Đồng nghĩa của publicised

Alternative for publicised

publicizes, publicized, publicizing, publicise, publicises, publicised, publicising

Đồng nghĩa: advertise, advertize, air, bare, publicise,

Động từ

To have conveyed in appropriate or telling terms
said expressed articulated communicated conveyed disclosed divulged acknowledged enunciated imparted outlined revealed aired clarified confessed explained told verbalized admitted detailed discussed exhibited let on made known passed on phrased put across put forward put into words relayed spelled out spelt out spoke about suggested summarised talked about verbalised got across implied rendered addressed described framed summarized purported translated put advertised brought out got off passed publicized vented manifested indicated projected evinced signified related proclaimed declared made obvious intimated made manifest betrayed made clear gave away showed relaid bespoken shown given away bespoke broadcast spread announced stated reported broadcasted promulgated published set forth made public sayed circulated put out mentioned presented posted disseminated uttered advertized sounded recounted voiced heralded trumpeted raised transmitted blazoned released pronounced annunciated let out let on about flashed blared exposed asserted notified recited advanced placarded specified blazed mooted informed propounded mouthed come out with let it be known issued cited commented on pointed out narrated ventilated delivered shared gave given noted put forth asseverated broached spoke spoken spake set out told of spread around put on the map let anyone know of brought to public notice called attention to put in words shouted from the rooftops vocalized spilled spilt distributed worded gave out given out talked expounded conducted transfused testified touched on referred to spoken about vocalised remarked on brought up chronicled leaked gotten across hinted transferred affirmed couched remarked pitched professed quoted exclaimed denoted formulated introduced unfolded addrest rehearsed advised put over list splashed acquainted drummed brought to public attention spread abroad came out with let someone know of adverted to put in print touched upon brought into the open promoted hyped plugged marketed touted puffed uncovered avowed peddled given voice to gave voice to ballyhooed spruiked pushed billed endorsed printed opined flaunted flogged sold boosted displayed documented flacked blurted averred apprised sponsored submitted designated huckstered putten proposed argued circularized propagandized charted instanced repeated enumerated merchandised maintained spotted enounced itemized muttered clad clothed shouted cried blabbed noticed testified to spotlighted propagandised popped off pointed to banged the drum for spotlit hyped up itemised spieled modulated circularised beat the drum for owned thrown out threw out unveiled broke broken brake allowed gave expression to given expression to advocated delineated chimed in owned up tabled covered claimed depicted represented alleged trailered dispatched trailed praised purveyed catalogued debated imported adduced tweeted dropped unmasked blurbed alerted preconized sounded out particularized signalled signaled listed avouched got over elucidated handed on offered named insinuated emphasized stressed intoned connoted poured out clued in shouted out run with weighed in sounded off taught jawed cataloged let know cracked up let somebody in on hinted at noised abroad emphasised set down let one's hair down filled in writ gave vent to gave notice of made reference to read retold cabled built up put in circulation gave an account of let in on given an account of read out provided details soft sold adverted put it on record given notice of given utterance to beat the drum particularised informed of wired gave utterance to alluded to piped up with gazetted spilt the beans talked of run through mailed put in two cents spilled the beans forwarded declaimed given vent to burst out with emailed had printed produced accounted for lipped made a pitch whispered blazoned abroad bespake beaten the drum for gotten through got through gave a puff to conceded given a puff to given a plug to spoke of granted gone into spoken of gave publicity to given publicity to went into gave a plug to own commented blurted out come clean laid open championed popularized referenced observed backed recommended breathed explored stipulated propagated sent portrayed supplied encouraged illustrated discovered reflected bared celebrated identified painted evoked aggrandized chipped in added recorded registered reproduced defined pressed prest attested preached praught posited given notice retailed spun flourished splattered gave notice intended spelled canvased canvassed twoten twote looked trafficked in mumbled vouched predicated spouted contended sprung chattered protested unbosomed pleaded orated pled pictured gotten over conjured up inflected intonated campaigned for kept posted bruited about packaged gave the facts run down puffed up stood for enlightened drawled shouted something from the rooftops talked up spun a yarn radioed recapped yammered instructed chimed inscribed breathed a word of murmured made mention of roared contributed issued a statement about wrote immortalized ran through cued beaten the drum dealt in allegated painted in words conferred about gotten off reasserted ejaculated called yakked brought forward exchanged views on painted a word picture of soft-sold reaffirmed advised of interjected laid down dealt with shot the breeze blasted boasted slung popularised chinned extolled deliberated about soliloquized editorialised made a pitch for written up opened up debriefed sent out made it known gabbed exchanged views about made plain immortalised passed out added up to wrote up piped bruited abroad adumbrated gotten on soapbox for briefed interpreted brought in communicated information chirped laid out got on soapbox for churned out written treated sweared headlined conversed about brought word on passed the word ran with yelled provided details of got off one's chest clued one in given details of talked through gave details of tracked told all about laid it on the line regurgitated tipped off played up talked over brought word gassed inferred reeled off made out cried up telephoned had a say had one's say given the facts interposed editorialized run off at mouth showed off perorated sent word came clean span lay out sworn readen swore shown off sprang blew wide open blown wide open went public with gone public with took the wraps off taken the wraps off got out gotten out given an account gave an account gave details given details wised up spoke clearly spoke coherently spoken coherently spoken clearly gave blow-by-blow given blow-by-blow gave rundown given rundown billboarded skywritten skywrote gone went gave words to given words to ran off at mouth rung up rang up got behind gotten behind slang given the word broken a story ran down gave the word broke a story spoke briefly of spoken briefly of gave a account of given a account of gave a rundown of given a rundown of given a description of given details on gave details on gave the facts on gave a description of given the facts on broken the news broke the news given utterance gave utterance attested to gave expression bore witness given expression spoken out gave testimony given testimony borne witness spoke out lay down

