Đồng nghĩa của eerie

Alternative for eerie

eerier, eeriest

Đồng nghĩa: deathlike, ghastly, ghostly, spooky, strange, weird,

Tính từ

Sinister or ghostly in a way that causes fear and unease
uncanny weird spooky strange unearthly creepy frightening ghostly mysterious scary sinister supernatural unnatural other-worldly spectral unreal abnormal awesome curious eldritch fearful freakish odd preternatural queer uneasy bizarre blood-curdling chilling hair-raising haunting petrifying scaring spine-chilling spookish terrifying crawly disconcerting fantastic freaky ghostlike paranormal peculiar rum superstitious unnerving ghastly horrifying shocking dreadful macabre gruesome frightful horrible horrific grisly grim nightmarish appalling horrendous monstrous alarming hideous terrible horrid dire awful fearsome grotesque shadowy ethereal ghoulish lurid direful phantom otherworldly disturbing morbid spiritual forbidding bloodcurdling eery dark wraithlike ominous magical grewsome phantasmal devilish phantasmic haunted harrowing intimidating loathsome formidable menacing redoubtable atrocious mystic funereal distressing threatening dread spine-tingling insubstantial unspeakable sickening bleak terrific nightmare black sepulchral transcendental mystical gross gloomy disgusting occult hairy abominable revolting sick cruel extraterrestrial demoniac gory vampiric magic transcendent alien wraithy disquieting psychic indistinct demonic phenomenal baleful startling secret offensive repulsive abhorrent numinous illusory apparitional unsettling sombre somber miraculous hellish thrilling daunting cadaverous evil sullen mystifying superhuman corpselike morose supernormal unusual deathlike heavenly diabolical twisted deathly wretched metaphysical fiendish nasty sublime cold worrying traumatic shady supranatural chimerical shuddersome repugnant nauseating dreamlike heinous nerve-racking execrable detestable odious hellacious out of this world extraordinary arcane inhuman from hell incorporeal disembodied melodramatic possessed shadowlike bone-chilling cursed jinxed taboo foul Kafkaesque poignant diabolic sadistic perverted off-putting non-mortal animal subhuman non-human necromantic nightmarey phantasmagorical Gothic exciting breathtaking eidolic holy divine wan pale unthinkable unmentionable grievous sickly vile phantomlike transmundane hateful bizarro perturbing unpleasant unwholesome inspired inexplainable unheard-of supranormal singular prodigious demonlike demonish hair-curling cliff-hanging suspenseful wondrous upsetting lamentable terribly bad very bad dangerous dismaying terrorizing causing excitement lousy disagreeable demonly skeletal too good for this world bad overwhelming abysmal astounding tremendous bloodthirsty savage brutal repellent very strange orphic oracular not of this world beastly unkind callous terrorising rotten despicable lou mean causing fear corpse-like bloody grody sanguine disgustful loathly inappropriate hyperphysical far-out unworldly yucky inscrutable visionary gut-churning sick-making blood-stained flakey uncouth flaky oddball whacko supernal pulse-pounding barbarous barbaric shivery shuddery awe-inspiring hidden inexplicable extramundane non-rational unaccountable hypernormal unbelievable out of the ordinary gothic unfathomable fairy impenetrable mythical rare legendary invisible supermundane celestial unrevealed obscure unknowable superior mythological superordinary unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible concealed miserable dreary melancholic glum melancholy dispirited dismal depressive desolate solemn depressing cheerless disheartening tenebrous sad pitiless murky drab mirthless lugubrious drear gray mournful dingy grey grave portentous inauspicious unhealthy minatory unpropitious God-awful death-obsessed doomy malign evil-looking bodeful ill-omened ill-boding foreboding malignant ill sinistrous minacious malevolent injurious minatorial baneful suggestive of evil woeful doomful hurtful dishonest perverse deleterious unlucky obnoxious harmful pernicious blackhearted unfortunate disastrous adverse poisonous mischievous lowering malefic unfavorable apocalyptic unfavourable calamitous mean-looking outrageous ugly hostile severe ferocious dour godawful fierce insufferable glowering demoralizing discouraging harsh exhilarating inhospitable unutterable brooding distressful uninviting unfriendly distasteful louring vicious demoralising aggressive austere indescribable wicked venomous adrenaline-charged roller-coaster imposing dispiriting agitating unpalatable irksome electrifying intimidatory stern tragic rough unapproachable white-knuckle serious desperate obscene tough bitter stark bullying fiery rugged tense egregious stressful parlous deplorable warning nail-biting worrisome fraught anxious nerve-wracking taxing impressive restless nervous objectionable unappealing powerful discomforting unattractive unwelcoming dreaded difficult unsightly surprising wild troubling noxious gut-wrenching deadly ruinous flinty stunning astonishing amazing staggering gruff ungentle violent vindictive perplexing troublesome displeasing nauseous shameful stupefying annoying aggravating irritating vexing malicious jarring feral murderous untamed angry spiteful unrestrained extreme scowling hard unpleasing brutish steely cutthroat hopeless uncontrollable repellant bewildering bestial enraged regrettable unwelcome inexpressible gripping feared rip-roaring exhilarant rousing admonitory unhospitable unsavoury unappetizing anxiety-inducing comminatory cautionary bothersome stirring stimulating awkward embarrassing pressuring browbeating discommoding fateful overpowering much-feared disadvantageous treacherous striking afraid massive discomposing barro distracting rebarbative uncomfortable onerous moody scandalous negative disgraceful heart-pounding strong mighty unsavory untoward exacting challenging fazing untold undescribable catastrophic all-powerful inconvenient punk excessive crying pressing cataclysmic critical crucial unsafe invincible resolute commanding doughty indomitable icky frozen gnarly sulky deeply distressing urgent heartstopping inconceivable anxiety provoking unpromising frowning dodgy drastic disappointing rancid noisome fulsome valiant unimaginable unexpected crippling devastating irretrievable looming thunderous mephitical irritable agonizing testing unhappy galling troubled agonising revulsive frustrating painful unamusing uncongenial distressed like death warmed up ineffable contemptible glaring depraved uncivilised rancorous viperous nefarious villainous rowdy serpentine uncivilized abandoned unpardonable abject unforgivable trying chronic exigent misshapen malformed brave imminent courageous perilous life-threatening unforeseen jaw-dropping oppressing heartbreaking afflictive too horrible for words indescribably bad beyond description undefinable indescribably wicked indescribably evil beyond words heavy inexcusable much-dreaded unhandsome unbeautiful distorted ill-favored homely teratoid unpretty mutant miscreated shapeless deformed unlovely uncomely overhanging approaching sudden jolting dumbfounding flabbergasting dumfounding eye-opening blindsiding remarkable dramatic grumpy indignant temperamental aggravated surly cantankerous aggrieved sour crabby ill-favoured maddening panicky exasperating harassing anxious-making furious unruly fell evil-intentioned antagonistic ruthless rabid brute merciless unmerciful acrimonious hate-filled impetuous raging heartless convulsive truculent delirious incessive inhumane remorseless raving undomesticated prejudicial detrimental maleficent vitriolic nocuous damaging virulent frantic infuriated crazed mad butcherly rapacious animalistic primitive tigerish biffo aggers

