Đồng nghĩa của terrifying

Alternative for terrifying

terrifies, terrified, terrifying

Đồng nghĩa: appall, awe, frighten, horrify, paralyze, petrify, shock, stupefy,


Causing fear or terror
frightening scary petrifying chilling horrifying alarming appalling daunting formidable fearsome unnerving dire direful dread dreadful fearful forbidding frightful ghastly horrendous horrible intimidating redoubtable shocking terrible menacing startling worrying distressing disturbing horrid awful baleful dangerous grim hideous hair-raising spine-chilling gruesome monstrous macabre horrific grisly eerie spooky harrowing nightmarish creepy atrocious lurid sinister unspeakable bloodcurdling terrific scaring grewsome disgusting disquieting sickening unearthly threatening nightmare revolting ominous loathsome abominable weird repulsive upsetting ghostly dismaying abhorrent hellacious spine-tingling nerve-racking blood-curdling morbid awesome offensive vile from hell odious repugnant grotesque hairy godawful eldritch unsettling grievous traumatic repellent nauseating hateful heinous uncanny ghoulish spookish perturbing bad mean-looking awe-inspiring dark overwhelming foreboding unpleasant foul depressing gloomy bleak gross calamitous exhilarating dismal beastly detestable exciting disconcerting abysmal strange thrilling supernatural nasty tremendous disagreeable terrorizing haunting outrageous execrable shuddersome bodeful wretched sick grody ugly obscene adrenaline-charged roller-coaster cruel deplorable imposing mysterious eery unreal terrorising unnatural disheartening brooding freaky breathtaking distasteful severe white-knuckle evil serious shadowy gut-wrenching hair-curling suspenseful insufferable grave gory disgustful loathly nauseous sepulchral funereal lamentable bullying egregious lousy despicable mean obnoxious extreme sick-making excruciating agonizing spectral painful impressive minatory warning other-worldly minacious powerful tragic dreaded abnormal freakish displeasing ghostlike objectionable wraithlike desperate off-putting irksome devastating stressful unpalatable parlous uneasy disastrous solemn causing fear vexing striking hostile inauspicious shameful rum heartbreaking cold astounding black miserable unwelcoming agitating rotten deathlike corpselike inhospitable portentous glowering rough agonising noxious contemptible preternatural fierce unfortunate shady ferocious bloody sanguine gut-churning wicked savage feared bone-chilling perplexing rip-roaring exhilarant rousing electrifying admonitory Kafkaesque much-feared troubling discouraging comminatory cautionary minatorial stirring stimulating aggressive pressuring unapproachable browbeating demoralizing bothersome discomforting hellish nightmarey phantasmagorical terribly bad very bad afraid massive overpowering unsightly troublesome discommoding taboo unkind callous lou yucky sublime pulse-pounding discomposing extraordinary cliff-hanging unfriendly deeply distressing poignant shivery shuddery strong mighty scandalous uninviting onerous icky unpropitious baneful unlucky frozen fateful gnarly apocalyptic disgraceful odd queer curious causing excitement catastrophic ruinous unpromising evil-looking injurious damaging scarring heart-pounding indescribable harsh demoralising bizarre woeful crying pressing cataclysmic critical crucial blood-stained like death warmed up invincible resolute commanding doughty indomitable urgent all-powerful hurtful tough unfavorable unfavourable inconceivable unbelievable superstitious peculiar paranormal fantastic crawly much-dreaded stupefying drastic unacceptable undesirable perilous life-threatening tense valiant unimaginable heartstopping vicious adverse disadvantageous austere unthinkable unmentionable wounding harmful crippling hopeless irretrievable stunning rancid astonishing repellant bewildering noisome fulsome amazing staggering ineffable unutterable inconvenient unwelcome punk excessive suggestive of evil surprising reprehensible intolerable chronic exigent unwholesome brave imminent courageous dour hard uncomfortable rugged tormenting inexpressible glaring mind-blowing unsavoury oppressing scowling regrettable afflictive too horrible for words indescribably bad beyond description undefinable indescribably wicked inhuman indescribably evil beyond words phantom trying nail-biting difficult worrisome fraught anxious sombre somber rebarbative exceptionable jarring negative stark dreary melancholic morose glum melancholy dispirited depressive desolate cheerless dim faint mortuary haggard unbearable beyond the pale anemic unsavory weak