Đồng nghĩa của proven

Alternative for proven

proven /proven/
  • ngoại động từ, động tính từ quá khứ (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) proven/'pru:vən/
    • chứng tỏ, chứng minh
      • to prove the truth: chứng tỏ sự thật
      • to prove one's goodwill: chứng tỏ thiện chí của mình
      • to prove oneself to be a valiant man: chứng tỏ mình là một người dũng cảm
    • thử (súng...); (toán học) thử (một bài toán); (ngành in) in thử (một bản khắc...)
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) thử, thử thách
      • to prove the courage of somebody: thử thách lòng can đảm của ai
  • nội động từ
    • tỏ ra, chứng tỏ
      • what he said proved to be true: những điều hắn nói tỏ ra là đúng
    • the exception proves the rule
      • những trường hợp ngoại lệ càng làm sáng tỏ thêm quy tắc

Tính từ

Having proved its value or truth
established tested confirmed definite demonstrated tried verified attested authentic certified checked dependable recognised recognized reliable accepted demonstrable establishable proved supported sure undoubted upheld valid verifiable conclusive sustained trustworthy tried-and-true safe reputable approved trusty solid responsible secure failsafe tried and true tried and tested loyal creditworthy fail-safe true good calculable steady trustable sound consistent foolproof time-tested well-built well-founded well-grounded safe as houses well engineered tested and proved high-quality well-engineered well-tried settled honest stable strong sterling unfailing trusted certain constant faithful staunch steadfast classic used put to the test tried out true-blue time-honoured honourable unwavering honorable firm unswerving upright resolute devoted ardent conscientious devout stanch pious dyed-in-the-wool fast fixed dutiful committed straight truthful incorruptible allegiant dedicated unfaltering enduring sensible never-failing down-the-line credible sincere scrupulous hard-core behind one on the level patriotic genuine sturdy stalwart determined guaranteed sure-fire competent mature true-hearted virtuous ethical righteous attached obedient level-headed hopeful liege tried and trusted always there confiding unchanging loving affectionate string along with circumspect up front seasoned experienced straightforward right-hand favorite main important honored principal predictable card-carrying orthodox veracious close intimate uncompromising deep-dyed go-to in good faith die-hard rocklike copper-bottomed rational sane assured unimpeachable principled reasonable immovable to be counted on carrying the load good as one's word true to life correct believable saintly fly right to be trusted straight-up worthy of trust above suspicion true blue boy scout down home full of integrity rock solid as good as one's word discreet honoured favourite confident adult capable infallible easy unanxious nailed down locked on absolute undoubtful sanguine in the bag carefree able shoo-in durable immutable unchangeable rigid capable of being trusted stout lasting unshakeable flawless watertight perfect unerring efficacious effective unassailable balanced permanent equable pure unbreakable idiot-proof faultless goofproof airtight never failing perdurable bulletproof right just moral nice decent enthusiastic fervent passionate long-lived long-standing long-lasting supportive right-minded well balanced well-balanced worthy truehearted veridical undistorted estimable high-principled creditable square wholehearted all right deep-rooted decided strong-minded persistent single-minded set on resolved gritty set strong-willed dogged earnest bent on hardboiled tenacious driven untiring indomitable stubborn unflinching unhesitating obstinate buckled down bent purposeful persevering no lie on the up and up gung ho avid fervid impassioned sworn serious inveterate intent