Tính từ

Deviating from what is considered normal
queer odd strange curious funny peculiar weird unusual extraordinary outlandish remarkable bizarre eccentric singular uncommon unconventional abnormal suspicious uncanny unorthodox anomalous atypical dubious mysterious offbeat puzzling rum fishy questionable unnatural different erratic irregular unexpected unfamiliar untypical baffling doubtful incongruous mystifying perplexing unaccountable aberrant bizarro deviant freak freakish freaky shady cranky crazy creepy debatable disputable disquieting dodgy doubtable dubitable equivocal far-out funky kinky kookie kooky quaint queerish quirky rare screwy shaky spooky suspect unaccustomed unco uncustomary unique wacky weirdo whacky wild droll outré problematic problematical surprising demented flaky flakey idiosyncratic irrational mad oddball outre touched unbalanced unhinged left-field off-kilter off-the-wall out-of-the-way way-out off the wall out of the ordinary spaced-out out of the way off-centre exceptional wacko inexplicable perverse surreal zany preternatural aberrated grotesque uncharacteristic fanciful way out preposterous amazing whimsical inconceivable unwonted foreign intriguing chance out-there exceeding especial phenomenal extraordinaire dilly unparalleled monstrous fantastic anomalistic wayward humorous unpredictable arbitrary ridiculous scarce ludicrous nonstandard out of line off-base inscrutable capricious malformed vagarious fitful teratoid changeable off-color unheard of perverted like nothing on earth aberrational devious divergent supernatural non-typical deviate pretend ersatz paranormal made-up concocted labored laboured make-believe imitation outrageous contrary unconforming incredible staged dark shonky mysterious-looking not quite right funny-looking strange-looking not kosher far-fetched incomprehensible unlikely befuddling disconcerting unforeseen unthinkable flustering unimaginable portentous confusing dumfounding confounding conspicuous overwhelming unannounced nonplusing shattering unanticipated muddling discomfiting dismaying upsetting jarring nonplussing unordinary jolting out there exotic novel far out original unheard-of special unprecedented daggy absurd alien noteworthy prodigious isolated out in left field something else striking nutty insane astonishing avant-garde unknown unrepresentative fresh out of the common off-center new outstanding notable alternative wonderful unreal miraculous infrequent quizzical in left field distinctive madcap characteristic Bohemian extravagant nonsensical momentous one of a kind incomparable dotty unexampled distinct memorable particular warped distinguished specialized individual daft nuts crackpot astounding cuckoo unhealthy twisted unmatched unequalled unrivalled batty unlike disparate newsworthy dippy cracked off the beaten track out of this world corrupt unrivaled matchless unexcelled unequaled arresting record groundbreaking peerless revolutionary nonconformist slang eye-popping fantastical marvellous pioneering beat foolish cockamamie comical bent cockeyed off the air first-time bohemian signal in a league of its own without equal heteroclite beyond compare thin on the ground nonconforming marvelous ground-breaking few and far between sui generis untried seldom hare-brained specialised newfangled without parallel radical custom customized exclusive signature personalized distinguishing innovative depraved rummy progressive advanced funny peculiar very unconventional hippy experimental oddish eccentrical occasional sporadic old-fashioned excentrical avant garde boho laughable barbarous awkward breaking new ground loner cool out of keeping untraditional kookish esoteric unsavoury sick degenerated pervy sadistic degenerate masochistic sensational heterodox distorted not normal deviating unnormal heteromorphic limited stunning unbelievable off-beat off the rails bugged out improbable unforgettable eye-catching altered imported not prepared variant ready licentious deviative sicko immoral spectacular stupendous unrealistic arcane nondescript startling extreme egregious few remote beyond your ken little known unexplored uninvestigated obscure recondite awesome seldom seen atypic awe-inspiring prominent significant eminent refreshing serious implausible grandiose tremendous wondrous inconsistent amazeballs personalised customised off beaten path never to be forgotten heavy flash gnarly forby crinkly twisty unsavory considerable exciting all-time impressive loony other specific bonkers goofy amusing loopy barmy clownish silly comic errant interesting off-key discordant unharmonious potty brainsick screwball looney deranged crackers crazed lunatic loco maniac wud maniacal unsound bedlam scatty meshugge mental bughouse crackbrained psychotic fruity haywire bats gaga moonstruck whacko daffy psycho meshuga balmy certifiable gonzo looney tunes acting crazy non compos mentis loony tunes

