Đồng nghĩa của unconforming

Tính từ

Relating to activities that depart from or challenge traditional norms
alternative unconventional unorthodox unusual irregular abnormal nonconformist non-standard radical revolutionary uncommon unwonted avant-garde eccentric exotic fresh new novel offbeat original alternate anomalous bizarre divergent extreme idiosyncratic outlandish uncustomary aberrant cranky heteroclite heterodox oddball perverse zany marginal off-centre way-out Bohemian off the wall off-the-wall out of the ordinary extraordinary strange odd peculiar queer exceptional freakish weird deviant atypical unique rare freak untypical different preternatural quirky perverted aberrational unnatural devious deviate freaky non-typical kinky uncharacteristic alien unrepresentative isolated nonconforming out of the way something else way out outrageous special uncanny supernatural unprecedented remarkable unaccountable left-field other particular specific unfamiliar pretend ersatz paranormal made-up concocted labored inexplicable surprising laboured make-believe eerie imitation contrary preposterous incredible staged far-out whimsical unheard-of kooky unknown quaint noteworthy fanciful specialised off-key out-of-the-way erratic quizzical errant specialized unharmonious interesting discordant fantastic singular curious funny phenomenal especial aberrated wacky exceeding extraordinaire rum wacko out of the common out of keeping bohemian innovative experimental bizarro crazy out there unaccustomed far out screwy boho weirdo groundbreaking maverick individual outré fringe whacky funky kookie wild queerish avant garde untried spaced-out off-kilter individualistic dissenting heretical dissident iconoclastic artistic pioneering informal dissentient nonorthodox heretic ground-breaking madcap unceremonious hippy inventive schismatic innovatory sectarian out-there beatnik creative obscure off the beaten track out in left field outre mysterious remote unexplored uninvestigated recondite unexpected little known in left field forward-looking grotesque surreal absurd arty progressive insane dissimilar arty-farty exclusive unpredictable capricious distinct improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal flakey flaky anarchic untraditional subversive left bank carefree laid-back relaxed foreign out of the box anarchistic intriguing off the beaten path daggy underground incomparable inimitable off-center unparalleled nonstandard peripheral unofficial nonmainstream extremist diagnostic classic discriminating identifying symptomatic one and only diagnostical beyond your ken latest ingenious advanced modern recent imaginative newfangled striking distinctive innovational cutting-edge leading-edge state-of-the-art cutting edge modernistic originative contemporary off Broadway colourful glamorous trendy cult out-of-the-box up to date new-fashioned brand new neoteric romantic fascinating unheard of esoteric eye-catching extravagant up-to-date this season's new-fangled ultra-modern sensational astonishing marvelous attractive foreign-looking fantastical glamourous marvellous external enticing extrinsic alluring extraneous peregrine outside colorful rebellious from abroad hippie rebel

Trái nghĩa của unconforming

unconforming Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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