Đồng nghĩa của peerless

Alternative for peerless

Tính từ

Of the highest quality, best
unequalled unrivalled incomparable matchless nonpareil unmatched unparalleled unsurpassed inimitable superlative unexampled unique unsurpassable beyond compare consummate excellent exquisite only outstanding perfect rare supreme unequaled unrivaled aces all-time alone best champion faultless gilt-edge greatest most second to none solid-gold super surpassing tops transcendent unparagoned beyond comparison without equal out of sight world class superior paramount top exceptional pre-eminent foremost extraordinary leading ultimate unexcelled chief without parallel unprecedented singular towering preeminent premier highest great prominent predominant record principal distinguished stellar par excellence phenomenal dominant finest eminent head first unbeatable primary main capital star major select lead prime remarkable utmost absolute ideal notable fantastic sovereign key central cardinal special grand topmost choice first-class prodigious in a class of its own incredible striking unbeaten superb illustrious number one supereminent amazing premium first-rate overriding master arch primal overbearing overmastering unheard-of exemplary commanding top-tier top-notch extreme renowned magnificent awesome sui generis one of a kind famous top-drawer numero uno maximum without peer unmatchable ascendant complete big prevailing apex without match presiding novel best ever arch- terrific sovran marvellous original total prior hors concours new important marvelous unconditional fine signal one and only wonderful industry leading fresh best possible number-one in a league of its own newfangled top-class significant a cut above the rest topflight top drawer celebrated sublime splendid unchallenged awe-inspiring noteworthy unequalable unassailable model ruling max uttermost fabulous unlimited biggest better optimal reigning infinite boundless flawless high one-in-a-million utter regnant greater uncommon abnormal unusual governing predominate optimum utopian dominating prevalent freakish unknown anomalous extraordinaire undefeated one-off whole finished in a class of one's own uppermost untypical strange groundbreaking atypical unaccustomed unfamiliar freak revolutionary outré momentous pioneering crack ace outre odd preternatural outlandish aberrant idiosyncratic eccentric miraculous bizarre exotic top of the line top of the range number 1 directing first-time record-breaking first class primo high-class top-of-the-range prize-winning ground-breaking out of the ordinary unheard of out-of-the-way sans pareil unapproached elite perpetual everlasting enduring front marquee stupendous tremendous wondrous one in first place beyond description beyond words exclusive well-known exalted individual senior larger higher bigger elder final culminating definitive irreproachable royal decisive essential classic prototypical typical quintessential exacting untouchable of the highest quality out-of-sight noted crown vintage A-1 Grade A big-time blue-ribbon choicest boss estimable superfine regal unrestricted unrestrained unbounded standout irreplaceable highest ranking mother of all without an equal stand alone imperial full kingly out of this world all-time best maxi invincible monarchical monarchal unconquerable indomitable the most exceeding far-out unimaginable archetypal in a class by itself preponderant majestic guiding monarchial lofty unstoppable transcendental especial invulnerable unconventional purpose-built once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind unrepeated something else separate without precedent unordinary unrepeatable excelling impressive sensational good breathtaking dazzling admirable cracking mean moving accomplished entire intellectual intuitive uplifting primordial inspiring obscure hypothetical inspirational transcending unconfined intact innate abstract eternal theoretical impregnable bulletproof insuperable insurmountable wicked dainty elegant delicate sterling eximious valuable invaluable tip-top unusually good astonishing distinctive world-class memorable marked beyond grasp of the first water of the first order extremely good very good in a league of their own one in a million priceless precious particular rich recherche refreshing very fine mind-boggling mind-blowing not beatable peak authoritative core domineering controlling profound categorical outright sheer furthermost largest downright categoric thoroughgoing thorough pure unqualified unadulterated unmitigated definite stark fair plumb nth unalloyed arrant rank solid bodacious dead deadly dreadful flat conspicuous clean blooming out-and-out all-out errant blank positive perfected chronic cotton-picking flat-out impeccable straight-out deep-dyed most excellent most important most influential most outstanding most prominent