Tính từ

Existing in reality or as a matter of fact
genuine actual concrete real effective true certified existent factual authentic confirmed corroborated definite documented verified attested considerable substantial verifiable clear good indisputable undeniable realistic significant unquestionable veritable absolute essential fundamental tangible categorical certain established indubitable substantiated positive bona fide substantive irrefutable incontrovertible unmistakable sure incontestable evident conclusive obvious patent unequivocal manifest clear-cut unassailable inarguable beyond question beyond doubt unambiguous unarguable plain undoubted final palpable self-evident irrefragable unanswerable demonstrable unchallengeable transparent definitive watertight accomplished compelling accurate beyond dispute beyond a shadow of a doubt undebatable decisive express emphatic apodictic not in doubt sound convincing straightforward authoritative observable pronounced firm undisputable sure thing open and shut acknowledged provable clinching ultimate accepted airtight settled nailed-on decided marked unimpeachable uncontroversial guaranteed reliable confirmable set hard known establishable as plain as a pikestaff staring one in the face de facto unqualified literal perceptible apparent flawless demonstrative assured inescapable demonstrated certifiable sure-enough valid predestined infallible fixed supreme well-grounded determined ascertained trustworthy unerring well-founded destined recognized double-checked authenticated having down pat salted away in the bag recognised no mistake on ice undisputed unquestioned safe intrinsic pure sheer implicit tacit unshakable unchallenged uncontested especial very legitimate implied virtual well-proven well grounded unequivocable surefire uncontestable unacknowledged necessary obligatory binding compulsory doubtless impregnable invincible irresistible nailed down no two ways about it no ifs and or buts for sure faultless perfect dependable downright pat cold superior flat undoubtable not in question telling irrebuttable ironclad overwhelming forceful odds-on apodeictic objective real-world believable real-life validated nof ifs ands or buts can bet on it down pat beyond a shadow of doubt for certain no ifs ands or buts without doubt attestable evincible noticeable axiomatic supportable empirical prominent sustainable striking conspicuous checkable distinct empiric discernible deducible ascertainable comprehensible inferable explicit univocal black-and-white specific cut-and-dried convinced confident black and white crisp silhouetted ringing forthright clearly defined graphic well-defined severe bold as plain as the nose on your face not vague full vivid hard and fast cut and dried well-marked undubitable stated clean-cut distinguishable incisive noteworthy sharp crystal clear audible visible minute as plain as daylight veridical unfabled that's a fact no ifs ands or buts about it unconditional complete open-and-shut open out-and-out nonambiguous outright unambivalent barefaced precise overt bald-faced blatant unadulterated pellucid perspicuous thorough kosher flat-out glaring undisguised total proper lucid utter exact regular thoroughgoing unalloyed rank foolproof unmitigated fair credible honest bald broad all out bright-line sure-fire straight out direct consummate unreserved legit categoric right clean determinate solid unrestricted arrant luculent luminous unfailing unquestioning no holds barred straight unconcealed unlimited simple stark profound understandable whole plumb unconstrained correct dead stone cotton-picking dinkum well defined bodacious deadly dreadful blooming crashing blank all-out persuasive straight-out honest-to-goodness secure for real official point-blank no catch no fine print resounding resolute salient irrevocable recognizable perceivable detectable without loopholes wholesale as sure as eggs is eggs entire self-explanatory beyond a doubt peremptory plenary wide recognisable unfaltering fail-safe satisfied unwavering persuaded sterling writ large undoubting on the level clear cut no kicker no strings impeccable original free from doubt strong cogent plausible material unchangeable uncompromising unbreakable questionless strict faithful sealed steady unalterable unvarnished wholehearted last deciding flagrant prima facie truthful particular glaringly obvious sensible deep-dyed cinched unsubtle intelligible one hundred per cent can't-miss gross inerrant failsafe staring someone in the face as plain as the nose on one's face sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb no strings attached as plain as day card-carrying inalienable immutable noncontroversial inoppugnable overpowering without question tyrannous admitted dogmatic arbitrary enduring steadfast unshaken abiding constant changeless never-failing unchanging for a fact unvarying safe to say uncontentious uncontended powerful bare inevitable manifestly dyed-in-the-wool sober runaway adamant assertive insistent invulnerable creditable uncounterfeited bonafide unfaked justified well-established up front freely admitted not disputed impressive authenticating exhaustive inexpugnable stable frozen hard-and-fast pinpoint trusty evinced divulged disclosed detailed egregious distinctive weighty unmodified appreciable revealed evidenced telltale uncontradicted validating ensured blunt unique obtrusive meticulous exclusive controlled candid unblurred measurable inimitable out and out clinched logical serious beyond the shadow of a doubt stone cold patently true seeable quantifiable veracious point blank lucent crystal limpid notorious hands-down legal existing unimaginary easily understood crystal-clear straight from the shoulder clearly expressed loyal conforming orthodox rightly so called unstinting self-assured self-conceited self-confident unhesitating defined physical well documented insured racked pukka there are no two ways about it independent as clear as crystal make no bones plain as the nose on your face much in evidence staring you in the face out in the open written all over someone under one's nose affirmative all sewn up determinative determinant revealing settling resolving irrefrangible error-free made certain absolutely certain sewed up nailed on lawful echt pucka errorless without error on the money all right in depth extreme cocksure forcible honest to God sure enough real live non-fictional blameless litmus test undiluted rigid absolutist understood given limitless aboveboard true to life fair and square real McCoy natural rightful without reservations through and through in every respect full-bore right-down sovereign inflexible what you see is what you get unblemished granted lifelike unadorned unrestrained unbeatable efficacious superlative utmost predominant unbounded assumed unconditioned circumstantial documentary verbatim nonfictional unmovable irreproachable iron veristic historical verisimilar unexaggerated unbound infinite peerless tyrannical pre-eminent all-powerful boundless unsurpassed indemonstrable presupposed unbiased unprejudiced scientific omnipotent matchless squeaky-clean true-to-life word for word matter-of-fact telling it like it is fact-based straight from horse's mouth true-life as it really happened non-relative non-variable axiomatical apothegmatic aphoristic proverbial preeminent tried and true handy agreeable effectual acceptable useful always effective inerrable satisfying tried and tested satisfactory helpful undeceivable efficient omniscient never failing cast-iron set in stone with no strings open-ended without limit uncorrupted inculpable untarnished unexceptionable beyond criticism in black and white goes without saying untainted immaculate above suspicion beyond suspicion stainless spotless honest-to-God above reproach sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up really-truly blinding frank exposed public written all over one plain to see right under one's nose clear as a bell as clear as day

