Đồng nghĩa của heartfelt

Alternative for heartfelt

Đồng nghĩa: deep, genuine, profound, sincere,

Tính từ

Felt or believed deeply and sincerely
sincere earnest genuine unfeigned warm ardent cordial fervent honest profound deep wholehearted devout hearty dinkum eager enthusiastic passionate solemn true deepest bona fide full-hearted deeply felt heart-to-heart from the heart real unaffected unpretended serious unpretentious candid frank upfront artless authentic committed truthful natural guileless open firm unpretending devoted zealous up front trustworthy unquestionable righteous unadulterated unconditional uncontrived unforced sworn actual undesigning positive complete forthright staunch absolute total dedicated thorough steadfast loyal determined unwavering steady vehement constant whole-souled resolute impassioned fervid untainted reliable easy unimpeachable valid known well-established simple unstilted pukka pure dear unartificial unassumed meant undissembled pretensionless unmannered without airs twenty-four carat on the level formal honest to God faithful legitimate credible creditable intense fair dinkum decided in earnest serious-minded resolved meaning what one says meaning business hell-bent set adamant definite intent deliberate keen pledged active down-the-line fast good true-blue card-carrying pious stanch deep-dyed red-hot heart-and-soul venerating goody-goody revering worshipping pietistic worshiping adherent adoring emphatic true blue goody two-shoes mad keen unstinting unshakeable categorical unambiguous unqualified full unreserved solid unequivocal unflinching unlimited undivided unrestricted unmitigated sure unswerving unfaltering utter unalloyed enduring thoroughgoing undiluted unquestioning outright stalwart abiding entire fullhearted whole-hearted out-and-out without reservations hundred percent never-failing straightforward straight outspoken direct plain plainspoken free-spoken up-front ingenuous downright round forthcoming unguarded freehearted openhearted out-front like it is plain-spoken blunt unvarnished foursquare on the up and up not afraid to call a spade a spade straight from the shoulder transparent legit innocent square veritable kosher lay it on the line talking turkey aboveboard unstudied naive matter-of-fact bare-faced saying what one thinks from the hip naïve unhypocritical bluff uninhibited unprejudiced unbiased communicative free right up front straight-talking unfiltered telling it like it is no-nonsense frontal no fooling straight-shooting bald parrhesiastic undisguised unconcealed pretenseless level undissembling fair bonafide official authoritative original plain-dealing right-on on the square two-fisted plain-speaking laid on the line honest-to-goodness straight-arrow square-shooting above board unspoiled convincing trusty open-and-shut for real veracious believable literal truth-telling precise scrupulous realistic proper just

