Đồng nghĩa của branded

Alternative for branded

brands, branded, branding

Đồng nghĩa: burn, kind, label, mark, sort, stamp, tag, type,

Động từ

Past tense for to physically mark with something hot, such as a branding iron

Động từ

Past tense for to assign to a particular class or category
classified categorised categorized classed grouped sorted graded ranked ordered arranged codified pegged ranged placed assorted compartmentalised compartmentalized distinguished typed labelled labeled catalogued organised organized separated filed pigeonholed relegated systematised systematized indexed distributed compartmented assigned digested typecast typecasted rated tagged listed list tabulated cataloged systemized tabbed bracketed named divided put putten allotted alphabetized allocated coordinated segregated sized ticketed collocated docketed consigned stratified matched correlated numbered regimented broke down broken down buttoned down sized up put down as put down for put into sets put away ranked out took one's measure taken one's measure designated marked characterized characterised identified stamped defined regarded initialled initialed evaluated stereotyped specified described monogrammed considered signed valued set put a label on judged gaged scored reckoned gauged ghettoized put in order cast engraved tattooed sorted out ghettoised lined up fixed fixt positioned methodized earmarked autographed inscribed hallmarked put together personalized put one's name on personalised put one's seal on set apart denominated stickered termed typified nominated sectionalized cleped titled stood calibrated graduated triaged partitioned conventionalized slotted held appraised parted accounted assessed pronounced standardized valuated established type casted dubbed marked down assembled managed structured laid out called conjectured made calculated guessed supposed figured estimated normalized countersigned marshalled marshaled subscribed superscribed witnessed institutionalised institutionalized normalised standardised brought together singled out watermarked regulated regrouped reclassified colligated sequenced subcategorized recategorized focussed organized systematically setted your hand to decorated sealed focused portioned marked out printed one's name on clepen clept been were was holden lay out underwrote underwritten took to be taken to be showed to be shown to be wrote one's name on written one's name on set out disposed charted compiled arrayed logged had a rank of tabularized registered presented enumerated formulated lined biassed biased allineated measured proportioned summarized collected condensed collated arranged in order coded summarised drawn up drew up divided up arranged in a series gathered together had a status of belonged

