Đồng nghĩa của discomfited

Alternative for discomfited

discomfits, discomfited, discomfiting

Đồng nghĩa: discompose, disconcert, untune, upset,

Tính từ

Embarrassed or guilty because of one's actions, characteristics, or associations
ashamed guilty sorry shamefaced distressed embarrassed sheepish abashed chagrined humiliated mortified remorseful conscience-stricken red-faced contrite humbled penitent regretful repentant shy upset apologetic blushing flustered guilt-ridden hangdog rueful self-conscious uncomfortable bashful compunctious crestfallen prudish shamed discountenanced debased demeaned deterred disconcerted distraught humble meek muddled reserved restrained stammering stuttering submissive in sackcloth and ashes blush to think of awkward disgraced dishonoured dishonored discredited chastened degraded with one's tail between one's legs abased cheap cheapened stigmatized stigmatised unsettled thrown uneasy discomposed nervous put out of countenance shown-up ill at ease insignificant diminished not know where to put yourself caught with egg on your face with egg on one's face wishing the earth would swallow one up small stupid disparaged tarred and feathered shunned foolish crushed whipped reviled chastised disdained derided shown up scorned low deflated mocked inferior condemned in disgrace fallen castigated belittled self-reproachful full of regret attritional sorrowful penitential mournful abject flushed sad atoning self-condemnatory afraid propitiatory supplicating self-incriminating bad on one's knees disturbed troubled hot and bothered sweating awful terrible repenting rotten modest timid coy self-accusing disappointed reddening flushing repining deprecatory put to shame woeful melancholy made to eat humble pie put down conciliatory explanatory expiatory self-effacing diffident dismal turning red blushful plaintive lugubrious woebegone grievous pitiful doleful pitiable deplorable

Tính từ

Feeling disconcerted or rattled
abashed discomposed disconcerted perturbed discountenanced distressed disturbed flummoxed flustered nonplussed rattled ruffled troubled upset bugged discombobulated fazed fuddled shaken thrown floored taken aback in a tizzy shook up put out of countenance bewildered confused distracted at sea stumped puzzled thrown off balance perplexed mystified baffled stupefied befuddled muddled stunned bemused dumbfounded confounded dazed astounded disoriented unnerved astonished bamboozled clueless bushed shaken up at a loss mazed wildered at sixes and sevens surprised mixed-up fogged befogged bedeviled addled foxed beaten bedevilled vexed dismayed embarrassed hard-pressed frustrated hard put unsettled annoyed worried flurried preoccupied raddled dopey pixillated spaced-out dizzy engrossed addle punch-drunk silly slaphappy spaced pixilated spacy muzzy spacey zonked addlepated shell-shocked punchy zonked-out dopy muddleheaded in botheration unglued unzipped psyched-out caught off balance out of countenance shook-up messed-up absent-minded fuzzy dumbstruck flabbergasted staggered speechless startled lost bowled over amazed in a dither overwhelmed blown away shocked uncertain made to scratch their head confusticated gravelled got beat graveled buffaloed thrown off had their heads messed with uncomprehending besotted caused to be at a stand gobsmacked thunderstruck aghast agape open-mouthed awestruck nonplused awed wide-eyed knocked for six awestricken at a loss for words all at sea stuck overcome goggle-eyed disorientated dumfounded openmouthed mixed up lost for words benumbed wonderstruck marveling wondering marvelling blank doubtful incredulous breathless struck dumb vague filled with astonishment filled with amazement caught on the hop filled with wonder filled with awe caught on the wrong foot not with it abstracted stymied agitated horrified tongue-tied dumb inattentive jolted agog absorbed staring dreamy faraway foggy giddy distant numbed disorganized in amazement spaced out put to it in shock in a muddle disorganised in a state of confusion at a complete loss unable to believe one's ears without ideas defeated paralyzed paralysed petrified overawed dazzled gaga hazy groggy enthralled rendered speechless left speechless mortified spellbound unable to believe one's eyes woozy awe-stricken staring in amazement chagrined woolly frightened alarmed adhered rooted to the spot bollixed wooly numb awe-struck owly-eyed moon-eyed saucer-eyed off-balance off balance woolly-headed not knowing if you are coming or going taken by surprise shook at your wits' end uncertain which way to turn brought to a standstill at one's wits' end up against a brick wall without an answer unable to believe your eyes crushed appalled licked knocked knocked out knocked sideways mind-blown without a clue in a fog shattered astray off-course adrift off-track absent diverted distrait absentminded pestered harassed tormented hassled going round in circles all over the place not knowing whether one is coming or going unsystematic scatterbrained musing unaware vacant forgetful unreliable undependable sidetracked unfocused miles away feather-headed empty-headed erratic birdbrained daydreaming scatty feather-brained oblivious in a flap driven to distraction dippy unthinking unheeding dappy heedless with one's head in the clouds pensive with a mind like a sieve