Động từ

To have announced or advertised, usually loudly
cried announced trumpeted advertised broadcast broadcasted hawked proclaimed publicized barked promulgated blazoned heralded hyped published puffed touted annunciated bruited declared extolled sounded shouted from the rooftops advertized previewed trailed called attention to shown excerpts of showed excerpts of spread made known released promoted communicated disseminated circulated posted made public revealed disclosed enunciated divulged flashed blazed plugged blared put out placarded reported imparted aired pushed told passed on boosted set forth exposed transmitted gave out given out pitched stated spread around put about ballyhooed propagated displayed showed distributed presented marketed merchandised issued beat the drum for exhibited spread about talked up let on conveyed unveiled hyped up banged the drum for notified diffused puffed up leaked sold brought to public notice let on about flaunted spilled spilt pronounced informed uttered expressed built up cracked up praised betrayed flogged endorsed peddled indicated bruited abroad purveyed shown propagandized let slip gave publicity to given publicity to bruited about let out put on the map propagandised uncovered relayed relaid voiced beaten the drum for unfolded bared huckstered spotlighted spotlit splashed drummed gave a puff to brought to public attention given a puff to come out with laid bare printed set out scattered confessed dispersed brought out unmasked advanced discovered billed conducted vented preached praught flacked raised mentioned transfused advised list let drop put into words let the cat out of the bag noised abroad spread abroad put in print blazoned abroad let it be known featured repeated popularized detailed commended spruiked shared celebrated transferred headlined ventilated related gave given unbosomed apprised showcased articulated sponsored affirmed evinced propounded circularized illustrated manifested delivered given away gave away spotted signified shouted out run with called bigged up given a plug to popularised big upped gazetted passed the word got across spieled gave a plug to circularised glorified introduced advocated championed paraded bandied about came out with written up opened up wrote up lauded rumoured boasted flourished exalted discussed described uncloaked magnified honoured hymned honored recommended professed got out gotten out demonstrated recounted supplied vouchsafed aggrandized blurted projected resounded gossipped gossiped admitted splattered intimated carried made available asserted trailered dispatched mooted blabbed broke broken brake submitted outlined tweeted put forward blurbed acquainted alerted emblazoned expounded bespoke preconized showed off signalled signaled listed blurted out strewed decreed radiated trafficked in outed campaigned for packaged sounded off shouted something from the rooftops put in a good word for got about put round dealt in let cat out of the bag leaked out put on the air spread it around blasted come clean about put cards on table put in circulation talked about let it all hang out suggested read out soft sold talked something up beat the drum put on the airwaves put up in lights put mailed rumored forwarded evidenced emailed got round played up put before the public marked had printed produced come out let the cat out of the bag about brought into the open put across let fall made a pitch drew attention to drawn attention to sowed sown gotten across gotten through highlighted got through plastered pointed out gave notice of derestricted given notice of blew the lid off ran with blown the lid off topped supported showboated bragged eulogized hailed swaggered traded swanked caroled revered applauded blessed reverenced commemorated blest memorialized carolled proliferated brandished dissipated vaunted crowed vended specified documented backed gloated grandstanded encouraged lionized delineated saluted acclaimed laid out tossed about babbled testified chronicled recited narrated covered offered stocked furnished provided tabled proved established solemnized intoned twoten twote overpraised passed disjected explained handed on namechecked debated charted sprung summarized proposed bespake bespoken maintained protested blazed abroad shown off unearthed strewn conceded avowed coughed acknowledged spun memorialised shouted sounded loudly brought into vogue gave the game away held up to view came out dished the dirt developt passed around exteriorized spilled the beans about gotten about ostended inscribed lionised called out opened up on retailed developed eulogised gotten around designated shared out spelled out issued a statement about immortalized took the wraps off taken the lid off beaten the drum made official waved around espoused came clean about sold from door to door recorded spouted blew wide open named brought forward itemized traded in soft-sold laid down tattled given the game away blew the gaff writ gave expression to made fashionable shot off mouth brought out into the open given expression to made a pitch for cabled stumped spoke of solemnised postulated summarised brought out into open sent out got around depicted given voice to provided details beat the drum about made plain immortalised strutted adumbrated shouted from the housetops spoken of gotten on soapbox for exchanged took the lid off canvased paid homage to communicated information brought to light taken the wraps off made manifest blown the gaff went public with trolled tooted noised spelt out got on soapbox for churned out squealed about cracked wide open shoved wired signalised itemised pumped up brought word on gave voice to talked of signalized allotted mongered passed round gone public with clarified sayed created a fashion for sold door to door made obvious made popular brought into view blown wide open stated publicly brought word declassified bandied offered for sale cried up beared gone public on screamed made clear went public on had one's say sported accounted for paid tribute to said given the show away built solicited whispered run off at mouth gave the show away made something known swank crew given details of gave details of lay out prove proven sang sungen sung sprang got on a soapbox gotten on a soapbox beaten the drum about got behind gotten behind gave up given up given utterance to gave utterance to lay down rung out rang out wrote rung up written rang up bore borne blew up blown up ran off at mouth billboarded skywritten skywrote gave the facts given an account gave an account gave an account of given an account of gave details given details given the facts sang the praises of sung the praises of span went the rounds gone the rounds gotten rid of got rid of shove shoven shave gave a mention to given a mention to broken the news gave the low-down given the low-down gotten off your chest got off your chest gotten out of system got out of system broke the news spoke gave vent to spoken given vent to putten spake

