Đồng nghĩa của born again

Tính từ

Of, pertaining to or leading to transformation

Tính từ

Following the precepts of a religious practice
religious spiritual holy sacred theological devotional divine doctrinal scriptural churchly sectarian church ecclesiastical sanctified celestial consecrated dedicated devout godly heavenly pious righteous sainted saintly hallowed schismatic born-again canonical clerical deistic god-fearing ministerial moral orthodox pietistic pontifical priestly pure sacerdotal sacrosanct saintlike supernatural theistic devoted reverent prayerful God-fearing dutiful faithful churchgoing virtuous moralizing reverential smug moralising believing committed good practising superhuman angelic deific practicing charismatic transcendent blessed revered venerated godlike venerable innocent upright glorified perfect unworldly spotless humble seraphic just chaste clean immaculate sacral pietistical faultless untainted uncorrupt sublime undefiled blest consecrate sinless unprofane beatified ordained canonized canonised inviolable reverenced exalted sacramental deified obedient reserved messianic special conformist blameless ethical deifying uncorrupted stainless irreproachable beatific worthy guiltless law-abiding conforming late upstanding seraph goody-goody immortal untouchable unassailable enshrined observant adored numinous solemn worshipped worshiped late lamented eternal anointed devoted to God dedicated to God full of good works set apart among the angels of blessed memory bible classical apostolic biblical prophetic supplicant supplicating pleading beseeching soliciting entreating imploring suppliant supplicatory

Danh từ

The process of changing or causing something to change from one form to another
conversion transformation metamorphosis change transfiguration transmogrification transmutation turning altering changeover changing translation about-face exchange flip-flop flux growth innovation metanoia metasis move novelty passage passing permutation progress qualification reclamation remodelling remodeling reorganisation reorganization resolution resolving reversal switch transfer transition sea change turning around see the light alteration shift mutation modification development revision adjustment variation reconstruction adaptation revolution reshaping rearrangement reformation evolution turn restyling revamping recasting renovation swap substitution difference turnover reordering correction variance transubstantiation makeover amendment refashioning modulation advance reworking tempering refinement addition rebuilding vicissitude remoulding diversification break remolding surrogate renewal deviation redoing remaking replacement upheaval compression diversity variety contraction distortion progression reshuffling regeneration renewing interchange transposition rejigging revolutionizing turnaround realignment revolutionising about-turn modernization readjustment radical change U-turn improvement rebirth redesign redevelopment swing overhaul transfigurement morph redirection course veering fluctuation shuffle crossover swapping revolutionary change specialisation trade bartering commutation newfangledness innovativeness specialization trade-off rendering enhancement beautification cosmetic treatment rehab restoration reassembling gradation relocation upgrading jump metastasis leap turning point crossing transit departure volte-face cross mid-course correction trend quantum jump sudden change major change quantum leap marked transformation total change path procession operation process motion vacillation shifting diversion change of direction digression movement retraction oscillation stirring wavering rowback handover drift break with the past yaw deflection bend stir barter go over substitute bias repositioning direction relegation rise tendency tack breakaway alterations transaction dicker advancement evolvement rotation redistribution reorientation restructuring upset disruption regrouping transference assignment supplanting transposing deal sale alternation cataclysm shakedown convulsions switches shifts reformations amendments transitions revisions shuffling supplantment conveyance conferral allocation permutations advances metamorphoses bargain truck quid pro quo refinements makeovers rearrangements remodelings corrections bestowal cession complete change rejiggings reorganizations changes remakings turns reorganisations remoldings dramatic change shake-up abdication drastic alteration complete shift radical alteration sea changes transubstantiations readjustments realignments improvements

Trái nghĩa của born again

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