Tính từ

Causing or feeling unease or awkwardness
uncomfortable uneasy embarrassed troubled disturbed awkward nervous restless discomposed edgy tense anxious apprehensive discombobulated distressed fazed rattled twitchy upset vexed worried antsy disquieted strained stressy angry annoyed chafed galled self-conscious ill at ease out of place like a fish out of water unsettled shy jittery nervy insecure on edge uptight perturbed fidgety unsure bashful jumpy unrelaxed retiring bothered unquiet hesitant unnatural restive inhibited gauche on tenterhooks blushing uncertain shrinking agitated atwitter hinky queasy queazy goosey aflutter dithery keyed up hung up het up fretful tormented suspicious shaken perplexed in turmoil timid fearful disorientated bewildered disoriented lost strange high-strung reserved introverted diffident withdrawn wired modest timorous sheepish shamefaced overwrought alarmed impatient lacking social skills discomforted tongue-tied unconfident unrestful fraught stilted ill-at-ease stiff mannered affected artificial aw-shucks harassed irritable dismayed palpitant anguished afraid peevish irascible shaky wrung all nerves out of countenance unsure of yourself on the qui vive faltering on pins and needles distrustful doubtful concerned flustered disconcerted stressed ruffled flurried constrained charged hairy unnerved taut shook up nail-biting difficult angsty frightened spooked overstrung scared toey unglued spooky exciting unsettling unnerving disturbing disquieting stressful creepy nerve-racking worrisome distressful agitating concerning distressing nerve-wracking confused thrown careful volatile fretting shivery white-knuckle watchful worried sick worked up under stress strung out angstful solicitous bugged squirrelly windy strung up in a tizzy in a flap a bundle of nerves in a twitter in a tizz in a stew in a sweat a wreck in a state of agitation hot and bothered in a state having kittens all of a lather all of a dither in a twit with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof with butterflies in one's stomach with one's heart in one's mouth precarious worrying excitable discountenanced trepidatious skittish neurotic flighty unsteady dodgy forced unstable skittery knife-edge brittle spasmodic turbulent cliffhanging dramatic disorderly fluttery mousy hysterical distraught distracted unpeaceful unbalanced wavering explosive anxious-making trembling quaking easily frightened easily agitated highly strung hassled riled beset irked tortured plagued muddled clutched bricking oneself in a dither shaking in one's shoes beside oneself worried stiff in a cold sweat incongruous subdued repressed reticent out of one's element frustrated guarded reluctant wary coy undemonstrative restrained unassertive passionless cold unresponsive shaking sleepless hyper aghast dreading in suspense insomniac wakeful in a spin in a state of nerves sweating bullets a basket case in a flat spin shot to pieces bottled up having butterflies in the stomach like a cat on hot bricks broken fitful panicky rigid unsleeping insomnolent excited tossing and turning

Động từ

To have thrown into a state of distress marked by confusion
confused flustered perturbed disconcerted dismayed distressed disturbed agitated bothered confounded disquieted fazed frustrated rattled discommoded discomposed discountenanced exasperated upset afflicted aggravated chagrined demoralized discomforted nonplussed perplexed psyched troubled unhinged unnerved unsettled abashed demoralised flurried mortified put off put out stirred up threw off balance worked up worried embarrassed vexed vext irked ruffled annoyed irritated galled piqued peeved provoked put into a flap put someone off their stroke nettled riled grated got bugged narked persecuted griped rasped chafed itched frosted spited harassed discombobulated hacked off displeased humiliated shamed hurt hassled distracted needled angered made nervous excited miffed got to niggled dissatisfied put on edge fuddled upset the apple cart put off his or her stride put someone's nose out of joint beset put on the spot gotten gat grope gripen ate eaten burnt up burned up thrown off balance injured deranged crushed distempered offended het hurried alarmed heated stirred disgraced harmed wound wounded panicked bustled made uncomfortable affected frazzled foiled thwarted disorientated made uneasy gotten to abraded hung up burnt blustered setted someone back on their heels bewildered browbeat bullied imposed upon loused up burned intimidated roiled tangled cramped style mystified tormented begrudged rattled one's cage inflamed flipped frilled grudged made waves made self-conscious got across flummoxed crabbed wound up thrown into a tizz worsted fretted stumped puzzled muddled disrupted cowed caused someone to lose their composure furbelowed crazed sent into a spin threw into a tizz spooked floored addled took aback taken aback got even gotten even threw thrown taken the wind out of someone's sails took the wind out of someone's sails shaken up shook up browbeaten worn gotten across threw into tizzy wore thrown into tizzy

