Đồng nghĩa của grimy

Alternative for grimy

grimy /'graimi/
  • tính từ
    • đầy bụi bẩn; cáu ghét
      • grimy windows: những cửa sổ đầy bụi bẩn
      • grimy facea: những bộ mặt cáu ghét


Stained or covered with grime
dirty filthy smudged begrimed grimed soiled cruddy draggled foul smutty stained sullied unclean befouled bemired besmeared besmirched dusty grubby grungy mucky smeared sooty bedraggled black blackened dingy festy grotty muddy polluted scungy scuzzy sordid squalid uncleanly bogging gungy manky messy muddied nasty skanky sleazy uncleaned yucky dirt-encrusted mud-caked slimy unwashed sloppy unhygienic unsanitary spotted contaminated insanitary tarnished unkempt icky crummy greasy scummy feculent shabby disheveled dishevelled defiled slovenly miry smoky smeary impure murky tainted discolored dark discoloured sticky untidy fetid ruined insalubrious not clean rotten undusted foetid fouled unswept blemished marked grody gross disgusting putrid smelly seedy putrefied decaying slatternly repulsive dreggy bespattered dungy spattered sludgy unlaundered pigpen mud-encrusted fuliginous mud-spattered soot-covered smoke-stained rundown slummy dowdy cloudy scruffy gloopy spotty dust-covered dust-filled frowzy miserable mucous yukky muculent clammy viscous glutinous raunchy dusky flea-bitten arenaceous arenose dust-ridden straggly disarrayed unsightly slushy dishabille mung oozy vile sloughy caked odorous moldy mouldy reeking scurvy musty unhealthy faecal infected infested noxious germy unwholesome fecal loathsome horry yecchy soily revolting verminous slipshod rank rancid stinking septic harmful unhealthful gray grey disease-ridden germ-ridden slate-grey caliginous smoke-darkened slate grey dark grey spoiled spoilt corrupted dirtied adulterated corrupt decayed vitiated debased adulterate alloyed poisoned diseased degraded despoiled disfigured scratched flawed imperfect impaired mixed bastardized devalued marred diluted lowered depreciated bastardised decomposed faded perverted decomposing festering rotting bleached yellowed rusted wan pale putrescent sour mouldering putrified addled foxed etiolated blotched weathered oxidized rusty bad rotted mildewy off perished corroding caried worm-eaten poisonous purulent wormy stale carious mephitic pustular noisome washed out oxidised maggoty offensive flyblown unfit for human consumption bad-smelling overripe moldering beastly unpleasant smelling


