Đồng nghĩa của irrefrangible

Alternative for irrefrangible

  • tính từ
    • không thể bẻ cong; không thể xâm phạm; tuyệt đối


Providing a conclusion or finality to something
conclusive decisive clinching convincing definitive irrefutable definite final incontrovertible undeniable unquestionable certain incontestable indisputable ultimate unanswerable unarguable categorical demonstrative unassailable absolute beyond question clear deciding last positive unequivocal airtight beyond dispute beyond doubt uncontroversial watertight determinant determinative irrefragable irrevocable precise resolving revealing settling sure unambiguous unconditional unmistakable all out flat-out litmus test straight out beyond a shadow of a doubt what you see is what you get determining crucial influential principal key prime critical settled significant binding chief pivotal important major peremptory paramount concluding unalterable irreversible imperative decided unchallengeable permanent unappealable compelling telling necessary essential forceful terminal authoritative determinate obligatory closing immutable fixed emphatic unchangeable irremediable invariable unrectifiable unreversible changeless indelible lasting unrepealable official developmental foundational seminal creative formative constructive inarguable evaluative defining shaping responsible causal commanding momentous indubitable accomplished material overpowering credible plausible determined imperious fateful trenchant vital powerful persuasive cogent incisive crisp fatal impressive authenticating fated irretrievable predestined predetermined validating unrepairable irreparable unqualified eventual lost inevitable established constant doomed completing state-of-the-art reliable downright limiting finishing terminating complete perfect plain actual real ending mandatory indissoluble beyond repair ensuing subsequent unbreakable compulsory nailed down resulting consequent latter latest net required requisite firm bounden set inexpugnable finished incumbent on counted upon hard-and-fast most influential

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