Tính từ

Marked by strong and intense feelings or emotions
passionate emotional intense ardent fervent impassioned eager fervid flaming vehement allegiant animated assiduous committed dedicated earnest excited fiery steadfast strong zealous feverish fierce wild burning frenzied heated warm enthusiastic spirited energetic fanatical messianic passional perfervid vigorous violent blazing charged consuming demonstrative glowing hot-blooded incandescent raging red-hot religious superheated torrid tumultuous uncontrollable warm-blooded impetuous impulsive ungovernable affecting deep eloquent expressive forceful headlong high-powered high-pressure hotblooded inspiring moving poignant precipitate quickened stimulated stirring thrilling steamed up profound sincere keen wholehearted deeply felt deep-seated avid acute devout touching heightened powerful deep-rooted inflamed vivid full-hearted meaningful mournful significant raw feeling sad doleful tender unfeigned serious severe urgent uplifting soulful enthused extraordinary rousing excessive potent heavy penetrating intensified melodramatic furious emotive overemotional sentimental piercing true blue overpowering all-consuming gung ho hopped up from the heart forcible gutsy devoted immoderate uncontrolled marked sensitive overwhelming explosive inordinate unqualified ferocious intemperate inspired warming gladdening cheerful cheering blistering hellacious cordial stirred ablaze frantic mushy romantic encouraging ecstatic card-carrying worked up inspiriting heartening instigative elevating inspirative enriching improving inspirational heart-warming warmhearted hearty mad keen pious responsive entrenched abject true genuine fired up starry-eyed on fire white-hot dreadful cutting biting concentrated intensive terrible bitter hot for gotta have dying to keen as mustard honest exceptional extreme hard-core intrenched rooted supreme thorough great inveterate bona fide grave searing settled thoroughgoing very great sharp bred-in-the-bone confirmed angry lively excitable tempestuous hot stormy temperamental incensed volatile aroused rash rabid vocal hyper dithyrambic compelling vociferous emphatic clamorous insistent hectic fuming amorous irascible wrathful mad acrimonious loud full-throated outspoken hysterical volcanic mercurial hot-tempered enraged desirous effusive mighty tremendous seething dramatic frenetic sexy titillating arousing aflutter nutty mettlesome spunky high-spirited red-blooded scintillating bubbling over fevered resolute peppery gingery sultry vivacious gung-ho susceptible reinvigorated revitalized reborn overzealous importunate neurotic agitable noisy very angry exciting loving heartwarming overcharged roused overactive overwrought agitated hyperactive strident forthright demanding raucous turbulent rough sentient verklempt relentless desperate pronounced opinionated delirious paroxysmal cyclonic touchy savage convulsive vociferant obstreperous touchy-feely ghastly almighty off the air very excited on the warpath foaming at the mouth fit to be tied short-fuse hot-headed high-strung highly strung hard major indignant irate ireful knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts ill-tempered hammer and tongs bad-tempered bang-bang distracted exquisite drastic on the make fearful irresistible fearsome vicious irrepressible frightful unmanageable unquenchable unstoppable uncontainable excruciating critical revitalised born-again elated gripping engrossing absorbing heavy-duty cut-throat unruly crazed maniacal manic raving delighted crazy euphoric enthralling carried away articulate silver-tongued besetting compulsive preoccupying devouring persuasive fluent beside yourself intoxicated intriguing riveting dominating interesting immersing obsessive involving fascinating arresting engaging like one possessed pregnant revealing graceful exhausting suggestive effective telling glib lucid smooth-tongued revelatory meaning pointed graphic well-spoken orgasmic well-expressed indicative grandiloquent rhetorical smooth-spoken well spoken voluble impressive magniloquent well expressed sententious facund