anaemic fiendish bloodthirsty demonic diabolical brutal twisted devilish intimidatory doomy looming thunderous ill-boding ill sensational phantasmal phantasmic sullen tenebrous sad untoward racking torturing torturous graphic exaggerated unpardonable abject unforgivable louring pitiless murky drab mirthless lugubrious drear gray mournful dingy grey melodramatic explicit mystic magical restless distressful nervous raging wrenching heavy inexcusable overhanging approaching lowering unhealthy insubstantial illusory annoying maddening panicky exasperating aggravating harassing irritating anxious-making taxing God-awful death-obsessed trashy sensationalist extravagant overdramatized colourful rubbishy unrestrained otherworldly haunted eidolic apparitional holy divine cadaverous spiritual wraithy wan ethereal pale indistinct vampiric tasteless ribald kitschy cheap salacious pulp prurient heart-rending violent suggestive dirty filthy shock-horror tacky vivid juicy tearing soaring yellow full-frontal fiery raunchy salty deep colorful off-color purple racy distinct garish low-down destructive fatal deadly detrimental cataclysmal lethal heartrending deleterious unhappy pitiful poor bitter pernicious damning hazardous ill-fated sorry crushing pathetic tragical vexatious precarious annihilative sorrowful devastative annihilatory mortal inopportune inimical doleful toxic maleficent acute ill-starred galling prejudicial shattering sober stinking disappointing malignant hapless suicidal cancerous nocuous forlorn joyless malicious eradicative comfortless exacting malefic dicey intense pitiable spartan subversive murderous awkward prejudicious concerning oppressive corrupting counterproductive untimely poisonous piteous corroding venomous extirpative incendiary undermining mortifying grotty unpleasing risky virulent dodgy mischievous ravaging nocent corrosive costly saddening catastrophal straitened rigorous humourless humorless luckless moving arduous sedate wrackful vulgar punishing sore godforsaken unsafe infelicitous afflicting uncongenial sobering problematic tricky weighty environmentally unfriendly sticky tight profound great thorny prickly delicate ignominious ill-advised inexpedient dispiriting challenging knotty rueful intensive unsuccessful blameworthy problematical ticklish chancy iffy burdensome hardhanded anguished sordid doomed malign consequential unrelenting searing stiff unendurable dubious questionable suspect peracute rubbish too bad desolating troublous yukky sour pestilential lethiferous pestiferous internecine wreckful slaughterous messy unlovely affecting malevolent heart-wrenching scurvy tear-jerking jinxed festy yucko afflicted out of luck strenuous troubled heart-breaking ill-omened unamusing death-dealing unadvantageous unstable enormous untold unpopular undesired undescribable blood-and-guts sanguinary blood-and-thunder irredeemable squalid loss-making apocalyptical fire-and-brimstone climactic climacteric blighting earth-shattering explosive exquisite indefensible blistering keen almighty heavy-duty vehement furious wrong crummy sacrificial regretful inferior plaintive unsatisfactory nefarious iniquitous flagrant inordinate tortuous scabrous stern inexorable stringent annihilating impoverished indigent scungy unappealing uncool erosive cutthroat consumptive unsuited hellfire unforgiving sinful insalubrious flagitious testing significant considerable fell corruptive despondent dejected earnest touching shameless insidious imperilling imperiling villainous mephitical irritable revulsive frustrating distressed major predictive prophetic revealing oracular a pity gnawing nagging biting extremely bad nerve-wracking insupportable inapt unsuitable inappropriate unseasonable far-reaching star-crossed discommodious deathly unsought unwanted grinding big toilsome very great controversial sensitive ill-suited sinistrous forsaken cursed destitute unprosperous hard-pressed tortured doubtful treacherous jeopardous rocky full of hardship strained vomitous putrid unlikable sleazy grungy surfeiting bogging sleazeball unappetizing squicky cloying skanky scuzzy disconsolate snakebitten snakebit blighted yecchy in a bad way blue cringe-making vomit-inducing stomach-churning stomach-turning very unpleasant dejecting dolorous dolesome accident-prone ruthless abortive relentless merciless depressed tough luck down on luck behind eight ball bad break hard luck remorseless intemperate inclement provoking pensive lachrymose derisible plangent hard-hearted withering meagre hurting meager god-awful immoderate impoverishing depleting wasteful draining exhausting


