Đồng nghĩa của wistful

Alternative for wistful

Tính từ

In a state of unhappiness or despondency
tristful sad unhappy disconsolate dejected despondent downcast glum down dispirited downhearted crestfallen blue low desolate melancholy woebegone gloomy morose moody pessimistic spiritless lugubrious melancholic crummy bad grim destroyed dysphoric dull dragged hurting bleeding ripped weeping at heavy-hearted low-spirited in the dumps down in the dumps down in the mouth in pain cast-down down and out in the pits bummed out fed up low-down torn up on a downer taken down let down sob story in a blue funk in the toilet miserable depressed sorrowful forlorn mournful doleful joyless heartsick heartsore saddened inconsolable discouraged heartbroken heavyhearted somber sombre brokenhearted droopy cast down disheartened woeful sorry hangdog distressed upset anguished troubled sullen disappointed emotional tearful wretched bereaved hurt grieved demoralized cheerless teary down-hearted broken-hearted demoralised pensive weepy grief-stricken in doldrums in grief in tears grieving despairing aggrieved dismal funereal sunk in gloom dolorous morbid in low spirits in the doldrums pained displeased worried distraught perturbed bothered crushed tormented concerned rueful disturbed chap-fallen antsy discombobulated afflicted burned uptight bugged shook sore contused sick as a parrot all torn up shook up cut up depressing mirthless downbeat dark defeatist lachrymose elegiac feel-bad plaintive nostalgic lamenting listless sick at heart down in dumps crabby languished languid gray broken black comfortless down in mouth out of sorts bowed down sulky saturnine bitter negative hapless languorous regretful grey triste choked brassed off cheesed off abject dreary long-faced chapfallen dismayed bleak piteous solemn hopeless oppressed depressive dour lonesome lonely sepulchral mopey elegiacal devastated daunted pathetic drear weighed down godforsaken mourning shot down heartrending as sick as a parrot pitiful tragic cowed austere unwelcoming dire cold subdued chill murky darkening plutonian tenebrous tenebrific sapped dreich sunless cloudy uncomfortable Cimmerian saddening singing the blues heartbreaking down-and-out drab shattered painful bereft low in spirits deflated drearisome uninviting sorrowing shaken thrown disheartening dim dispiriting inhospitable dingy bare stark dolent bummed-out gutted bland oppressive in despair clinical draggy dejecting impersonal wintry jarring wintery institutional defeated abashed pitiable shamefaced distressing disillusioned unnerved sheepish dashed suffering deterred enervated heavy flat intimidated helpless discontented crabbed sour mopish broody grumpy surly unconsolable calamitous unsatisfied adust Eeyorish in sorrow in mourning in a funk ruthful full of sorrow agonised down-in-the-mouth weary damp agonized apathetic taken aback undermined without energy humourless humorless dirgeful poor worthless prostrated torn-up discontent sorry for oneself heart-sick lovesick depressant unmanned cringing browbeaten guilty sorry for yourself shot-down churlish let-down not happy tortured luckless troubling tear-jerking affecting afflicting humbled drained atrabilious clouded dampened drooping sagging ill-humoured huffy wounded strained guilty-looking furtive harrowing threnodic lamentable deplorable grievous plangent dirge-like brooding sunk off unable to be comforted beside oneself with grief lowered unable to be consoled bowed sluggish prostrate with grief have the blahs racked ailing ill-humored with a long face ticked off teed off browned off peed off bummed powerless downtrodden devitalized feeling down full of gloom moping blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny ugly lost ashamed embarrassed sneaking forgotten homeless forsaken abandoned weakened heart-rending friendless destitute uncared-for disgruntled dissatisfied cowering humiliated conscience-stricken disenchanted disconcerted emo dragging cynical solitary defenseless defenceless fruitless alone frustrated discomfited chagrined miffed lorn aghast irked beaten put off companionless worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked forbidding acheronian unenthusiastic unenthused unconfident beat-down come-apart caved-in down-in-mouth beat lacking in confidence in blue funk lacking in enthusiasm with cold feet gone to pieces having lost heart lost momentum desperate uneasy griefstricken