Tính từ

The best of its kind or class
dandy excellent superb first-class first-rate marvellous splendid wonderful fine great superior superlative terrific cool exceptional magnificent outstanding perfect sterling sublime awesome eminent fab fantastic matchless pre-eminent supreme tip-top top-notch very good ace admirable capital super swell tremendous worthy class magic of high quality supercalifragilisticexpialidocious topping wicked wizard awesomesauce bosting brill brilliant champion mind-blowing of the highest quality of the highest standard smashing A-OK bang-up banner beaut beautiful blue-chip blue-ribbon boffo bonnie bonny bonzer boss brag brave bully bumper choice classic corking crackerjack cracking divine dope down dynamite fabulous famous fantabulous first-string five-star four-star frontline gangbuster gangbusters gilt-edge gilt-edged gone grand groovy heavenly high-class hot hype immense jim-dandy keen lovely marvelous mean neat nifty noble out-of-sight peachy phat prime primo prize prizewinning quality radical righteous ripping sensational slick spiffing stellar supernal top topflight top-hole top-of-the-line top-shelf unsurpassed applaudable bosker exemplary fly glorious hunky-dory model number one numero uno on fleek paragon par excellence peachy keen out of this world sup rior too good to be true all very well well and good accomplished good world-class unrivaled exquisite unrivalled skilful unparalleled notable extraordinary skillful premium remarkable select incomparable unequalled unequaled expert phenomenal elite impressive adept consummate crack skilled flawless distinguished transcendent of the first water masterly preeminent amazing high-grade high mega proficient dazzling high-quality incredible virtuoso premier faultless tiptop bodacious capable of the first order masterful rare meritorious striking beyond compare finest unexcelled talented topnotch ideal desirable invaluable special spectacular noted attractive priceless estimable illustrious deft gifted best stunning polished top-quality out-of-this-world adroit A-1 top-class noteworthy gorgeous amazeballs impeccable top-drawer A1 out of sight crowning prodigious exclusive dexterous rad experienced elegant sovereign schmick practised commendable laudable praiseworthy able choicest sik unique deluxe lofty chillin' practiced belting dominant optimum pearler singular exo barrie competent artful unmatched master formidable dextrous savvy tasty compleat top-grade crucial without equal top of the line top of the range second to none certified immaculate valuable finished sound delightful enviable blameless unblemished standout paradisiacal pure paradisiac top-level advanced vintage fancy surpassing leading distinctive first clever breathtaking unbeatable really good tops untouchable handy effusive highest extreme winning excessive greatest inflated exaggerated worthiest bravura top-tier workmanlike delicate versed dreamy inspired renowned complete veteran educated unsurpassable banging whiz splendiferous splendorous nimble-fingered way-out of the highest order too much above and beyond nonpareil of highest order piked upmarket irreproachable unimpeachable reliable prominent staggering nice spanking astonishing coruscating imposing thrilling professed commanding cream star uppermost marvy quintessential celebrated def fabby goodly beezer lead refined lank kif flagship pleasant enjoyable tophole super-duper especial thoroughbred far out mint fantastical stupendous legit unreal outrageous optimal elevated august to die for idyllic inimitable blissful unexampled A-list prize-winning award-winning solid exalted proud astounding untainted ten aces utopian untarnished foolproof unmarred absolute culminating stainless excelling classical defectless spotless indefectible highest quality very best the very best state-of-the-art the best a standout in a class all by itself unusually good wondrous good-quality good quality high-caliber high-calibre of a high standard a cut above better than usual better improved first class enhanced of the best quality better than average sunny extraordinaire in a league of their own one in a million top-of-the-range mind-boggling awe-inspiring awing better than expected strong powerful mighty pretty deadly hotshot habile high-end A-grade a dab hand at on the ball very able sharp as a tack there sharp on the beam up to speed no slouch know stuff no dummy smooth clean unflawed apt nimble agile astute demon nippy hot tamale pleasurable agreeable bad satisfying pleasing gratifying congenial chic welcome delectable far-out exciting enchanting charming gnarly delightsome savory alluring savoury grateful blessed dulcet darling blest honourable honorable precious radiant tasteful stylish amusing colossal ravishing felicitous magical delicious rapturous ingenious scrumptious luscious jolly palatable fun sweet cute frabjous diverting solid gold positive satisfactory grade A acceptable favorable entrancing reputable arresting super-eminent shipshape super-excellent recherche plush smart appealing captivating memorable presentable comely fetching beauteous rewarding likable entertaining fascinating engaging foxy dainty fashionable favourable cheery copacetic genial paradisal paradisaic good-looking hospitable not bad creditable ducky likeable the dog's bollocks ambrosial yummy lush zero cool adorable hip best ever ka pai top-flight superfine quick majestic key bewitching well-designed natty convenient spruce unforgettable cheerful entire unbroken up to snuff unimpaired undamaged uninjured whole intact unharmed unhurt bestselling sophisticated posh ritzy hypnotic miraculous unorthodox deep wild splendacious top quality high quality replayable flattering juicy rocking pick fat eye-popping jaw-dropping important classy upscale well-known really nice peak hand-picked elect superhuman spiritual paradisic saintly luxurious moving eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable effective simple selected principal like wow cat's meow eventful not too shabby above average slap-up handsome high-test favored 10 popular preferred preferential predominant virtuous top drawer baller crash hot nang No. 1 grade-A to your liking chief hundred-proof handpicked plum favorite enhancing with it pretty cool A-number-1 mostest favoured favourite uncommon cherry-picked unusual worthwhile graceful dream meritable venerable 24-karat carefully chosen first-line deserving respectable becoming appropriate inventive intelligent hunky dory well-chosen worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas mild exhilarating joyous tempting comforting lovesome flashy affable euphoric fair comfortable glamorous photogenic seductive amiable hunky clear resplendent dollish glossy snazzy flamboyant knockout taking aesthetic pulchritudinous statuesque well-favored showstopping OK cunning drop-dead splashy eye-catching zingy soothing glamourous intoxicating showy sightly in order dishy prettyish relief unspoilt glad inviting passable telegenic paradisaical calming elating copasetic recreative ecstatic relishable esthetic irie ineffable refreshing trim suitable orderly decent tidy swank prim welcoming very pleasant very attractive very agreeable greatly to one's liking very pleasurable