Repulsive or not aesthetically pleasant
ugly hideous unattractive unsightly ghastly gruesome grisly unpleasant nasty shocking disgusting revolting grotesque monstrous deformed disfigured unpretty plain-featured unhandsome plain-looking unbeautiful abominable bestial detestable gross horrendous horrid loathsome macabre morbid offensive repulsive sickening terrible unappealing unlovely weird misshapen unpleasing unprepossessing plain repugnant repellent vile grim foul awful frightful horrible disagreeable displeasing uncomely beastly repelling uninviting unseemly reptilian ill-favored bad-looking huckery ill-favoured as ugly as sin hard-favoured hard-featured short on looks dreadful horrific obscene horrifying abnormal unnatural freakish nightmarish malformed hellish fearsome distorted mutant teratoid frightening homely shapeless miscreated fiendish appalling odious abhorrent fearful outrageous unspeakable execrable rancid noxious evil contemptible distasteful nauseating noisome obnoxious nauseous heinous repellant scandalous fulsome godawful indescribable egregious God-awful terribly bad very bad sick hateful animal beast fugly twisted misproportioned bizarre warped crooked contorted mangled not much to look at irregular bent wry terrific grewsome nightmare lurid atrocious not beautiful out of shape freaky gnarled dull unshapely objectionable buckled ordinary awry drack asymmetrical unalluring blemished bandy ill-proportioned hunchbacked thrawn ill-shaped no oil painting not much for looks hard on the eyes ugly-looking awful-looking frightful-looking drab lacklustre lackluster prodigious wrenched skewed unappetizing ordinary-looking insipid dreary not pretty banal recurved subfuscous unlikable trite unbeauteous mousy unaesthetic odd not appealing as plain as a pikestaff fanciful outlandish strange fantastic plain as a pikestaff whimsical like the back end of a bus mutilated peculiar rum incongruous surrealistic uncanny queer laughable extravagant surreal perverted flamboyant aberrant absurd grody extreme antic eerie crippled ungainly ill-made askew bowed damaged curved disjointed disproportionate marred


Dangerous, full of peril
perilous dangerous hazardous risky unsafe parlous exposed hairy precarious threatening vulnerable chancy critical desperate dicey difficult grave grievous insecure jeopardising jeopardizing menacing problematic serious touch-and-go treacherous uncertain unhealthy unsure venturesome death-defying delicate dynamite extreme gnarly loaded rugged shaky ticklish touchy unsound unstable unsteady wicked at risk fraught with danger in danger in jeopardy Russian roulette on thin ice playing with fire touch and go rocky dodgy tricky iffy high-risk unpredictable sticky dire thorny unreliable alarming awful speculative jeopardous terrible problematical dubious life-threatening acute worrying awkward defenceless deadly fatal defenseless ugly bad rickety tough nasty sensitive slippery dreadful severe erratic destructive distressing taxing unchancy unprotected adventurous hanging by a thread hot prickly dangersome reckless unsettled knotty profound very bad shonky tight wobbly life-and-death doubtful peracute explosive lethal bleak exigent arduous unpleasant upsetting grim suspect urgent punishing pressing bitter unguarded drastic breakneck weak appalling malignant viperous venturous egregious frail troublesome harmful frightful undependable capricious volatile trying flimsy unsecured heavy in the balance onerous vexatious challenging forbidding irksome bothersome wide-open fluctuant endangered tottering rough dark disagreeable worrisome concerning fragile open to attack consequential unfriendly disturbing questionable spartan hostile long shot out on a limb sobering painful brutal madcap depressed tricksy spiny catchy daredevil ominous daring haphazard not safe scary tottery incalculable unclear suicidal cliffhanging suspenseful woeful catastrophic ruinous hanging in the balance on slippery ground on a slippery slope built on sand unknown threatened injurious toxic sore tragic loose untrustworthy fearsome calamitous unshielded ill-protected imperative crucial intolerable lamentable hopeless deplorable burning charged tense undefended unlocked assailable compelling harsh intense horrible unsettling ghastly sickening tenuous on a limb turbulent eruptive vital overwrought clamant disastrous significant considerable pregnable unfastened unbolted controversial poor sorry outrageous lousy crying impregnable formidable serpentine mortal portentous queasy impending emergent inflammable inflammatory unsubstantial importunate imperious weighty exacting hard big fierce excessive major intensive strenuous grinding toilsome on collision course strained anxious jerry-built loosened teetery slack slackened lax relaxed spindly decrepit necessitous full of upheavals potentially violent in turmoil irredeemable irretrievable chronic nebulous important instant volcanic combustible stressful wonky insubstantial sketchy feeble essential wavering immature rootless vacillating unconvincing sudden decisive knife-edge afflictive all-important highly charged easily threatened easily destroyed easily broken nerve-racking


