Đồng nghĩa của worried

Alternative for worried

Đồng nghĩa: apprehensive, disquieted, distressed, disturbed, upset,

worries, worried, worrying

Đồng nghĩa: badger, bother, harass, harry, molest, plague, torment, trouble, vex,

Tính từ

Having thoughts occupied with unpleasant things or events that have happened or that may happen
anxious troubled upset nervous afraid concerned tense uneasy bothered disquieted distressed disturbed frightened perturbed apprehensive distracted distraught fearful fretting unquiet wired antsy fretful on edge overwrought stressed worried sick ill at ease quaking scared tormented trembling discomposed flustered hassled insecure restless strung out twitchy under stress uptight worked up anguished disconcerted edgy jittery jumpy nervy queasy queazy rattled spooked stressy unsettled vexed aflutter agitated alarmed beset discombobulated dithery fidgety flurried irked riled ruffled shaken toey angstful bugged goosey plagued tortured uncomfortable angsty atwitter clutched hinky muddled overstrung solicitous spooky squirrelly unglued windy a wreck hung up in a flap in a sweat in a tizzy in a twitter keyed up on tenterhooks strung up a bundle of nerves beside oneself hot and bothered in a dither in a stew in a tizz in a twit shook up worried stiff all of a dither bricking oneself in a cold sweat in a state in a state of agitation having kittens het up on pins and needles all of a lather like a cat on a hot tin roof with one's stomach in knots shaking in one's shoes with one's heart in one's mouth with butterflies in one's stomach strained unnerved shaky harassed panicky excited hysterical restive dismayed terrified timorous frantic hesitant hyper fraught timid annoyed skittish shy shocked fazed confused uncertain wrought up wound up beleaguered in a state of nerves under pressure stressed out neurotic highly strung aghast high-strung unsure startled in a panic adrenalized horrified thrown panic-stricken irritable excitable in suspense pressured like a cat on hot bricks taut all of a doodah frenzied petrified self-conscious hysteric unrelaxed suspicious harried horror-struck discomfited careworn frozen affrighted scared stiff unhappy perplexed unrestful febrile burdened bundle of nerves intimidated daunted sensitive trepidatious desperate irritated discountenanced aroused embarrassed mousy shaking terror-stricken doubtful choked oppressed scary scared to death distrait terrorized hag-ridden unsteady impatient saddened unzipped touchy in a flat spin hectic careful terrorised harrowed like a fish out of water awkward peevish irascible vague shrinking brittle angst-ridden running scared inconvenienced have cold feet frazzled irrational fluttery shivery unstable hot under the collar cut up irresolute out of place turbulent cowed in a funk afeared frit put out fevered in a blue funk unpeaceful hard-pressed overanxious bewildered abashed faint-hearted nonplussed flighty waiting for the axe to fall waiting with bated breath fractious preoccupied angry lily-livered afflicted hurt indecisive under the cosh overactive heated tremulous inhibited grieved retiring miffed sad exercised testy dubious peeved creepy tetchy scared witless querulous emotional weak provoked frightened out of one's wits scared out of one's wits rigid overburdened stressful crotchety terror-struck horror-stricken bashful crabbed captious funky wrought-up distrustful feart obsessed diffident spasmodic skittery short-tempered bad-tempered nerve-racking nail-biting aggravated cautious bummed out gutted shaking like a leaf disappointed wavering all torn up wreck quivering hounded puzzled pinched angered ill-tempered spineless drawn watchful weighed down white-knuckled questioning up the wall nervous wreck blue feverish moved pestered critical verklempt cowardly in a spin panic-struck wild tensed galled exasperated fidgeting fitful mad frayed pained fearsome mistrustful stunned all of a flutter raving broken up shot to pieces pressurized hurried pusillanimous crazed in turmoil chicken stiff pressurised delirious yellow rabbity put upon worn out swivel-eyed at sea deranged crazy unscrewed stressed-out in awe phobic up against it beside yourself at the end of one's tether overloaded having cold feet at the end of your tether sorrowful pessimistic twittering fussy faltering unnatural gauche tentative blushing mousey fainthearted flushed intense aquiver dithering vacillating unreluctant inflamed caught up unsettling unnerving under a strain hyped-up overexcited afire atingle hyperexcited swithering narked scunnered traumatized traumatised hyperactive frisky disturbing disquieting easily frightened easily agitated dragged wretched wrecked ripped shook disorderly asea stirred up flapping overemotional dreading discouraged blanched disheartened panicked charged hairy worrying unbalanced exacerbated displeased chagrined mortified moving shot exciting emotive unconsolable disconsolate basket case inconsolable shot down withdrawn in a lather strict conventional a basket case sweating bullets distressful histrionic zipped up hot juiced up disorientated overstretched strung-up agitating white knuckled palpitant wrung graceless browbeaten haggard cross complaining prickly emotionally charged chafed feeling anxious having butterflies in the stomach hot-tempered snappy temperamental chippy quick-tempered all nerves petulant worrisome disoriented teed off run scared