Đồng nghĩa của unsavory

Alternative for unsavory

Trái nghĩa: savory,

Tính từ

Not conforming to accepted standards of morality
bad black dark evil immoral iniquitous nefarious rotten sinful unethical unlawful unrighteous vicious vile villainous wicked wrong dishonest disreputable dodgy suspect untrustworthy no good depraved corrupt base degenerate dishonourable dishonorable crooked heinous reprobate unprincipled unscrupulous odious reprehensible criminal despicable diabolical dissolute abominable unholy foul ungodly shameful shady execrable mean monstrous ignoble dirty atrocious fiendish dastardly flagitious detestable shocking contemptible perverted morally wrong wrongful bent malicious sordid egregious diabolic horrible amoral hateful debauched impure low-down malevolent irreligious devilish sinister outrageous debased unconscionable unfair infamous appalling scandalous abhorrent nasty warped unsavoury disgraceful stinking low impious deplorable not cricket unpleasant deceitful illegal loathsome profane sacrilegious blasphemous shameless indecent felonious lawless underhand devious barbarous obscene wanton malfeasant damnable beastly peccable wretched disagreeable discreditable maleficent demonic sleazy underhanded dreadful illicit ignominious godless perverse repugnant unjust miscreant murderous improper infernal indictable dissipated slippery abandoned culpable black-hearted scoundrelly hellish profligate pernicious squalid vulgar unspeakable treacherous abject lousy malignant erring degraded sneaky offensive sorry disgusting satanic graceless undesirable shadowy irreverent knavish terrible blameworthy illegitimate fraudulent obnoxious guilty scurvy gross fallen fishy cruel sullied tainted roguish shifty vitiated delinquent inhuman objectionable good-for-nothing rascally worthless cutthroat naughty blamable censurable under-the-table Machiavellian licentious noxious rancorous wrathful spiteful errant injurious harmful decadent incorrigible heartless two-faced opprobrious unwholesome rough lawbreaking flagrant glaring putrid transgressing intolerable suspicious ruffianly blackguardly accursed facinorous condemnable thievish risqué against the law hideous smutty salacious peccant seedy demeritorious blameful amiss sinning unregenerate aberrant unprofessional disturbing scungy disappointing revolting horrid ugly lewd repellent nauseating repulsive dubious funny sickening unchaste unseemly unworthy negligent off-putting distasteful seamy flimflam cheating scam slick unvirtuous pornographic shabby thoughtless lustful whorish promiscuous bawdy miserable yucky humiliating dirty-dealing double-crossing two-timing fly-by-night gut-churning icky degrading sick-making God-awful coarse fast loose unclean saturnalian rakish X-rated despisable dangerous vomitous snide sick bogging noisome currish low-minded paltry pitiless unfeeling self-indulgent unkind inhumane disparaging callous forbidding exploitative hard-hearted libertine mean-spirited bloodthirsty crafty scrofulous sly ruthless evil-minded self-seeking vengeful contemptuous grisly conscienceless cold-blooded savage tyrannical scornful brutish defiled despiteful brutal bestial unconscientious sadistic merciless scheming harsh virulent inexorable questionable vindictive corrupted gruesome disdainful deleterious damaging yucko disgustful loathly venal baneful hurtful prejudicial nocuous adverse mischievous baleful of easy virtue detrimental wayward ill awful filthy cheap meanspirited lame disrespectful perfidious scurrilous mercenary faithless bad news vomit-inducing bribable slipshod grubby scummy crass shoddy ratty cruddy scabby disdainable deceptive beyond contempt slimy sneaking good-for-naught no-good meritless no-count no-account bad-hearted notorious louche atheistic destructive unrespectable shy viperous venomous poison toxic mortal heathen non-theistic pagan deadly servile pestiferous fatal toxiferous pestilential lethal mephitic inglorious septic infective corruptive toxicant intemperate petty tawdry guileful menial unbecoming mysterious murky sleazoid indelicate double-dealing malign poor vice-ridden mephitical miasmatic morbid furtive lowlife cunning unhallowed violent cowardly poisonous undignified irregular uncharitable doubtful unhealthy inequitable shaming arrant barbaric debasing low-life caitiff shonky indefensible indecorous lowly off-color unforgivable queer beggarly contaminated libidinous wrongdoing sceptical unbelieving agnostic slavish humble sleazo tricky non-believing heretical hostile trashy common pitiful plebeian morally bereft irreverential secular unblessed unsanctified unconsecrated useless infidel barbarian mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing duplicitous casuistic selfish recreant bitter heathenish idolatrous malefic undecorous exceptionable ill-famed traitorous inexcusable unsuitable inappropriate craven lamentable inelegant catty sketchy vitriolic opprobious corrupting ill-reputed wounding unrefined unchivalrous religionless iconoclastic nonreligious avaricious skanky immodest ribald drunken carnal vituperative disorderly shiftless evil-intentioned unbefitting secret ill-natured nullifidian freethinking undevout grotty of bad reputation calculated covetous ill-intentioned envenomed unsafe poisoned out of place in poor taste out of keeping peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple plain pixieish tricksy impish scampish arch pixie lying leprechaunish waggish puckish pixy prankish elvish horrendous skeptical free-thinking unspiritual incompetent feckless unreasonable in low esteem pitiable in the doghouse derogatory in bad macabre ferocious environmentally unfriendly death-dealing ghastly unbearable horrifying steep immoderate exorbitant insupportable unendurable insufferable excessive frolicsome unwarranted extravagant maddening exasperating impossible OTT distressing preposterous O.T.T. godawful extortionate hellacious uncivilised depraving contumelious too great disgracing extreme uncivilized debauching unsporting ungentlemanly fierce remorseless over the top very bad wily bloody conniving designing calculating deceiving unsportsmanly shrewd unsportsmanlike butcherly fell brute truculent homicidal grim sanguinary below the belt ill-gotten against the rules Janus-faced out of order faulty demoralised untamed insubordinate demoralized wild dubitable disputable strange odd debatable doubtable equivocal problematic unreliable phony problematical shaky farfetched peculiar unusual of doubtful honesty open to question rings untrue different phoney won't wash not quite right too much out of line open to doubt under suspicion not kosher