Tính từ

Comically or repulsively ugly or distorted
grotesque deformed distorted unnatural bizarre malformed misshapen monstrous odd ugly weird fanciful fantastic freakish hideous outlandish strange unsightly abnormal misproportioned twisted whimsical gnarled mangled mutilated freaky homely ill-favoured ill-favored peculiar unappealing unattractive unbeautiful uncomely unhandsome unlovely unpleasing unpretty vile fugly huckery rum aberrant absurd antic extravagant extreme flamboyant grody gross incongruous laughable perverted queer surreal surrealistic uncanny ghastly gruesome grisly disgusting horrid repulsive macabre horrible frightful grim horrific revolting dreadful terrifying disfigured horrifying shocking horrendous terrible awful nightmarish abominable morbid repellent nasty spooky frightening unpleasant lurid as ugly as sin loathsome offensive repugnant unprepossessing sickening plain beastly plain-featured grewsome disagreeable appalling gory displeasing atrocious short on looks foul fearsome ghoulish ghostly dire creepy dark sick unearthly spookish scary gloomy plain-looking uninviting terrific nightmare not much to look at unnerving bleak shapeless alarming objectionable warped distressing shadowy ominous funereal sinister melodramatic disheartening fearful sepulchral supernatural forbidding hellish disturbing not beautiful chilling bestial black repelling unsettling crooked sombre somber dull obscene startling bad-looking contorted direful unshapely reptilian unhealthy distasteful sullen harrowing depressing dreary fiendish daunting dismaying blemished diabolical morose wry upsetting irregular unwholesome intimidating drack spine-chilling unspeakable sickly eery cruel devilish unalluring ordinary drab bent asymmetrical unusual ill-proportioned bandy hunchbacked ill-shaped no oil painting thrawn nauseating savage wretched hateful cold bloody death-obsessed out of shape not much for looks hard on the eyes shady ugly-looking frightful-looking awful-looking teratoid mutant miscreated lacklustre lackluster prodigious obnoxious unappetizing ordinary-looking skewed insipid not pretty bloodthirsty demonic brutal banal as plain as a pikestaff unlikable unbeauteous subfuscous trite unaesthetic animal mousy disconcerting disquieting troubling recurved not appealing discouraging deadly infected diseased ailing Gothic worrying demoralizing perturbing bothersome foreboding irksome discomforting plain as a pikestaff like the back end of a bus scaring shameful miserable troublesome discommoding unpalatable unsound malignant pathological abhorrent outrageous melancholic glum melancholy dispirited dismal depressive desolate solemn cheerless menacing sensational astounding odious heinous vexing discomposing tenebrous sad perverse brooding maleficent moody baleful irascible graphic exaggerated unpardonable petrifying godawful abject tremendous unforgivable pitiless murky mirthless lugubrious drear gray mournful dingy grey grave diabolic sadistic threatening bone-chilling egregious hellacious onerous nauseous explicit mysterious bad from hell heavy inexcusable formidable mean bloodcurdling deathly gut-wrenching demoralising preternatural God-awful evil redoubtable hair-raising trashy sensationalist overdramatized colourful rubbishy unrestrained eldritch tasteless ribald kitschy cheap salacious pulp prurient far-out mystifying unreal other-worldly haunting off-putting violent suggestive dirty filthy inscrutable detestable shock-horror tacky vivid juicy flakey uncouth mystic occult flaky secret magic oddball whacko numinous magical supernal yellow full-frontal awe-inspiring out of the ordinary fiery raunchy salty deep striking colorful off-color purple sanguine rough racy distinct garish low-down unseemly crippled ungainly ill-made awry buckled askew marred bowed curved damaged disjointed disproportionate hard-favoured hard-featured