Defiantly aggressive or bad-tempered
truculent belligerent aggressive combative bellicose contentious defiant pugnacious hostile antagonistic bad-tempered argumentative confrontational cross quarrelsome scrappy ill-tempered obstreperous sullen feisty fierce rude surly uncooperative violent agonistic assaultive brawly chippy discordant discourteous disputatious gladiatorial ill-natured militant stroppy unpleasant warlike aggers arsey bolshie itching browbeating bullying caustic cowing cussed deadly destructive ferocious fractious frightening harsh hateful insolent intimidating mean mordacious mordant ornery scathing sharp terrorising terrorizing trenchant vituperous ready for a fight spoiling for a fight cantankerous contrary threatening on the warpath unfriendly rebellious hot-tempered irascible inimical difficult adversarial fiery captious irritable oppugnant refractory warring nasty recalcitrant fighting choleric malevolent inhospitable contumacious litigious petulant touchy unruly angry quick-tempered antipathetic battling adverse unkind disobedient rancorous unsympathetic offensive negative malicious disputative spiteful militaristic vitriolic disruptive provocative perverse dissenting challenging froward balky polemical factious disorderly cavilling hawkish loudmouthed bitter controversial polemic restive turbulent rowdy insubordinate grumpy warmongering undisciplined wrangling sabre-rattling wayward unmanageable uncontrollable bickering wrathful biffo martial disapproving virulent narky willful uncongenial rough caviling catty jaundiced unsociable unreceptive awkward have chip on shoulder have a bone to pick testy grouchy pettish mutinous snappy jingoistic wild vicious riotous crabby huffy snarly troublesome prickly active wilful unwelcoming resistant ungovernable spirited courageous spunky gutsy noisy unrestrained bloodthirsty intractable untoward rebel recusant incompliant dissentious bold venomous alien adversary excitable raucous querulous tempestuous enthusiastic hot-blooded pushy unpropitious maleficent biting malefic malignant ructious hot flip ardent out of hand salty brawling contending war thin-skinned military out of control dour viperous sour cold errant misbehaving peevish badly behaved at loggerheads on the outs have it in for ill-disposed ready to fight having a chip on one's shoulder up in arms sulky bloody-minded pigheaded thrawn ratty shirty unhelpful acrimonious plucky determined contrarious obstructive soldierly gung-ho naysaying disagreeable battleful sanguinary attacking dissentient poisonous spiky opinionated splenetic abusive miffy exasperated cruel hurtful resentful vindictive nonconforming wrestling tilting skirmishing opposing self-assertive itching to fight assertive snappish cranky fretful mighty peppery soreheaded vigorous ill troublemaking under arms irregular hotheaded opposed oppositional short-tempered radical unsettling disturbing upsetting arguesome ultra-active two-fisted forceful extremist extreme combating impassioned passionate churlish attention-seeking dissident conflicting fanatical zealous embattled distracting declinatory refusing divergent impatient objecting declining warrish revolutionary assertory unwilling adversative accusatorial allergic opposite reluctant at odds oppugning divisive in arms out-of-line disrupting out-of-order off-base looking for trouble noncompliant dysfunctional loud delinquent boisterous uncontrolled tough obstinate foul sensitive naughty ill-disciplined mischievous causing trouble non-compliant vociferous uproarious socially impaired bad trying self-willed impudent tiresome erratic disturbed badly-behaved whiny pesky roguish undisciplinable ill-behaved problematic demanding troublous incorrigible maladjusted exasperating unrestrainable stubborn irksome uncompliant rascally uncontainable devilish wearisome indocile clamorous rampaging daring resisting audacious lawless rambunctious mettlesome lively alive energetic bubbly peppy gritty frisky gutty zestful