Tính từ

Displeasing to one's senses
unpleasant distasteful nasty disagreeable unpalatable displeasing yucky bad rotten bitter sour harsh unwelcome icky unpleasing yukky unlovely uncongenial wicked disgusting offensive horrible revolting unsavoury foul horrid nauseating vile repugnant sickening repulsive awful objectionable repellent dreadful obnoxious unappetizing odious abominable gross loathsome uninviting annoying lousy abhorrent detestable distressing off-putting frightful stinking beastly terrible yucko rancid appalling grotty ghastly noxious dirty putrid wretched nauseous deplorable stinky hideous upsetting gruesome hateful grody unattractive noisome skanky acrid shocking funky ugly mean sick-making inedible uneatable filthy unappealing horrendous cruddy miserable troublesome malodorous smelly vexatious undesirable mucky squalid atrocious fetid whiffy sordid diabolical rank mephitic pongy dingy niffy grungy repellant despicable contemptible obscene miasmal loathly disgustful olid brackish foetid crummy regrettable irksome poisonous unacceptable lamentable severe stale irritating agonizing uncomfortable painful execrable galling unhappy grubby polluted agonising evil-smelling foul-smelling bothersome smudged bedraggled stained besmirched befouled smutty sorry unfair blackened scandalous sullied cheap scummy scurvy evil bemired dusty unclean uncleanly lame unsportsmanlike black fulsome draggled sneaking grimy pitiful ratty scabby muddy begrimed illegal soiled paltry pitiable festy hellish poison bum ungodly unholy God-awful on the nose gut-wrenching dislikable pungent sleazy tasteless unwholesome stiff cruel poignant indigestible grievous unpopular scuzzy disquieting unconsumable fierce unfortunate contaminated turned tainted spoiled harrowing dismal flat disturbing traumatic torturous grim difficult heartbreaking woeful unwanted dire distressful mortifying tormenting strong reprehensible intense savorless trying afflicting tragic sad spoilt invidious excruciating hurtful heartrending rejected afflictive unsatisfactory uninvited heart-rending exceptionable unsought inadmissible unwished-for not fit to eat unwished for unfit for human consumption unsympathetic discordant inhospitable insipid drag pain off unpleasant-tasting flavourless mighty gnarly harmful acute vapid uninteresting dull eye-watering crashing injurious destructive fearful tough as old boots reeking pesky weak flavorless unenticing not pleasant insufferable reeky hard dreaded intolerable disliked unsuitable messy odoriferous niffing miasmic unlucky undesired disappointing rebarbative ruthless savage murderous onerous unrelenting burdensome tough heavy relentless rough chilling brutal hardhanded oppressive merciless inhuman rugged searing ferocious unlikable inconvenient shunned useless to be avoided for the birds strictly for the birds inexpedient outcast defective out of place beyond the pale detrimental loathed adverse incommodious disadvantageous scorned blameworthy excluded sore remorseless great intemperate provoking rigorous inclement calamitous raunchy creepy vulgar yecchy stagnant odorous musty skunky mouldy dank moldy ill-favoured hard-hearted not wanted ill-advised too bad ill-favored seedy slummy shabby piquant sharp scruffy ramshackle stinging spicy acidic effluvial tangy dilapidated neglected tumbledown shambly seamy shacky unmaintained fiery hot acerb aromatic rich tart spiced zesty peppery biting zingy vinegary overpowering disconcerting troubling decaying slumlike crumbling horrific worrisome discomforting unsettling forbidding stressful perturbing daunting horrifying gone to rack and ruin run down insalubrious slum-like uncared-for down at heel humourless poor sombre unnerving humorless unbearable discomposing sober doleful agitating solemn somber gloomy lurid sedate abysmal hairy worrying grisly troublous unendurable frightening fraught macabre nightmarish depressing grave monstrous tragical uncool godawful saddening pathetic awkward hellacious affecting hostile concerning anguished sorrowful sharp-tasting nerve-racking nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking bleak violent austere penetrating taxing pitiless exacting extreme wild tempestuous punishing stormy implacable vicious piercing unfriendly turbulent powerful cheerless arduous dark comfortless crushing stark disheartening inexorable serious cutting joyless tumultuous critical morose glum stern boisterous vehement weighty furious smarting raw squally blustery burning mortal unforgiving unappeasable unkind keen cold windy astringent tricky demanding raging excessive gruelling grueling spartan intensive challenging sticky prickly strenuous strict discouraging exquisite moving pervasive explosive exigent suffocating dangerous tortuous stifling stringent barbarous draconian precarious perilous storming irreconcilable dreary deadly uncompromising piteous sickly acid repressive forceful cloying dispiriting unmerciful sullen drastic