unconfident rushed foreboding agog eagerly oversensitive moody falling apart anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting chicken-hearted numb sissy butterflies jellyfish old-fashioned fixated paranoid hunted miserable strange lost cowering nerves on edge offended fretted on the defensive distressing weak-kneed sheepish goose-bumpy nerveless chickenhearted quivery unmanly on the qui vive butterflies in stomach biting one's nails bedevilled all agog avid open-mouthed low concerning agonized active transient unruly wandering intermittent changeable itchy inconstant footloose roving sleepless nomadic bustling with one's back up against the wall at the end of one's rope grim apprehensive about intimidated by nerve-wracking tearing one's hair out wounded tied up in knots alarmed at in a fluster in fear and trepidation very scared pushing the panic button numb with fear self-doubting unassertive self-effacing with bated breath having stage fright biting nails having butterflies having a funny feeling grumpy ill-natured in disorder amazed frenetic berserk with one's back to the wall meek lacking confidence unforthcoming ground down despairing anxiety-ridden come apart psyched out sceptical mistrusting chary wary guarded not self-assured lacking self-confidence introverted passive cranky splenetic out of sorts whining crabby grumbling ratty haunted bedeviled furious shell-shocked on the rack at sixes and sevens devastated heavy-laden at wit's end flummoxed fuddled worn down agonised abstracted tossing and turning unhinged raging uncontrolled snappish perverse contrary ornery caviling faultfinding carping huffy mean shattered overcome worked-up Delphic unassured unpoised violent demented fierce maniacal rabid ferocious absent diverted floored skeptical circumspect untrusting doubting nuts addled out of control berko absent-minded bemused inattentive ambiguous dubitable indeterminate chancy unclear equivocal borderline inconclusive unknown questionable cavilling weirded out freaked out weird spazzed out last-minute at your wits' end flipped out zonkers wigged out insane corybantic at wits' end distant faraway absorbed engrossed racked with suffering caught off balance out of countenance shook-up messed-up in botheration psyched-out mixed-up taken aback thrown off balance very upset frightened to death preyed upon visited by like a chicken with its head cut off out of one's mind out of your mind touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice flexed leery tight absentminded mystified befuddled up in the air hard confounded miles away dreamy sidetracked unfocused solid firm tightened unyielding on guard clouded stretched not with it driven to distraction close inflexible snug extended tightly drawn in question in doubt manic heartbroken grief-stricken dolorous desolate appalled broken-hearted sorrowing overwhelmed wimpy demoralized high brokenhearted affected carried away in a frenzy not confident despondent gutless depressed dejected melancholy wriggly squirmy wiggly craven demoralised doleful bitter recreant grieving weeping mournful rueful pigeon-hearted woeful dolesome cynical spiritless soft wailing aching bewailing bemoaning suffering lacking courage wimpish unheroic yellow-bellied feeble pigeonhearted wet consumed poor-spirited stilted stupefied submissive weary dazed dumbfounded in pain racked with pain in pieces in a pother in a tiz-woz reserved jerky curt compulsive obsessive discomforted hyperexcitable prim sorry deploring lamentable plaintive lugubrious regretful funeral plangent recalcitrant restlessly moving volatile unhealthy abnormal painful refractory lacking in confidence lacking assurance modest shamefaced obstinate stubborn maladjusted tongue-tied lacking social skills mannered artificial ill-at-ease aw-shucks abject boneless dastardly tooshie erratic deviant aberrant disordered white-livered poltroon sookie keyed-up fired-up stirred unstrung freaked-out wound-up hot-and-bothered strung-out worn tired spent paralysed speechless paralyzed champing at the bit throwing a wobbly easily upset fiddle-footed sissified milk-livered chicken-livered caitiff base candy-assed benumbed transfixed unsure of yourself cringey steamed up cowhearted backward worthless possessed wakeful immobilized immobilised at one's wits' end not knowing what to do with oneself out of one's wit hot under collar all shook up gripped gentle Milquetoast capricious bullied insomniac all wound up heavyhearted broken cheerless morose hopeless dominated controlled no guts having the willies paper tiger bereaved down heartsick hurting cursed seized unsleeping awake dogged overpowered surrounded mourning crushed insomnolent suicidal devoured held bewitched suspecting alert persecuted taken over under a spell fiendish in the grip of trustless infuriated incensed enraged irate in a temper forlorn downcast vigilant possessive quizzical without sleep wide-awake attentive wide awake gloomy dismal woebegone aggrieved fed up hacked off resigned wondering unbelieving in despair defeatist heavy with grief overcome with sorrow melancholic strabilious bleak sunk no-win long-suffering jealous cheesed off shirty peed off brassed off sore ticked off can't win in the pits not a prayer at end of one's rope down in the dumps in the soup in the dumps burning with excitement indignant steaming crook bent out of shape boiling ireful snaky having reservations

