Đồng nghĩa của heretical

Alternative for heretical

Đồng nghĩa: dissident, heterodox,

Tính từ

Believing in or practising religious heresy
unorthodox heterodox iconoclastic dissenting dissident nonconformist freethinking revisionist schismatic agnostic apostate idolatrous impious atheistical renegade sceptical sectarian unbelieving dissentient heathen maverick non-believing nonorthodox non-theistic out-there pagan separatist unconventional controversial nullifidian paynim recreant recusant atheistic deviating differing disagreeing dissentive infidel misbelieving miscreant profane sacrilegious skeptical heretic rebellious revolutionary rebel radical eccentric individualistic original protesting mutinous opposing discordant alternative irreverent nonconforming blasphemous splinter subversive irregular contrary insubordinate malcontent seceding offbeat insurgent conflicting objecting rebelling complaining opposed oddball weird non-compliant unceremonious informal insurrectionary breakaway beatnik way-out uncanonical disrespectful opposition unsound questioning doubtful anti- contradicting negative violating innovative critical inorthodox secessionist gainsaying groundbreaking denunciatory disobedient defiant ungovernable recalcitrant fetishistic disaffected contumacious modernizing political pragmatic ideological progressive idol-worshipping icon-worshipping free thinking unconnected independent separate autonomous nonaligned refractory intractable froward incompliant resistant obstreperous restive bohemian clashing dissonant divisive polemical factional freak hippie willful untoward wilful insurrectionist wayward balky unmanageable unruly mutinying traitorous idol worshipping unusual unwonted abnormal modernising off-centre avant-garde uncommon novel new idiosyncratic exotic Bohemian fresh divergent off-the-wall anomalous bizarre aberrant extreme outlandish perverse zany cranky improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal heteroclite uncustomary out there far-out flakey kinky crazy anarchic different untraditional flaky out of the ordinary way out off the wall off the beaten path atypical individual odd singular rare freakish unfamiliar distinctive unprecedented strange quirky funny left-field queer quaint unheard of esoteric wacko freaky curious extraordinary kooky wacky hippy rum madcap screwy boho outré far out bizarro unique exceptional weirdo off the beaten track out in left field

Tính từ

Indifferent or hostile to religion, or having no religious beliefs
irreligious atheistic godless agnostic profane skeptical sceptical unbelieving unholy impious irreverent sacrilegious sinful ungodly blasphemous faithless heathen non-believing non-theistic wicked barbarian barbarous infidel pagan bad evil heathenish idolatrous immoral iniquitous unrighteous corrupt debauched degenerate depraved reprobate vice-ridden decadent dissipated dissolute erring fallen iconoclastic impure intemperate morally wrong nonreligious perverted religionless sullied unprincipled freethinking nullifidian peccable tainted undevout free-thinking unspiritual devilish satanic fiendish infernal demonic diabolical nonbelieving adiamorphic undogmatic desecrating disrespectful obscene foul indecent filthy dirty irreverential violating unhallowed savage uncivilized barbaric ignorant natural uncultured rude unenlightened Neandertal primitive philistine uncultivated uncivil Neanderthal wild brutish sceptic uncivilised nonbeliever skeptic vile wrong nefarious vicious base rotten villainous dark wrongful black unlawful unethical disbelieving criminal unsavory doubting secular heinous unsavoury dishonest monstrous mean diabolic sordid warped debased flagitious abominable atrocious despicable hateful reprehensible detestable shocking outrageous unreligious shameful contemptible odious horrible execrable murderous unsanctified dishonourable unscrupulous crooked guilty bent low-down shady egregious stinking infamous dishonorable malfeasant beastly dastardly scandalous low paganistic malevolent unconsecrated improper unblessed apostate offensive incredulous damnable culpable blameful abandoned pernicious injurious harmful maleficent unregenerate ignoble underhand illicit degraded illegitimate lawless roguish illegal wayward amoral scoundrelly rascally deleterious baneful black-hearted not cricket fanatical undecorous indecorous indelicate rough unseemly nontheistic humanistic atheistical atheous without religious faith blameworthy censurable aberrant errant demeritorious amiss blamable sinning apostatical polytheistic paganish heathenistic treacherous deconsecrated underhanded disgraceful notorious ignominious disreputable uncharitable wretched unbecoming undignified abject cowardly abhorrent inequitable cheeky contemptuous cruel nasty unworthy unsacred currish shabby lamentable caitiff disgusting snide inelegant menial servile scurvy paltry unchristian non-Christianly unchristlike profligate dangerous worthless wanton demoralized indictable felonious damaging incorrigible nocuous adverse hurtful noxious mischievous prejudicial baleful heartless ill detrimental defiled unwholesome execrative execratory profanatory swearing insulting imprecatory cursing shameless low-minded lewd lascivious lecherous perverse loose lustful immodest abased libertine rakish sick jackleg unclean off-color hypocritical undutiful disobedient defiling deceitful canting unfaithful pietistical hardened desecrative contrary unctuous recusant sanctimonious dishonoured rakehell questioning dishonored miscreant boorish demoralised rakehelly not sacred bad news not religious cynical unsure non-Christian scoffing unconvinced doubtful quizzical mistrustful rationalist uncertain dubious undecided hesitant discreditable unspeakable malignant malicious repugnant hideous loathsome hellish sinister no good