Offensive to the senses, especially through having a disgusting smell or taste
foul disgusting offensive revolting repellent repulsive loathsome nasty rank nauseating stinking abhorrent abominable dreadful foetid fetid horrible repugnant appalling awful detestable hideous horrendous malodorous noisome distasteful nauseous sickening vile atrocious frightful horrid noxious obnoxious odious smelly terrible dirty gross grotty putrid rancid unpleasant objectionable unsavory unsavoury yucky funky ghastly grubby gruesome icky mephitic reeking skanky squalid vomitous diabolical God-awful reeky repellant unpalatable disgustful fulsome fusty high musty niffy obscene olid pongy shocking stenchy stinky strong unappetizing uninviting whiffy beastly festy frowsty frowsy frowzy loathly lousy miasmal miasmic yucko pigpen ripe scandalous ugly yecchy gut-churning off-putting stomach-churning stomach-turning evil-smelling foul-smelling sick-making on the nose vomit-inducing filthy cruddy sullied smudged bedraggled stained mucky besmirched muddy black begrimed dingy draggled sordid befouled bemired dusty unclean uncleanly smutty soiled blackened grungy disagreeable acrid polluted bad deplorable displeasing ratty uncongenial unlovely unwelcome rotten unpleasing harsh scabby unsportsmanlike cheap scummy wretched scurvy yukky illegal sneaking evil despicable sour bitter contemptible sorry unfair wicked paltry pitiful mean lame pitiable unholy hellish poison bum ungodly shabby grim grody rundown tatty hateful bogging execrable grisly heinous monstrous reprehensible intolerable unspeakable rebarbative insufferable sick hellacious horrifying macabre beyond the pale horrific base fearful dire unacceptable distressing from hell invidious outrageous very unpleasant nightmarish dislikeable lurid terrific nightmare undesirable creepy cringe-making sleazy terrifying vulgar emetic poisonous grewsome egregious damnable exceptionable spine-chilling godawful pestiferous unbearable ornery upsetting brutal savage vicious low fiendish nefarious bloody villainous murderous dark low-down shameful unforgivable harrowing infamous forbidding grievous poor unsightly flagitious abysmal hateable immoral worthless biting embarrassing cutting rubbish annoying pesky off-color bloodthirsty violent gut-wrenching sickly catty blood-and-guts sanguinary blood-and-thunder shameless chunderous hated reviled discouraging harmful tainted diseased insupportable eerie sanguine very disgusting offending opprobrious disconcerting repelling scabrous unpardonable inexcusable hurtful deleterious unhealthy pernicious injurious mischievous tremendous abusive impertinent insolent irritating discourteous frightening morbid woozy brackish rocky censurable blood-stained baneful unwholesome pestilential weird daunting fierce gory dislikable unlikable tasteless galling dismaying serious alarming accursed uncool shuddersome resentful blasted cursed cussed confounded spine-tingling pill heel deadly insalutary dangerous squicky cloying surfeiting sleazeball scuzzy disgraceful raunchy godforsaken gnarly depressing corrupt perverted excruciating sinful depraved degenerate cruel barbaric debased iniquitous uncanny ghostly dim faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural deathlike corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish sepulchral funereal weak anaemic dishonourable dissolute diabolic miserable reprobate humiliating debauched ruthless degrading abject ignoble coarse devilish contradictory inconsistent hostile opposed incompatible adverse barbarous inhuman snide unrighteous ignominious currish dishonorable unlawful wrong unethical low-minded inimical averse antipathetic antagonistic impure infernal brutish unfriendly extrinsic counter against extraneous unconformable different opposite revulsive unfitted alien foreign degraded abandoned merciless black-hearted flagrant in opposition mediocre substandard disastrous dismal inferior inhumane heartless butcherly brute truculent sadistic wanton unsatisfactory trashy crummy cut-rate garbage lamentable wanting low-grade third-rate under par low-quality pathetic less-than-stellar punk poor-quality second-class below par sub-par laughable deficient second-rate two-bit rubbishy sad cacodemonic facinorous desperate hairy