Tính từ

Significant or extreme in degree or intensity
profound keen acute great intense deep extreme sincere earnest emotional explosive heavy intensive wholehearted abject ardent exquisite fervent overpowering overwhelming vehement vicious almighty dreadful excruciating fierce frightful furious ghastly hard heartrending hellacious terrible violent blistering deepest fearful fearsome ferocious hearty heavy-duty deep-seated deep-rooted deeply felt very great strong powerful severe passionate fervid serious burning impassioned consuming fiery extraordinary perfervid flaming zealous passional concentrated excessive torrid forceful dramatic heightened heated harsh red-hot incredible feverish eager indescribable vigorous all-consuming prodigious tremendous sharp agonizing unbearable warm-blooded fanatical raging hot-blooded remarkable enthusiastic unutterable warm marked impossible blazing charged urgent agonising stirring significant immoderate searing thorough insufferable piercing uncontrollable avid potent demonstrative incandescent moving religious inflamed superheated glowing drastic meaningful grave compelling grievous exceptional touching intolerable devout strenuous poignant unendurable penetrating full frenzied complete excited comprehensive eloquent inspiring vivid intensified mournful expressive affecting full-hearted relentless major sad total doleful harrowing incommunicable energetic sound dire supreme torturous racking feeling all-out thoroughgoing oppressive hellish tough cutting careful tormenting uplifting soulful in-depth besetting exhaustive close shrill stormy unfeigned tender wild compulsive devastating detailed unqualified rousing uncommunicable hot uncontrolled animated inordinate biting considerable intemperate dominating obsessive radical forcible protracted assiduous meticulous scrupulous rigorous extensive enthused desperate diligent spirited melodramatic frantic overemotional sentimental emotive weighty far-reaching true blue ablaze hopped up gung ho from the heart industrial-strength durable real pronounced right proper heavyweight long-lasting diabolical awful reprehensible indefensible inexpressible inexcusable unforgivable unstoppable cordial transcending amorous true genuine entrenched boiling baking scorching shameful disgraceful parlous very bad devoted substantial honest hard-core rooted intrenched warming cheering cheerful gladdening roasting sizzling critical enormous inspired inveterate bona fide committed dedicated card-carrying ecstatic cut-throat sweltering high raw encouraging settled pious mad keen warmhearted responsive tropical parching withering mushy romantic considered purposeful gripping engrossing absorbing undue exaggerated bitter worked up steamed up fired up white-hot starry-eyed on fire scalding stinging strained pungent bred-in-the-bone confirmed heartening instigative elevating enriching inspirative improving inspirational heart-warming inspiriting complex onerous complicated labored confused abstruse te formidable rough laborious recondite solemn knotty gotta have keen as mustard dying to hot for sensitive wakeless undescribable mother of all baking hot blazing hot blistery broiling enthralling concerted boiling hot very hot demanding all-inclusive all-absorbing all-encompassing painstaking stirred preoccupying devouring shooting hectic stabbing resounding ungovernable like a furnace all-embracing minute conscientious methodical rampaging rabid rampant riotous unrestrained intriguing riveting interesting immersing involving fascinating arresting engaging distressing storming unchecked unmanageable unfettered uncurbed unbridled emphatic laboured peracute searching high-pressure elaborate widespread resolute sedulous sweeping determined irresistible peppery convulsive painful enraged blustery ruinous sudden paroxysmal turbulent volcanic coercive dynamic outrageous tumultuous aroused tempestuous exhausting finely tuned out-and-out persistent accelerated fast insistent speeded-up out of control gale force full of force irrepressible overbearing shattering crushing confronting driving pervasive stifling overriding thought-provoking telling suffocating irrefutable overmastering difficult hard-hitting reflective challenging very strong provocative thoughtful confrontational insightful smarting brutal pounding wrenching savage mighty titanic powerhouse throbbing sore maximum utmost thumping afflicting bad gut-wrenching torturing galling punishing mortal worrying hefty gutsy punchy uttermost puissant shrewd splitting hurting deadly top big grueling ultimate hurtful unrelenting gruelling knifelike disastrous killing gusty destructive cruel dangerous hazardous tearing harmful boisterous squally life-threatening menacing threatening stark thunderous smart knockout damaging wounding injurious frenetic huge twingeing tingling prickly aggressive repressive grim stiff fevered calamitous very painful caustic achy gnawing unsparing heartbreaking heart-rending drilling paralyzing paralysing tortuous disturbing suffering struggling uninhibited cyclonic thundery howling inclement volatile bumpy windy typhonic blustering swirling choppy unconcealed primal visceral undisguised downright egregious fatal extremely painful chaotic restless roaring stormful rugged maximal consequential aching absolute utter lethal deathly torturesome toe-curling rending cringe-making infuriating tedious embarrassing stultifying chastening irritating dominant commanding arduous toilsome bleak ugly taxing immense massive herculean bruised irritated veritable pure paramount highest greatest freezing frosty toxic sobering perilous exacting precarious grinding red chafed elemental numbing arctic rank unadulterated flagrant thundering gross unalloyed uber sheer preposterous arrant stupendous surpassing phenomenal colossal gigantic superlative consummate horrific unpleasant horrible horrendous nagging unsafe capital poisonous incurable malignant chill frigid wintry cold chilling glacial hypersensitive sovereign monstrous giant humungous superb gargantuan humongous nippy nipping parky woeful appalling troublesome distressful abominable upsetting injured wounded greatest possible wintery intensely cold excellent outstanding rare leviathan max marvelous vast mountainous astronomic ginormous astronomical shocking atrocious godawful rotten lousy beastly vile afflictive very dangerous touch and go oversensitive bitterly cold marvellous more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand more than flesh and blood can bear