Động từ

Past tense for to frustrate or prevent (someone) from achieving an aim
beat beaten foiled thwarted baffled frustrated overcame overcome baulked balked outwitted worsted checkmated prevented threw thrown checked stopped blocked defeated obstructed upset hindered put a stop to put paid to circumvented impeded disappointed dashed put the kibosh on put the mockers on upset the apple cart put a spoke in someone's wheel stymied curbed derailed ruined scuppered cramped forestalled scotched countered hampered fouled up restrained put the stopper on barred upset one's apple cart snookered spoilt spoiled crimped nobbled halted held up screwed up stood in the way of put a brake on trammeled trammelled smashed opposed crossed crabbed nullified rooted bilked crippled disconcerted rattled loused up nipped in the bud hung up cramped one's style done for did for conquered neutralized counteracted inhibited traversed fettered deterred hamstrung hamstringed obviated hobbled neutralised fazed messed up played off shut off upset the applecart shut down put end to countermoved put the lid on cut off cooked someone's goose given the slip gave the slip vanquished triumphed gained cornered confused deflected diverted stalled delayed braked undone undid crushed quashed contravened debarred invalidated overturned scuttled retarded disrupted encumbered snafued skinned stifled confronted slowed cumbered repelled squashed confounded repressed suppressed eluded handicapped shackled repulsed parried queered clogged manacled banjaxed buried counterplotted promoted ducked bollixed skipped juked ditched dodged buffaloed handcuffed interfered with dammed interfered stonewalled borked canceled licked negated prohibited cancelled annulled precluded stumped arrested forbid headed off taken down took down bound chained entangled embarrassed dashed one's hope slowed down short-circuited saddled with hog-tied taken wind out of run circles around threw monkey wrench in took wind out of rendered null and void shuffled off tied up thrown monkey wrench in run rings around closed off held back halted in its tracks caused setback beat down brake forbidden forbade shaken shook gave the run around given the run around got the better of gotten the better of took wind out of sails beaten down taken wind out of sails frozen froze thrown a curve threw a curve bounden threw a spanner in the works given the run-around thrown a monkey wrench in the works shaken off shook off ran rings around ran circles around threw a monkey wrench in the works thrown a spanner in the works gave the run-around gotten in the way gave a hard time thrown a monkey wrench in the works of got in the way of threw a monkey wrench in the works of gotten in the way of thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of given a hard time got in the way put an end to restricted shut out interrupted sabotaged staved off stove off wrecked constrained bridled set back warded off averted destroyed fended off shattered dished quelled limited resisted devastated marred demolished offset avoided intercepted cut short ended put a damper on held off curtailed put off put down defied withstood stayed blighted impaired fought annihilated nixed made a mess of escaped played havoc with interdicted withheld brought to an end clobbered forfended squelched subdued damaged subverted extinguished put to flight ruled out undermined smothered put up a fight against offsetted bucked caught suspended pre-empted confined challenged euchred cruelled helped combated combatted disputed anticipated paused abolished sandbagged reined in shelved chilled stemmed reduced killed injured made a hash of canceled out cancelled out held rebuffed choked held down held in defended against brought to naught kept lid on cooled kept at bay kept off denied attacked disturbed evaded terminated eradicated eliminated obliterated stilled threatened negatived sidestepped bypassed harmed unsettled disabled discouraged contested controlled dampened forecast obscured foughten hit inconvenienced skirted decimated duelled dueled preempted reined rebutted impugned kept contained put at risk tied remitted bottlenecked governed second-guessed mucked up straitened tamed regulated intermitted hurt weighed down countervailed withholden put the damper on steered clear of fought back strangled at birth shut in hemmed in let refused botched fought off abrogated forced back debilitated got in before warded put on brakes put an stop to pulled up blew a hole in blown a hole in pulled in put on hold beat back fetched up turned aside provided against bottled up abated rendered ineffective beat off choked off corked stemmed the flow of picked off dragged one's feet stood off thrusted back turned away turned back vitiated put on back burner cut overruled beat