Đồng nghĩa của perfervid

Alternative for perfervid

perfervid /pə:'fə:vid/
  • tính từ
    • rất nồng nhiệt, rất nhiệt thành, rất hăng say
    • rất nóng, rất gắt

Tính từ

Extremely, excessively, or feverishly passionate
passionate fervent ardent impassioned vehement charged emotional fervid fiery intense demonstrative passional blazing burning eager enthusiastic feverish incandescent torrid dithyrambic flaming heated religious superheated hot-blooded warm-blooded red-hot warm glowing fierce zealous spirited earnest excited violent keen strong fanatical frenzied animated profound raging furious heartfelt wild deep-seated acute wholehearted consuming deep vigorous angry powerful forceful lively avid excitable urgent heightened sincere uncontrollable committed frantic impetuous tempestuous hot inflamed extreme energetic dedicated temperamental ungovernable rash volatile full-hearted deep-rooted explosive vivid thrilling stormy deeply felt all-consuming impulsive sentimental white-hot melodramatic hyper on fire hopped up incensed feeling ferocious hectic excessive assiduous forcible raw hellacious wrathful messianic serious blistering heavy severe mad hysterical stirring ecstatic amorous hearty expressive enthused mercurial tender responsive mad keen moving potent fired up true blue emotive overemotional ablaze gung ho hot-tempered steamed up fuming enraged frenetic fevered arousing sexy titillating mighty tremendous seething desirous aroused red-blooded aflutter vivacious sultry scintillating bitter bubbling over mettlesome spunky high-spirited immoderate uncontrolled marked steadfast allegiant effusive irascible inordinate intemperate penetrating unqualified piercing overwhelming overpowering gingery resolute peppery emphatic overzealous intensified cordial susceptible agitable neurotic nutty gung-ho very angry overactive overwrought hyperactive agitated volcanic sensitive tumultuous stirred exciting overcharged loving roused heartwarming relentless clamorous outspoken vocal loud noisy vociferous devout sentient verklempt touchy-feely euphoric inspiring eloquent poignant high-pressure hotblooded stimulated precipitate affecting headlong quickened high-powered forthright insistent strident short-fuse hot-headed high-strung highly strung ireful indignant irate acrimonious compelling ghastly almighty hard major inspired desperate rabid full-throated pronounced opinionated concentrated delirious exquisite card-carrying rousing boisterous dreadful drastic sharp terrible fearful irresistible mushy romantic touching on the make fearsome significant great extraordinary pious unfeigned warmhearted irrepressible vicious exceptional elevated intensive frightful unstoppable unmanageable uncontainable unquenchable worked up starry-eyed from the heart gotta have dying to keen as mustard hot for excruciating critical heavy-duty cut-throat raving unruly crazed maniacal manic crazy carried away beside yourself like one possessed searing all-out rigorous very great thorough harsh full total comprehensive biting cutting tough concerted protracted close strenuous demanding determined sound durable industrial-strength turbulent dangerous hellish insufferable unbearable diabolical inclement heavyweight long-lasting contentious unrestrained considerable boiling baking scorching dramatic enormous supreme towering sizzling roasting abject high sweltering heartrending agonizing deepest agonising undue diligent exaggerated tropical parching withering exhaustive importunate strained pungent stinging shrill scalding mother of all complete raucous blazing hot blistery baking hot broiling in-depth detailed vociferant obstreperous boiling hot very hot all-inclusive all-absorbing all-encompassing thoroughgoing painstaking conscientious all-embracing meticulous scrupulous methodical minute like a furnace sedulous sweeping extensive searching elaborate widespread careful off the air very excited on the warpath fit to be tied foaming at the mouth out-and-out persistent accelerated fast speeded-up radical