Tính từ

Based on an instinctive emotional response rather than considered thought
gut instinctive involuntary innate intuitive instinctual spontaneous natural automatic emotional unthinking unconscious impulsive visceral basic internal intimate inner viscerous interior subjective knee-jerk deep-seated hard-wired inherent intrinsic inborn ingrained reflex mechanical habitual rooted congenital native unpremeditated intuitional accustomed mechanic unlearned robotic inbred subconscious mental psychological second-nature normal typical intellectual regular cerebral primeval animal primitive unwilled psychologic unmeditated built-in settled established entrenched deep-rooted primaeval spiritual engrained unintentional inadvertent unintended unwitting dyed-in-the-wool hardwired indigenous characteristic ingrain immanent hereditary unconditioned unprompted untaught unplanned routine unbidden inbuilt natural-born by seat of one's pants in-built ingrown subliminal accidental unrealized uncontrolled uncalculating spur-of-the-moment off-the-cuff from the hip psychic passionate uncalculated undeliberate reflexive psychical implanted fixed charged ardent fervent feeling of the mind intraphysic mindly of the heart hidden perfunctory mindless unforced thoughtless autogenetic abiding firm enduring unshakeable stubborn ineradicable unfading inveterate core underlying constitutional embedded genuine inherited fundamental essential primal central organic constitutive natal inward material expected ordinary customary standard stock usual conventional connate inmost integral indwelling elemental base connatural autogenous personal endogenous native-born set everyday wonted bred in the bone deep-down in one's blood within driven in predictable obvious default in the blood in the family original in your blood rash careless impromptu precipitate extemporaneous impetuous injudicious imprudent reckless primordial ill-considered unacquired distinctive wild ingenerate genetic existing from birth innermost physical responsive immediate inwrought raw unsophisticated born congenite genetous inspired in one's genes quintessential blind uncontrollable structural inexpungible indelible implicit permanent ineffaceable inseparable unbewised conditioned unchosen resident unalienable indispensable latent individual elementary integrated untutored part and parcel unmindful negligent heedless extempore hasty headlong ill-advised absent-minded foolish unwise hurried capricious snap stupid silly neglectful senseless remiss incautious whimsical uninhibited sudden freakish unconsidered adventurous daredevil unrepressed foolhardy oblivious abrupt daring unguarded unpredictable irresponsible madcap abandoned unwary quick offhand witless swift hectic superficial speedy brash unexpected hot-headed feckless brutish unreasoning indelicate outrageous napping unheeding vacant unmeant blunt untactful ad-lib devil-may-care jumping the gun ill-thought-out winging it