someone to it kept back made ineffective beat someone to the punch beat someone to the draw wiped out put half nelson on sent packing redressed put the brakes on put back poured cold water on struggled against turned down cast aside counterchecked brushed off did in done in holp holpen blown blew stamped out cracked down on holden dispatched surpassed ravaged incapacitated finished off finished something disarranged disorganized disordered nipped something in the bud convulsed clouded contradicted disaffirmed turned upside-down deranged shunned exceeded counterbalanced puzzled affected broke broken caused turmoil in caused confusion in aborted influenced tampered mystified eschewed wreaked havoc with throttled counterpoised scarred screened broke down jammed incommoded discommoded conflicted troubled complicated nonplussed disfigured stained voided discontinued dissuaded intruded on circumnavigated toppled made an end of brought to a close predicted preoccupied expected monopolized forecasted envisioned projected flummoxed afflicted tainted trashed rescinded spiked beggared repealed stultified decayed missed fenced stood weakened balanced compensated for imprisoned measured constricted incarcerated ruled interned ensnared enmeshed netted captured reversed pigeonholed dead-ended monopolised enjoined outlawed tabooed bit bitted muffled swallowed muzzled burdened leashed snagged retracted revoked glitched up brought an end to moderated monkeyed with staunched damped declined rejected entrapped crashed countermanded brought up tackled protested kept in drove back driven away drove away driven back commandeered hung fire drew up drawn up disallowed choked back immured gaoled fenced in postponed banned jailed locked in compromised shotgunned concussed necessitated closed in deprived cooped up saved tethered made up for turned corrected veered shunted gotten ahead of got ahead of battled relucted sapped diminished detained warred oppugned ceased tied one's hands kept in check cheated gone against went against razed outfoxed unbuilt had impoverished overreached outmanoeuvred crazed outsmarted outmaneuvered wracked beaten back stole a march on stolen a march on locked up disadvised scared enfeebled dissolved nulled vacated disannulled beaten off resolved overthrown overthrew come to a standstill protracted deferred counterweighed equalized balanced out kept a lid on slackened pace kept under control ballsed up petered out not moved heave-hoed kicked dismissed disowned rendered invalid thrown cold water on threw cold water on prorogued cooled off beaten someone to it boxed in disempowered whittled away made waves worked against brought down prevented from making progress brought to a standstill beaten someone to the draw beaten someone to the punch knocked the bottom out of deactivated mined brought to screeching halt destabilized rolled back acted in advance of clipped one's wings fought against baulked at seen off emasculated prepared for defused removed dug out struck down objected to coped with played for time evened up kept away dissented with forefended blackballed beat somebody to it tunneled locked horns with dinged drove off dragged through the mud kept at arm's length squared up forced away attenuated hollowed out chased away battled against held over stood up to strove against contended with dented queered the pitch of softened counterweighted disproved dug in one's heels stood up against refused to accept torpedoed bogged down belied rained on someone's parade faced down demoralised tunnelled dug slowed up corroded brought to an end to equalised backed off striven against made a stand against knocked down shoved aside turned off turned from looked away kicked against headed off at pass poked full of holes saw off made late forced off destabilised turned thumbs down rebelled against prolonged demoralized staved blunted held off on stove chipped away at talked out of acted against gotten out of got out of gainsaid threw into confusion threw into disorder thrown into confusion thrown into disorder threw into disarray thrown into disarray broken up broken down broke up hitten hat foresaw foreseen letten leet retardated bitten back bit back came to a standstill eaten away ate away beaten somebody to it thrown a spoke in the wheel of threw a spoke in the wheel of thrown a monkey wrench into threw a monkey wrench into taken out of play took out of play overrode overridden thrown back threw back acted like a wet blanket worn wore flown in the face of dumped flew in the face of broke with disproven stricken down broken with given cold shoulder to gave cold shoulder to took a stand against took up arms against taken issue with took on spoke out against took issue with taken on taken up arms against spoken out against taken a stand against

