moving stirring touching cheerful cheering gladdening warming eloquent emotional encouraging heartfelt meaningful passionate profound significant sincere doleful elevating enriching expressive heartening heart-warming improving inspirational inspirative inspiriting instigative mournful sad soulful stimulating invigorating energizing refreshing enlivening stimulative envigorating energising rousing exciting exhilarating restorative vitalizing bracing revitalizing soul-stirring fortifying revitalising tonic galvanizing reviving animating exhilarative rejuvenating galvanising poignant lively thrilling electrifying gratifying charged satisfying affective healthful healthy motivating strengthening rejuvenative salubrious motivational emotive fresh influential cheery persuasive vital cordial provocative impassioned rewarding provoking spirited arousing impelling pleasing impressive quickening impactful electric inciting heartwarming thirst-quenching thought-provoking vivifying brisk breathtaking intoxicating powerful pathetic health-giving striking upbeat heart-rending interesting vigorous comforting dramatic tear-jerking heartbreaking cool bright exalting instigating harrowing tragic haunting galvanic triggering kicky fulfilling awakening mind-blowing mind-bending piquing gladsome mind-boggling hair-raising heart-stopping rip-roaring exhilarant joyous challenging exhilaratory positive crisp heady salutary beneficial chilly cold pick-me-up keen generous giddy eye-popping animative renewing reinvigorating revivifying restoring deep sensitive freshening cooling piteous pitiful roborant reanimating saddening fiery ardent fervid stirred tender feeling deeply felt promising telling disturbing plaintive distressing upsetting agonizing painful propitious reassuring auspicious sweet loving pleasant joyful happy pitiable heartrending welcome gay delightful merry mirthful agonising emotionally moving hopeful jolly arousing affect jaunty jovial glad rallying fascinating high hyper esthetic aesthetic sentimental saccharine mawkish over-sentimental lachrymose sugary cloying syrupy soppy mushy gooey cornball weepy schmaltzy cutesy drippy sappy hokey lovey-dovey three-hanky gripping dynamic riveting memorable animated energetic anthemic vibrant enthusiastic hearty emotion-charged appealing spine-tingling titillating adrenalizing hectic captivating astonishing amazing intriguing stunning wonderful absorbing overwhelming magnificent incredible sensational spectacular fabulous wondrous stem-winding awe-inspiring entertaining compelling intense enthralling startling awesome enchanting staggering innerving arresting remarkable action-packed out of this world engaging wild astounding explosive fantastic stupendous brilliant piquant beautiful eye-opening marvelous grand marvellous sexy inflammatory strong agitational inviting attention-grabbing complex complicated difficult baffling confusing puzzling shocking mind-altering cliffhanging knife-edge compulsive amusing diverting riotous charming buzzworthy pleasurable exquisite jaw-dropping imposing dazzling amazeballs splendid glorious extraordinary beguiling unique magnetic eye-catching consuming engrossing enticing majestic monumental lavish entrancing showy luxurious influencing prompting galvanical shareable viral potent sparkling ensational readable elating hallucinogenic suspenseful laden pervaded permeated filled imbued suffused fraught loaded full saturated stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic tense exalté nerve-racking boisterous rollicking ripping uproarious adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat shaking trembling breathless sententious heart-stirring jolting giving one food for thought adrenaline-fueled shivering quaking vibrating shuddering outstanding buzzy volatile adrenalized frantic blood-tingling large mad swinging fab miraculous boss picturesque power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable unforgettable zero cool battery operated insane surprising curious never to be forgotten gee-whizz excellent crazy unreal unbelievable enjoyable ridiculous far out terrific meaty charismatic eventful hypnotizing hypnotic tantalising mesmerising worthy of note mesmerizing preoccupying bewitching unputdownable portentous trenchant topical fine unboring immersing hypnotising newsy splashy relatable prepossessing attractive involving vivid racy out of the ordinary tantalizing exceptional newsworthy alluring mesmeric spellbinding noteworthy seductive emphatic magical funny bad daring first-class primo divine momentous like wow swell hunky-dory super groovy dandy first-rate superb bold delicious stately massive humorous witty agreeable fun incendiary inflaming congenial recreative droll nice seditious hilarious chucklesome admirable insurgent rabble-rousing anarchic comical tremendous demagogic relaxing scream clever riot be a ball fun-filled gas side-splitting priceless rebellious fomenting agitating revolutionary extravagant transcendent phenomenal hate-mongering intemperate rabid mutinous eager vehement flaming contentious controversial excited committed assiduous earnest dedicated steadfast allegiant zealous resplendent far-out notable sumptuous special fantastical out of sight dreamy unmitigated commanding prominent splendorous towering arrestive surpassing magnific seditionary great confounding perfect incitive sightly like a red rag to a bull fierce feverish frenzied heated burning warm messianic violent fanatical perfervid passional torrid glowing raging red-hot demonstrative warm-blooded incandescent superheated religious tumultuous blazing uncontrollable hot-blooded impulsive impetuous ungovernable steamed up high-pressure forceful stimulated precipitate headlong high-powered hotblooded quickened

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