Động từ

Past tense for to characterize

Động từ

Past tense for to criticize in an abusive or angrily insulting manner
reviled attacked maligned abused castigated censured condemned disparaged savaged slandered admonished berated besmirched calumniated chid chided criticised criticized crucified denigrated denounced excoriated flayed lambasted panned reproached slammed slated smeared stigmatised stigmatized traduced vilified bashed blamed defamed hammered insulted knocked lectured libelled libeled reprobated reproved roasted rubbished scolded scorned skewered vituperated aspersed pummelled pummeled reamed reprimanded bagged despised bad-mouthed cast aspersions on gave a talking-to given a talking-to inveighed against laid into railed against raked over the coals vituperated against ran down run down slagged off took apart taken apart tongue-lashed cast a slur on laid down the law took to pieces taken to pieces accused charged implicated indicted alleged ridiculed lashed slashed heaped found fault with imputed exposed to ridicule held up to shame pilloried given a bad press to showed someone up gave a bad press to shown someone up put down dissed blasted had a go at decried trashed upbraided rebuked deprecated slurred belittled pulled apart hit out at chastised flamed derogated reprehended impugned cut up objurgated derided rated vilipended read the riot act bawled out fulminated against slighted chewed out carpeted pulled to pieces discredited dressed down poured scorn on mocked depreciated jumped on dumped on execrated curst cursed dismissed torn into tore into reamed out spread lies about trash-talked contemned discounted ragged called down assailed minimized diminished picked holes in belabored hauled over the coals sneered at cried down scoffed at taunted belaboured blistered dragged through the mud harangued ranted at dispraised detracted anathematized told off minimised undervalued disdained talked down keelhauled pitched into railed scorched let someone have it rapped jawed deplored took to task taken to task laced into caned done a hatchet job on did a hatchet job on railed at blackened the name of shot down potshotted played down scathed kissed off basted bollocked scored blackened criticizes severely arraigned remonstrated with mauled jeered at detracted from carped at underrated slagged cut to the quick spoken ill of spoke ill of faulted slanged pooh-poohed ticked off misprized hated rapped over the knuckles sullied the reputation of scandalized cavilled at thrown brickbats at threw brickbats at come down on cussed underestimated offended degraded marginalized blasphemed denunciated jeered imprecated scandalised sailed into sledged rejected laughed at spurned spoke badly of spoken badly of hit marginalised scoffed wigged sneered trimmed dishonored dishonoured made light of abhorred picked to pieces made fun of disgraced put away let have it tore to pieces torn to pieces looked down on tore off a strip torn off a strip cut down to size blackened the reputation of put on the mat poor-mouthed trivialized provoked conducted a smear campaign against rollicked teased proscribed gave someone a bad press given someone a bad press demeaned wrote off written off lampooned downgraded outraged given someone hell gave someone hell nagged carped given someone a roasting gave someone a roasting tore a strip off torn a strip off gave someone a rocket given someone a rocket affronted slung mud at disrespected skinned treated lightly disapproved of fulminated punished snubbed caviled cavilled slapped loathed lowered minified complained scouted lit into rowed detested thrown mud at threw mud at flouted trivialised ripped into gibed abominated torn down tore down held cheap given someone a dressing-down gave someone a dressing-down gave someone a rollicking given someone a rollicking given someone a bollocking gave someone a bollocking brought into disrepute yelled at pulled up misrepresented called names backbitten backbit slang spoken evil of spoke evil of blackened the character of hurt sweared annoyed nitpicked about upset hassled heckled declaimed tormented came down on growled burst out devalued given something a battering gave something a battering remonstrated oppressed refuted recriminated persecuted called over the coals laughed off booed disapproved ostracized ostracised murmured debased deflated objected protested let fly hazed shunned disciplined demonized dug bothered done down did down cast out animadverted on judged ranted twitted animadverted thundered against rid ridden rode ripped up expostulated demonised appalled rebuffed felt contempt for beat up on injured miscalled read out sniffed at declaimed against rallied poked fun at objected to repudiated renounced inveighed kicked heaped scorn on given something a bad press gave something a bad press found fault cut down put a whammy on talked dirty used bad language jumped down one's throat treated with contempt cussed out shouted at gave a bad name given a bad name made sport of cut dead sent someone away with a flea in their ear called someone names kicked up a fuss about looked down upon slapped down hurt someone's feelings kicked up a stink about put up a fight against put hooks in slapped someone's wrist torn apart tore apart gave some stick to given some stick to gone for the jugular went for the jugular badmouthed spited gossipped lied gossiped backstabbed gave a rocket given a rocket gave someone a mouthful given someone a row gave someone an earful given someone a telling-off given someone a wigging gave someone what for given someone what for given someone a mouthful given someone a caning gave someone a rating given someone an earful gave someone a wigging given someone a rating gave someone a row gave someone a caning gave someone a telling-off criticized harshly raved at