Tính từ

Traditionally, or generally, recognized and accepted
established traditional accepted orthodox official settled dyed-in-the-wool inveterate usual customary time-honored common normal set entrenched fixed general habitual prevailing accustomed well-established confirmed familiar wonted popular expected routine classical regular universal acknowledged long-established typical classic conventional historic stable acceptable deep-rooted ingrained mainstream widely used widespread recognised recognized standard approved officially recognized old old-fashioned old-style sound stock time-honoured traditionalistic rooted sanctioned true permanent secure unshakable vested ritual ritualistic tried and true tried and tested certain enduring lasting traditionary prescriptive stereotyped immemorial doctrinal prescribed explicit determined precise definite defined exact express long-standing folk old-world long-lived old-time ancestral age-old abiding respected immortal ageless timeless ancient venerable received memorable unforgettable undying deathless authorized agreed undistinguished staid allowed backed endorsed appropriate permitted certified supported correct chosen legalized validated affirmed passed OK'd ratified ceremonial unadventurous conformist run-of-the-mill legalised taken for granted authorised vouched for agreed upon made official ordinary everyday prevalent commonplace average formal natural current frequent characteristic public quotidian regulation plain prosaic garden-variety going household standard-issue well-known bog-standard unexceptional workaday ceremonious daily unremarkable ubiquitous vanilla fashionable staple dignified garden variety stately cut-and-dried cut-and-dry stereotypical proverbial well worn day-to-day proper common or garden formulaic standardized archetypal durable chronic canonical representative predictable basic long-lasting archetypical standardised well established constant predominant decorous hackneyed overall steady solemn understood legal admitted long-term lawful methodical simple typic matter-of-course old hat authoritative unquestioned courtly surviving renowned punctilious repeated liturgical unoriginal derivative starchy overused majority ruling persistent firm systematic consistent generic valid favourite favorite ceremonialistic ongoing sacramental celebratory hacky shared perennial mundane known formalistic documented humdrum imposing august legitimate stipulated well known preferred rife orderly reliable traditionalist bona fide recognizable dull native white-bread recognisable in vogue timeworn par for the course widely held long-living favoured time-hallowed long-existing comfortable strict rehearsed staunch serious highbrow regimented discreet mediocre garden indifferent inconspicuous collective extensive undoubted uncontested undisputed statutory canonic unspontaneous OB heavy symphonic concert heavyweight domestic pervasive touted straightforward tralatitious favored great boilerplate past conservative uneventful stale artificial legendary famous famed notorious unopposed legit okayed acquired honored one-size-fits-all wide obligatory unprogressive acquainted given used habituated state derived broad believed in established usage unsophisticated antique lowly distinguished plastic so-so grind declared identified perceived existing ornate elaborate honoured vulgar recurring de rigueur conforming old school vintage realized remembered self-evident axiomatic handed down homespun humble mutual net realised professed old line antiquated common variety matter-of-fact inherent symptomatic regulated regularized widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted arrived at stated procedural reputed infamous anticipated foreseeable indicative foreseen emblematic of choice in the habit of periodical periodic earlier generation congruous adopted intermutual embraced united across the board commutual like distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic distinguishing grand mannered lofty stylized studied continuing sop wont in circulation in force individualistic clichéd cliched mature backward-looking stilted stiff nice in keeping in character portly stuffy repetitious practised practiced mechanical reiterative iterated automatic addicting iterative disciplined perfunctory cyclic seasoned remaining long-running true to form to be expected vernacular obedient unofficial unquestioning informal same old only to be expected on the cards … all over true to type tried and trusted stiff-necked banal trite strong fast lifelong persisting eternal standard operating procedure playing it safe by the numbers in a rut in the groove according to Hoyle respectable platitudinous overworked tired steadfast resilient institutionalized regularised institutionalised corny ready-made worn-out worn out readily available widely available most common

