Đồng nghĩa của stewed

Alternative for stewed

stews, stewed, stewing

Đồng nghĩa: cook, fret, fume, rage, rant, rave, seethe, storm,

Tính từ

Intoxicated by an excess of alcohol
wasted high plastered hammered inebriated intoxicated drunk stoned flying blitzed bombed smashed inebriate sozzled tipsy befuddled blotto canned loaded blasted buzzed drunken pickled ripped sloshed sottish soused squiffy tiddly totaled besotted blind boozy cockeyed crocked fried gassed impaired juiced lit looped oiled potted slang squiffed stiff stinking tanked tight wet crapulent crapulous bashed flushed fuddled glazed groggy laced muddled sodden in lush under the influence boozed up liquored up lit up pie-eyed under the table drunk as a skunk half-seas over high as a kite three sheets to the wind in one's cups in the bag under the weather wiped out seeing double feeling no pain three sheets in the wind legless wrecked zonked woozy merry paralytic steaming dead drunk bladdered bevvied out of it gin-soaked blind drunk roaring drunk rolling drunk trashed soaked rat-arsed tippling drunk as a lord bibulous mullered ratted lashed trolleyed Brahms and Liszt worse for drink slaughtered worse for wear tanked up well oiled foxed sotted screwed ebriate half cut well away stinko cut reeling fou maudlin incapable tired and emotional toping half seas over monged two sheets to the wind pixilated wired guttered steamed monged out cock-eyed full shickered shot munted inked lekker ebrious ebriose having had a skinful grogged up having had one over the eight as full as a goog as tight as a tick steamboats sauced tanked-up mashed off your face out to it kaylied langered dronkverdriet boozed-up broken ossified stukkend strung out crock swacked zoned elephants blatted sat happy polluted babalas well-oiled red-nosed intemperate in your cups gin-sodden one over the eight Adrian Quist jacked bacchic spaced tripping the worse for drink irrigated unsteady faced drinking dazed beery gone schnockered slightly drunk half in the bag dead to the world half-crocked hard-drinking out of one's head feeling good hooched up out of one's skull out of one's box under the influence of intoxicating liquor boozing blazed demolished baked drugged doped boozed unsober sloppy stupefied obliterated cooked snockered tied one on drunked up elevated mellow addled out off one's head geeked blown-up spaced out zonked-out out of one's gourd half-cut spaced-out burned-out on a trip hopped-up off one's face plowed pixillated ploughed punchy narcotized comatose on drugs delirious hallucinating euphoric hyped up charged up freaked out dopey benumbed floating unconscious coked drugged up junked-up blown away dead-drunk turned on out of one's mind off one's head on a high drugged-out drunk as a fiddler tiddled full of well-being tozy-mozy bibacious alcoholic insensible anaesthetized anesthetized knocked out out of your mind