Tính từ

Exhibiting enthusiasm or strong passion
zealous ardent passionate fervent enthusiastic vehement keen eager intense fervid impassioned fiery earnest fanatical avid wholehearted burning spirited fierce dedicated vigorous devoted energetic committed forceful extreme hot antsy sincere rabid devout hearty obsessed pushy obsessive zestful militant frenetic afire fanatic itchy ripe possessed purposeful fireball fired zealotic gung-ho go-ahead single-minded self-starting wild-eyed coming on strong wild passional enthused motivated crazy diligent interested warmblooded mad keen keen as mustard bright-eyed and bushy-tailed excited raring willing industrious intent athirst ebullient lively voracious assiduous driven hungry conscientious solicitous desirous ambitious yearning warm nuts bugged as keen as mustard heartfelt urgent strong profound deep longing hopeful full-hearted deeply felt from the heart exuberant pumped thrilled craving animated vivacious titillated stoked dynamic fascinated exhilarated agog great ready desiring rhapsodic animate anxious tantalized geeked aflame concerned unqualified nutty impatient appetent thirsty wacky frenzied gaga itching active determined tantalised pleased sprightly juiced zesty turnt gone on red-hot greedy hopped-up fixated immoderate infatuated ready and willing hot to trot hepped up compulsive over-enthusiastic mad gung ho high-spirited raring to go keyed up dotty visionary potty hooked full of beans chomping at the bit champing at the bit wackadoo wackadoodle bigoted overenthusiastic incorrigible credulous impulsive biased partial willful stubborn raving obstinate addicted violent headstrong erratic opinionated monomaniacal contumacious unruly domineering feverish turned on nuts for high on assertive aggressive resolute tenacious steadfast persistent unwavering uncompromising enterprising untiring feisty ruthless strong-willed go-getting hard-driving self-assertive aspiring dogged unyielding staunch unbending indefatigable inspired stalwart bold unflinching strong-minded gutsy unflagging mettlesome goal-oriented self-driven firm striving persevering plucky obdurate unfaltering resolved iron-willed driving progressive pioneering decisive high-powered bent upon power-loving power-hungry self-asserting eager beaver get up and go high-reaching full-blooded self-seeking fixed bent immovable steely undaunted unshakeable undeviating pertinacious unrelenting indomitable unhesitating adventurous powerful insistent potent cutthroat emphatic self-willed tireless storming punchy racy bloodthirsty effective intensive competitive pushing gladiatorial resounding hardy rugged self-confident scrappy confident muscular forcible strenuous warlike dead set hell-bent full of determination hard-hitting like a ball of fire on the make two-fisted all-out high-octane having killer instinct in-your-face desiring success thrusting resilient hard-nosed sure loyal sagacious unremitting relentless sedulous rigid steady sustained rigorous ferocious irrepressible gritty faithful courageous brave tough unabated stringent assured wilful mulish defiant brutal bullheaded independent perceptive heroic take charge mean intractable inflexible refractory intransigent recalcitrant firm in spirit tough-minded ironclad resourceful certain stout-hearted hang-tough bound and determined intensely competitive stop at nothing high-pressure go for broke self-possessed cut-throat self-assured dog-eat-dog can-do fiercely competitive upwardly mobile highly motivated mullish indurate stubborn as a mule effectual pulling no punches combative emulous contentious sparkling vying exciting vital flourishing electrifying competing effervescent peppy flamboyant dashing alive dazzling bustling warring carnivorous opposing antagonistic oppositional humming happening airy stirring colourful virile buzzing vivid rousing bouncy perky robust kinetic brisk colorful zippy lusty hopping astir fresh snappy abuzz spunky spry coruscating bubbly sparky stimulating thriving busy ballsy frisky bouncing pert sturdy springy sensitive vibrating breezy radiant responsive vibrant pizazzy jazzy jaunty abubble spanking sound aboil pizzazzy spoiling for a fight on the warpath ready for action gay red-blooded have-a-go full of the joys of spring full of life go-go bright and breezy full of pep alive and kicking full of get-up-and-go full of spirit full of vim and vigour ball of fire compelled consumed set unshakable unbendable unshaken galvanized adamant serious impelled obsessional induced guided besetting pushed steered galvanised urged on