Tính từ

Warm and friendly
cordial warm friendly genial affable hearty welcoming affectionate amiable earnest gracious pleasant sincere sociable wholehearted congenial hospitable neighbourly neighborly warmhearted warm-hearted agreeable amicable bonhomous cheerful chummy collegial companionable comradely convivial matey cosy cozy eager enthusiastic fond glowing jovial mellow palsy polite social sympathetic tender affectious clubby happy responsive good-natured palsy-walsy buddy-buddy red-carpet hail-fellow hail-fellow-well-met kindly loving kind benevolent cheery fatherly benign genuine caring comforting charitable inviting approachable likable maternal solicitous liberal motherly compassionate likeable softhearted deep amorous kindhearted empathetic paternal good-humored good-humoured obliging outgoing gregarious nice considerate civil courteous pally easy easy-going extroverted gentle conversable helpful clubbable mild complaisant decent generous pleasing intimate open well disposed well-disposed good-tempered accommodating thoughtful understanding sweet easy to get along with close delightful charming personable extrovert tolerant familiar easygoing amenable kind-hearted unreserved urbane engaging good extraverted mannerly chivalrous respectful big-hearted favorable unselfish accessible favourable clubable lenient good-hearted indulgent gallant polished gentlemanly cooperative civilized tight company-loving harmonious well-mannered couthy lovable jolly receptive well-bred diplomatic communicative brotherly entertaining soft lovely soft-hearted tactful thick civilised informal tender-hearted supportive winsome easy to get on with ladylike suave lively decorous genteel peaceful tenderhearted courtly uninhibited magnanimous cultivated personal attentive regular inseparable beneficent well mannered goodhearted boon calm chirpy fraternal perky refined humane devoted pleasurable blithe enchanting peaceable politic on good terms bosom even-tempered bland casual patient like-minded amical merciful merry relaxed loyal conciliatory benignant confidential captivating faithful close-knit jocund dear enjoyable satisfying demonstrative selfless non-hostile cultured vivacious available communal sensitive debonair buoyant gratifying talkative bountiful well-behaved wonderful altruistic fun mild-mannered delightsome unstuffy near discreet smiling winning unctuous formal giving open-handed poised especial hilarious deferential encouraging happy-go-lucky bighearted compatible sensible large-hearted well bred kindred sweet-tempered amusing bubbly all heart fascinating thick as thieves fine well meaning as thick as thieves temperate confiding great diverting festive joyous beautiful jocose jocular gay pacific copacetic mirthful appealing heavenly smooth laid-back attractive moderate philanthropic feeling noble refreshing open-minded rewarding cheering upbeat expansive backslapping glad chilled good-mannered perceptive chipper forthcoming stately aware unassuming inward forbearing sunny delectable fine and dandy unpresumptuous prepossessing simpatico breezy sweet-natured felicitous acceptable free and easy soft-spoken ingratiating swell munificent welcome positive bounteous harmless concerned grateful propitious lavish unstinting regardful to one's liking blessed blest palatable well behaved buddy buddy well spoken public-spirited well intentioned dreamy well brought up downright neighborly good company well-spoken confident attached vibrant funny comical cliquey natural expressive guestfriendly clannish festal fun-loving conversible heroic courageous facile shared public soft-centred conflict-free colonial wellmannered comprehending forgiving socializing exuberant people-oriented sophisticated nonmalignant valiant empathic concordant agreeing accordant nonthreatening paternalistic maternalistic sisterly glad-handering bluff brave unconstrained unrestrained door's always open acquiescent compliant smooth-tongued worldly cool worldly-wise square shooting right nice humble modest self-effacing conjoined non-malignant taking socialising obsequious punctilious well brought-up condescending softie marshmallow high enlivening upper up fearless honourable intrepid honorable stout-hearted bold dauntless free self-possessed dignified smooth-talking proper willing to please favourably disposed fit unanimous adapted frictionless united suitable mushy as nice as pie reasonable ungrudging community informative popular common collective organized group general lovey-dovey fresh officious snug elegant kissy-huggy very friendly well-suited well suited sympathique wholesome humanitarian fast in each other's pocket joined at the hip closely acquainted adoring doting ardent noble-minded valorous glib svelte silver-tongued sunny side up desirable free-and-easy favourite firm serene congruous consonant consistent bombastic free-handed well-meaning eleemosynary angelic soft touch unoffensive dutiful bleeding-heart big openhearted benefic pitying greathearted great-hearted princely philanthropical fatherlike clement heart in right place openhanded freehanded attention-seeking cherished constant heartening promising nurturing barley-sugar flexible placid carefree dandy oily distingué impeccable fulsome slick boisterous dearest special favorite couth knightly joyful bright passionate amatory timely opportune organised societal regular fellow right neighborly equable nonchalant insouciant admiring light-hearted sentimental fervent reverential reverent witty peachy pleasureful hunky-dory imperturbable untroubled unconcerned unruffled unworried permissive nearest and dearest on the best of terms well in close to devoted to on friendly terms tight-knit inseparable from hand in glove ebullient animated blithesome spirited waggish fabulous gassy sprightly tempting pretty broad-minded undemanding unhurried easy-peasy unexcitable much needed dulcet long-awaited to one's taste longed-for desired delicious heaven-sent contenting gladly received conscious pleased optimistic rosy gleeful laughing gladsome sparky eupeptic beaming lightsome canty unceremonious expressing adoration bound up intriguing enticing beguiling seductive mindful commendatory applauding complimentary knowledgeable approving approbatory lighthearted bright and breezy sunbeamy together unfazed unflappable subtle judicious careful delicate alluring cognizant magnetic measured enlightened satisfied alive appreciative in the know keen seemly discerning prudent mouthwatering blissful amazing splendid dexterous wise observant deft skilled skilful adroit savvy skillful cautious insightful tactical bewitching mouth-watering irresistible entrancing appetizing magnificent dextrous provocative persuasive ravishing tantalizing exquisite marvelous marvellous balmy treating with kid gloves tantalising appetising divine treating something with kid gloves exhilarating superb brilliant glorious