Tính từ

Well known based on one's reputation
noted famous celebrated prominent influential distinguished recognised recognized respected acclaimed eminent famed foremost illustrious notable preeminent reputable reputed venerable venerated elevated esteemed estimable lauded major noteworthy notorious prestigious renowned revered top vaunted acknowledged chief exalted glorious honored important legendary lionised lionized respectable significant well-known admired applauded august big exceptional feted great imposing leading pre-eminent star storied valued considerable conspicuous honoured infamous laureate outstanding powerful signal superior visible well known big-name celeb memorable name popular redoubted superstar big-league of distinction of note well received widely known world-class highly rated highly regarded high-profile major league major-league much-publicized of repute stand-out well-regarded well-thought-of worthy of mention worthy of note big league big-shot big-time high-powered of high standing well thought of much touted up there VIP having made a name for oneself remarkable noble extraordinary redoubtable far-famed much publicized talked about in limelight in spotlight marked luminous brilliant singular bright striking astral unforgettable especial shining special aristocratic arresting nonpareil salient talked of big name grand seminal supreme primary honourable capital main dignified principal honorable commanding lofty stately fabled premier iconic magnanimous paramount sublime predominant regal prevailing prime dominant superlative puissant trusted all-important number one resonant formidable authoritative heroic triumphal alpha idealistic learned prized potent overbearing arch- high profile senior highest mighty unparalleled well-connected unequaled high-level unequalled gifted incomparable matchless arch first high-minded prior of the first rank first rate unsurpassed primal greatest unexcelled high-ranking extolled immortal established majestic praised excellent high-up much vaunted splendid highly esteemed in the limelight highly thought of magnificent worthy key central consequential pivotal resplendent essential marvelous top-drawer top-ranking celebrious admirable public marvellous triumphant beautiful of consequence integral gorgeous superb proud dazzling top-notch effulgent radiant gratifying time-honored heavyweight high-flying serious of mark heavy heavy-duty in the public eye celebrity recognizable familiar creditable appreciated professional first-class four-star upper-class large royal magnific widely-known recognisable monumental fundamental core material cardinal top-level sterling praiseworthy big-gun good vital distinctive historical weighty much-admired on the map numero uno of influence governing far-reaching highly praised something else dominating sovereign fine wonderful splendrous heavenly pleasurable delightful enjoyable remembered splendorous rightly prized underlined beloved reliable glittering star-studded glamorous high critical crucial front-page splashy monster proverbial decorated prizewinning commended hailed cheered all-star known accomplished common scandalous everyday leonine lionlike page-oner requisite intrinsic flaunted strong famous name reverenced hallowed widely knowbn energetic dynamic instrumental of importance substantial indispensable necessary needed eventful head controlling touted worshipped ill-famed eloquent rich oratorical upper towering cogent successful phenomenal deciding focal paraded earnest high-priority big time skookum ruling overriding historic trendsetting regnant big-wheel hot-dog winning prodigious sacred decent reverend sage promoted overhyped advertised publicized hyped master exemplary wise of ill repute publicised boasted about bragged about made much of shown off with a bad reputation with a bad name richest top-tier champion overmastering top-rank first-rate sovran sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful worshiped grave exulted in crowed about prated about of great consequence imperial divine impressive heroical epic massive grandiose gallant baronial Homeric dynamite meaningful super-duper momentous super something unreal mondo fab fat doozie made a display of splendiferous solid gold adored to the max most important most powerful most influential most illustrious