Tính từ

Annoyed, frustrated, or worried
vexed annoyed irritated exasperated bothered upset aggravated irked angry nettled troubled displeased distressed furious incensed inflamed irate peeved put out agitated choleric cross enraged fuming harassed infuriated maddened piqued wrathful hot-tempered huffy ill-humored ill-humoured miffed testy confused disgruntled dissatisfied fed up fretted frustrated perturbed resentful riled disturbed flustered harried narked provoked tormented afflicted in a huff in a temper in high dudgeon mad miffy perplexed ruffled eggy galled in a bad mood scunnered sore steamed teed off vex brassed off browned off cheesed off hoha ireful peed off snuffy tooshie wrath hacked off ticked off foaming at the mouth hot under the collar not best pleased out of countenance disappointed insulted angered affronted offended aggrieved needled hurt injured wounded stung discontented rattled disheartened discouraged unhappy indignant anguished embittered reproachful defeated crabbed unfulfilled unsatisfied unsated ungratified pained hung up up the wall carrying a chip on your shoulder shirty bent out of shape crook snaky malcontent ratty disaffected irritable impatient grumpy discontent sullen sulky malcontented crabby complaining outraged grumbling griping kvetching out of joint wound up steaming worked up wroth steamed up chagrined restive bellyaching grouchy touchy snappy fretful critical disquieted envious grudging restless livid querulous ropeable rankled ballistic short-tempered picky ticked apoplectic surly rabid roiled foaming ill-disposed boiling out of humour hot infuriate enflamed hopping riley bad-tempered in a lather ill-tempered in a pet fit to be tied blue in the face in a fume going crook hopping mad horn-mad tetchy chippy rebellious miserable grieved hassled prickly snitty factious bitter blue dissentious troublemaking slighted snubbed fault-finding carping nitpicking disgusted rancorous acrimonious sick and tired sick to death excited burning with excitement anxious het up salty quick-tempered petulant spiteful fed up to the teeth belly-aching out of sorts peevish unforgiving sour revengeful with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the back teeth churlish acrid huffish grousing cranky out of temper crabbing kicking uncontent vitriolic hateful bad tempered irascible seething antagonized very angry raving raging hacked incandescent wild rousted splenetic frenzied roused soreheaded stroppy waxy bugged heated aerated disapproving regretful dogged antagonistic hostile uptight buffaloed ranting scandalized storming frantic spare scandalised dark choked passionate antagonised shocked fed-up faultfinding ennuied unappeased jaundiced fretting not satisfied sniveling plaintive put-out unassuaged begrudging insatiable jealous pushed too far seeing red in a rage in a frenzy off the air in a paddy beside yourself up in arms at boiling point on the warpath raging mad all steamed up beside oneself overcome with anger rubbed the wrong way blown a gasket with all guns blazing burned up as cross as two sticks bummed out at end of one's rope boiling mad in a bate in a filthy temper beside yourself with rage hot and bothered snivelling