Tính từ

Annoyed or irritated and quick to take offence at petty things
huffy irritable cross grumpy moody crabbed touchy crusty petulant snappy sullen surly tetchy crotchety annoyed bad-tempered huffish sulky testy waspish angry choked crabby ill-tempered irritated offended short cantankerous curmudgeonly disgruntled edgy miserable morose ratty resentful shirty snappish churlish cranky curt miffed moping prickly chippy eggy narked narky peckish querulous soreheaded thin-skinned ticklish whingy miffy peevish pettish snaky tooshie angered exasperated fractious hurt insulted irked nettled peeved piqued provoked riled sensitive vexed put out like a bear with a sore head irascible grouchy choleric splenetic short-tempered fiery ill-humored ill-humoured quick-tempered liverish peppery perverse ill-natured dyspeptic fretful impatient bilious disagreeable ornery sour stuffy snippy snarky hot-tempered snippety captious raspy complaining stroppy scratchy out of sorts bitter on a short fuse sorehead waxy uptight volatile mean quarrelsome in a bad mood brusque on edge snarling whingeing grumbling temperamental mardy bearish out of humor shrewish difficult short-fused critical acrimonious spiteful hotheaded fussy passionate glum argumentative truculent gruff feisty whining discontented out of temper nasty obstinate as cross as two sticks mumpish tart dour contrary scrappy excitable cavilling caviling in a mood pouty hostile oversensitive hot-blooded tense cross-grained unsociable harsh cynical pouting arsey carping sharp tough waspy dissatisfied trying awkward acid belligerent antagonistic easily upset bellicose pugnacious combative confrontational fault-finding bloody-minded mopey contentious unfriendly militant gloomy uncooperative whiny malignant vindictive saturnine out of humour pertinacious acrid ungracious disputatious aggressive malicious venomous grousing easily offended cussed hot-headed having got out of bed the wrong side having got out of bed on the wrong side hypersensitive inhospitable malevolent fierce violent mopish defiant abusive threatening warlike bristly snarly frowning agonistic rancorous emotional discordant ireful unkind assaultive brooding misanthropic displeased crybaby unhappy bad uncongenial impulsive neurotic restive iracund iracundulous vitriolic inflammable sore salty hasty growling blunt griping fretting childish chuffy delicate vinegary unpleasant rude disputative ugly hypercritical filthy restless down in the mouth unruly grumbly negative obstreperous recalcitrant foul-tempered unpredictable refractory froward nasty-tempered hot under the collar hard to please sharp-tongued out-of-sorts indomitable embittered vinegarish sarcastic destructive plaintive murmuring vicious spunky acerbic acute foul censorious atrabilious zowerswopped inimical loudmouthed adversarial grudging uncharitable catty inconsiderate unsympathetic wicked jaundiced perversely irritable ungenerous dejected agitable broody wrathful furious uneasy long-faced offensive moaning bemoaning whimpering wailing crying deploring lamenting blue wounded kittle mopy skittish hurtful joyless hateful uncompliant indocile wild sharp-tempered toey overwrought distraught worried uncomfortable mighty antipathetic dicey jumpy hazardous unsafe highly strung perturbable viperous malign litigious anxious stressed fidgety huffy irascible easily frightened mean-spirited evil-minded easily agitated high-strung wired up wound up bundle of nerves factious warring gladiatorial apt to fly off the handle battling dissentious brawly fighting controversial polemical polemic worked up upset wrought up agitated ill at ease distressed unsettled bickering ructious tempestuous arguesome wrangling impassioned turbulent war brawling wreck rattled unquiet faultfinding overstrung twitchy nervous ready for a fight have chip on shoulder het up tender susceptible soft supersensitive vulnerable defensive easily hurt paranoid glowering scowling umbrageous ultrasensitive fed up dark aloof withdrawn sourpussed sulking dismal depressed cheerless quick to take offence disobliging hardheaded overbearing importunate strong-minded pitiless strict single-minded set in one's ways intractable boorish unrelenting rigid hard-line inflexible finical hard-nosed obdurate tiresome pigheaded hard to handle unmanageable invidious bull-headed steadfast choosy fiendish uncompromising uppity troublesome unreasonable headstrong unamenable resolute immovable oafish demanding tyrannical unaccommodating picky thrawn stiff opinionated stiff-necked dogmatic intransigent oppressive hard to satisfy irritating stubborn unflinching contrarious overcritical wrong-headed inexorable grim impolite unyielding opinionative unbending obstructive perfectionist balky particular fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial bolshie in a huff having a fit of the sulks in a funk in the sulks in a strop ferocious poisonous unsmiling cruel unhelpful on the warpath humourless humorless abrupt disapproving oppugnant indignant rebellious severe aggers spoiling for a fight have a bone to pick rotten envenomed contumacious nagging taciturn virulent ignoble contemptible irate discourteous sombre somber obnoxious forbidding stern vile snide criticizing wretched savage unresponsive uncommunicative challenging aggravated wounding adverse criticising menacing intimidating rough up in arms biffo disruptive having a chip on one's shoulder hot flip have it in for ardent on the outs ready to fight at loggerheads inharmonious objecting protesting uncivil scathing provocative disrespectful tempersome brief scornful pernicious dissenting repining mourning accusing weeping bellyaching bewailing regretting charging vehement bad-humored Eeyorish unlikable naysaying terse dissentient eristic scolding ill-mannered malcontent like a bear spiky ill backbiting cattish impetuous unindulgent with a long face ill-disposed got up on wrong side of bed vixenish hate-filled pushy spirited plucky courageous determined lugubrious self-assertive itching to fight looking for trouble having short fuse hot under collar sober pessimistic psyched up angerful frenzied fuming ranting in a temper raving cold convulsed hawkish despicable militaristic warmongering execrable annoying ignominious sordid currish dirty despiteful dishonorable base detestable low paltry wrestling bloodthirsty tilting martial skirmishing ruthless dishonourable sabre-rattling under arms aggrieved foreboding ominous galled low-minded low-down frightening enraged livid apoplectic mad flinty steely uninviting steamed steamed up crook vex ropeable serious hard distant unapproachable formidable hoha wroth stony aerated disobedient ungentle louring fell sinister austere stark lowering solemn grave ticked off teed off bleak not best pleased hopping mad bent out of shape disparaging deprecating boot-faced gray grey mean-looking foaming at the mouth hacked off in a lather in a paddy dysfunctional in a bate fit to be tied pedantic quibbling niggling pettifogging nit-picking delinquent hair-splitting judgmental nitpicking judgemental rejective naughty badly behaved undisciplined wayward ill-disciplined mischievous pass-remarkable pernickety impudent badly-behaved misbehaving problematic insolent nitpicky thorny unfair exceptive hairsplitting very critical petty exacting trivial unjust cavillous tricky socially impaired willful self-willed erratic errant disturbed pesky roguish rowdy undisciplinable ill-behaved troublous incorrigible maladjusted bold exasperating unrestrainable uncontrollable irksome rascally insubordinate uncontainable devilish wearisome disorderly