sworn overwhelming testing tear-jerking desolate mournful thorny tight foreboding depressive blistering wearing vexing toilsome consuming bumpy wearisome hopeless choppy howling tyrannical angry hazardous blustering domineering roaring menacing flinty unsettled stormful touching threatening heavy-handed arch brutish rainy foul-tasting drab concentrated inflexible mirthless problematic extraordinary potent damp heady intransigent stony funereal intensified plaintive punitive vivid racking caustic coarse fatiguing wrenching formidable dismaying dolorous melancholic overweening exhausting uphill laborious straitened killing undue melancholy gusty steely tiring uncontrollable out-and-out gray grey agitated delicate cyclonic unruly heart-wrenching thundery unjust significant passionate marked intimidating peracute backbreaking dour knotty chaotic unstable frustrating almighty grinding torrid thunderous superincumbent volcanic aggravating fearsome ungentle unfavorable unfavourable frenzied swirling major unsmiling problematical ticklish dodgy chancy iffy moiling restless distressed riotous heavy-duty no-nonsense parlous very bad dubious sinister questionable unpropitious troubled strained inauspicious ominous suspect damaging abusive pained wounding desolating nippy hard-line shooting stabbing impoverished oppressed barren Spartan bare-bones flowery fragrant poverty-stricken hardline antagonistic heartfelt sweaty herculean hurting aculeate heinous rigid life-threatening considerable disastrous pressured unfeeling unpitying shrewd killer effortful damnable exasperating blowy consequential wintry profound deep embarrassing alarming chilly freezing sobering big dictatorial controversial sensitive bland pestilent Herculean disconsolate rueful demoralizing demoralising autocratic at each other's throats mephitical irritable perplexing bewildering revulsive unamusing paralyzing paralysing knifelike drilling snowy wet drizzly icy ill-fated hard-pressed shadowy tortured doubtful treacherous negative pressing jeopardous morbid apocalyptic rocky discommodious full of hardship ill-omened direful ill-boding back-breaking a nuisance persnickety despotic undemocratic storm-wracked coming down murky raining cats and dogs frigid riproaring staid sobersided enormous supreme exceptional charged uneasy tense dispirited dejecting dolesome a stinker of a tyrannous an imposition shuddersome resentful infamous cussed accursed pestiferous ornery blasted cursed confounded pounding unsparing vigorous high frowning surly moody very great authoritarian iron-fisted obdurate uncomic drear depressed protracted close heightened full unqualified torturing carking wearying tickly flustering discomfiting overbearing anti-democratic imperious coercive immoderate inordinate crippling mother of all diligent exaggerated forcible all-consuming shrill hard-nosed po-faced pensive lachrymose derisible lugubrious plangent high-handed peremptory tearing struggling suffering wintery exorbitant unconscionable swingeing towering steep ironhanded confining headache hefty cast-iron boot-faced brooding mortified disapproving crabby itchy scratchy confronting volatile decomposing rotted stenchy strong-smelling decomposed rotting decayed stenchful fusty odiferous spoiling barbaric hardheaded overextravagant extravagant headstrong insane plethoric baroque intractable overmuch overdue devilish causing discomfort ill-fitting typhonic devastating foaming boiling rough going robust unrefined bloodthirsty tigerish bloody fell convulsive storm-tossed rude stirring impactful emotional tearful impressive wolfish sadistic heartless knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts paroxysmal rabid roily cataclysmic cataclysmal hammer and tongs disordered bang-bang seething uncouth loutish crude uncultured sanguinary fiendish weltering to the death anarchic lawless churlish ungracious irresistible compelling distinct unmanageable disturbed noisy tremulous rebellious ruffled confused stirred up sentimental tender nostalgic expressive brusque blunt curt impolite disorderly breathtaking unmistakable invincible compulsive boorish uncivil crass discourteous ill-bred ravenous unrestrained inhumane lupine voracious truculent rowdy overriding overshadowing ribald oafish lewd unpolished indelicate uncultivated indecent profane indecorous bluff ill-mannered unmannerly roller-coaster seditious unbridled mutinous bearish inconsiderate inelegant roughcast vulgarian bawdy refractory uproarious obstreperous louring bad-mannered untutored gruff shaking perturbed vociferous full of confusion untamed uncontrolled termagant excited full of ups and downs full of conflict demonstrative in turmoil roughhouse rampant full of upheavals rambunctious raucous very strong lowbrow lowbred improper foul-mouthed artless insensible unceremonious common loud roughneck incult unladylike lowering ungentlemanly raffish more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand

Tính từ

Insipid in flavor or taste
insipid tasteless savorless flavourless flavorless dead flat bland watery unappetizing weak watered-down vapid mild unpalatable distasteful savourless unflavoured stale boring thin washy jejune innocuous namby-pamby waterish wishy-washy wersh spiceless wearish watered down anodyne uninspired dull uninteresting tame unpleasurable zero nowhere plain unseasoned pabulum blah vanilla plain vanilla big zero without spice unsavoury tedious unexciting colourless lifeless tiresome colorless inane unimaginative uninspiring monotonous dry banal prosaic trite wearisome humdrum drab lacklustre lackluster sterile arid spiritless stupid pedestrian ho-hum milk-and-water dreary commonplace limp stodgy run-of-the-mill tired anaemic pointless tiring mundane feeble numbing leaden monochromatic heavy slow ponderous wearying weary dusty jading stuffy drudging bloodless vacuous old samey deadly vacant empty mind-numbing dry as dust barren prosy driveling nothing drivelling anemic zestless pallid droning toneless least Milquetoast flat tire soporific uniform depressing unfeeling featureless unexcited expressionless unchanging mat dulled lusterless dim unexpressive matte unvaried uninflected sapless draggy muted blind ho hum lead balloon whitebread unstimulating uneventful quotidian workaday routine monochrome dull as ditchwater unrelieved ornery dreich dullsville simplistic lacking variation crude meager nothing to write home about meagre lacking variety characterless lustreless poor inadequate hackneyed half-hearted lame hacky weariful soft nebbish common or garden beige corny fatuous subdued tenuous slight