Tính từ

Guilty of apostasy
apostate disloyal faithless false treacherous unfaithful untrue backsliding perfidious recreant traitorous treasonable subversive two-faced treasonous double-crossing fickle two-timing inconstant renegade deceitful duplicitous untrustworthy mutinous seditious betraying unpatriotic wormlike double-dealing back-stabbing false-hearted Janus-faced unreliable rebellious undutiful undependable dishonest deceptive falsehearted insubordinate unloyal Punic cheating dissident adulterous double-faced hollow-hearted snaky backstabbing backstabby rebel defecting arrant skulking low vile sneaking lying deceiving hypocritical revolutionary reactionary heterodox outlaw runaway untraditional schismatic radical mendacious dishonourable unsound insincere untruthful devious defrauding fraudulent unscrupulous crooked underhanded dishonorable corrupt delusive base foul mythomaniac malevolent scoundrelly rascally forsworn perjured venal shady malicious wicked mean villainous breakaway shifty slick insidious underhand misleading tricky fly-by-night snake in the grass guileful crafty cunning sly sneaky wily unprincipled artful scheming designing slippery dodgy foxy bent subtle immoral disingenuous sharp unethical conniving Machiavellian shrewd disreputable dubious calculating dirty snide unfair shonky dissembling cagey knavish rogue unlawful slim shameful furtive roguish criminal fast counterfeit nefarious beguiling astute illegal stealthy low-down cagy cute phoney rotten phony swindling ignominious pretended wrong indirect fake despicable reprehensible unjust ignoble evasive disgraceful clandestine truthless evil plotting shabby amoral intriguing artificial unctuous detestable questionable iniquitous feigned backhanded iffy scandalous illicit contemptible unsporting smooth sordid unsportsmanlike surreptitious vicious sinful discreditable infamous heinous snidey sham clever oblique smart irresponsible canny bad manipulative wretched below the belt contriving secret scurvy elusive dissimulating execrable not to be trusted mealymouthed mealy not cricket jive double malfeasant Pecksniffian lip not dependable nasty inequitable unworthy trustless phoney-baloney phony-baloney fishy left-handed secretive odious cowardly abominable unsafe dark abject depraved conspiratorial beastly equivocating unrighteous abhorrent degenerate flagitious fly sinister spurious bluffing cynical paltry currish dastardly ingenious dangerous delusory low-minded off untrusty fair-weather inflammatory shoddy not to be depended on conspiring hoodwinking adulterine perjurious sorry improper astucious flighty insurrectionary appalling dissolute monstrous cheap unstable changeable uncharitable erring rabble-rousing perverted lamentable disgusting unholy impure atrocious covert notorious ungodly unsavory opprobrious perverse agitational insurrectionist fiendish diabolical cruel unconscionable dirty-dealing deplorable stinking hollow horrible black mock shocking outrageous illegitimate blackguardly out of order prevaricating misrepresenting fibbing inventing misstating falsifying ambidextrous bribable collusive warped incendiary lawless egregious mercenary captious illusory slimy lubricious corruptible grafting buyable offensive unsavoury pretend deep miscreant putrid committing perjury off-color carny suborned fast and loose colluding suspected suspect disbelieved loathsome bogus exploitative unjustifiable unsatisfactory unacceptable unjustified unreasonable uncalled for unpredictable stinky ugly unrespectable mean-spirited dicey impish arch mischievous unwarranted unnecessary wayward degrading shaming shameless caballing backbiting deviant extramarital shy louche plausible rascal bum seeming serpentine catchy imposturous suspicious dissipated doubting fugitive blameworthy debasing observant heedful infernal of bad faith not on out of turn repugnant salty ornery hostile opportunist irresolute sub-rosa undercover hush-hush concealed unseemly unprofessional cowboy devilish double dealing undesirable debauched unhonest cutthroat opportunistic unbelieving perilous ensnaring overdone exaggerated coquettish unsteady insecure hard to pin down uncertain mutable variable pseudo bamboozling falsified forged against the law imitation expedient vitiated wanton fink left- handed satanic unspeakable dreadful a bit much involved not trustworthy unconverted sceptical skeptical wavering capricious changeful fluctuating ruthless adulterate unchaste extracurricular untrusted scurrilous objectionable back-alley hugger-mugger shrouded cloak-and-dagger hidden veiled hole-and-corner venomous trick flagrant glaring gross skilful skillful nifty put-on not candid lacking sincerity not frank murky backstairs fornicating moonlighting speedy felonious not to be relied upon dexterous dextrous proficient adroit politic resourceful masterly adept pretentious pseud profiteering corrupted chameleon-like over the fence a bit thick commiting perjury swearing falsely lurking slinking virulent vipery flimsy wry greasy intelligent witted streetwise keen beyond contempt errant obliquitous gimmicky extortionate open on the QT under wraps on the quiet opprobious inglorious under the table like a snake in the grass bearing false witness specious good-for-nothing with tongue in cheek playing politics put on playing games unconvincing invalid insignificant weak gone to the dogs on the take faking one out not straightforward devoid of validity beggarly squalid ungentlemanly provocative unpleasant worthless dual wrongful sleazy grubby unsportsmanly hateful irreligious sacrilegious profane impious blasphemous scummy lame scungy lousy fallen ratty scabby murderous diabolic barbarous godless stirring reprobate ill-gotten sullied undignified tainted unbecoming dissentious arousing contentious controversial peccable against the rules underground caitiff servile degraded obscene inelegant menial aggressive demagogic rousing causing trouble black-hearted undermining disruptive insurgent troublemaking destructive morally wrong overthrowing discrediting harmful corrupting corruptive riotous perversive fallacious destabilising destabilizing ruinous