Động từ

To have ruminated or mulled over
thought pondered reflected deliberated considered contemplated analyzed debated dwelled dwelt evaluated figured out meditated reasoned ruminated understood analysed appraised apprehended brainstormed brooded cogitated comprehended concentrated discerned examined figured intellectualised minded mused processed rationalised speculated studied weighed wondered cerebrated chewed ideated intellectualized logicalized mulled puzzled over racked one's brains rationalized sorted out excogitated lucubrated put on one's thinking cap used one's head noodled around perpended racked brains conceived estimated imagined revolved inferred judged deduced appreciated resolved mulled over cudgeled one's brains stopped to consider turned over ratiocinated slept on it had in mind chewn taken under consideration took under consideration questioned thought about chewed over thought over turned pored over kicked around wrestled with entertained eyed weighed up meditated on brooded over reflected on mused on ruminated on dwelled on pored on put on thinking cap cogitated about reviewed cogitated on given thought to gave thought to deliberated about deliberated on ruminated about brooded on thought on thought out rolled chewed on beat one's brains out about assessed pondered on ruminated over speculated about turned over in one's mind thought through considered the pros and cons of worried about stewed over sized up brooded about investigated researched surveyed scrutinized probed explored puzzled discussed enquired into compared pondered over consulted looked into envisioned meditated over argued mooned hammered away at scrutinised chewed the cud poured it on turned over in your mind beaten one's brains out about sweat knocked around deliberated over summed up asked oneself about thought hard tracked talked over reflected upon mused over sweated over looked at run up a flagpole meditated upon given consideration to gave consideration to agonized over supported agonized monitored planned designed maintained bethought schemed purposed intended harbored held harboured fostered worried devised digested dissected perused countenanced cherished brooked tolerated proposed projected mooted envisaged reflected about conceived of suffered inspected plotted woolgathered rehashed flashed on recognized allowed yourself to consider batted about said to oneself deliberated upon given much thought to expected sweated percolated made enquiries into contemplated on engaged in contemplation asked oneself dived into wondered about pored chewed over things hashed over eyed up conducted a survey of ruminated upon entertained idea experimented heeded recognised ran up a flagpole took stock of kicked about batted it around debated with oneself turned over in mind cooled out anticipated taken stock of viewed pictured canvassed entertained the idea of conducted research into delved into stewed about mulled over things thought of thought deeply gave much thought to dreamt agonised dreamed rated kept in mind done research did research took something under advisement taken something under advisement given some thought to gave some thought to aspired to took in taken in batted around approved of took into consideration agreed to bore in mind born in mind taken into consideration

Động từ

Past tense for to remain in a heated or stifling atmosphere

Động từ

Past tense for to worry or agonize about something, especially on one's own
fretted worried agonised agonized fussed stressed brooded feared obsessed sweated sweat troubled bothered suffered chafed fumed felt uneasy got overwrought got worked up gotten worked up got in a flap got in a fluster got in a panic got in a state gotten in a state got in a tizz got steamed up gotten steamed up got in a sweat got in a tizzy got in a lather gotten in a lather got in a tiz-woz went through the mill gone through the mill lost sleep upset oneself labored laboured concerned oneself wrestled grappled panicked upset yourself tormented oneself tortured oneself lost sleep over anguished cared moped sighed pined complained sorrowed dithered stood endured stomached exerted dreaded tolerated abided tortured brooked abode whined grumbled felt unhappy minded lamented bled carped hassled grieved chagrined affronted made a fuss felt peeved distressed yourself dwelled on distressed oneself had qualms sweated it out got stressed stayed the course troubled yourself stuck it out exercised oneself tormented yourself burdened oneself busied oneself concerned yourself tortured yourself burdened yourself troubled oneself stewed over inconvenienced yourself worried oneself carried on carried a heavy load wrestled with oneself went taken took gone took on taken on bitten one's nails bit one's nails eaten one's heart out got into a dither ate one's heart out gotten into a dither ate heart out sung the blues took it badly eaten heart out taken it badly sang the blues given a rap gave a rap went to the trouble occupies oneself occupied oneself given a hoot gave a hang gone to the trouble given a hang gave a hoot raged abraded excoriated galled irritated blown a fuse blew a fuse

Động từ

Past tense for to steep in a liquid, so as to extract the soluble constituents (usually medicinal or herbal)

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