Tính từ

Obscene or offensive in nature
rude vulgar coarse dirty filthy crude lewd gross obscene foul offensive improper impure indecorous disgusting salacious base smutty crass tasteless raunchy inappropriate risqué debased immoral naughty indecent indelicate saucy cheap immodest racy impolite unsavoury vile profane taboo hard-core sordid suggestive lecherous explicit uncivil uncouth distasteful profligate repulsive ignoble low questionable uncultivated uncultured unrefined foul-mouthed libidinous licentious malicious nasty rakish scandalous inelegant odious randy scurrilous bawdy colorful colourful ribald rough shameless unclean adult blue grimy grubby in bad taste lascivious mucky off-color off colour wanton fruity gamy low-down-and-dirty near the knuckle nudge-nudge spicy unchaste unvirtuous X-rated common illiberal incult insensible lowbred lowbrow raffish roughneck rugged unpolished pornographic raw ill-bred earthy porny rough-hewn gutter trashy unseemly unprintable locker-room boorish stag scatological scatologic titillating Rabelaisian sexy prurient churlish loutish erotic ill-mannered steamy porno discourteous broad near the bone wicked unmannerly porn unsophisticated uncivilized obnoxious salty graceless mean uncivilised brutish bad-mannered off natural native juicy gamey unprocessed off-colored untreated sleazy abusive repugnant ungentlemanly tactless lustful unladylike unacceptable contemptible provocative undressed oafish depraved blunt philistine blasphemous arousing objectionable disagreeable ignorant close to the bone unwholesome unpleasant unfinished loose beyond the pale reprehensible undesirable shocking carnal sensual loud rustic unbecoming tacky sick exceptionable Fescennine indiscreet outrageous primitive unprepared rank lubricious low-minded abhorrent off-colour shady deplorable displeasing unwelcome insufferable intolerable censurable vulgarian concupiscent gruff degenerate uneducated ungracious hot out of line despicable dishonourable dishonorable untoward revolting foulmouthed basic scabrous soft-core sexual unsuitable barbaric cloddish bad sickening libertine skin rascally ungraceful mature malodorous Cyprian perverse unfit tawdry organic loathly unmilled insupportable unsatisfactory in poor taste disgustful upsetting unwanted goatish brusque curt barbarian out of order inconsiderate uninhibited disreputable harsh yobbish gaudy unscrupulous insensitive undignified unprincipled corrupt detestable repellent hard villainous provincial low-down plebby parochial awkward unworthy lowdown and dirty barbarous unfitting nauseating unrestrained incorrect inapposite inapt wrong gruesome outlandish debauched inept incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos dissolute sexually explicit unpurified lusty ithyphallic mannerless unworked shameful out of place unmannered ungodly unconventional lurid poor out of keeping purple untouched unbearable affronting insulting whole page-three degrading out of the way in the raw in the rough simple thoughtless lumpish obtuse gauche embarrassing ungallant clumsy lubricous satyric passionate itchy horny hypersexual unlettered unheard-of dysphemistic risque grody illicit ordinary unbefitting homespun exploitative corrupting barro daring undecorous ridiculous sketchy untactful unblushing callow Philistine plebeian agrestic inurbane undiplomatic bizarre full-frontal vicious sooty scurvy slippery sneaking fractious profanatory sizzling tempting seductive ill-advised discreditable exciting lively stimulating entertaining rogue devilish execrable wretched snide ignominious currish paltry vernacular illiterate low-born corporeal voluptuous fleshly libellous libelous backward savage immature common as muck shoddy toey disorderly fast incontinent XXX amoral sly rowdy ruffian dirty-minded baseborn general tough farmyard angular troglodytic base-minded abject groveling grown up unrighteous unequitable unrightful unjust wrongful disrespectful barnyard excessive clodhopping slobbish dour severe brutal bluff brash low-down and dirty rough and ready seamy seedy forbidding fierce stern bearish stiff austere roughcast grim fresh sexually suggestive unfiltered unsettling vilifying colloquial vituperative derisive unutterable loud-mouthed grovelling in the gutter cruel untutored intimidating louring grievous steely stark inhuman derogatory dishonest low-bred flashy garish unstained unfashioned flinty onerous ungentle heavy artless unceremonious bitter hardhanded oppressive unwrought undeveloped unmodified intact impudent hurtful impertinent insolent trailer-park dubious suspicious notorious suspect murderous lowering unconditioned in its natural state ostentatious flash showy wounding provoking slighting crooked meretricious naff tatty hardened kitsch vexing noisome dodgy funny iffy stupid ornate useless hideous pretentious foolish unsightly unclassy trivial artificial unlovely makeshift wild dissipated incorrigible cheap and nasty roguish abandoned scoundrelly warped unregenerate degraded decadent rakehell perverted demoralized jackleg rakehelly knavish sinful demoralised reprobate appalling loathsome unpalatable plain rebarbative hateful dislikable frightful horrible noxious dreadful horrid irritating inadmissible opprobrious nauseous awful invidious ghastly annoying terrible inexpedient ill-favoured bogging poison beastly sick-making ill-favored off-putting