Tính từ

Departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behaviour
deviant abnormal aberrant atypical untypical anomalous irregular perverse wayward divergent perverted twisted bent deviating deviate devious digressive kinky nonconformist non-standard non-typical rogue transgressing unusual warped bizarre curious eccentric freak freakish odd peculiar sick strange uncommon unorthodox unrepresentative aberrational distorted exceptional idiosyncratic singular unnatural freaky pervy quirky sicko different heteroclite nonstandard off-key preternatural queer unexpected variant varying wandering weird out of the ordinary extraordinary unique rare uncustomary especial unwonted phenomenal aberrated oddball extraordinaire unconventional exceeding uncharacteristic isolated anomalistic wacko outré off-the-wall remarkable unfamiliar surprising rum off-centre funny wacky erratic heterodox nonconforming way out off the wall off-base off-color out of the way out of the common out there out of line unaccustomed infrequent incredible alien odd strange incongruous inconsistent unconforming straying rambling inconceivable defective something else offbeat novel special daggy out of keeping scarce outlandish flakey psycho flaky mental sporadic not typical atypic foreign prodigious jarring informal unceremonious disorderly monstrous malformed unhealthy screwy corrupt alternative unnormal heteromorphic fantastic modified derived left-field not normal adapted altered mutant other disparate revised optional differing various revolutionary radical avant-garde new exotic original fresh extreme zany cranky Bohemian way-out alternate marginal dissenting out-there iconoclastic dissentient maverick heretic dissident nonorthodox improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal far-out crazy sectarian anarchic beatnik untraditional schismatic off the beaten path

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