aggravated criticized unfairly exploded wound wounded doomed sentenced sworn swore given someone bondi gave someone bondi animadverted upon accursed mortified riled had a pop at hooted harassed badgered hounded whistled harried catcalled grizzled grouched whinged whined fussed griped grumbled moaned fustigated disliked sullied lashed out at squelched squashed understated downplayed ripped argued with felt revulsion to regarded with disgust felt aversion to felt disgust for gave flak to given flak to disgusted shocked prosecuted needled grumped bleated caterwauled cried beefed screamed groused crabbed wailed bellyached keened repined humiliated voodooed mistreated jinxed domineered hectored pestered susurrated penalised darned penalized banished banned expelled dratted convicted confounded disagreed with disregarded impeached gossiped about piled in goaded chaffed horrified threaped chastened cautioned beshrewed profaned desecrated yawped raged stormed squealed maundered kvetched hollered yammered muttered croaked whimpered squawked found intolerable disrelished regarded with contempt started on started in nagged at afflicted pushed tortured tyrannized jibed gripped seethed whispered struck smothered kept nothing back cudgelled cudgeled shellacked scourged erupted with anger guyed baited ribbed complained of inveigled against cheapened incriminated exprobated framed named pronounced adjudged high-hatted snooted neglected eschewed disobliged irritated yapped bawled yowled yelped yauped hitten hat skinned alive ragged on maledicted raged against treated contemptuously jibed at gibed at got at tied into poormouthed destroyed abased hosed zinged tyrannised hissed enslaved dominated passed strictures upon preached praught chewed sickened repelled nauseated revolted bedamned jumped on one's case snapped someone's head off sniped at picked apart looked askance uttered oaths sounded off laid out grouched about sent up bagged on jabbed twittered disbelieved louted tantalised tantalized quizzed sneezed at walked over lashed into girt girded remonstrated about protested strongly at expostulated about challenged wiped out felt contempt held forth against stained swore at sworn at displeased uttered catcalls hung something on pointed finger at pinned it on issued oaths uttered profanities charged with showed up run something down rapped someone's knuckles poked mullock at scouted at fleered at worked over sounded off about kicked up a fuss had at cracked down on sold short marked down gave offence to given offence to had a down on shot full of holes done a number on did a number on sent up the river laid at one's door given a black eye gave a black eye taken a swipe at taken down a peg took a swipe at took down a peg caused offence to humbled pissed on had no use for dismayed criticized hatefully blew up curled your lip at blackguarded made a fool of kept after defied called on the carpet rapped someone over the knuckles spitted on went on at given someone some stick thundered turned back on shouted disapproval made a fuss about confuted took the piss out of blackballed treated disrespectfully turned up your nose at used foul language refused laughed out of court gave someone some stick made a protest against brought discredit to effed and blinded stepped on one's toes dug at taken to the woodshed complained bitterly about whipped bellyached about hurled insults at caused raised eyebrows jumped all over took to the woodshed uttered profanity taken the piss out of spitted in the eye of expressed disapproval of complained vehemently about embarrassed belied looked down one's nose at had your knife in turned down considered beneath one looked down nose at discountenanced vociferated pissed over weighed into knocked off high horse complained vociferously about avoided spitted in the face of kicked up made a stand against disagreed violently with raised eyebrows amongst beefed about shouted down turned nose up at jumped down someone's throat gone on at held in contempt thumbed one's nose at kicked against brought someone to book clamored against tyrannized over blown up fumed had someone on the carpet considered beneath you talked something down opposed strongly caused a few raised eyebrows amongst raised objections to spoke of with disfavour spoken of with disfavour accurst grope gripen shrunk from shrank from stricken assaulted verbally overrode overridden taken down took down gave a tongue-lashing given a tongue-lashing bad mouthed gotten at gotten after got after sodden sod chewn lay out gave black eye given black eye took on taken on barked at blown whistle on blew whistle on ran something down torn to shreds tore to shreds went after gone after bit someone's head off bitten someone's head off blew off blown off gave comeuppance given comeuppance threw shade thrown shade swung at swang at taken away took away was above been above were above took exception taken exception blew up at ate out gave one hell blown up at given someone a carpeting gave someone a carpeting eaten out given one hell given a piece of one's mind gave tongue-lashing given tongue-lashing given somebody a piece of one's mind gave somebody a piece of one's mind gave a piece of one's mind taken the Lord's name in vain took the Lord's name in vain nit-picked threw stones at thrown stones at took swipe at taken swipe at taken name in vain took name in vain taken the mickey out of shown contempt showed contempt took the mickey out of showed contempt for given the Bronx cheer to gave the Bronx cheer to blown raspberries at shown contempt for blew raspberries at took a stand against taken issue with took great exception to taken great exception to spoke out against took issue with spoken out against taken a stand against blown raspberries blew raspberries taken someone to task took someone to task

