Đồng nghĩa của unmalleable

Alternative for unmalleable

unmalleable /'ʌn'mæliəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không thể dát mỏng, không thể uốn (kim loại)
    • (nghĩa bóng) khó bảo (trẻ con)

Tính từ

Refusing to change one's position, attitude or opinion
stubborn obstinate headstrong obdurate wilful adamant uncompromising unyielding dogged indurate resolute bolshie firm inexorable perverse relentless pigheaded recalcitrant refractory stalwart steadfast unadaptable hardheaded immovable mulish ornery restive willful contrary fixed opinionated persevering rigid awkward indomitable intransigent ossified pertinacious steely adamantine cantankerous determined implacable unbending unpersuadable balky cussed persistent tenacious unflinching unshakable contumacious hardened inconvincible intractable tough unshakeable bullheaded froward hard inflexible uncooperative unrelenting bloody-minded bull-headed cross-grained hard-nosed iron-willed rock-ribbed self-opinionated self-willed single-minded stiff-necked strong-minded strong-willed set in one's ways stubborn as a mule pig-headed pat unwavering hard-line stiff difficult unmanageable defiant unswerving hardline diehard incompliant hard and fast wayward resolved emphatic disobedient unruly purposeful unfaltering decided ungovernable rebellious locked in obstreperous insubordinate uncontrollable unaccommodating decisive intent bent untoward rebel recusant dead set on fractious stroppy strict contrarious insistent unpliable hard-core staunch uncompliant unhesitating not giving an inch forceful unalterable assertive hang tough undeviating positive wrong-headed set sure earnest bound dead set deaf to reason hell-bent on do-or-die hell-bent upon bent on bent upon contentious mutinous inveterate unbudgeable thrawn disputatious narrow-minded iron noncompliant incorrigible unresponsive unappeasable stiffened grim renitent unswayable immalleable durable merciless ruthless unmovable stony wild unimpressible unsparing incurable unrepentant hardhearted bullhead uncompassionate unemotional impertinent harsh mean strong undisciplined rugged categorical cold fish proof against persuasion hanging tough unbendable set in stone unreasonable tough nut to crack insoluble thorny locked knotty problematic indocile die-hard unmoved unbreakable dogmatic heady opinionative brick-wall serious deliberate cocksure remorseless convinced tough nut iron-jawed settled definite whole-hearted true with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in constant straight inelastic in earnest committed determinate dominant certain stable prevailing unshaken inexpugnable unqualified seasoned domineering going explicit consistent uncurving stand pat dyed-in-the-wool through-and-through hard-and-fast never-failing as straight as an arrow assured out focussed focused flat-out clear-sighted all out straight out steady solid dedicated enduring established vigorous fast devoted loyal faithful reliable indefatigable abiding stout unchanging permanent secure dependable immutable unflagging sturdy sound lasting deep-rooted spirited absolute ardent genuine bold long-lasting severe rigorous stringent cast-iron authoritative trustworthy devout untiring entrenched unchangeable undaunted trusty unassailable true-blue zealous confirmed stern final wholehearted driven unvarying confident conclusive indestructible ingrained safe robust unequivocal unfailing rooted indubitable invariable imperious continuing gritty exacting long-standing clear tireless good eternal valiant indisputable sincere undeniable tight incontrovertible changeless frozen dutiful unquestionable fanatical courageous brave unmistakable deep-seated persisting pious plucky imperishable gutsy flat compelling draconian irrefutable enthusiastic pushy mettlesome deep unambiguous ineradicable impregnable brassbound fierce stout-hearted powerful allegiant tried-and-true perennial stanch aggressive everlasting incontestable passionate lionhearted demanding doughty authoritarian long-established overbearing long-lived commanding invulnerable deep-dyed perseverant toughened unflappable down-the-line tried and true tried and tested intense keen fervent bossy inured hardy honest assiduous indelible infallible undying long-term well-built vehement spunky convincing upright evident peremptory tried ironclad substantial resistant strenuous perpetual feisty responsible invincible manful surviving unremitting real guaranteed lifelong remaining sworn autocratic known dictatorial demonstrable heavy-duty energetic perdurable card-carrying diligent full of determination resilient obvious verifiable unfluctuating rock-solid fearless well-founded uniform ambitious fervid true blue in the bag valid importunate hard as nails hearty lusty conscientious concrete iron-fisted definitive unerring irremovable binding intrepid effective immortal bred-in-the-bone honorable honourable unfading purposive undoubted attached imperative incorruptible heavy-handed well-established inarguable supreme extreme self-confident oppressive irreversible heavy confirmable radical even indissoluble fortified austere establishable lordly bulldog obsessed self-assertive obsessive patient true-hearted bullish cruel magisterial hard-wearing unchallengeable hell-bent masterful eager patriotic active out-and-out plain impervious well established audacious airtight hard-working tyrannical clear-cut forward meaning business set on unvacillating ascertained self-assured cogent profound beyond doubt