Obscene or offensive in nature
rude vulgar coarse dirty filthy crude lewd gross obscene foul offensive improper impure indecorous disgusting salacious base smutty crass tasteless raunchy inappropriate risqué debased immoral naughty indecent indelicate saucy cheap immodest racy impolite unsavoury unsavory vile profane taboo hard-core sordid suggestive lecherous explicit uncivil uncouth distasteful profligate repulsive ignoble low questionable uncultivated uncultured unrefined foul-mouthed libidinous licentious malicious nasty rakish scandalous inelegant odious randy scurrilous bawdy colorful colourful ribald rough shameless unclean adult blue grubby in bad taste lascivious mucky off-color off colour wanton fruity gamy low-down-and-dirty near the knuckle nudge-nudge spicy unchaste unvirtuous X-rated common illiberal incult insensible lowbred lowbrow raffish roughneck rugged unpolished pornographic raw ill-bred earthy porny rough-hewn gutter trashy unseemly unprintable locker-room boorish stag scatological scatologic titillating Rabelaisian sexy prurient churlish loutish erotic ill-mannered steamy porno discourteous broad near the bone wicked unmannerly porn unsophisticated uncivilized obnoxious salty graceless mean uncivilised brutish bad-mannered off natural native juicy gamey unprocessed off-colored untreated sleazy abusive repugnant ungentlemanly tactless lustful unladylike unacceptable contemptible provocative undressed oafish depraved blunt philistine blasphemous arousing objectionable disagreeable ignorant close to the bone unwholesome unpleasant unfinished loose beyond the pale reprehensible undesirable shocking carnal sensual loud rustic unbecoming tacky sick exceptionable Fescennine indiscreet outrageous primitive unprepared rank lubricious low-minded abhorrent off-colour shady deplorable displeasing unwelcome insufferable intolerable censurable vulgarian concupiscent gruff degenerate uneducated ungracious hot out of line despicable dishonourable dishonorable untoward revolting foulmouthed basic scabrous soft-core sexual unsuitable barbaric cloddish bad sickening libertine skin rascally ungraceful mature malodorous Cyprian perverse unfit tawdry organic loathly unmilled insupportable unsatisfactory in poor taste disgustful upsetting unwanted goatish brusque curt barbarian out of order inconsiderate uninhibited disreputable harsh yobbish gaudy unscrupulous insensitive undignified unprincipled corrupt detestable repellent hard villainous provincial low-down plebby parochial awkward unworthy lowdown and dirty barbarous unfitting nauseating unrestrained incorrect inapposite inapt wrong gruesome outlandish debauched inept incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos dissolute sexually explicit unpurified lusty ithyphallic mannerless unworked shameful out of place unmannered ungodly unconventional lurid poor out of keeping purple untouched unbearable affronting insulting whole page-three degrading out of the way in the raw in the rough simple thoughtless lumpish obtuse gauche embarrassing ungallant clumsy lubricous satyric passionate itchy horny hypersexual unlettered unheard-of dysphemistic risque grody illicit ordinary unbefitting homespun exploitative corrupting barro daring undecorous ridiculous sketchy untactful unblushing callow Philistine plebeian agrestic inurbane undiplomatic bizarre full-frontal vicious sooty scurvy slippery sneaking fractious profanatory sizzling tempting seductive ill-advised discreditable exciting lively stimulating entertaining rogue devilish execrable wretched snide ignominious currish paltry vernacular illiterate low-born corporeal voluptuous fleshly libellous libelous backward savage immature common as muck shoddy toey disorderly fast incontinent XXX amoral sly rowdy ruffian dirty-minded baseborn general tough farmyard angular troglodytic base-minded abject groveling grown up unrighteous unequitable unrightful unjust wrongful disrespectful barnyard excessive clodhopping slobbish dour severe brutal bluff brash low-down and dirty rough and ready seamy seedy forbidding fierce stern bearish stiff austere roughcast grim fresh sexually suggestive unfiltered unsettling vilifying colloquial vituperative derisive unutterable loud-mouthed grovelling in the gutter cruel untutored intimidating louring grievous steely stark inhuman derogatory dishonest low-bred flashy garish unstained unfashioned flinty onerous ungentle heavy artless unceremonious bitter hardhanded oppressive unwrought undeveloped unmodified intact impudent hurtful impertinent insolent trailer-park dubious suspicious notorious suspect murderous lowering unconditioned in its natural state ostentatious flash showy wounding provoking slighting crooked meretricious naff tatty hardened kitsch vexing noisome dodgy funny iffy stupid ornate useless hideous pretentious foolish unsightly unclassy trivial artificial unlovely makeshift wild dissipated incorrigible cheap and nasty roguish abandoned scoundrelly warped unregenerate degraded decadent rakehell perverted demoralized jackleg rakehelly knavish sinful demoralised reprobate appalling loathsome unpalatable plain rebarbative hateful dislikable frightful horrible noxious dreadful horrid irritating inadmissible opprobrious nauseous awful invidious ghastly annoying terrible inexpedient ill-favoured bogging poison beastly sick-making ill-favored off-putting

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