game hearty intransigent irrepressible roisterous unbridled rackety tumultuous rip-roaring rumbustious full-blooded go-getting high-strung full of pep rampageous roistering subversive piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous raising Cain disregardful cheeky insubmissive reckless dareful sassy resistive raising the roof malign evil pernicious baleful wicked critical injurious cutting unfavourable evil-intentioned unfavorable harmful acid damaging prejudicial wounding waspish savage despiteful detrimental acerbic corrosive deleterious menacing vengeful counter sarcastic dangerous disadvantageous mortal disparaging dirty barbed tart stinging sardonic sinister noxious astringent bilious low devastating acrid pungent dark acidulous brutal snide evil-minded inconsiderate baneful hate-filled grim severe derisive calamitous cynical uncharitable snarky satirical inauspicious scalding defamatory discouraging scornful tetchy acidic satiric incisive poor forbidding acerb withering rival searing ill-humored ill-humoured uncomplimentary ruinous murderous smart-alecky contemptuous bad-natured mocking vile jeering scorching disavowing furious indignant taunting smart-mouthed moody implacable vexatious ominous snarling nocuous hard dire blistering barbarous unlucky stern inopportune mean-spirited untimely awful smart-aleck revengeful unflattering invasive obnoxious ironical combatant black lousy sneering competing derogatory at war wretched envenomed crabbed objectionable shrewish grudging vituperative undermining unfeeling crotchety dyspeptic grievous unfortunate disrespectful frowning contumelious ruthless joyless distressing keen liverish backhanded horrid scoffing brusque needling scurrilous saucy carping beastly bothersome hazardous repugnant twitting chaffing arrogant austere dodgy disillusioned morose perilous quarrelling clashing weisenheiming regrettable cheerless belittling inimic annoyed hellish censorious disobliging backbiting poison murder unpromising expansionist disaffected irate displeased unadvantageous rotten insensitive tricky infelicitous despicable merciless cataclysmic embittered slanderous pitiless disagreeing offended contemptible damning unforgiving aggrieved enemy inexpedient callous disastrous louring shabby uncaring quarreling intimidatory woeful inconvenient deplorable filthy tight glowering catastrophic brooding sticky minatory heartless ireful terrible pejorative inhuman minacious base relentless thoughtless glum hard-hearted thorny delicate bleak curmudgeonly unappeasable eggy annoying unsafe insidious gross enraged foreboding boot-faced full of hate hairy worrying onerous arduous knotty taxing ungenerous peckish stark coldhearted crippling waxy execrable ignominious dishonorable detestable currish accidentally on purpose inhumane cold-blooded sadistic dishonourable low-down problematical ticklish punishing precarious chancy worrisome concerning iffy not nice low-minded dubious questionable spartan suspect unsparing prejudicious counterproductive spleenful squint-eyed stabbing razor-edged smouldering bearish of evil intent coruscating burning scowling artful grumbling bodeful scathy strident viperish toxicant ignoble paltry sordid divided split invading compassionless corrupting atrabilious peeved aspersive corruptive sulphurous sulfurous cold-hearted ill-timed corrupt colonialistic imperialistic insulted begruding sore treacherous complaining scratchy dripping venom wrought up prepared for war in the midst of battle at swords' points uncool envious petty unkindly unamiable uncivil ill-intentioned vexed irked piqued irritated carnivorous discontented crusty full of spleen full of gall gloomy temperamental aggravated short-fused on a short fuse incursive hardhearted unchristian galled provoked smoldering avenging sorehead whingy whingeing extremely critical invalidating trigger-happy outraged not conducive inimicable pointed snaky disharmonious insurrectionary seditious sectarian schismatic lamentable dyslogistic depreciative unprofitable depreciatory slighting downside detracting debit-side sparring striking unhappy sharp-tongued on edge unaccommodating uptight discrediting irreconcilable anti assaulting assailing fire-eating headstrong at daggers drawn paramilitary soldierlike battle-hardened lethal incendiary imperilling unhealthy unwholesome imperiling afflictive toxic undesirable feral punitive grudge-bearing unwelcome tragic fuming malcontent estranged insurgent alienated partisan unrelenting unreasonable abrasive serious steely somber unsocial distasteful unacceptable asocial obdurate