Tính từ

In emotional pain
hurt distressed anguished displeased pained sad saddened dejected despondent disheartened distraught forlorn grieving sullen upset aggrieved bothered depressed disappointed disconsolate discouraged downcast glum grieved heavyhearted heavy-hearted inconsolable melancholic miserable mournful perturbed sorrowful troubled unhappy bereaved blue brokenhearted broken-hearted cheerless concerned demoralised demoralized dispirited disturbed doleful down downhearted down-hearted emotional heartbroken joyless rueful tearful tormented tristful afflicted antsy bugged burned cast down contused crestfallen desolate despairing discombobulated droopy gloomy hangdog heartsick heartsore low shook somber sombre sore sorry teary uptight weepy wistful woebegone woeful all torn up cut up down in the dumps down in the mouth grief-stricken in doldrums in grief in tears in the dumps low-spirited shook up melancholy dolorous suffering overwhelmed devastated traumatized disconcerted dismayed gutted plagued morose traumatised impaired broken agonized agonised bummed out in pain overwrought discomposed flustered discountenanced shaken tortured crushed affected bitter discontented irked hurting wounded pessimistic bad down in dumps moody out of sorts destroyed bowed down listless fed up gray languorous grey triste languid comfortless spiritless sulky saturnine stricken cursed rattled dismal injured damaged horrified in a state shattered depressive crummy cast-down elegiac down and out in the pits funereal elegiacal uneasy solemn luckless in a bad way strained dull ruthful ailing racked shell-shocked emotionally defeated sick at heart pensive lugubrious down in mouth morbid hapless on a downer disillusioned regretful dissatisfied disgruntled choked crabby languished black dysphoric negative disenchanted frustrated discomfited chagrined miffed beaten unsatisfied hopeless aghast worsted vanquished baulked chapfallen objecting balked wretched anxious let down vexed ruffled disquieted unnerved agitated taken down as sick as a parrot shot down weeping harassed aflutter wrecked mourning haunted harrowed spooked dolesome jumpy sorrowing aching unglued bewailing persecuted bemoaning wailing strung out angst-ridden in a tizzy overcome with sorrow heavy with grief racked with pain in a stew racked with suffering in low spirits cheesed off chap-fallen brassed off lamentable oppressed dragged lachrymose grim in the doldrums long-faced plaintive distressing defeatist depressing mirthless tragic pitiful painful sick as a parrot piteous dreary abject plangent weighed down bleak funeral grumpy deploring bleeding grievous heart-rending pitiable desperate crying in despair harrowing sobbing dour weary sniveling lamenting dolent heartrending snivelling blubbering singing the blues in a blue funk surly subdued howling annoyed heavy suicidal deplorable mopey daunted dispiriting calamitous low in spirits ripped sunk in gloom heartbreaking ticked off teed off browned off blubbing peed off whimpering traumatic upsetting troubling dark torn up lonely pathetic sorry for yourself humourless distressful bawling larmoyant sour agonizing close to tears on the verge of tears shamefaced agonising saddening enervated humorless churlish sepulchral flat tear-jerking regrettable crabbed downbeat sapped defeated mopish broody bereft adust down-in-the-mouth peeved piqued irritated abashed Eeyorish discontent sick exasperated cynical with a long face unconsolable resigned sheepish bummed-out sunk in sorrow in mourning damp overcome full of sorrow hacked off low-down in the toilet sick and tired greeting maudlin lacklustre dim deep drab shadowy colorless tenebrous unexciting blah uninteresting uninspiring colourless boring monotonous dingy lackluster macabre lifeless humdrum awful disturbing disquieting unamused sorry for oneself feel-bad apathetic very sad prostrated glowering scowling heart-sick lovesick undermined without energy mortified remorseful depressant dirgeful grouchy brooding atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging dire dolorific afflictive in distress afflicting torn-up angry cross pining lowered bowed threnodic dirge-like emo godforsaken griefstricken off sluggish moping ugly in anguish taken aback deflated prostrate with grief have the blahs cringing browbeaten guilty cowed frantic fraught affecting bored tired unable to be comforted unable to be consoled let-down not happy guilty-looking furtive tragical unlucky unfortunate no-win strabilious long-suffering self-indulgent self-absorbed wallowing beside oneself with grief ashamed intimidated embarrassed uncomfortable sneaking feeling down full of gloom in a funk ill-humoured huffy helpless lost catastrophic cruel unpleasant disastrous feeble disappointing paltry mean can't win ill-humored cowering humiliated conscience-stricken forgotten homeless lonesome forsaken abandoned not a prayer in the soup at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end blue funk friendless destitute uncared-for looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny sensitive teary-eyed mawkish with tears in one's eyes blubbery moist watery wet put out jaded narked wearied dragging solitary defenseless defenceless fruitless alone at end of one's rope at the end of your tether nostalgic surfeited sated satiated blasé not best pleased in floods of tears easily moved with tears in your eyes up to here self-pitying complaining disaffected fretful malcontent envious impatient querulous restless resentful malcontented picky griping kvetching grumbling ungratified out of joint sick to death fed up to the teeth with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the back teeth