hard-bitten ongoing patent beyond question trusted militant provable through and through sharp trustable influential self-possessed motivated invariant drastic callous mad keen calculable heroic intrenched chronic reinforced inalterable industrious avid unpermissive unarguable sure thing regular high-handed having down pat high-spirited bulletproof stationary unanswerable rough despotic forcible watertight sedulous impressive well-made imposing collected well-defined irrefragable proven unending composed liege impenetrable manifest dynamic scrupulous inviolable predestined destined undisputable unconquerable daring traditional intent on truthful dateless timeless ageless static bound and determined impassioned determined to unswervable concentrated unsympathetic potent enterprising made to last persuasive complete insistent on thorough dauntless four-square unquestioning salted away on ice fixated thoroughgoing hard-hitting long-running irrevocable supportive telling heartfelt incommutable equable habitual compulsive unafraid express urgent unmoving adherent pushful studious sustained savage accomplished unapologetic unashamed level dire bombproof pledged well fortified ultimate strapping cohesive overweening ramrod well-constructed muscular close armoured significant incisive distinct palpable firmly established go-getting beyond dispute tyrannous autocratical tyrannic undismayed recognized trenchant standing one's ground armored arrogant unattackable high-principled recognised direct red-hot hell bent on doctrinaire implanted dug in absorbed engrossed orthodox poised dour keen as mustard confining behind one set in concrete pure excessive committed to the idea of picky gallant valorous immotile redoubtable gung ho shatterproof unshrinking unbeatable basic fundamental in-your-face unaffected strengthened concentrating can-do preoccupied inbred mule uninterrupted time-honoured anchored agreed brutal foolproof unconditional ferocious self-asserting unruffled occupied disciplinary immersed healthy utter arranged independent immobile violent continuous inbuilt built-in unsurpassable calm dominating fiery doubtless cool unfazed stated hitched riveted unsentimental non-breakable burning sempiternal nonnegotiable specified unceasing infrangible proved desperate hooked still incessant impassive inevitable mighty flinty possessed subconscious lingering inherent innate hidebound embedded exigent pressing nailed revering accustomed habituated staid longstanding arbitrary unchanged longtime accepted full-bore self-reliant venerating greathearted gutty stouthearted undauntable heroical no-nonsense rocky old coercive straightforward inexhaustible stony-hearted unmodifiable unforgiving dense important unbroken monomaniacal resounding decent imperial inseparable endless solemn precise undefeatable predictable arrant right-down thick brawny cynical unstoppable insurmountable insuperable continual irrepressible righteous impassable hard-shell hard-boiled unimpeachable true to life standing pat made fast athletic crisp possessive leathery accurate instilled hard-hearted wrapped up effectual ringing plausible efficacious weighty lucid intelligent undeterred clamorous infixed finished pitiless sure of oneself two-fisted game bosom transparent sealed monotonous not in doubt impassible truehearted deeply felt pertinent officious boon cut-and-dried able-bodied undisputed nailed-on impeccable formidable single-minded about firm about stabile deep-down full-fledged fortress-like strongly made well-set obedient compact not backward in coming forward deep-set resolved to sinewy capable able veracious well defended by the book hard to please sticking to one's guns deeply ingrained fail-safe confiding obsessive about loving circumspect as sure as eggs is eggs on the level inflexible about on one's mettle out and out sure-fire fixated on fanatical about carved in stone solid as a rock beyond a shadow of a doubt affectionate string along with clinging self-disciplined mature ended not joking predisposed tending inclined leaning disposed standing hardboiled buckled down firmly-based sine qua non like granite pegged unforgettable ineffaceable unaltered unblinking immoveable uninfluenced mullish unintimidated free from doubt persuaded satisfied for a fact time-hallowed competitive formal forbidding illiberal gut instinctive intrinsic hopeless non-compliant rocklike planned prearranged uptight blinkered endemic unbothered untouched unvaried unmodified moored fastened risk-free brassy self-evident clinching masterly jelled high-powered high-stake winner-take-all zero-sum win-or-lose irradicable inannihilable worn low-risk living never-tiring puritanical steamroller nervy powerhouse nonbreakable unabashed undebatable punishing punitive Draconian time-honored age-old ancient hellbent defined quantified credible engaged enthralled unimpressionable riskless hopeful in place in position resolute about driven in beyond hope exact undoubting poignant acrimonious drawing grave stuffy spartan bidding ordering biased inextinguishable quiescent sagacious limited systematic meticulous painstaking on one's side coherent predetermined preset attentive untameable impatient brass-bound sticky imperturbable nerveless preconceived apodictic manly engagé telelogical calculated surefire unforgetful unflexible lengthy extended unwearied Herculean assaultive high-pressure punitory unsinkable ironhanded onerous congenital undiscouraged hulking husky beefy rock-hard upstanding dinkum tried and