Đồng nghĩa của late lamented

Tính từ

Of or pertaining to a saint
sainted devout godly holy pious religious saintly blessed late of blessed memory righteous spiritual prayerful divine saintlike virtuous faithful pure devoted reverent moral god-fearing good dedicated believing angelic pietistic devotional God-fearing innocent hallowed upright sanctified consecrated unworldly spotless perfect sacrosanct humble seraphic glorified just chaste clean venerable pietistical faultless untainted immaculate venerated revered uncorrupt godlike sublime undefiled dutiful churchgoing orthodox born-again sinless sacred ecclesiastical celestial clerical priestly blameless ordained beatified canonized deified ethical moralizing reverential smug moralising uncorrupted stainless irreproachable beatific worthy guiltless canonised reserved messianic special committed upstanding seraph practising charismatic superhuman deific practicing transcendent theological doctrinal scriptural full of good works sectarian churchly church heavenly schismatic deistic sacerdotal pontifical supernatural canonical theistic ministerial supplicant supplicating pleading beseeching soliciting entreating imploring suppliant supplicatory ecclesiastic pastoral apostolic non-secular parsonical prelatic ecclesial clerkly churchy law-abiding honest bible biblical hieratic decent vicarial non-temporal papal episcopal principled noble honourable presbyteral rectorial honorable right respectable straight true nice exemplary scrupulous high-minded conscientious meritorious laudable praiseworthy stand-up right-minded commendable trustworthy squeaky-clean noble-minded all right obedient conformist priestlike otherworldly ethereal churchlike conforming Aaronic clergy observant fair worshiping ceremonial worshipful ritual hierological metaphysical theologic dogmatic mystical anti-corruption classical worshipping prophetic equitable impartial matchless deserving charitable punctilious philanthropical philanthropic creditable peerless theocratical monastic monkish rabbinical parsonish cleric goody-goody parochial diaconal proper moralistic conscionable incorruptible seemly truthful reputable chivalrous aboveboard distinguished gallant magnanimous decorous square courteous kosher clean-living salt of the earth true-blue

Tính từ

Dead, no longer alive or living
late dead deceased departed demised gone inanimate defunct fallen lifeless expired extinct lost perished asleep breathless exanimate lamented passed away passed on dear departed much lamented no longer extant no longer living out cold cold low killed no more slaughtered slain murdered dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail at peace with God pushing up daisies six feet under inert insensate stiff bygone nonextant under the sod insentient vanished not breathing buried done bypast nonexistent bought the farm done for having breathed one's last casualty bitten the dust disintegrated retired turned to dust in the grave laid to rest unconscious comatose insensible invalid outdated out-of-date redundant kaput unmoving motionless desert faint waste unresponsive brute limp still wasted unanimated cadaverous down mortified spiritless erased had it in a faint not living out for the count offed silent reposing liquidated dead to the world down the drain out of commission bereft of life not existing resting in peace out of one's misery gone to meet maker cut off gone to reward checked out pushing up the daisies former finished at rest kicked the bucket bit the dust extinguished inactive exterminated destroyed obsolete gave up the ghost quenched doused out died out wiped out passé abolished void terminated no longer existing archaic unknown snuffed out ended superseded dead and gone outmoded disappeared no longer known inexistent vanquished no longer with us dead as a dodo stone-dead ruined effaced eradicated obliterated wrecked annihilated extirpated demolished lapsed devastated frittered crushed inorganic mineral non-organic soulless quiescent abiotic listless nonvegetable vacant impassive azoic without life lethargic apathetic nonanimal not alive inoperative idle nonliving dull

Thán từ

(idiomatic) Used parenthetically to mark the referent as being deceased

Trái nghĩa của late lamented

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