Tính từ

So surprised and confused that one is unsure how to react
perplexed baffled nonplussed bewildered confused mystified puzzled befuddled bemused confounded dumbfounded flummoxed stumped disconcerted fazed bamboozled addled discombobulated fuddled hard-pressed muddled nonplused beaten bushed distracted mazed wildered at a loss at sea blank foxed hard put mixed up stunned thrown troubled uncertain uncomprehending stupefied dazed lost astounded floored astonished flabbergasted disoriented staggered surprised taken aback shell-shocked shocked mixed-up bedeviled flustered dumbstruck befogged dizzy clueless bedevilled discomposed dopey addlepated muddleheaded disorientated bowled over shaken startled fogged speechless dopy amazed at sixes and sevens unnerved muzzy silly all at sea slaphappy raddled zonked thunderstruck addle shaken up spacy agape spacey spaced thrown off balance aghast punch-drunk spaced-out zonked-out punchy pixillated pixilated gobsmacked awestruck awed open-mouthed wide-eyed stuck rattled overwhelmed awestricken dumfounded blown away benumbed knocked for six at a loss for words discomfited wonderstruck goggle-eyed groggy openmouthed not with it lost for words foggy fuzzy dismayed absent-minded doubtful woozy overcome beat incredulous astray adrift unsettled addlebrained unhinged marveling wondering marvelling spaced out filled with astonishment filled with amazement unbalanced filled with wonder filled with awe preoccupied out of it off-course engrossed vexed vague stymied numbed upset dazzled agog gravelled graveled in a dither jolted woolly disorganized dumb buffaloed disorganised wooly disturbed in amazement shook unglued confusional put to it in a muddle caught on the hop in a state of confusion out to lunch shook up caught on the wrong foot at a complete loss unable to believe one's ears without ideas embarrassed defeated discountenanced misty shadowy blurred frustrated unsteady reeling paralyzed paralysed staggering unstable petrified tongue-tied maladjusted distraught overawed deranged demented foolish horrified staring enthralled appalled breathless giddy gaga hazy impassive empty vacant unexpressive adhered in shock struck dumb left speechless slap-happy gone muddle-headed come apart bollixed unable to believe one's eyes licked knocked knocked out knocked sideways numb had their heads messed with besotted simple balled up fouled up turbid off-track not adjusted off-beam out-of-joint confusticated got caused to be at a stand thrown off rooted to the spot nonsensical dozy awe-struck made to scratch their head at one's wits' end up against a brick wall without an answer off-balance off balance woolly-headed woolly-minded at your wits' end uncertain which way to turn brought to a standstill mind-blown without a clue not knowing if you are coming or going in a fog abstracted absent diverted agitated going round in circles all over the place not knowing whether one is coming or going addle-brained inattentive distrait frightened alarmed distant faraway absorbed ruffled taken by surprise absentminded pestered harassed tormented unable to believe your eyes hassled sidetracked unfocused miles away dreamy in a flap driven to distraction wobbly faint light-headed shaky stupid lightheaded clouded cloudy blurry weak-kneed tipsy weak in the knees drugged weak insensible vertiginous frozen senile whirling swimming blinded blind light bleary out of control impressed sailing trippy eccentric shattered intoxicated drowsy electrified senseless swimmy aswoon half-asleep cold touched impish capricious whimsical pixyish daft puckish prankish stuporous bedazzled asea unfeeling delirious swaying slow sleepy tired insensitive unsound irrational drunken tottering crazy psychotic teetering perturbed unresponsive deadened annoyed flurried whacko dead torpid asleep distressed with Alzheimer's disease immobilized anaesthetized in a stupor unzipped abashed with rubbery legs glassy-eyed shot to pieces screwy unscrewed wooden anesthetized immobilised with legs like jelly shook-up weak at the knees not knowing if one is coming or going psyched-out caught off balance out of countenance messed-up in botheration in a tizzy musing unaware forgetful undependable unsystematic scatterbrained unreliable empty-headed erratic daydreaming scatty feather-headed birdbrained feather-brained oblivious unthinking dappy heedless dippy unheeding with a mind like a sieve with one's head in the clouds pensive

Tính từ

Tending to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen
pessimistic despairing gloomy cynical dark hopeless bleak depressed despondent defeatist dejected downbeat fatalistic glum melancholy negative distrustful black gloom-ridden misanthropic resigned sad suspicious bearish demoralised demoralized doubting foreboding lugubrious morose alarmist downhearted discouraged doubtful morbid sullen troubled unenthusiastic given to looking on the black side dismal depressing desolate cheerless miserable dreary wretched disconsolate sombre somber forlorn discouraging funereal solemn cold comfortless unhappy sepulchral downcast grim desperate blue depressive dire godforsaken saturnine gray drear elegiac grey dreich elegiacal murky disheartening chill plutonian Cimmerian dolorous doleful joyless mournful melancholic down in the dumps darkening tenebrous lonesome sunless lonely cloudy tenebrific disheartened dispiriting down in the mouth anguished distressed woebegone unhopeful inconsolable oppressive unfavorable unfavourable heartbroken doomy down dispirited broken-hearted grief-stricken abject unpromising inauspicious devastated woeful low-spirited oppressed dour weary in low spirits in despair disappointing doom-laden unoptimistic saddening Eeyorish unfortunate sorrowful distressing sorrowing suicidal low upset pained brokenhearted long-faced sunk crestfallen mirthless looking on the black side moody long-suffering uncertain moping in pain in the dumps unlikely unpropitious unencouraging unconfident defeated full of despair serious bad grieving sinister scaremongering spineless demoralizing mourning dirge-like horrible ominous dirgelike daunting crushing atrocious fraught distraught brooding heavy-hearted overcome acherontic acheronian looking on the dark side sunk in gloom disenchanting off-putting sickening frantic anxious frowning humourless sober in a blue funk having blue devils taciturn humorless singing the blues having the blahs glowering blue funk dragged crabbed mopish surly chapfallen broody ugly sulky at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end dejecting upsetting no-win strabilious in the doldrums dismissive demoralising anti can't win at the end of your tether weighed down in the pits in the soup not a prayer at end of one's rope shot down unwilling panicky antipathetic exaggerated hysterical grave uncooperative unconstructive obstructive resistive drab resisting balky cool worrying dim weak uninterested harsh bitter unresponsive horrid apathetic austere chilly helpless tragic doomed unmitigable without hope up the creek uninviting unpleasant sorry heartbreaking pathetic heartrending terrible dreadful harrowing disagreeable poor lamentable awful painful distressful adverse troublesome hard pitiable pitiful rueful uncomfortable piteous regrettable displeasing grievous horrific appalling difficult heart-rending disadvantageous portentous squalid disconcerting traumatic sordid shameful jinxed execrable inferior deplorable lousy foul unnerving cursed indigent scungy impoverished detestable scurvy teary tearful rotten gut-wrenching poignant tough unlucky shocking dingy ghastly ill-omened ill-fated disturbing unwelcome agonising agonizing lachrymose parlous tragical intolerable disquieting discomforting horrendous gruesome afflictive bad-tempered grumpy unsmiling uncommunicative God-awful phlegmatic ill-tempered heart-breaking inopportune creepy baleful hostile excruciating dolesome dubious infelicitous ill-timed moving vexatious discomposing troubling dismaying injurious perilous too bad plangent horrifying derisible mortifying pensive heart-wrenching tear-jerking frightful exacting severe forbidding inhospitable exigent alarming testing despicable contemptible disgraceful vile threatening straitened objectionable strained unfriendly treacherous direful ill-boding hard-pressed lurid chilling shadowy nightmarish pressing discommodious precarious tortured harmful messy undesirable jeopardous apocalyptic dangerous rocky full of hardship very bad trashy shoddy filthy mephitical perplexing hellish irritable unkind distasteful frightening unpalatable repellant repellent bewildering loathsome vexing revulsive frustrating macabre unamusing aggravating uncongenial irritating annoying unpleasing irksome abhorrent galling repugnant perturbing destitute derisory sincere vain poverty-stricken unrealistic lost pious unduly optimistic