Tính từ

Not subject to any limitation, particularly in relation to power or authority
absolute unlimited supreme sovereign ultimate complete full unconditional unrestrained unrestricted categoric categorical outright predominant superlative unbounded unqualified utmost all-powerful boundless downright infinite pre-eminent total tyrannical unbound unequivocal unmitigated unreserved unsurpassed wholesale matchless omnipotent peremptory unconstrained unquestionable utter preeminent out-and-out all out flat-out straight out without limit no holds barred leading foremost highest first premier greatest chief principal paramount dominant primary main cardinal overriding central key capital grand master overbearing arch overmastering prior primal superior directing number one numero uno prevailing transcendent royal surpassing regal monarchical ruling imperial monarchal big great kingly monarchial preponderant commanding prime ascendant prevalent unparalleled predominate reigning unrivalled incomparable unmatched unequalled consummate top inimitable unequaled nonpareil unrivaled unsurpassable uppermost sovran towering best governing perfect all-encompassing unfettered princely queenly monarchic crowned controlling important prominent top-priority top-tier unique rare unexampled unexcelled head notable number-one of a king potent mighty imperious influential holding the reins weighty overpowering official biggest major authoritative dominating efficacious largest almighty effective of greatest importance supervisory arbitrary beyond compare hors concours exceptional second to none stand alone without an equal without equal outstanding in a class of its own without peer all-time best culminating exquisite final beyond comparison lead definitive decisive topmost presiding untouchable high supereminent unbeatable highest ranking top-drawer mother of all lofty majestic guiding regnant vital essential fundamental pivotal crucial core basic focal elite eminent maximum excellent top-notch illustrious champion critical maximal salient crowning significant top-ranking first-rate senior finest indispensable overruling intrinsic apex apical aristocratic elemental exalted tiptop famous stellar staple renowned powerful crack highborn well-known big-time first-class star No. 1 high-ranking successful compelling necessary loftiest highest-ranking unmatchable premium of prime importance of supreme importance first and foremost winning must-have fine outside underlying distinguished ranking noble radical rudimentary top-level peak patrician headmost five-star respected celebrated revered noteworthy genteel major league heavy arch- par excellence highbred gentle wellborn noted blue-blooded top-rank popular upper-crust of the first rank upper-class accomplished expert finished imperatorial climactic worthiest characteristic inherent favoured favored chosen special integral particular determining beginning opening especial simple axial material operative keynote strategic quintessential root strongest constitutional intervening superseding of greatest significance telling momentous consequential serious basal constitutive managing urgent in charge widespread oustanding richest successional hereditary optimal second-to-none record unprecedented unassailable optimum queenlike kinglike front utopian domineering elevated august dignified initial exemplary select undefeated unbeaten honoured esteemed respectable venerable refined high-up ladylike lordly gentlemanly baronial knightly inaugural A-number-1 A-1 furthermost in the ascendancy in control on the throne primo hotshot hotdog heavyweight of note a cut above the rest industry leading topflight best possible top of the line top of the range top-of-the-range top drawer record-breaking first class prize-winning number 1 sans pareil top-class crown without match singular only without parallel zenithal severe intense acute uttermost at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff posh one-in-a-million ideal upmarket large huge honored grave widely praised well born silk-stocking well thought of highly regarded of distinction high-born acclaimed out of sight heavy-duty world-class historic immortal trendsetting big-league big-wheel high-powered big-name substantial high-level puissant big-shot hot-dog prestigious major-league famed notorious high-profile seminal admired feted glorious conspicuous big-gun storied dynastic enormous extraordinary tremendous deadly indescribable raging extreme mortal very great greatest possible more powerful most important most prominent most noticeable most obvious most influential most illustrious most powerful most skilled most excellent most outstanding