trusted dashing inspired hungry consumed compelled unquenchable bitter furious granite never-changing lion-hearted carnivorous open and shut dyed-in-the wool mandatory dictated written compulsory brusque perceptive take charge grounded as thick as thieves thickset nonperishable deathless stark marathon regimented adoring goody-goody worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic thirsty desirous striving reputable respectable built to last never-ending ceaseless impermeable mean business inerrant questionless failsafe uncharitable set in your ways believing in oneself going for broke satisfying great material crystalline abrupt summary brisk going all the way serious-minded meaning what one says fundamentalist in for long haul like bad penny in good faith well grounded iron-handed uncontested unquestioned unchallenged acknowledged galvanized impelled firm in spirit animated tough-minded resourceful interminable non-stop determining tall in the saddle intent upon nasty insistent about careful incorrupt vicious truculent virulent disciplined controlled religious as keen as mustard single-hearted old faithful true to the end given over to can't-miss salient playing hard ball to the core not put off not discouraged weariless observant do or die hold the fort hold your ground hold the line fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians not changeable by the numbers decided upon writ in stone strait-laced staying put hardhanded hale big not in question disciplinarian ascetical astringent browbeating ascetic conservative reverent inexpungible forever induced aspiring obsessional clamant crying reiterative etched in stone nonmoving based on perfervid inborn controlling self-respecting puissant be out for blood nose to the grindstone prayerful goody two-shoes torrid impenitent irredeemable unreformable adventurous have-a-go intuitive insightful relevant ingenious unfeeling abrasive unjust unfair intolerant correct believable entire all exclusive enrapt whole undivided pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised unbudging knockabout plugging jumping go-go grind unstinted hyper perky fireball continued plodding in fine feather cold daredevil unpierceable nonmotile repressive moral right just virtuous ethical nice flawless perfect self-starting hard-driving well protected lofty uncaring venturesome ballsy death-or-glory sicker puncture-proof total watchful alert hale and hearty there are no two ways about it all sewn up unkind inconsiderate heartless insensitive right-minded standardized nonstop homogeneous regularised regularized standardised principled nonbreaking unwreckable undestroyable inextirpable inexterminable undestructable unruinable irrefrangible unappealable goal-oriented storm-resistant stormproof venturous pugnacious all-or-nothing closed waterproof rational adult case-hardened veridical undistorted square worthy creditable all right estimable cocky dogmatical Neronian urged on self-driven imprudent herolike chivalrous chin-up foolhardy as game as Ned Kelly fortitudinous like the Rock of Gibralter solid as rock bona fide well-armed flourishing well-protected deep down in a straight line competent capable of being trusted efficient qualified hermetic lean hard-headed balanced rowdy curt in charge eager beaver high and mighty crack-the-whip throwing weight around haughty egotistic pompous dictative proud in for the long haul till the cows come home determinative irremediable unreversible shrewd practical realistic murky unpiercable hermetically sealed tightly packed hard-shelled no lie up front all-consuming closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced intensive fit unrectifiable unrepealable matter-of-fact down-to-earth minding certified steeled molded moulded conditioned lifetime undisturbed world-weary indurated cool-headed lodged in one's brain remove withstanding full-blooded affirmed set firm hard-edged compacted packed hard-handed consolidated compressed livelong out to fixed upon anxious to committed to intending to fixed on obsessed with resolved on impatient to decisive about determined on on the up and up well balanced well-balanced lifetime's downright outright trying perfectionist sacrosanct unperturbed lacking sentiment secured attested glaring stressed pointed sober accented quiet situated located tough as nails tiresome critical judgmental disapproving fussy as hard as nails as tough as old boots toughened by experience sacred without loopholes iron-clad one hundred per cent all-time for life fibrous stringy peaceful recollected untroubled coolheaded serene limpid equal unworried tranquil sedate together placid self-composed smooth for all your life overexacting unamenable querulous troublesome cavilling nagging holy no mistake for a face copper-bottomed specific univocal black-and-white hallowed untouchable quibbling disparaging hypercritical sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous needy hairsplitting caviling censuring cavillous unalarmed inalienable demeaning carping censorious well-marked minute forthright graphic pronounced full clean-cut distinguishable noteworthy audible visible tangible undubitable silhouetted vivid well-grounded at peace black and white over-rigorous fault-finding over-particular over-strict over-exacting hard to satisfy over-censorious high-maintenance as plain as daylight clearly defined cut and dried crystal clear not vague intemerate as plain as the nose on your face unbreachable divine uninfringeable inviolate