Tính từ

Based on, or displaying, common sense
valid reasonable sound rational logical coherent telling convincing good powerful substantial believable compelling credible justifiable plausible reasoned right sensible strong sustainable bona fide cogent congruent defensible grounded just legit lucid prudent realistic solid viable acceptable accurate arguable astute balanced commonsensical confirmed deductive defendable effective informed irrefutable maintainable perceptive perspicuous persuasive probable sane supportable true workable analytical authoritative commonsense conclusive determinative discerning germane justified legitimate levelheaded practical pragmatic reliable weighty analytic commonsensible consequent consistent efficacious firm forceful pertinent relevant sober stable vindicable attested intellectual kosher potent tested trustworthy uncorrupted well advised well-advised well-founded well grounded well-grounded well reasoned well-reasoned well thought out clear-headed down-to-earth able to hold water matter-of-fact holding water factual dependable hard substantiated certified truthful faithful validated verified sagacious intelligent precise judicious shrewd warranted understandable rock-solid based on hard data based on hard facts authentic learned scholarly definitive fair veritable verifiable authenticated righteous respected supported circumstantiated documented proper wise percipient straight from horse's mouth from the horse's mouth recognized reputable sanctioned fly legal tried-and-true orthodox canonical significant safe recognised veridical reasoning collected objective faultless unquestionable enlightened cerebral thinking thoughtful circumspect philosophic reflective certain perspicacious infallible synthetic ratiocinative veracious trustable errorless corroborated sure colorable knowing sincere impeccable meticulous secure rigorous inerrant empirical tenable calculable explicit cognitive exact sharp open stringent definite careful empiric well-thought-out dead-on spot-on on-target letter-perfect clear-cut sage admissible warrantable correct satisfactory real level-headed together methodical genuine clear allowable permissible canny insightful clever articulate responsible politic rightful excusable discriminating no-nonsense sapient well-informed joined-up cool actual lawful regular systematic thought-out fit knowledgeable educated strict licit organized deliberate suitable mature decent pardonable condonable considered thought through dinkum satisfying savvy hard-headed organised well organized farsighted profound appropriate pukka likely plain full of common sense advisable common-sense dispassionate all there clear-sighted clear-eyed straight unemotional accepted businesslike orderly estimable hard-nosed comprehensible intelligible cast-iron acknowledged with both one's feet on the ground unidealistic normal well informed showing great knowledge with great knowledge thorough well balanced meaningful with both feet on the ground with one's feet on the ground undistorted identified inferential cold straightforward unimpassioned prosaic well considered inductive deducible holding together syllogistic equitable calculated allowed permitted passable tolerable honest flawless watertight right-thinking holding up standing up holding up in wash got it together established unassailable right-minded measured contemplated aforethought studied impartial bonafide unfaked indisputable sterling official unadulterated indubitable well-established up front creditable uncounterfeited original deliberated moderate restrained conservative controlled temperate unprejudiced feasible investigated weighed examined premeditated advised determined unexcessive fair-minded open to reason evenhanded in one's right mind based on good sense making sense unbiased standing to reason unextreme intuitive okay tolerated studious computed prepense well-expressed well-presented erudite strategic tactful smart experienced OK well presented well expressed well-structured cogitative contemplative desirable argute foresighted tactical possible worthy concedable applicable fitting thought-through thought-about well chosen loyal conforming above board well judged by the book within the law not unlikely not impossible full of insight demonstrable provable unembellished literal historical confirmable nonfictional documentary evident explainable forgivable discreet remissible venial serious-minded attentive conversant au courant steady-going having all one's marbles in right mind