Tính từ

Inclined to behave in a reckless or outrageous manner
desperate dangerous rash violent foolhardy hasty hazardous risky daring impetuous wild frantic furious reckless audacious incautious lawless madcap precipitate determined headstrong anxious bold headlong heinous monstrous scandalous atrocious careless distracted shocking venturesome death-defying devil-may-care adventurous hot-headed irresponsible imprudent impulsive temerarious heedless death-or-glory daredevil kamikaze harum-scarum precipitous brash overconfident overbold hell-for-leather hare-brained fearless courageous intrepid brave undaunted dauntless ill-advised tearaway bull-in-a-china-shop risk-taking hotheaded unwise thoughtless injudicious unheeding over-adventurous venturous over-venturesome overhasty stupid foolish breakneck unsafe mad adventuresome silly harebrained wide open out on limb off deep end unthinking ill-considered unconsidered indiscreet unguarded improvident negligent spur-of-the-moment inconsiderate hurried unwary gutsy ill-judged hardy enterprising unthought-out rushed misguided dashing premature nervy sudden nerved emboldened helter-skelter free-swinging precipitant spunky valiant ballsy heroic cursory gadarene valorous flying irrational unafraid passionate plucky carefree drive-by pell-mell ill-conceived mindless regardless casual slapdash inattentive spirited jumping to conclusions pushy have-a-go game confident abrupt gutty impolitic spontaneous impudent uncareful inadvisable frivolous tactless unflinching fiery frenzied insuppressible immature unpremeditated gallant flighty inadvertent capricious doughty exciting unshrinking offhand brazen reactive fast and loose playing with fire gritty resolute stalwart stout knee-jerk ill-thought-out swaggering giddy presumptuous erratic cocky inexpedient undiplomatic indelicate graceless insouciant indifferent unplanned blithe uncaring impromptu cavalier remiss previous mettlesome lionhearted careless of unobservant abandoned stouthearted undauntable manful greathearted heroical peppy neglectful unrestrained swift unexpected feisty unwatchful out of control aweless unmindful dareful as game as Ned Kelly forward ad hoc badly thought out not thought through suicidal macho self-destructive crazy crackpot impractical senseless misjudged scatty high-risk dynamic radge crackbrained ill-timed insensitive nonchalant unconcerned happy-go-lucky go-ahead unthoughtful whirlwind haphazard chaotic wacky lively daft easy-going unsympathetic short-sighted wrong-headed wrong unsuitable inappropriate ungoverned uncurbed unduly quick airy flippant undiscerning unperceptive uncircumspect unadvisable disregardful irreflective dotty dippy inconstant scatterbrained divvy indomitable undesirable dumb untroubled breezy unworried extreme life-threatening thrilling sloppy fly-by-night aggressive sturdy resourceful romping light-minded disorderly unconscious restless exploratory thrill-seeking seeking overventuresome without regard rushing rough tempestuous careless of one's duty staunch forceful stout-hearted rock-ribbed lackadaisical unsmart uncontrolled on the go leaving self wide open off the deep end herolike firm chivalrous defiant chin-up fortitudinous asleep at the switch out to lunch salty fire eating go for broke cheeky hot shot crusty smart-alecky smart out on a limb brassy obtrusive free and easy extemporaneous instinctive snap involuntary whimsical intuitive uninhibited emotional unprompted freakish unrepressed eager fierce ardent off-guard forgetful lax unpredictable quick impassioned vehement unbridled unreasoned unalert uncautious wary unvigilant unreflecting hectic superficial automatic unmeditated perfunctory speedy caught napping asleep at the wheel leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind fast-and-loose sticking one's neck out not careful any old way asleep on the job foot-in-mouth fervid subitaneous restive heedless of ad-lib jumping the gun winging it paying no heed to inattentive to neglectful of blind to unheeding of regardless of taking no notice of disregardful of unconscious of deaf to not paying attention oblivious to cocksure hubristic overweening going off deep end conceited uppish self-assured smug bumptious unabashed positive swashbuckling decadent decisive assured overbearing blustering arrogant self-assertive presuming fast-paced lion-hearted riding for a fall overoptimistic bullish bantam assuming self-indulgent self-gratifying extravagant salacious licentious unconstrained fast immoderate intemperate slack gadabout louche carnal corrupt harsh profligate wanton shameless full of yourself heading for a fall

