Đồng nghĩa của shatterproof

Alternative for shatterproof

shatterproof /'ʃætəpru:f/
  • tính từ
    • không vỡ được, không gãy được


Resistant to shattering
durable indestructible nonbreaking reinforced resistant safety strengthened toughened unbreakable imperishable lasting everlasting non-breakable infrangible permanent sturdy stout hard-wearing incorruptible indissoluble heavy-duty long-lasting adamantine armoured unyielding firm armored made to last solid strong nonbreakable rugged tight unshakable resilient tough brass-bound invulnerable hard perdurable immortal enduring inextinguishable abiding indelible undying deathless nonperishable unfading perennial endless ineradicable inexterminable undestroyable unchangeable perpetual immutable unwreckable rock-solid undestructable unruinable irrefrangible unalterable inextirpable irrefragable eternal steely robust impenetrable rigid hardened cast-iron inured inflexible secure sound vigorous fortified hardy well-built rock-hard hard-bitten as hard as stone as hard as iron hard as nails infallible stable reliable established airtight unassailable fixed dependable adamant steady substantial impregnable safe lusty invincible stiff well-made well fortified tried-and-true well-founded seasoned iron heavy cohesive really hard concrete flinty binding inseparable hearty bulletproof steel-clad covered very hard forceful flourishing inviolable storm-resistant unattackable fast stormproof well defended bombproof well-armed well-protected impassible immovable knockabout well protected protected shielded steel galvanized galvanised tempered thick steel-plated ironclad heavily clad leathery rock hard fit brawny strapping stalwart mighty dense steeled moulded healthy molded conditioned withstanding absolute tough as nails categorical unpliable unmalleable unconditional indurated rocklike set solidified impermeable indurate rocky stony stiffened compelling unquestionable incontrovertible effective frozen concentrated rock-like renitent cogent indubitable set in stone well-defined well-established well-constructed

Trái nghĩa của shatterproof

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