Tính từ

Morally right or justifiable
righteous good just upright virtuous ethical honest decent moral honourable law-abiding pure upstanding worthy blameless innocent noble principled angelic fair faultless guiltless high-minded honorable irreproachable saintly sinless anti-corruption nice respectable right right-minded stand-up straight true uncorrupted equitable God-fearing noble-minded pious squeaky-clean all right charitable commendable conscientious creditable deserving devoted devout dutiful exemplary faithful godlike holy impartial laudable matchless meritorious philanthropic philanthropical praiseworthy punctilious reverent scrupulous spiritual trustworthy reputable clean immaculate unimpeachable proper incorruptible impeccable admirable reliable spotless godly chaste high-principled inculpable unblemished dependable lawful lily-white stainless correct estimable undefiled sincere truthful religious untainted squeaky clean unsullied perfect saintlike dedicated trusty uncorrupt irreprehensible sainted excellent prayerful cleanhanded moralistic elevated divine above suspicion morally correct square wholesome legitimate clear venerable conscionable pure as the driven snow solid kosher lofty chivalrous model pristine respected virginal true-blue straightforward magnanimous in the clear god-fearing above reproach unoffending legal crimeless uncensurable safe untarnished candid guilt-free believing whiter than white pietistic unstained humble not guilty impeccant right-thinking up front unblamable responsible devotional uninvolved clean-living constant fair-minded incorrupt humane on the level sterling legit frank hallowed flawless free of seraphic gallant benevolent fitting self-righteous peaceful generous aboveboard angelical licit unaffected civilized veracious paradigmatic classic quintessential loyal sanctified unbribable unfeigned above board of good repute obedient blessed consecrated bueno neato prototypical classical sensible genuine unworldly natural rightful forthright steady glorified beyond reproach sublime churchgoing sacrosanct on the up and up white greathearted steadfast open orderly guileless unfailing sound dignified fine distinguished civilised not bad duteous orthodox unwavering batting a thousand not too shabby great lordly high unpretentious full of integrity kind gracious true blue helpful representative typical illustrative characteristic unselfish modest authentic without fault well behaved seemly sacred peaceable reasonable pietistical revered venerated unspotted justifiable ecclesiastical esteemed justified celestial open-minded staunch compliant sympathetic considerate kindly altruistic outstanding benign born-again thoughtful unswerving applaudable beneficent untouchable trustable tolerant calculable caring liberal earnest precise disciplined heartfelt unprejudiced unbiased salt of the earth tractable unpretended unquestionable free objective self-sacrificing credible sanctimonious decorous unspoilt even-handed theological fastidious simple upfront knightly celibate redoubtable valid cultivated heavenly virgin proud wholehearted dispassionate neutral non-partisan equal respectful level-headed vestal anti-discrimination non-discriminatory due resolute lenient of principle prestigious positive rational real indifferent evenhanded nonpartisan uncontaminated compassionate infallible ardent ideal nondiscriminatory G-rated courteous notable on the up-and-up unobjectionable worthwhile trusted harmless committed uncolored clean-cut firm eminent illustrious beatific sackless praisable thankworthy clerical priestly big polite copybook inviolate goody-goody understanding tender obliging secure consummate exceptional beyond criticism accommodating sure tried true-hearted civil kindhearted definitive kind-hearted indulgent friendly amiable hospitable merciful amicable humanitarian not to blame genial confirmed tried-and-true tried and trusted highly regarded veritable above-board great-hearted tried and true sweet big-hearted of good report as pure as the driven snow tried and tested unerring unassailable peacekeeping unspoiled undamaged unpolluted complying highly respectable rectitudinous professional idealistic glorious balanced incorrupted favoring circumspect well-behaved seraph deified canonized ordained beatified demure deserved merited condign fresh favouring prim saving dinkum sportsmanly sportsmanlike smart Christian competent warranted needy eligible morally right morally acceptable untouched snowy undisturbed actual easy known undesigning artless well-established hearty canonised reserved messianic special disinterested clean-handed detached fast uncontrived particular free from blame free from guilt free of sin maidenly pukka enduring patriotic valuable loving selfless on up and up inoffensive predictable fair and square straight-arrow honest-to-goodness submissive biddable amenable manageable conformable docile critical heedful punctual exact doctrinal scriptural well favoured well-favoured prudish persistent inextinguishable immortal undestroyable unchanging perpetual full of good works according to the rules on up-and-up moralising reverential moralizing smug decisive determined stanch practising invaluable sectarian churchly dapper alright unmarred precious bighearted first-class supportive not responsible unequivocal careful deferential picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect absolute indefectible seamless archetypical imitable archetypal textbook prissy strait-laced finicky veridical allegiant down-the-line undistorted liege truehearted supplicant charismatic practicing transcendent deific superhuman church thinking twice extremely careful supplicating irreprovable unmannered pleading heroic giving princely goodhearted public-spirited valiant goodish large-hearted munificent continent unprofaned unblighted beseeching snow white reproachless very good no lie soliciting quality uplifting edifying inspired divinely inspired goal driven delicate fussy cherubic ethereal entreating A-1 plain-spoken lily white wide-eyed meritious winner meedful meritable golden boss choice world-beating absolved cleared untroubled at peace calm serene tranquil exonerated exculpated schismatic imploring unadulterated brave courtly refined bounteous suppliant supplicatory non-erotic improving non-violent honoured established fervent serious cordial profound