Động từ

To have thrown into a state of distress marked by confusion
confused flustered perturbed disconcerted dismayed distressed disturbed agitated bothered confounded discomfited disquieted fazed frustrated rattled discommoded discomposed discountenanced exasperated upset afflicted aggravated chagrined demoralized discomforted nonplussed perplexed psyched troubled unhinged unnerved unsettled abashed demoralised flurried mortified put off put out stirred up threw off balance worked up embarrassed beset concerned vexed harassed tormented plagued stressed alarmed fretted taxed irked harried scared strained bedevilled bedeviled fussed bugged oppressed aggrieved besieged despaired beleaguered hassled annoyed frazzled burdened ailed irritated distempered frightened badgered distracted teased tested tortured pestered tried depressed discombobulated importuned derailed needled chafed hagrid persecuted weighed down caused anxiety to exercised got to tantalized weirded out alarumed hectored teared sweated out lied heavy on dunned gnawed at tantalised freaked out goaded made anxious threw thrown hagridden hagrode given a hard time torn gave a hard time tore gotten to undid undone ruffled provoked hurt galled put someone off their stroke bewildered displeased peeved nettled grieved angered riled pained narked saddened nagged appalled piqued harrowed disheartened daunted made uneasy hacked off cast down put into a flap miffed discouraged offended shaken shook spooked agonized wound up startled bummed out surprised grated dispirited infuriated incensed thrown off balance puzzled graveled gravelled dejected maddened wound wounded ticked off psyched out put out of countenance agonised cut to the quick racked got shocked enraged molested panicked flummoxed moved baffled haunted excited took aback taken aback shook up shaken up rubbed up the wrong way floored got across made waves put someone off their stride put your back up got at setted someone back on their heels inflamed horrified crushed outraged burned up burnt up stunned hounded cursed rankled incommoded muddled affected jolted dumbfounded disgusted sickened dissatisfied made uncomfortable niggled mixed up caused suffering to jumbled overwhelmed disarranged deranged anguished insulted given someone grief gave someone grief intimidated spited frosted rasped affronted disrupted cowed cut antagonized mystified astounded chilled astonished addled terrified beat fuddled made nervous complicated made someone see red abraded made miserable made wretched gnawed pothered teed off got in someone's hair knocked for six hit where one lives antagonised made someone's blood boil let down cut up hacked you off rubbed the wrong way put a damper on put someone's back up hurt somebody's feelings put on the spot caused anguish to caused someone to lose their composure gotten ridden rode disordered shamed humiliated traumatized inconvenienced dampened driven up the wall drove up the wall deterred unmanned unbalanced staggered griped disoriented sapped itched desolated disarrayed ate eaten amazed disorganized awed disappointed dashed terrorized bullied consternated rattled one's cage roused dislocated enervated wearied seared made angry caught off balance tangled abased mithered roiled debilitated pursued gotten across fired up bowled over tried someone's patience caused to be at a stand knocked sideways fouled up made someone's hackles rise got under someone's skin terrorised made someone scratch their head rankled with gotten at messed up crazed got in your hair ruffled someone's feathers interrupted egged on turned off traumatised thrown off threw off given someone the hump gave someone the hump displaced got on someone's nerves thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz gotten on someone's nerves subdued scandalized befuddled wrung rocked touched revolted scrambled incited excruciated bamboozled disgruntled nauseated repelled stirred tousled mussed rumpled shuffled stumped disobliged destabilized stupefied disjointed dishevelled disheveled muddied devastated weakened broke broken brake paralysed sweat tired dazed jarred exacerbated browbeat affrighted overcome flabbergasted preyed on hung over thwarted brought down buffaloed cluttered misplaced gnawn rummaged turned aroused balked entangled made self-conscious indisposed baited bit mucked loused up put out of order caused discomfort to got down got someone down put on edge cast a pall over rattled someone's cage weighed on put in a spot put off his or her stride put the wind up grated on pulled the rug out from under raveled intruded set one off pricked baulked cheesed off messed got someone's hackles up cast a gloom upon beat down hit like ton of bricks set on stopped someone in their tracks weighed heavily on ravelled put down electrified flipped out put someone off gotten someone's back up upset apple cart set back got on your nerves pushed buttons poured cold water on put pressure on put in a hole caused concern to sprung something on hit a sour note turned on put into a funk paralyzed put the wind up someone separated put someone out got someone's back up scandalised gotten on your nerves dulled flipped destabilised put someone's nose out of joint picked on caused trouble to pulled the rug from under grope stung drove mad driven mad gave someone a turn driven round the bend removed given someone a turn drove round the bend shifted gotten on someone's wick got up someone's nose got on someone's wick gave a turn transferred gave a bad time given a turn gotten up someone's nose gotten someone's dander up given a bad time got someone's dander up