Động từ

To have broadcast via media
shown broadcast broadcasted aired transmitted televised beamed relayed disseminated distributed promulgated publicized published reported spread put on the air podcasted relaid showed circulated proclaimed communicated announced declared made known advertised advertized posted disclosed made public revealed blazoned trumpeted heralded divulged put out enunciated flashed released annunciated imparted propagated blazed spread around blared sounded placarded set forth put about passed on stated told diffused presented conveyed promoted exposed issued gave out given out notified scattered dispersed shouted from the rooftops purveyed displayed informed propagandized flaunted spread about put on the map propagandised brought to public notice bruited abroad exhibited mentioned conducted transfused hyped plugged bruited about related touted recounted leaked peddled advanced transferred shared strewed advised spread out splashed drummed set out called attention to noised abroad brought to public attention spread abroad put in print let on about put on the airwaves let it be known flourished unveiled marketed puffed showcased described ballyhooed uncovered spruiked pushed billed endorsed printed flogged unmasked produced pitched sold boosted expressed gave given preached praught flacked apprised sponsored unfolded huckstered circularized radiated merchandised cabled spotted acquainted sent out run with spotlighted got about cracked up brought out banged the drum for spotlit hyped up got across circularised beat the drum for blazoned abroad broke broken brake advocated brandished championed detailed boasted featured rumoured articulated projected voiced documented narrated dissipated sowed sown chronicled recited aggrandized telecast repeated trailered dispatched trailed praised put on pronounced rumored spilled spilt strewn tweeted raised vented blurbed alerted extolled preconized put on view outed bruited propounded blabbed campaigned for gave publicity to given publicity to shouted out clued in let on let out taught list let know let somebody in on leaked out videocast filled in writ gave notice of built up put in circulation let in on suggested read out provided details soft sold given notice of beat the drum spread the word wired gazetted mailed forwarded emailed got round had printed come out brought into the open made a pitch beaten the drum for gotten across gotten through gotten about got through gave a puff to gotten around paraded given a puff to given a plug to got out got around gotten out ran with gave a plug to manifested disported discussed registered supported showboated bragged dispensed swaggered swanked staged proliferated vaunted crowed popularized intimated backed recommended gloated wielded grandstanded supplied encouraged discovered delineated traveled bared tossed about travelled celebrated testified outlined covered mooted telecasted delivered dispelled carried rolled out showed off moved indicated represented splattered twoten twote disjected handed on trafficked in screened streamed charted sprung summarized unbosomed kept posted shouted packaged sounded loudly gave the facts puffed up enlightened sounded off shouted something from the rooftops came out talked up developt radioed passed around instructed inscribed signified developed shared out issued a statement about wrote immortalized moved around cued beaten the drum bandied about dealt in uttered named called itemized soft-sold talked blasted popularised gossipped made a pitch for written up made the rounds opened up debriefed summarised talked about gave an account of depicted given an account of immortalised passed out hinted wrote up adumbrated gotten on soapbox for exchanged briefed cried communicated information trolled noised got on soapbox for churned out come out with written admitted headlined itemised spilt the beans brought word on passed the word allotted passed round spilled the beans sayed told all about tipped off played up gossiped brought word bandied asserted cried up beared screamed telephoned given the facts accounted for said whispered run off at mouth listed sent word made something known swank crew sprang came out with got behind gotten behind blew wide open blown wide open shown off went public with gone public with given an account gave an account gave details given details ran off at mouth bore borne billboarded skywritten skywrote drew attention to drawn attention to spoke given notice wised up spoken spake gave notice rung up rang up broken the news given details of gave details of broke the news went the rounds gone the rounds

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