Tính từ

Full of fervor
excited zealous energetic fanatical fervent lively manic pumped frenetic obsessed passionate raring ready ardent disorderly fevered spirited sprightly wild crazy effervescent feverish psyched uncontrollable voracious delirious fierce game high nuts restless unruly vivacious amped angry crazed furious high as a kite juiced mad nutty stirred up high-spirited unrestrained stirred fired up hyperactive on fire steamed up wigged-out inflamed frenzied agitated violent frantic rabid uncontrolled overwrought tumultuous hectic turbulent hysterical ferocious boisterous heated riotous rough intense maniacal swivel-eyed raging fraught distraught worked up insane stormy keyed up corybantic out of control berserk desperate distracted chaotic tempestuous obstreperous animated rowdy panic-stricken wired hyper unscrewed in a tizzy deranged rumbustious raving obsessive weirded out wigged out overactive beside oneself freaked out flipped out abandoned fervid exciting uproarious confused explosive overexcited convulsive rambunctious raucous vociferous lawless demented unbridled fast and furious noisy weird at wits' end spazzed out hot under the collar zonkers unglued unzipped shook up in a stew hot and bothered impatient ebullient full-on uninhibited clamorous vibrant rip-roaring undisciplined confusing impetuous volcanic unbalanced cyclonic rugged wayward paroxysmal overwhelming overpowering hot wilful busy unsettled panic-struck panicky in a lather termagant in turmoil fiery emotional refractory hammer and tongs knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts vehement bang-bang unhinged gay impassioned rollicking madding active acrimonious bouncy loud phrenetic furibund passional touchy irascible savage frisky knockabout exuberant distressed lunatic bad-tempered excitable aroused ill-tempered temperamental lost it distrait uptight hysteric demonic demoniacal neurotic roisterous romping hell-raising roistering robustious berko anarchic in a state in a flap beside yourself worried having kittens last-minute in a flat spin at the end of your tether anxious in a tizz het up wound up in a cold sweat clangorous in high spirits sectionable unstable strident vociferant over-the-top brawling flurrying psychotic up turned out hopped up freaky flipped seditious mutinous roller-coaster rowdydowdy disturbed irregular flustering buzzing brisk bustling storming full of confusion shaking untamed roughhouse perturbed bitter rampant full of ups and downs full of upheavals full of conflict demonstrative destructive stern wooly disordered nutsy zoolike jungle hassle madhouse crowded burning enthusiastic woolly very busy very active like Piccadilly Circus hell broke loose nervous cataclysmal cataclysmic flaming ungovernable unmanageable high-strung recalcitrant like one possessed intractable disobedient incorrigible incontrollable willful untoward defiant stroppy froward delinquent insubordinate non-compliant headstrong contumacious bolshie like a loose cannon strong obdurate freaked insurgent badly-behaved unrestrainable indomitable stubborn obstinate undisciplinable insuppressible fractious indocile

Tính từ

Having or proceeding from an extreme or fanatical support of or belief in something
rabid wild violent extreme fanatical fervent bigoted extremist frantic frenzied furious intolerant mad maniacal uncompromising crazed diehard over-enthusiastic overzealous passionate biased delirious ferocious feverish fierce frenetic gung-ho illiberal irrational one-sided partisan prejudiced raging raving unreasonable zealous berko berserk infuriated intemperate narrow-minded swivel-eyed ardent bitten corybantic crazy dedicated deranged diseased enthusiastic flipped ill infected insane intense keen mad-dog militant naked nutty obsessed overboard poisoned sick sizzling smoking ultraist unwell virulent freaked out hysterical excited manic agitated uncontrolled distraught hectic overwrought hyper beside oneself demented fraught panic-stricken worked up out of control energetic flipped out obsessive nuts fevered unhinged wired unscrewed in a tizzy keyed up weirded out wigged out hyperactive unrestrained desperate confused impassioned fiery turbulent distracted angry weird zonkers unglued unzipped at wits' end spazzed out hot under the collar shook up in a stew hot and bothered possessed overexcited single-minded eager fervid devoted burning uncontrollable vehement restless tumultuous panic-struck hot panicky confusing exciting unbalanced lunatic nervous chaotic neurotic fanatic busy distrait convulsive maniac fast and furious hysteric off your head in a state in a frenzy beside yourself dogmatic sectarian radical madding blinkered activist chauvinistic inflexible abandoned phrenetic furibund boisterous overcome demonic demoniacal emotional ebullient full-on overwhelming overpowering uninhibited lost it incoherent overwhelmed unrestrainable sectionable in a lather stunned struck incredulous overawed affected babbling gay riotous distressed psychotic up turned out hopped up freaky high overpowered irrepressible in a panic carried away impetuous maddened driven to distraction rampant blazing tempestuous incensed fuming spasmodic very upset in a fit seething unnerved out of one's wits uptight lightheaded hallucinating aberrant deviant disturbed light-headed rambling disordered bewildered wandering hallucinatory unsettled disarranged deviate fixated immoderate infatuated devastated worried last-minute anxious het up wound up compulsive in a flap having kittens in a tizz destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself in a flat spin at the end of your tether in a cold sweat out of one's head out of one's skull dotty visionary hooked potty heated wackadoodle wackadoo passional overenthusiastic overactive incorrigible credulous impulsive willful addicted erratic opinionated monomaniacal unruly partial stubborn obstinate bugged headstrong contumacious domineering impatient turned on nuts for high on earnest avid mental wholehearted high-strung spirited like one possessed vigorous committed forceful ape amok antsy sincere bananas bonkers devout hearty spare batty bats barmy pushy barro crook porangi crackers postal zestful afire itchy on the rampage up the wall off the deep end through the roof ripe off the air purposeful off your rocker out to lunch around the bend zealotic fired fireball out of one's mind go-ahead self-starting wild-eyed coming on strong

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