Đồng nghĩa của devout

Alternative for devout

Đồng nghĩa: devoted, earnest, hearty, pious, religious, serious, sincere, zealous,

Trái nghĩa: impious,

Tính từ

Totally committed to a cause or belief
devoted dedicated earnest faithful genuine sincere staunch loyal ardent committed intense passionate steadfast zealous fervent deep enthusiastic firm keen resolute serious unwavering wholehearted active card-carrying constant down-the-line fast good pious pledged profound stanch steady sworn true true-blue vehement deep-dyed dinkum heartfelt red-hot adherent adoring fervid goody-goody heart-and-soul pietistic revering venerating worshipping worshiping mad keen true blue goody two-shoes dutiful dependable reliable trusty fanatical impassioned trustworthy allegiant unswerving stalwart unfaltering eager avid honest tried-and-true dyed-in-the-wool warm single-minded stable supportive enduring sure persistent immovable burning tried and true tried and tested deeply felt intent strong unfeigned perfervid true-hearted tried hearty patriotic orthodox unflinching driven stubborn solid conscientious fixed purposeful fiery strict trusted obdurate conservative traditional hard-core confirmed unchanging attached bona fide religious upright hard-working honourable honorable resolved liege full-hearted pure unfailing from the heart tenacious persevering settled inveterate unhesitating responsible gung ho spirited torrid motivated rigid passional stout diligent deep-seated uncompromising extreme inflexible cordial unmovable unbending energetic inexorable bound close assiduous rabid vigorous abiding unqualified studious solemn unquestioning truthful go-ahead straight secure incorruptible bosom true to life never-failing scrupulous boon truehearted heart-to-heart behind one fundamentalist reverent prayerful urgent attentive concerned sound big doting exuberant die-hard redoubtable adamant established immobile changeless determined consecrated admiring on one's side unflappable stiff tough in good faith through and through unyielding as thick as thieves inseparable durable certain decided strong-minded set on gritty set strong-willed dogged bent on hardboiled untiring indomitable obstinate buckled down bent engagé fond out-and-out as keen as mustard single-hearted old faithful given over to true to the end entrenched powerful abject acute conformist obedient open heightened severe intrenched exceptional consuming rooted extraordinary observant impervious dear real deepest emphatic upfront confiding correct believable loving affectionate circumspect deep-rooted stirring thorough inflamed rousing supreme excessive great grave righteous right just trustable moral virtuous ethical nice safe decent unpretending meant calculable right-minded actual pretensionless undissembled undesigning authentic string along with on the level doctrinal all-consuming thoroughgoing worthy veridical undistorted estimable high-principled creditable square all right hardened militant twenty-four carat honest to God bred-in-the-bone no lie on the up and up up front hopeful pushy forceful fierce zestful engaged emotional obsessive hot itchy ripe zealotic antsy fired obsessed frenetic fanatic fireball afire self-starting possessed gung-ho wild-eyed participating of the faith busy of the true faith occupied animated flaming influential activist contributing feeling coming on strong involved employed working excited engrossed hopping forward immersed absorbed bustling interested superheated charged glowing feverish blazing ecstatic demonstrative hot-blooded warm-blooded incandescent raw enthused tender warmhearted heated responsive tied-up go-getting gotta have dying to keen as mustard hopped up hot for two-fisted unshakeable intimate unrelenting unshakable familiar tireless reputable indefatigable unflagging unremitting special cherished friendly thick confidential unshaken dead set on chummy relentless tight especial buddy-buddy inward near valued treasured best principled undeviating positive matey pally consistent unchangeable sturdy thick as thieves sensible unequivocal unvarying unfluctuating close-knit veracious respectable unvacillating pat sustained regular palsy-walsy cozy cosy convincing tried and trusted balanced bound and determined industrious unwearied set in stone dynamic inexhaustible weariless unceasing immutable long-standing long-lasting credible pertinacious fair permanent level-headed insistent whole predictable infallible straightforward stiff-necked favourite anti-corruption even uniform pigheaded mulish unimpeachable hard intransigent implacable decisive copper-bottomed invariant recognized dead set unalterable dearest favorite tested clubby whole-hearted brick-wall recognised congenial sociable always there stand pat above suspicion on good terms focused sedulous humble unwearying unending unretiring impartial unpretentious uncontrived equitable unmistakable effective daring unbribable go-to meaning business going all the way perseverant impeccable competent rocklike lasting telling indisputable convinced satisfied confident incontestable valid indubitable undeniable incontrovertible doubtless free from doubt unquestionable for a fact clear persuaded assured personal careful incorrupt focussed audacious steamroller unafraid resilient nervy powerhouse on top of each other single-minded about hell-bent firm about equable proper complete flawless bulletproof perdurable nearest and dearest good as one's word to be counted on carrying the load high-minded upstanding quality long-lived hanging tough obsessive about inflexible about fixated on fanatical about uncorrupted compelling undamaged normal perfect well balanced well-built well-balanced noble foolproof guaranteed mature unambiguous total unstinting absolute full unreserved categorical saintly unlimited unmitigated unconditional unrestricted undivided perpetual inextinguishable immortal undestroyable untouchable proven proved attested undoubting persuasive well judged fresh trenchant felicitous unimpaired favourable seasonable expedient unspoiled eatable timely potent well timed unhurt incessant Herculean fly right straight-up boy scout rock solid as good as one's word to be trusted sure-fire worthy of trust down home full of integrity approved certified classic demonstrated failsafe unadulterated utter unalloyed used undiluted outright undecayed well-timed uncontaminated promising intact fit to eat unblemished tried out fail-safe put to the test time-honoured safe as houses indivisible entire fullhearted patient hardheaded willful self-willed adamantine inconvincible hard-nosed perverse iron-willed headstrong self-opinionated impassive wilful ossified opinionated steely bullheaded conjoined indissoluble inseverable inalienable favorable nerveless imperturbable stony-hearted unimpressionable indurate rock-ribbed perky continuing plugging jumping go-go grind unstinted undeterred continued hyper plodding entwined integral united molded intertwined connected undividable unified moulded interwoven integrated impregnable unsinkable without reservations hundred percent whole-souled unmodifiable quiescent respected prestigious tied up in each other's pocket as one joined at the hip make good in good part make good on something very dear assertive definite locked in tough nut stick to guns set in concrete dug in excellent legitimate esteemed in earnest hard-line determinate dominant unmalleable eager beaver prevailing inexpugnable domineering seasoned going explicit honoured of repute reputed well thought of irreproachable name well-thought-of well respected do-or-die hell-bent on hell-bent upon bent upon hang tough through-and-through hard-and-fast notable well known favored famous legit well-known renowned distinguished prominent popular famed eminent high-ranking redoubted celebrated acclaimed honored of good repute illustrious favoured with a good reputation above board highly regarded of good report in high favor salt of the earth of good standing