Tính từ

Relating to crime
criminal unlawful illicit lawless illegal prohibited dishonest felonious corrupt culpable illegitimate unethical villainous crooked disorderly indictable nefarious unlicensed wicked wrong clandestine contraband iniquitous anarchic delinquent forbidden furtive lawbreaking terrorist wrongful actionable banned bent black dark fraudulent immoral impermissible outlawed punishable shady unauthorised unauthorized unruly unsanctioned against the law anarchical bad disruptive dodgy improper insubordinate insurgent insurrectionary interdicted mutinous mutinying proscribed rebellious seditious unacceptable unofficial vile adulterous anarchistic barbarous evil malfeasant noncompliant nonconformist peccant revolting savage sinful sly taboo unrighteous unwarranted verboten vicious bootleg contumacious criminogenic dirty disobedient disordered excessive flagitious guilty heavy infringing miscreant nihilistic piratical racketeering recusant rotten traitorous transgressing turbulent uncivilised uncivilized uncultivated ungoverned unpeaceful unregulated violating violent warlike wildcat haram tapu out of line black-market off base under-the-table smoking gun against the rules off limits ruled out not acceptable not allowed not permitted contrary to law in violation of law without law and order under the counter under-the-counter under the table unsavoury ungovernable wild riotous uncontrollable rowdy unmanageable undisciplined rioting refractory revolutionary chaotic out of control uncontrolled intemperate tumultuous uproarious unrestrained reckless brawling unbiddable ugly tempestuous fierce tyrannous unorthodox untamed despotic heterodox terrorising terrorizing rampageous deranged uncontained immoderate disorganised helter-skelter turbid disorganized hedonistic boisterous antisocial rough troublesome obstreperous uncompliant wayward indisciplined drunk out-of-order out-of-line out-of-control noisy raucous fractious on-a-tear out of hand termagant

Tính từ

Reluctant to proceed due to doubts or uncertainty
dubious hesitant doubtful uncertain unsure undecided wavering cagey hesitating tentative equivocal iffy indisposed loath reticent sceptical unsettled ambiguous disinclined irresolute unconfirmed unconvinced undetermined unresolved vacillating cagy distrustful indefinite leery loth reluctant shaky chancy diffident fly-by-night indecisive mistrustful questioning skeptical trustless unassured unsavoury untrusty in a dilemma in a quandary in doubt in two minds touch and go on the horns of a dilemma suspicious hinky ambivalent dithering on the fence shilly-shallying unwilling oscillating of two minds waffling uncommitted torn averse equivocating blowing hot and cold opposed resistant noncommittal doubting afraid backward uneager not sure unclear split nervous antipathetic faltering slow agnostic not in the mood vague hazy unprepared floating resisting unenthusiastic halting ill-disposed shy wishy-washy teetering fluctuating divided perplexed antagonistic hostile not disposed having qualms having misgivings recalcitrant betwixt and between hemming and hawing faithless running hot and cold sitting on the fence like doubting Thomas without belief insecure unconfident incredulous disbelieving cynical confused vexed neutral grudging pussyfooting unimpressed unbelieving unpersuaded unmoved against untrusting on-the-fence counter not ready half-hearted circumspect demurring uncaring uninclined not minded not keen inimical chary wary remiss delaying stalling nervous about unenthusiastic about wobbling timid hanging back havering balking not in favour of dilly-dallying cunctatory swithering lazy unpredictable lacking confidence cautious dawdling unfinished pendent humming and hawing sticking unsympathetic objecting shying protesting baulking hedging your bets in the middle vacillatory vacillant conflicting muddled contradictory mixed unsteady pendulous fickle wobbly weak unstable shilly-shally changeable weak-minded weak-kneed shillyshallying infirm uneventful astraddle inconclusive inconstant volatile clashing warring conflicted debatable opposing changing halfhearted fearful hot and cold hot-and-cold full of doubt

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