Đồng nghĩa của ill omened


Having a bad omen
doomed fateful hapless ill-fated ill-starred inauspicious ominous unfortunate unlucky unpropitious baleful unfavourable unfavorable foreboding portentous gloomy dire direful threatening menacing ill-boding bodeful sinister minatory black unpromising doomy ill adverse sinistrous baneful discouraging disheartening disadvantageous forbidding bleak infelicitous impending apocalyptic evil dark creepy unhappy alarming premonitory untimely inopportune warning jinxed hopeless malign minacious augural suggestive haunting prophetic malefic doomful lowering cursed disastrous uninviting doubtful off-putting unhopeful dubious wintry grim ugly presaging clouded precursive unfriendly worrying prescient hostile perilous malificent dismal dangerous inhospitable fearful wintery momentous significant foreshadowing predictive prognosticatory important crucial deplorable poor out of luck afflicted unprosperous calamitous forsaken ruinous wretched regrettable awkward in a bad way lamentable destitute luckless phenomenal inspiring exciting intriguing remarkable fated destined thrilling exhilarating extraordinary disquieting disturbing frightening eerie evil-looking malignant scary spooky eldritch minatorial malevolent injurious obnoxious suggestive of evil woeful harmful nasty hurtful dishonest pernicious perverse deleterious poisonous blackhearted mischievous bad untoward unchancy intimidating brooding glowering intimidatory fearsome terrifying dreadful heavy terrible horrible mean-looking louring frightful shocking redoubtable horrifying horrendous dread ghastly formidable spine-chilling hair-raising thunderous daunting looming overhanging chilling loury appalling scowling unhealthy approaching unwholesome glum morose moody troubled pessimistic bullying brewing imposing comminatory terrorizing awesome petrifying dismaying portending near aggressive close impendent upcoming lowery terrorising forthcoming overpowering deadly noxious imminent at hand venomous vindictive wicked awe-inspiring all-powerful evil-intentioned antagonistic bitter malicious hate-filled acrimonious in the wind maleficent vitriolic nocuous damaging prejudicial virulent detrimental awful spiteful desperate catastrophic crying pressing cataclysmic critical unspeakable extreme cruel atrocious urgent distressing grievous harrowing serious outrageous drastic grave severe unwelcoming miserable crippling godawful horrid irretrievable devastating lousy abysmal parlous chronic exigent oppressing fierce terrific heartbreaking afflictive offensive odious life-threatening unpleasant repulsive ferocious depressing

Trái nghĩa của ill omened

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