Tính từ

Following the precepts of a religious practice
pious religious godly holy saintly dedicated devoted prayerful reverent believing dutiful faithful God-fearing orthodox pure sainted spiritual churchgoing righteous virtuous divine moral good saintlike angelic god-fearing devotional pietistic upright innocent blessed hallowed just sanctified perfect consecrated unworldly spotless sacred humble seraphic glorified chaste clean venerable faultless sacrosanct practising godlike ecclesiastical committed pietistical untainted immaculate venerated revered uncorrupt sublime undefiled practicing sinless born-again theological ethical law-abiding blameless worthy celestial reverential upstanding irreproachable guiltless churchly uncorrupted church clerical priestly obedient ordained beatified canonized deified conformist canonised reserved messianic special conforming moralizing smug moralising goody-goody doctrinal scriptural stainless beatific charismatic superhuman deific transcendent sectarian late seraph observant heavenly schismatic deistic sacerdotal pontifical supernatural canonical theistic ministerial late lamented full of good works worshipful ritual worshiping ceremonial of blessed memory worshipping honest decent honourable principled noble supplicant supplicating fair high-minded honorable pleading beseeching respectable right nice straight true stand-up anti-corruption right-minded soliciting entreating noble-minded squeaky-clean equitable imploring suppliant supplicatory meritorious charitable punctilious philanthropical impartial matchless trustworthy philanthropic exemplary laudable scrupulous conscientious commendable creditable deserving peerless praiseworthy all right ecclesiastic pastoral apostolic non-secular parsonical prelatic ecclesial clerkly churchy bible biblical hieratic vicarial non-temporal papal episcopal presbyteral rectorial priestlike otherworldly ethereal churchlike Aaronic clergy hierological metaphysical theologic dogmatic mystical classical prophetic theocratical monastic monkish rabbinical parsonish cleric parochial diaconal proper moralistic conscionable incorruptible seemly truthful reputable chivalrous aboveboard distinguished gallant magnanimous decorous square courteous kosher clean-living salt of the earth true-blue