Tính từ

Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world
ethereal light airy delicate dainty exquisite fine gossamer gossamery insubstantial subtle tenuous beautiful elegant fragile graceful aerial diaphanous fairy fluffy lovely rarefied refined thin impalpable intangible shadowy filmy frail gaseous ghostly otherworldly unworldly vaporous vapory waiflike wraithlike flimsy feathery wispy floaty gauzy lightweight sheer transparent threadlike silky weightless gauzelike floating fine-spun slender slight loose translucent porous chiffony tissuelike see-through fine-grained floatable atmospheric powdered quality powdery small granular pulverized dusty little minute incorporeal unsubstantial rare intricate cottony downy ultra-fine cobwebby slim lacy pulverulent pulverous pulverised nuanced shimmering soft choice recherche wafer-thin gossamer-like fine-drawn imaginary ephemeral evanescent visionary immaterial illusory frothy fanciful nice spongy detailed bubbly foamy frivolous volatile gentle papery halituous flyaway attenuated flossy buoyant pillowy puffy wisplike nebulous feather-like gossamer-thin narrow twiggy reedy in-flight airborne midair featherweight neat pretty flying trim petite unheavy portable compact charming tasteful featherlight easy to carry weighing very little light as a feather easy to lift underweight featherlike not heavy transportable imponderous select dinky birdlike lofty aeriform pneumatic above ground aeronautical skimpy pellucid chiffon tiffany very thin subtile permeable deficient limpid lucid fair well-made deft cute tender precious sweet attractive pleasing comely bonny feeble darling superior delightful silken fancy luxurious opulent grand transpicuous translucid plush classy stylish lavish finespun cultivated sumptuous sleazy handsome artistic ornate cultured smart polished deluxe lush elaborate sophisticated luxuriant rich discerning recherché fastidious courtly high-class chic majestic urbane stately aesthetic pure swanky first-class smooth precise swank posh clear esthetic splendiferous summery frangible superfine cobweblike glossy iridescent gauze-like exotic filigree far-fetched esoteric arcane fibrous cobweb frilly open flowing cut-rate slapdash superficial tacky meager unsound rinkydink infirm defective meagre decrepit meshy meticulous paperlike involved papyraceous discriminating lacelike lace-like patterned netlike net net-like harmonious chartaceous exact hairsplitting methodical exclusive palatial expensive house of cards restrained splendid costly fit becoming sensitive fitting paper balletic lithe special magnificent luxury well-executed well-crafted paper-thin ultra-thin upmarket plushy Lucullan spiffy quiet snazzy in good taste chaste unaffected gratifying classical unobtrusive subdued uptown luxe loaded palace gorgeous Lucullian swish ritzy fancy-pants pricey Babylonian flowy palatian well appointed luscious super aesthetically pleasing fashionable extravagant classic modish dignified distinguished dashing suave noble decorous ostentatious ornamented genteel affected debonair august schmick aristocratic overdone stylized well-designed well-dressed a la mode well-bred

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