Động từ

Past tense for to frighten or cause hesitation
fazed flustered disconcerted confused abashed embarrassed rattled nonplussed discountenanced confounded mortified disturbed upset perplexed threw thrown dismayed bothered annoyed horrified puzzled vexed vext dumbfounded muddled appalled daunted deterred discouraged intimidated irritated mystified put off discomposed perturbed unsettled agitated worried unnerved bewildered troubled distressed disquieted ruffled put down put someone off their stroke distracted discombobulated alarmed put out of countenance flurried concerned shamed humiliated put to shame got to ailed bugged unhinged put someone off their stride chagrined frazzled discomforted crushed cut down to size psyched out made uneasy shocked startled frightened baffled surprised flummoxed scared plagued needled irked exercised fussed distempered hagrid alarumed derailed subdued demeaned harassed disheartened weirded out freaked out put into a flap put someone in their place cut to the quick shaken shook humbled degraded disgraced abased thrown off balance threw off balance discredited shook up shaken up dishonoured deflated demoralized stunned dishonored took aback taken aback hurt fretted displeased made someone eat humble pie frustrated gotten to agonized jolted beset demoralised made anxious debased afflicted depressed chastened let down pestered nettled owned agonised dispirited undone undid showed up made ashamed squashed hurt someone's feelings astonished made a fool of brought low made someone eat crow brought down cast down stupefied unbalanced amazed astounded saddened tormented unmanned outraged gravelled graveled affronted disgruntled bullied cowed overwhelmed panicked galled disarranged awed haunted terrorized chilled pained spooked buffaloed hagridden hagrode provoked grieved floored made uncomfortable badgered made someone scratch their head bowled over terrorised quashed caused to be at a stand snubbed gnawed at nagged at setted someone back on their heels settled someone's hash stirred up caused someone to lose their composure disoriented offended flabbergasted staggered riled aggrieved dejected wound wounded miffed angered overawed browbeat exasperated caught off balance disrupted taken down took down put someone off tortured disgusted disappointed oppressed hassled destabilized disordered foxed addled dumfounded rocked put out terrified psyched sapped cut bedevilled bedeviled peeved discommoded sickened teased upset apple cart rattled one's cage consternated beleaguered deranged destabilised pothered burdened fouled up exposed threw off thrown off possessed ridiculed own devalued downgraded ticked off belittled made nervous stopped someone in their tracks dazed set back piqued jarred petrified made unhappy cheapened lowered picked on hounded flattened lied heavy on smirched put in a spot put in a hole put on the spot weighed heavily on weighed on fouled put the wind up knocked for six caused to lose face shot down withered bemeant bemeaned put someone to shame preoccupied taken down a peg put one away took down a peg pulled the rug out from under put the wind up someone put away had the last laugh on pulled the rug from under thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz burned up burnt up took down a peg or two taken down a peg or two bemused stumped taunted obsessed wildered stung interrupted baited jeered surprized browbeaten hindered balked bulldozed fogged booed barracked mazed baulked disarmed thwarted posed downed displaced demented jumbled turned disorganized fuddled rummaged disarrayed obfuscated dashed made awkward made self-conscious shouted down conquered blasted disillusioned paralysed excited devastated bludgeoned bullyragged dragooned hectored bogarted strong-armed blackjacked tyrannized mau-maued thunderstricken thunderstruck besieged hissed hazed brought up short disenchanted affrighted rid rode ridden bamboozled affected befuddled undermined enfeebled enervated weakened blustered slighted dogged repelled showboated repulsed nauseated excruciated railroaded disobliged chafed enforced aggravated strained niggled outsmarted outwitted trapped tricked made fretful hung up paralyzed chivied gibed dissed sank sunken sunk reduced denigrated blinded caught one short harried broke broken brake knocked sideways benumbed tyrannised outfoxed lambasted caused sorrow caused offense bled turned off caused anguish recurred mourned caused suffering played jibed at heckled shouted at eaten at ate at dizzied made a monkey of loused up messed up screwed up filled with consternation mucked up blistered ripped slammed smeared panned poured cold water on threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy given a hard time gave a hard time torn down tore down rendered speechless played down run down leaned on struck dumb maddened caused discomfort to complicated made waves interfered forced to eat humble pie electrified vanquished took the wind out of someone's sails weighed down shouted catcalls at silenced pushed the buttons of squelched caught out pulled down made a scene caught somebody off balance taken the wind out of someone's sails come back to racked downplayed caught somebody unawares made game of stayed with dazzled butted in made eat dirt caused concern to tripped sprung something on got the better of overcome caught on the hop brought down a peg left aghast wrong-footed harrowed walked heavy made one feel small intruded gotten the better of caused to feel small aroused turned on the heat demoted mixed up thumbed nose at left open-mouthed pushed around stricken dumb tired infested caused anxiety to popped one's balloon roused preyed on niggled at caused wonder taken by surprise took by surprise uncalmed threw into confusion thrown into confusion snafued threw into disorder threw into uproar thrown into disorder thrown into uproar threw into tizzy thrown into tizzy threw cold water on thrown cold water on overcame came back to given offence to gave offence to gave a bad time given a bad time driven up the wall drove up the wall gotten in the way got in the way eaten away at ate away at gave a turn given a turn gave someone a turn given someone a turn shown in a bad light showed in a bad light took the wind out got one's comeuppance gotten one's comeuppance taken the wind out ran down took one's breath away sprang something on took the wind out of your sails blown away struck with awe taken someone's breath away taken one's breath away took someone's breath away taken the wind out of your sails blew away stricken with awe thrown a curve threw a curve

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