Tính từ

Loudly cheerful, enthusiastic or approbatory
hearty ardent eager passionate enthusiastic intense spirited avid zealous animated ebullient lively impassioned exuberant energetic vivacious dynamic deep emphatic loud affable effusive generous jovial unreserved cheerful profound backslapping deepest uninhibited responsive amiable vigorous abiding cheery frank full gay glad gushing honest jolly profuse unrestrained welcoming back-slapping deep-rooted warm-hearted deep-felt good natured keen fervent vehement earnest fanatical wholehearted fiery fervid committed dedicated excited warm perfervid enthused exhilarated devoted gung ho high-spirited forceful rabid sincere burning emotional great fierce obsessed zestful passional pumped intent antsy afire hungry ready willing voracious red-hot interested desirous wild athirst mad keen keen as mustard heartfelt extreme flaming titillated stoked raring motivated violent assiduous agog solicitous active diligent determined aflame impatient nuts anxious ambitious appetent thirsty heated crazy superheated torrid charged religious glowing feverish blazing demonstrative hot-blooded warm-blooded incandescent hot greedy ready and willing deep-seated as keen as mustard keyed up raring to go deeply felt bright-eyed and bushy-tailed champing at the bit hopped up full of beans chomping at the bit effervescent heartful feeling inspired stirred inspirited galvanized stimulated roused energized diehard card-carrying ecstatic encouraged moved aroused uplifted influenced activated raw gotta have dying to serious pious hot for tender true blue unfeigned warmhearted habitual militant energised self-driven stirred up galvanised hung up hankering amenable breathless restless inclined disposed happy longing unreluctant pining engaged craving game restive covetous single-minded pushy purposeful obsessive itchy ripe zealotic fired go-ahead frenetic fanatic fireball self-starting possessed gung-ho wild-eyed acute strong coming on strong powerful forcible explosive heavy intensive urgent vicious exquisite overwhelming overpowering abject excruciating hellacious heartrending hard ghastly dreadful furious terrible almighty frightful clamorous outspoken vocal noisy vociferous heavy-duty fearsome very great blistering ferocious fearful forthright insistent strident desperate angry impetuous frantic on the make inflamed full-throated pronounced opinionated potent concentrated hyper delirious thrilled fascinated rhapsodic animate geeked nutty wacky tantalized industrious concerned unqualified yearning juiced conscientious gaga itching driven tantalised pleased sprightly bugged zesty warmblooded turnt gone on hopped-up hot to trot hepped up excitable tempestuous stormy frenzied raging mad rash temperamental consuming tumultuous impulsive fired up on fire manic fevered psyched uncontrollable hectic amped heightened volatile crazed hyperactive messianic irascible acrimonious hysterical dithyrambic volcanic steamed up mercurial hot-tempered wishing amorous hopeful dying desiring intent on overzealous raving uproarious steadfast allegiant agitable neurotic aggressive proactive bullish banzai daft in a frenzy very excited untrammeled untrammelled jumping up and down potty extremely enthusiastic take-charge can-do short-fuse hot-headed high-strung highly strung eventful exciting severe immoderate uncontrolled marked inordinate vivid intemperate penetrating piercing bitter busy excessive melodramatic intensified turbulent rough emotive overemotional sentimental all-consuming ungovernable noteworthy interesting moving inspiring eloquent stirring poignant high-pressure hotblooded expressive precipitate thrilling affecting headlong quickened high-powered convulsive paroxysmal cyclonic touchy savage disorderly knock-down-and-drag-out bad-tempered blood-and-guts ill-tempered bang-bang hammer and tongs distracted overactive overwrought full-hearted agitated red-blooded unruly high sultry high as a kite action-packed strenuous ireful indignant wrathful irate wigged-out