faced transposed budged relocated repositioned overawed destroyed bemused subjugated stifled suppressed lowered soured embittered blighted wringed foxed devitalized squelched smothered diminished hurried heated fogged posed demeaned struck stimulated disgraced tumbled hashed convulsed disaffected disarmed discontented crucified made cross mazed excoriated bustled chivvied rended rent obsessed pressed down on drove crazy driven crazy stabbed scarified humbled extinguished deadened defeated frighted disillusioned curbed overpowered quelled taunted stewed befogged sweated involved henpecked thickened nudged feared rousted beaten wildered dumfounded discredited dishonoured disorientated browbeaten drained tost dispersed discreated embroiled mislaid scattered littered disbanded demobilized tossed overcame capped zinged curdled sounded cooled mispleased winged downed demented galvanized bored pressed misarranged caused disquiet to thrilled fermented kept after hindered deviled disenchanted devilled encumbered injured showed up made awkward owned made ashamed dampened spirits brought one down chivied grilled gutted pressurized bitten made discontented made fretful gotten under one's skin disunited strapped eaten at acerbated dogged worked into lather tried one's patience suffered keyed up got someone's wick damped down stressed out darkened screwed up snafued threw into disorder divided snarled up pushed someon's buttons felt pain made restless pushed demobilised threw into a tizzy kept on at made gloomy knocked the stuffing out of made someone jump out of their skin preoccupied obtruded numbed mixed you up spoiled disarticulated disharmonized eaten away at driven round the twist gotten your back up ventilated thrown into a tizzy brought pressure to bear on knocked props out become bored beaten down jangled drove round the twist drove bananas dished it out made jump martyred snarled botched pressurised dizzied aroused anxiety in heckled jumbled up weighed got your dander up got your goat dislodged thrown into disorder thrown cold water on grossed out got on your wick encroached scared the bejesus out of tried the patience of knocked the wind out of completely surprised caused anguish sent into a rage turned topsy-turvy stumbled felt unwell bugged up made it tough for disaccorded filled with consternation muddied the waters bungled sent over the edge imposed upon cramped burned damped unstrung made someone fed up chastened infested had had enough disconnected muffed thrown a curve pierced threw a curve niggled at asked for it humped messed with blustered made unhappy made a mess of made sad caused to panic run down played dirty dished out leaned on unhitched unquieted dragged breathed down someone's neck frilled got under one's skin harshed one's mellow ate at interfered worsted turned one off threw cold water on uncoupled kept under made blood boil blinded furbelowed sprang something on undermined layed up caused someone distress made a monkey of driven bananas burnt made desolate made flip made blue knocked out detached caused agony to rocked the boat fumbled scared to death made a scene galvanised sprung caught somebody off balance possessed confronted reduced to tears enfeebled harshed someone's mellow got up your nose worked on mixed caught somebody unawares gotten on one's nerves raised someone's eyebrows fouled ate away at knocked over discorded mistreated hung up spoilt dishonored stuck it to blundered unfastened caused offense examined caught one short started made your heart bleed overcharged incapacitated got across someone made your blood boil nagged at got into a tangle got your back up made fed up lost patience made despondent got on one's nerves grated at broke down brought tears to your eyes made a shambles of heated up accosted worked someone up grinded disengaged caused pain ground mucked up sent into a spin caused anxiety dragged down laid up stricken driven nuts drove nuts were was been own bore smitten smote smit smited mislay broken up broke up driven to distraction drove to distraction broke one's heart broken one's heart taken by surprise took by surprise bore down on borne down on uncalmed became bored took a rise out of broke in broken in took the wind out of someone's sails taken the wind out of someone's sails got a rise out of taken a rise out of gotten a rise out of given it to gave it to given someone the pip gotten under your skin gave someone the pip got under your skin driven insane drove insane gotten in the way got in the way broken the heart of broke the heart of got someone gotten someone nit-picked done a number on did a number on thrown into tizzy threw into tizzy worn wore broken down threw a curveball thrown a curveball got on nerves gotten on nerves threw into confusion thrown into confusion thrown into uproar threw into uproar shaken out of your complacency thunderstricken took the wind out of your sails thunderstruck gave offence to shook out of your complacency given offence to taken the wind out of your sails taken over took control of took over taken control of bore down gave someone the blues broken someone's heart ran down broke someone's heart borne down given someone the blues went on at gone on at got someone's goat gotten someone's goat given someone a fright gave someone a jolt taken someone aback given a shock gave a shock took someone aback given someone a jolt sprang gave someone a fright gotten in one's hair got in one's hair

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worried Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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