Tính từ

Consumed with lust
hot-blooded amatory horny lecherous randy sensual sex-hungry heavy lickerish raunchy amorous aroused concupiscent desirous erotic hot lascivious libidinous loving lustful prurient romantic scorching sexy steamy stimulated sultry turned-on wanton warm passionate torrid ardent sizzling sexual salacious aphrodisiac aphrodisiacal naughty red-hot lewd licentious lubricious satyric erotogenic erogenous erotical carnal wooing yearning fervent rapturous tender impassioned sensuous zipless red-blooded warm-blooded impure unchaste indecent dissolute coital dirty goatish libertine lubricous sordid personal physical immodest obsessive enthusiastic avid hypersexual itchy turned on ruttish hankering craving itching hircine doting fond languishing admiring devoted attracted lovesick sentimental debauched depraved degenerate loose immoral dissipated coarse promiscuous sinful wicked corrupt bawdy vulgar profligate ribald crude obscene perverted filthy fast smutty gross rakish decadent pornographic unclean abandoned unwholesome intemperate X-rated profane reprobate blue foul suggestive fleshly shameless degraded nasty improper voluptuous warped debased vile sick unprincipled evil demoralized perverse jackleg unrestrained rakehell rakehelly trashy gutter porny unprintable stag rude demoralised disgusting incontinent locker-room racy spicy pervy earthy animal uninhibited raw adult titillating indelicate venereal low scatological scatologic hot and heavy porno lusty gamy bad unvirtuous vicious wild voluptuary scabrous bodily excited of easy virtue sybaritic base louche saucy off-color scurrilous bestial fruity raffish fast-living intimate self-indulgent offensive gone bad infatuated enamoured amative dishonourable near the knuckle kissy corporeal enamored wayward wrongful hedonic lovey-dovey swinging unconstrained sleazy defiled indecorous arousing unseemly easy risqué rank barnyard explicit dishonorable miscreant rotten fast and loose wolfish disorderly in the fast lane off colour affectionate gone to the dogs toey in the gutter orgiastic hedonistic luscious lush flirtatious titillated frisky profaned impious unscrupulous disreputable unhealthy desecrated squirrelly whorish low-down corrupted provocative juicy spoony smoochy stimulating iniquitous animalistic hot to trot amoral nefarious sportive unrighteous vitiated riotous loathsome shocking noisome sickening repugnant villainous venereous indulgent kinky tasteless taboo hideous atrocious horrible purple rough sexed up Rabelaisian foul-mouthed salty off sexually explicit violated deteriorated drunken open crass gamey cheap light porn off-colored nudge-nudge pleasure-seeking high living near the bone night owl lacking restraint in bad taste sullied sexually excited uncontrollable freethinking material somatic corporal broad uncontrolled idolatrous uncleanly private uncurbed scungy love unblushing genital unruly lax unmoral relaxed degrading unworthy fornicatory epicurean touchy-feely irreligious ungodly unholy blasphemous voyeuristic Fescennine uncouth longing not pure ithyphallic Cyprian unethical beyond the pale excessive of the flesh illicit adulterous abased lowbrow lowbred luxurious roughneck rugged dishonoured dishonest rousing rough-hewn close to the bone low-minded mushy icky corny colorful colourful lovesome maudlin sloppy hard-core scandalous unconventional questionable appetitive Dionysiac unspiritual monstrous boorish baneful flagitious deleterious infamous dishonored wrong unconscionable fraudulent unfair underhand morally wrong devious moving stirring exciting tactile sensory delightful physically gratifying sharpened pleasing deviant foxy inflamed vice-ridden fervid desiring crooked shady cutthroat Machiavellian dodgy black unlawful unsavory dark anacreontic flagitous brutal twisted criminal unsavoury saturnalian unjust graceless sexually aroused sexually arousing sexually stimulating sicko unnatural mean not cricket sexually exciting in heat hard up hot and bothered on fire toey as a Roman sandal dirty-minded vehement intense immoderate in love attached goo-goo hellbent gone to seed boy crazy sweet for lovey dovey sweet on girl crazy have a crush on

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