Tính từ

Being such by habit, long-established, and not likely to change
confirmed hardened seasoned chronic entrenched habitual rooted deep established inveterate settled committed firm fixed intrenched lifelong perennial resolute set thorough true ardent complete dedicated devoted earnest enduring faithful fervent immutable incorrigible indelible loyal proved stalwart staunch steadfast uncompromising unwavering unyielding vehement wholehearted compulsive diehard fanatical fiery impenitent ineradicable inexorable intransigent irredeemable longtime obsessive obstinate persistent stubborn supreme thoroughgoing torrid unapologetic unashamed unreformable unshakable unshakeable zealous accustomed definite explicit habituated incurable ingrained inured staid sicker dyed-in-the-wool long-established bona fide hard-core long-standing deep-rooted deep-seated die-hard hard-line deep-set firmly established through and through all-consuming bred-in-the-bone card-carrying deep-dyed well established well-established red-hot hard-shell constant pathological inbred abiding lasting inborn unrepentant hopeless addicted tried continuing verified radical unswerving lingering tested long-lasting innate congenital shameless obsessional recurrent ceaseless ever-present continuous continual utter hooked long-lived usual profound unfaltering out-and-out fundamental reliable extreme dependable built-in inherent irremovable secure true blue inbuilt trustworthy genuine sure demonstrated unabating honest regular persisting permanent tried-and-true proven routine tenacious recurring unmitigated deeply felt absolute valid accepted basic protracted rigid abandoned unregenerate obdurate full-bore uncontrite right-down arrant steady trusty subconscious embedded beyond hope mad keen instilled fast good infixed unchangeable through-and-through true-blue keen as mustard pious stanch full-fledged deep-down upright down-the-line sustained dutiful honourable honorable deeply ingrained allegiant out and out sincere experienced unforgettable ineffaceable long-l incessant inannihilable irradicable worn addictive reprobate prolonged dependent uncontrollable long-drawn-out obscene pornographic X-rated irrepressible undying eternal longstanding frequent fortified determined unwaivering slow dragging dyed-in-the wool implanted dug in set firm deep down remaining grounded callous irrational unreasonable indurated old sworn adamant radicated customary lodged in one's brain remorseless unremorseful unrepenting spun-out drawn-out haunting by habit endemic based on intractable unblushing to the core illogical clinical irreformable unabashed brazen intense irrecoverable unredeemable irretrievable unrecoverable unreformed irremediable conscienceless constitutional bad beyond redemption useless impossible recidivous uncorrectable beastly irreparable loser wicked recognized certified attested checked authentic heartfelt strong impassioned intrinsic unreasoning uncontrolled pathologic neurotic not contrite undoubted upheld supported verifiable demonstrable establishable orthodox avid fervid powerful abject acute passionate burning conclusive integral ingrain hardwired essential constitutive natural native indigenous immanent hereditary enthusiastic heightened severe serious exceptional consuming unfeigned keen extraordinary pure true-hearted recognised incorruptible patriotic truthful stirring inflamed warm rousing excessive great grave solid righteous right straight responsible just trustable moral virtuous ethical nice safe decent brassbound calculable supportive right-minded in the blood indwelling in-built no lie conscientious on the up and up worthy truehearted veridical undistorted liege estimable high-principled up front scrupulous creditable square all right behind one tried and true tried and tested in good faith principled upstanding noble respectable reputable unfailing stable high-minded fair immovable proper law-abiding trusted blameless stand-up unchanging straightforward certain never-failing stout equitable sound laudable single-minded exemplary conscionable unflinching admirable correct irreproachable saintly immaculate unrelenting undeviating inflexible kosher anti-corruption sensible strict unhesitating intent on the level vigorous impartial persevering unbending sinless guiltless purposeful unimpeachable moralistic strong-willed praiseworthy meritorious angelic commendable unflagging bound consistent dogged sturdy brave squeaky clean credible clean courageous unqualified indefatigable elevated bold innocent chivalrous spirited respected indomitable close insistent aboveboard relentless emphatic stiff implacable morally correct right-thinking squeaky-clean rock-ribbed full of integrity undaunted knightly attached adherent reasonable resolved pertinacious unquestioning lofty level-headed even venerable valiant hard-working strong-minded unstained impeccable bulldog plucky chaste circumspect lawful courteous mettlesome decided gritty strenuous assiduous diligent fair-minded uncorrupted fitting invariable untiring tough unshaken noble-minded stout-hearted same equal traditional conservative above board