Động từ

To have proven or demonstrated
seen demonstrated confirmed determined established exhibited revealed shown corroborated displayed documented illustrated manifested presented proved showcased substantiated supported verified affirmed ascertained asserted attested circumstantiated exposed noted ratified upheld validated certified elucidated evidenced evinced reinforced vouched borne out made clear made evident authenticated justified testified sustained witnessed produced evidence produced proof explained submitted proof established evidence submitted evidence shown beyond doubt showed checked warranted found founden upholden backed settled declared resulted developed convinced added up shown to be true fixed had a case given substance to witnessed to demonstrated the truth of fixt shown once and for all developt shown clearly pointed out indicated backed up borne witness registered predicated endorsed pointed projected prescribed given substance to the fact that laid out made plain made out laid bare flagged up discovered clarified made known expounded demonstrated the truth witnessed to the fact that testified to explicated spelled out spelt out illuminated cleared up got across construed demystified interpreted simplified unriddled described expressed denoted disclosed set forth signified put across defined gotten across unfolded marked proclaimed exemplified delineated translated deciphered shed light on bespoke signalled signaled detailed prove communicated untangled unravelled unraveled broke down set out ostended broadcast published told resolved betokened decoded designated annotated glossed bore out put into words set the scene commented on cut the frills put in a nutshell cut down made perfectly clear put in plain English lay out taught suggested conveyed betrayed imparted specified characterized argued connoted publicized pointed to enlightened pinpointed reported uncovered cleared beared witness to sorted out characterised publicised cleaned up unscrambled brought home straightened out tested bespake bespoken underlined emphasized instructed thrown light on threw light on broken down implied announced trained stated divulged guided labelled labeled meaned meant broadcasted reflected portrayed list represented released symbolized enunciated diagrammed diagramed read recorded expanded enucleated flashed abridged tagged showed beyond doubt disseminated shed pointed at told of signposted let the cat out of the bag run over analysed got over put over shed light hit the high spots hinted at uttered expressed in words emphasised spread it around put through its paces put in plain words made easy pointed toward let it all hang out figured out added up to pinned down analyzed reduced to the bare bones solved boiled down put one straight made straightforward let daylight in put away voiced put into plain English fleshed out symbolised vented reduced let sunlight in made obvious broke it down showed off made easier attested to vouched for showed clearly spelt things out laid something out gave substance to the fact that went into detail espoused gone into detail laid things out spelled things out advertised advertized trumpeted promulgated narrated distinguished identified heralded blazed related coached rendered blazoned pronounced recounted inculcated lectured flagged professed introduced featured termed summarized recited evoked inferred bore witness notated charactered denominated depicted formulated expatiated amplified dilated appraised criticized unveiled posted annunciated blared circulated sounded walked one through placarded learnt learned paraphrased listed elaborated discussed gave out given out intimated ticked branded tabbed ticketed named imported explicitized formalized maintained protested blazed abroad constituted proof of constituted evidence of clued in shouted out experiments with explicitised painted a picture passed on pegged run down tidied assigned entitled sounded off referred to shouted something from the rooftops adduced ciphered ordered highlighted exteriorized spelled it out paraded expanded on waved around arranged told why got something straight spelt it out drew a picture spouted called laid it out summed up signed trotted out cleaned it up spilled formalised got to the meat gestured towards blasted tidied up ventilated shot off mouth made public demoed smacked of dubbed stumped expounded on doped out summarised made simple talked about commented served as evidence of pointed up augured disinvolved nailed it down facilitated etched straightened dissolved given an explanation of insinuated strutted cleared the air shouted from the housetops briefed straightened up gotten to the meat experimented with demonstrated to bared explained in simple terms puzzled out come out with added a commentary to shortened worked out defogged spilt filled someone in stated precisely shown off made see daylight made reasonable criticised answered marked off decreed gotten over got down to basics made plausible checked off gave an explanation of passed the word buttoned down transmitted ran over drawn a picture of made explicit drew a picture of discoursed allegorized enlarged upon chastened drawn a picture stated publicly given the details of made intelligible spieled made understood gave the details of cleared the air about disentangled called a spade a spade sported accounted for traced gotten down to basics educated blazoned abroad showed once and for all broken things down broke things down showed to be true given details of gave details of got on a soapbox gotten on a soapbox gave the meaning of given the meaning of gave an account of given an account of gave credence to given credence to given a commentary on gave a commentary on spoke spoken alluded to spake got to the bottom of gotten to the bottom of gotten through got through shown the position of showed the position of given the big picture gave the big picture ran down drawn a map of thrown light upon threw light upon drew a map of gave given gave the game away given the game away came out with given away gave away given the show away gave the show away gave an idea of given an idea of gave a demonstration of shown how something works showed how something is done showed how something works shown how something is done given a demonstration of gave instruction given instruction given someone an idea gave someone an idea shown the ropes showed the ropes underscored concluded guaranteed assured

Động từ

Past participle for to ascertain the truth or validity of

Động từ

Past participle for to be seen or found to be

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