pernickety extraordinary remarkable wet behind ears theistic supernatural deistic sacerdotal pontifical canonical ministerial bona fide neighbourly free-spoken round recognized reputed name well respected of repute well thought of well-thought-of babe in woods top drawer apple-pie pure as driven snow literal ingenuous plainspoken believable meaning what one says truth-telling outspoken unreserved realistic like it is well known famous well-known renowned popular celebrated acclaimed copper-bottomed favored prominent famed high-ranking redoubted honored squeamish agreeable comradely passionate invigorating sane envigorating hygienic commonsensical open-faced ruddy practical together fresh-faced sanitary normal blooming sociable pleasant favoured with a good reputation recognised regardful companionable mannerly empyrean foolproof guaranteed mature without reproach full-hearted neighborly of excellent character fair dinkum in high favor of good standing accurate all there as good as one's word sure-fire worthy of trust fly right straight-up boy scout never-failing rock solid always there to be trusted down home gentle forgiving well-disposed well mannered well-brought-up well-mannered factual mild archangelic entrancing radiant otherworldly angellike appealing angelly rapturous in the pink hale and hearty in fine feather clement forbearing learned attested benignant purpose driven certified scholarly approachable softhearted empathetic empathic commiserative tenderhearted warmhearted verifiable accessible pitying sentimental soft human sensitive responsive authenticated supported convincing from the horse's mouth well founded proven straight from horse's mouth documented authoritative circumstantiated validated verified broad-minded good-natured good-hearted warm bleeding-heart all heart grand august important imposing stately exalted noteworthy magnificent superior influential gentlemanly leading urbane genteel pre-eminent principal noted preeminent powerful bountiful stable high-powered acceptable majestic regal moderate aristocratic seminal sporting dominant highest distinctive suave worthy of admiration gentlemanlike foremost lavish high profile high-level unsparing portly ladylike major league well bred strong couth suitable impressive loose soft-touch unstinting attentive courageous premier prime sedate commanding main valued impersonal consequential iconic first integral formidable resonant prized pivotal puissant monumental dyed-in-the-wool stout high-up mighty top-ranking admired bold intrepid with no axe to grind hard-core behind one big time far-reaching valorous formal cultured polished ceremonious profuse befitting highest-ranking sturdy becoming ungrudging prodigal open-handed egalitarian well-bred fulsome openhanded freehearted freehanded affable handsome willing inflated classy solemn kingly highbrow composed conventional staid primary intellectual of note stalwart stellar imperial supreme conforming done memorable astral exaggerated excessive immodest self-respecting major comely key legendary predominant chief top-notch royal palmary central de rigueur prevailing notorious fabled unfaltering splendid worthy of commendation eventful arch magnific alpha all-important grave pleasing historical material fundamental well-connected highfalutin' core superb comme il faut essential attached of influence senior incomparable signal marvelous potent fair-and-square number one top marvellous resplendent confiding top-drawer of high standing pompous brilliant big name big-time affectionate string along with big league protective soft-hearted warm-hearted right-hand favorite strict close intimate proved palatable chivalric even inspiring individual sporty according to Hoyle abundant ample daring discreet time-honored number elegant adult free-handed ready capable card-carrying go-to savory savoury reverenced unbigoted kin full-figured well-rounded plump womanly certain rocklike eleemosynary almsgiving plentiful full independent self-sufficient favourite terrific mean uncompromising deep-dyed self-important overblown sophisticated stylish top-level head controlling spirited well-regarded much touted manly quixotic acknowledged higher meretorious appreciable on-the-level right and proper on the square worshipped fearless dauntless stout-hearted uncoloured proportionate crucial fit in good faith die-hard plenteous willingly given unstinted capable of being trusted cardinal eloquent rich oratorical towering four-star upper-class VIP upper cogent successful phenomenal deciding level even-steven cricket fair-to-middling lionized immovable debonair in limelight focal grandiloquent considerable vital carrying the load without fear or favour awe-inspiring epic grandiose heroical massive baronial Homeric true to life reverend sage prodigious good as one's word to be counted on acquitted higher up high up tasteful graceful durable fair shake square deal of distinction indispensable high-priority intrinsic major-league requisite heavy-duty big-league necessary needed skookum conspicuous wise public unchangeable immutable puritanical priggish fixed rigid forthcoming bonhomous complaisant congenial bland unctuous female motherly highbred flattering preux adulatory complimentary high-bred studied lionised matriarchal philosophical experienced patriarchal worshipful worshiped characterful meet imperious of mark of great consequence in the public eye in line by the book by the numbers lasting unshakeable gone tough swell slick keen select pillar gnarly sombre magisterial somber distingué starchy nifty momentous fateful landmark gratifying permanent equable historic settled matronly deserving congratulations first-rate wicked bulletproof perdurable cheering unforgettable shining satisfying triumphant significant pleasurable rewarding bright fulfilling meaningful groundbreaking wonderful epochal red-letter heart-warming ace smashing tip-top champion super fab brill splendiferous long-standing long-lived long-lasting presentable salt of earth just so top-hole bully beaut well balanced well-built well-balanced neat tidy spruce accepted up to the mark nasty believeable satisfactory organic deep-rooted appropriate ordinary mediocre capital paramount superlative triumphal overbearing unparalleled primal first rate of the first rank unsurpassed gifted prior unexcelled unequaled unequalled highly rated arch- greatest