Tính từ

Most intimate or private
innermost deep private intimate personal profound deepest hidden veiled deep-seated inward secret true underlying concealed masked unexpressed unrevealed honest in-depth real sincere unapparent inmost bottled up deeply felt unvoiced inner undisclosed undeclared confidential privy inside sneaking darkest unspoken nonpublic guarded interior internal esoteric hushed non-public individual covert clandestine reserved secretive shrouded closed closet unseen top-secret tight-lipped unavowed unconfessed undivulged suppressed exclusive inlying hush-hush behind-the-scenes psychological religious inner-directed within intellectual spiritual classified privileged restricted off the record top secret unofficial unpublished not for publication one-on-one close quiet protected mum mom backdoor under wraps not for circulation not to be disclosed not to be made public personalized discreet unknown censored sub rosa underground untold undercover personalised one-to-one incognito dissembled strictly confidential home bosom repressed buried ulterior obscured obscure strict tight unacknowledged uncommunicated dissimulated carefully guarded closely guarded sub-rosa under-the-table individualised individualized in private stealthy stealth surreptitious sneaky furtive backstage backstairs between ourselves between you and me and the wall between you and me between you and me and the gatepost between you and me and the bedpost between you and me and the doorpost underhanded offstage sneak inconspicuous dark underhand not open hugger-mugger behind the scenes close to one's chest behind someone's back cloak-and-dagger under one's hat tête-à-tête in camera hole-and-corner not in the public domain face-to-face direct head-to-head sensitive soft low dern arcane

Tính từ

Causing or giving happiness or pleasure
heartwarming gratifying heartening satisfying encouraging fulfilling comforting cheering rewarding gladdening pleasing cheery stirring uplifting exhilarating inspiring joyous loving pleasant positive sweet touching promising reassuring propitious auspicious hopeful enriching fruitful edifying advantageous beneficial valuable productive worthwhile economic illuminating profitable informative remunerative gainful happy good cheerful welcome joyful hearty buoyant great ebullient effervescent bouncy enthusiastic lively jocund optimistic bubbly believing sunny sanguine rose-colored determined bright rosy fresh redeeming go-getting can-do feel-good up upbeat proactive unmarred confident assured expectant golden likely trusting fair encouraged roseate ambitious keeping the faith looking on the bright side idealistic bullish favorable hoping Panglossian favourable full of hope merry utopian high looking through rose-colored glasses likely-looking full of promise disposed to look on the bright side contented single-minded high-powered eager willing keen up and about lucky capable assuring supportive felicitous excellent satisfactory Pollyannaish buoyed up of good cheer disposed to take a favourable view seen through rose-coloured spectacles inclined to look through rose-coloured spectacles always expecting the best anticipative sure certain secure anticipating trustful unflagging cocksure anticipant satisfied comfortable reassured calm inspirited expecting emboldened content doubtless at ease looking forward to on cloud nine ray of sunshine on top of world

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