Đồng nghĩa của without loopholes


Having no weak points
airtight incontestable indisputable sound undeniable unquestionable foolproof irrefutable sure absolute certain guaranteed incontrovertible positive safe unassailable flawless infallible sure-fire unbreakable watertight conclusive indubitable beyond dispute beyond doubt beyond question invulnerable strong impregnable faultless perfect firm definite unarguable unmistakable clear convincing irrefragable unanswerable inarguable unequivocal evident obvious apodictic decisive proven categorical plain final unchallengeable accomplished demonstrable undebatable definitive beyond a shadow of a doubt reliable undoubted compelling clear-cut manifest emphatic unambiguous patent true trustworthy clinching ultimate self-evident real demonstrative not in doubt authoritative accurate sure thing verifiable confirmable unerring transparent fixed telling set provable straightforward palpable established uncontroversial fail-safe express pronounced marked unimpeachable accepted nailed-on in the bag as plain as a pikestaff staring one in the face unfailing dependable credible plausible efficacious effective cogent undoubtable predestined hard supreme determined ascertained known establishable destined undisputable genuine assured unshakable observable never failing actual acknowledged double-checked surefire salted away on ice solid having down pat tried and true tried and tested satisfactory satisfying precise open and shut correct no mistake exact unequivocable uncontestable authentic material veridical unfabled nailed down no two ways about it invincible irresistible open-and-shut veritable that's a fact no ifs ands or buts about it apparent open concrete persuasive powerful irrebuttable ironclad overwhelming forceful odds-on apodeictic impressive authenticating beyond the shadow of a doubt not in question last deciding nof ifs ands or buts can bet on it validating unconditional revealing settling resolving irrefrangible determinative irrevocable determinant flat-out what you see is what you get litmus test all out straight out supportable empirical sustainable testable checkable empiric never-failing secure idiot-proof tested tried goofproof certified confirmed can't-miss unbeatable attestable evincible inferable deductible settled affirmed cast-iron secured bound attested handy agreeable effectual right acceptable helpful useful inerrant steady undeceivable always effective efficient omniscient inerrable iron-clad copper-bottomed logical reasonable valid coherent weighty rational consequent analytic good analytical prudent sensible sober thoughtful recognized all there levelheaded impeccable advisable holding water right-thinking profound well-advised holding up recognised responsible just standing up holding up in wash got it together well-grounded well grounded together cool intellectual orthodox well-founded commonsensical right-minded binding no ifs and or buts for sure

Trái nghĩa của without loopholes

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