Tính từ

So precious that its value cannot be determined
priceless dear expensive invaluable costly precious rare incomparable irreplaceable rich valuable prized treasured cherished inestimable unparalleled big-ticket choice exquisite extravagant fine high high-end high-priced high-ticket incalculable premium pricey pricy spendy ultraexpensive without price beyond price of immeasurable value of incalculable value of incalculable worth of inestimable value of inestimable worth collectible of immeasurable worth out-of-bounds out-of-sight valued at a premium worth its weight in gold worth a king's ransom exorbitant lavish extortionate overpriced high-cost over the odds immoderate steep excessive highly priced big-budget opulent highly-priced upmarket fancy inflated stiff splendid luxurious indispensable prizable treasurable pretentious costing the earth costing an arm and a leg costing a bomb outrageous cher unreasonable top an arm and leg profitable gorgeous sumptuous high-value deluxe unique unrepeatable recherche precieux recherché executive inordinate daylight robbery exceptional matchless one-off nonpareil inimitable inestimably precious worth eyeteeth worth one's weight in gold unaffordable prohibitive OTT uneconomical sky-high criminal over the top unduly expensive highway robbery out of sight pretty penny very expensive an arm and a leg instrumental vital critical crucial consequential integral key significant important pivotal essential helpful serviceable all-important extremely helpful extremely useful vitally important of the utmost importance of great consequence undue extreme unconscionable towering unwarranted disproportionate dizzying unmeasurable overextravagant plethoric overweening intolerable uncalled-for punitive exaggerated overdue insane overmuch unmerciful baroque devilish enormous preposterous stratospheric ruinous excessively high elevated over-the-top harsh severe stringent very high unrestrained burdensome drastic draconian austere raised fulsome needless unreserved unnecessary gushing effusive gushy cruel savage demanding increased boosted fancy-pants overinflated swingeing crushing crippling profuse overgenerous iniquitous ridiculous uncalled for monstrous huge extremely high exacting absonant wasteful overboard outré a bit much a rip-off up to here over one's head more than one can afford

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