spunky incorrupt clean-living unadulterated pure as the driven snow durable dead set on meaning business reverent unalloyed rational infallible driven undiluted approved predictable unlimited equable redoubtable intrepid true to life untarnished unvarying revering daring bosom veracious venerating unflappable gallant magnanimous positive boon obedient steely competent forthright mature copper-bottomed legit faultless objective well-balanced unprejudiced unbiased unbribable confiding loving affectionate pledged direct big purposive tried and trusted unfluctuating inculpable whole-hearted humane fail-safe godly saintlike deliberate punctilious uniform deserving unmovable eager decisive homogeneous wholesome of principle benevolent unerring dinkum perseverant holy spiritual of good repute manful string along with indifferent evenhanded nonpartisan disinterested on the up-and-up orderly well-mannered candid indurate gutsy dispassionate distinguished always there unbendable unalterable adoring goody-goody self-righteous whiter than white four-square rock solid well-founded hell-bent on fair and square bent on bent upon do-or-die salt of the earth hell-bent upon creditworthy unswervable humble uncontrived unpretentious right-hand important principal main favorite honored fundamentalist sane attentive concerned religious believable impervious prayerful intimate discreet admiring consecrated adult go-to immobile changeless inseparable capable definitive God-fearing rocklike patient quality upfront active effective unmistakable Christian seemly full of determination grim godlike philanthropic matchless peerless charitable philanthropical perfervid morally right morally acceptable tireless rightful as thick as thieves sedulous decorous capable of being trusted worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic on one's side endless boundless heroic valorous chivalric balanced cohesive importunate stiff-necked carrying the load impersonal doting rabid fond exuberant audacious steamroller nervy powerhouse forceful unafraid resilient inexhaustible foolproof guaranteed coherent refined purified perfect greathearted gentlemanly high lordly sublime on-the-level right and proper on the square fair-and-square good as one's word to be counted on goody two-shoes honoured favourite excellent valuable worthwhile possessive mulish unforgetful pristine veritable bulletproof perdurable sterling fine dapper alright unmarred unobjectionable clean-cut esteemed lily-white highly regarded inoffensive precious applaudable model thinking twice fastidious critical extremely careful heedful punctual exact precise neutral even-handed non-partisan open-minded legitimate surefire can't-miss unfading justifiable justified invaluable hanging tough bound and determined courtly straight-up assured well balanced well-built sure-fire of good report A-1 first-class anti-discrimination non-discriminatory above suspicion as good as one's word worthy of trust fly right boy scout to be trusted down home studious intemerate conformist classic failsafe bottomless used gentlemanlike manly great-hearted quixotic well grounded from the horse's mouth unmixed real unstinting full unambiguous total unreserved categorical observant delivering there come-through virginal confident uncolored nondiscriminatory maidenly unrestricted unequivocal unconditional undivided hearty assertive sheer hard single-hearted old faithful virgin modest in the bag shoo-in unanxious undoubtful sanguine easy nailed down able locked on carefree hopeful determinate dominant in earnest unmalleable expected raw flawless out tried out put to the test time-honoured safe as houses unsullied prevailing inexpugnable domineering true to the end going bent counted on undefiled outright doctrinal true to type as keen as mustard given over to stainless spotless unblemished entire fullhearted hard-and-fast guileless unspoilt unaffected tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon intent on set on determined to committed to the idea of hell bent on hang tough stand pat quickest shortest linear 24-carat celibate continent vestal white unprofaned inviolate unspotted unblighted kind obliging similar static helpful neighbourly of the true faith of the faith accommodating lily white wide-eyed identical unvaried matching equivalent invariant generous thoughtful gracious friendly amiable considerate hospitable hundred percent whole-souled above reproach agreeable indulgent kindly unselfish amicable civil comradely altruistic benign sympathetic monotonous pure as driven snow babe in woods G-rated wet behind ears sociable polite pleasant without reservations ordered fated irreversible unmodifiable fateful well-proportioned ossified plumb symmetrical unbroken systematic consonant level undiversified of a piece normal compatible methodical smooth monolithic genial regardful peaceable companionable mannerly well-disposed neighborly well mannered well-brought-up beeline straight line straight ahead bee-line not crooked horizontal irreprehensible without reproach in the clear of excellent character

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