Đồng nghĩa của chiselled

Alternative for chiselled

chisels, chiseled, chiselled, chiseling, chiselling

Đồng nghĩa: carve, engrave, inscribe, make, point, sculpture, tool,


Past tense for to cheat, or to get something by cheating
cheated conned defrauded swindled fleeced stiffed bilked diddled suckered gypped cozened stung hustled rooked skinned flimflammed bled did done shortchanged victimised victimized screwed fiddled hosed sticked stuck mulcted squeezed shorted gaffed skunked reamed choused thimblerigged euchred plucked pluckt nobbled beat beaten ripped off shook down shaken down did in done in deceived tricked duped bamboozled hoodwinked put one over on scammed misled gulled fooled finagled shafted hoaxed exploited double-crossed took for a ride taken for a ride burnt burned pulled a fast one on hornswoggled milked sandbagged deluded buncoed clipt clipped snookered beguiled sold a pup to taken to the cleaners took to the cleaners had gouged sold a bill of goods to swizzled snowed strung along pulled a swifty on embezzled robbed took advantage of taken advantage of gazumped overcharged rushed double-dealt roped in put one over on someone set up chicaned fudged swizzed extorted humbugged short-changed sold a pup led up the garden path stitched up hit below the belt pulled a fast one had on stole stolen snew snown took in taken in wrung goldbricked sold illuded lured bluffed misguided inveigled soaked entrapped misinformed gipped shucked spoofed gammoned trimmed buffaloed plundered juggled sweet-talked caught taken took put the screws to jerked around betrayed sold down the river screwed over sucked dry overreached faked out sucked in run a game on sold a bill of goods pulled a fast one on someone stacked the cards pulled something funny bent the rules stretched the rules took someone for a ride taken someone for a ride penalised fined forfeited penalized baulked punished frauded balked extracted jiggled done a number on did a number on wrenched forced expelled wrested wringed wrang wheedled kidded played dirty coaxed cajoled seduced crossed despoiled entranced charmed attracted tempted enchanted enticed blackmailed belirted cribbed lirted rogued blenched pauperized impoverished dazzled spellbound blinded hypnotized captivated mesmerized wooed bewitched pilfered outwitted pigeoned ensnared won over strong-armed led on soft-soaped pulled one's leg sucked the life out of jived gave someone a bum steer given someone a bum steer allured decoyed baited solicited did the dirty on done the dirty on grifted framed ruined disappointed frustrated foiled circumvented bilked of thwarted fast talked ran a game on befooled buttered up done someone in the eye suckered into finessed manipulated pulled fast one jockeyed played for a sucker did someone in the eye mesmerised bled someone of something led somebody down the garden path done out of pulled something did out of shaved grafted swagged hypnotised imposed on preyed on looted crowded played extraught shove shave shaven tore from teared from taken out took out gave bum steer broke the rules given bum steer broken the rules did number on taken to the cleaner's took to the cleaner's done number on chiseled outmaneuvered outmanoeuvred outfoxed outsmarted foxed put on pulled the wool over somebody's eyes let down outslicked outthought pulled the wool over someone's eyes baffled faked juked two-timed sold out made a fool of stabbed in the back led astray outjockeyed outplayed defeated outguessed topped disinformed outgeneralled outgeneraled worsted capped confused jipped bewildered played false lied failed figured out leaded one down the garden path pulled the wool over one's eyes backstabbed trapped split caught out cuckolded used wangled weaselled ducked dodged weaseled four-flushed double dealt stepped out played away mousetrapped run rings round distorted had someone on put on the wrong track put on an act put on false front played trick on led up garden path pulled wool over eyes put up smoke screen made rings round wormed one's way out of copped out slipped out beaten around the bush outdone outdid dispossessed took someone in surcharged taken someone in broken faith with broke faith with got the better of gotten the better of sold someone down the river welshed filched swayed contrived charged too much impressed heisted abused padded overtaxed nicked dusted stumped biased biassed outperformed misdirected hacked falsified hooked prevaricated misstated gaslit gaslighted conned out of rigged machinated manoeuvred maneuvered bested overcome imposed upon crossed up pretended misrepresented played joke on beat out of took to cleaners taken to cleaners affected influenced engineered doctored feigned shammed bunked fabricated propagandized perverted lain to lay to pulled wool over rooked out of cooked masterminded ran rings round propagandised wound up entangled enmeshed played for a fool passed off bled dry found a loophole in tampered with flammed play-acted sent on a wild goose chase played a jest on psyched out made a sucker of played a trick on exploited a loophole in led down the garden path stole a march on interfered with pulled strings pulled wires played a prank on covered up blagged fixed fixt played games with stolen a march on wrong steered tinkered with fiddled with pulled someone's leg gamed played a joke on fudged with played games twisted around your little finger played a practical joke on did someone dirty done someone dirty thrown threw overcame taken for took for taken for ride took for ride beaten out of stage-managed went one better than gone one better than stolen someone blind stole someone blind thrown off the scent gave the wrong impression given wrong information to threw off the scent given the wrong impression gave wrong information to hocus-pocused gone back on went back on

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