Động từ

Past tense for to sully the good name of
tainted tarnished blemished smeared sullied besmirched soiled stigmatised stigmatized blackened blotted discredited stained blighted debased disgraced dishonored dishonoured shamed hurt injured smirched darkened harmed touched depraved poisoned tarred cast a slur dragged through the mud gave a bad name given a bad name degraded humiliated abased devalued lowered demeaned cheapened humbled chastened fouled reduced the status of brought shame to dragged down lowered the status of took down taken down sunk sunken sank took down a peg taken down a peg put in a bad light defamed brought into disrepute dragged through the mire put down brought shame on cast in a bad light embarrassed besmeared reflected badly on defiled brought discredit to brought dishonour to blackened the name of denigrated slandered disparaged belittled given a bad name to gave a bad name to slurred disfavored disfavoured compromised brought shame upon showed up cast aspersions on cut down to size reflected negatively shown in a bad light showed in a bad light muddied the reputation of blackened the reputation of harmed the reputation of damaged the reputation of put someone in their place vilified maligned calumniated scandalized censured reproached spotted mortified ruined corrupted insulted exposed attainted reduced disregarded desecrated ridiculed derided scandalised derogated libeled snubbed disrespected mocked libelled owned diminished debauched marred disesteemed lost face run down tarred and feathered caused to lose face shot down detracted from made lose face made someone eat crow blackened someone's name brought into disfavour pooh-poohed own ran down given a black eye gave a black eye tore down torn down took down a peg or two taken down a peg or two did a hatchet job on done a hatchet job on

Động từ

Past tense for to officially give a specified name or status to
designated called labelled labeled named termed dubbed styled christened entitled pronounced tagged classified denominated nominated baptised baptized classed defined described titled billed characterised characterized cleped clepen clept denoted indicated specified stipulated authorised authorized deputised deputized individualised individualized nicknamed referred to stamped marked typecast described as portrayed categorized identified pigeonholed typified typecasted categorised esteemed considered reckoned defined as put down as set down as depicted stereotyped compartmentalized ticketed painted compartmentalised represented charactered hailed introduced flagged subtitled sketched personalised pegged constituted personalized individuated declared regarded identified as referred to as promoted as talked up as judged to be hyped as classed as publicized as counted as viewed as looked upon as looked on as considered to be thought of as named something regarded as characterized as categorized as held as rated as addressed benamed immersed knighted aspersed blest blessed hailed as put tag on benempt phrased bestowed conferred described something as sanctified sprinkled dedicated invoked ordained decreed conferred knighthood upon given a name to gave a name to answered to the name of gave the title of given the title of gave a name given a name given something the title of gave something the title of given the name of gave the name of given a handle gave a handle gone by the name of went by the name of

Động từ

Past tense for to accuse or bring criminal charges against
incriminated accused blamed implicated indicted involved inculpated charged criminated defamed denounced entrapped framed impeached alleged arraigned attacked attributed cited convicted fingered named pointed the finger at prosecuted stigmatised stigmatized grassed on informed against set up blackened the name of brought charges fitted up gave away given away held accountable pinned on ratted on served summons pinned the blame on pointed the finger sticked the blame on dropped somebody in it laid the blame on betrayed let have it put on trial for hung something on exposed summonsed reported charged with indicted for arraigned for imputed censured prosecuted for taxed faulted denunciated slandered sued recriminated arrested slurred complained summoned reproached apprehended libeled libelled impeached for recriminated for censured with taxed with laid charges against incriminated for filed charges against made accusations about preferred charges against pointed a finger at informed on laid at door filed claim brought to trial for lodged complaint dobbed in laid blame on pointed finger at done did blown the whistle took to court for taken to court for blew the whistle accused of put on trial laid at one's door compromised embroiled connected faced with charges brought to trial served with a summons entangled ensnared enmeshed had the law on mired brought in brought before the court linked meant brought an action against tangled pinned it on associated concerned meaned had up affected called to account pointed to related hung on included stitched up taken to court took to court taken to task took to task

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