Tính từ

Consisting of matter all through
solid firm hard rigid stiff robust stout sturdy adamantine hardened tough impermeable massed unyielding fixed husky solidified steely taut blocked immutable inflexible sealed concentrated resolute rugged strong unrelenting compact consolidated dimensional rigorous unchangeable close compacted impliable rocklike unwavering concrete congealed impervious thick dense frozen stiffened impenetrable jellied set uncompromising brick wall non-flexible rock-hard rock-solid like a rock set in stone really hard very hard unbending inelastic immalleable stony unbendable unflexible unpliable tight renitent indurate unbreakable tense unsupple stiff as a board unmoving compressed granite iron durable indurated rocky nonflexible flinty rock-like chiseled chiselled starched as hard as stone as hard as iron ungiving incompliant brittle annealed numbed jelled stable substantial immovable rooted vigorous cast-iron secure fast resistant heavy anchored nailed hard as nails hardy lusty steady safe cemented toughened riveted inured steadfast indestructible moored nonporous stationary stubborn hard-bitten immobile adamant secured forceful condensed close-grained sound obdurate braced stalwart unshakeable waterproof impregnable impassable jammed hard-wearing fastened tenacious closed gelatinous obstinate established hermetic well-built settled still hermetically sealed hearty solid as a rock resilient motionless steeled unshakable strapping invulnerable entrenched inviolable tightened impassible irremovable watertight brawny unpierceable mighty ingrained water-resistant snug tied immotile strict invariable heavy-duty imperviable hardheaded deep-rooted static bound water-repellent definite deep-seated strongly made hitched ironclad hooked attached locked refractory fine-grained unmovable well-set hard and fast locked in made fast rainproof hard-and-fast like granite incompressible permanent dependable muscular athletic gelled walkable airtight hulking beefy stark jellified nonmoving damp-proof able-bodied thickset unbudging fortified as hard as a rock nonmotile invincible indomitable balanced leak-proof built to last fixed firmly unchanging unvarying sure stabile done up buttoned down unshaking hidebound determinate pigheaded final flat inexpugnable certain inveterate unflappable cynical unshaken hard-nosed case-hardened stiff-necked steel hard-boiled unsentimental hard-headed conglomerated caked dried poured precast calcified petrified monolithic shrewd practical realistic down-to-earth matter-of-fact quiet situated located callous world-weary hard-edged hard-handed packed flexed rock hard lacking sentiment unmoved unaffected untouched immune puncture-proof as tough as old boots toughened by experience as hard as nails unswayable unreceptive proof unattackable unassailable tensed biased unfeeling impassive unapproachable inaccessible stretched strained stressed preconceived murky unpiercable bulletproof embedded leathery seasoned extended worried wired nervous anxious edgy tightly packed fit cohesive healthy molded conditioned moulded fortress-like withstanding long-lasting wedged welded unfluctuating bombproof on edge tightly drawn strung out mounted bolted lodged soldered stuck screwed made to last tough as nails

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