mulish capricious against on the debit side untamed brutish ill-boding barbaric retaliatory fatal cataclysmal angerful ranting bristly raving psyched up frenzied tense in a temper gruff convulsed arch odious renitent full of dislike loathsome intrusive rapacious humourless humorless desperate nefarious villainous serpentine monstrous depraved uncivilised fiendish abhorrent uncivilized abandoned thirsting for revenge out for revenge tragical heartbreaking distressful heartrending miserable contrariant nonconformist paradoxical pervicacious uncompromising inflexible hardline remorseless inexorable at variance macho sociopathic on the attack wrongheaded converse sombre solemn unfair reproachful condemnatory deprecatory catastrophal dreadful bull-headed pig-headed cross-grained unmerciful unpitying blunt hostile to averse to inimical to opposed to unyielding unsmiling flinty cast-iron ungentle no-nonsense mortified stony criticizing reproving fateful shattering frightful horrible antisocial sworn honest candid unenthusiastic about disapprobatory denunciatory denouncing dissatisfied condemning at each other's throats straightforward realistic beyond the pale disinclined to accept reluctant to accept unwilling to accept dead set against ill-fated outspoken judgmental slating knocking scummy unsatisfactory tardy late malapropos wrong improper unseemly unfit discommodious inadvisable unseasonable unsuited faultfinding unappealing insulting criticising full of reproof ill-advised warts and all straight from the shoulder


Present participle for to frighten greatly
alarming frightening scaring horrifying panicking petrifying scarifying spooking terrorising terrorizing affrighting alaruming appalling frighting intimidating scaring witless shocking startling awing aweing chilling chillin dismaying filling with fear freezing frightening to death paralysing paralyzing scaring to death striking terror into stunning stupefying paralysing with fear scaring stiff filling with terror frightening someone out of their wits frightening the life out of giving someone goose pimples scaring someone out of their wits scaring the hell out of scaring the life out of frightening the living daylights out of giving one the creeps making one's flesh creep putting the fear of God into scaring the bejesus out of scaring the living daylights out of scaring the pants off sending into a cold sweat striking fear into throwing into a panic making someone shake in their shoes making your flesh creep throwing into a blue funk frightening out of your wits making your blood run cold making your hair stand on end scaring the pants off of daunting unnerving cowing browbeating agitating disturbing disconcerting bullying upsetting putting the wind up disquieting perturbing deterring shaking discouraging subduing ruffling unsettling overawing astounding rattling flustering disheartening fazing hectoring bulldozing abashing amazing repelling confounding discomforting worrying tormenting surprising giving someone the heebie-jeebies consternating bothering giving someone a turn threatening shaking up distressing menacing persecuting buffaloing astonishing putting off unhinging demoralizing disgusting sickening demoralising confusing scaring away scaring off perplexing making jump chilling to the bone curdling the blood making someone jump out of their skin depressing discomposing throwing troubling making nervous taking aback putting the wind up someone freaking out oppressing pressuring tyrannizing pressurizing harassing harrying coercing unmanning stiffing impressing dragooning outraging revolting strong-arming bludgeoning tyrannising jolting discomfiting mau-mauing plaguing overwhelming scandalizing making someone's hair stand on end pressurising making teeth chatter giving someone a fright freezing your blood bewildering dumbfounding haunting making blood run cold getting the wind up nonplussing badgering scaring silly enthralling throwing into a fright nauseating psyching out flabbergasting scandalising flummoxing mystifying leaning on making one's blood run cold vexing pushing around throwing into a tizzy giving a turn throwing off balance picking on pothering getting to staring down putting off balance outstaring outfacing standing up to flooring throwing into panic transfixing making fearful making afraid insulting working up chilling to the marrow frightening off chilling someone to the marrow immobilizing chilling off putting someone off their stroke scaring someone half to death freaking numbing dazing immobilising benumbing making one's teeth chatter stampeding making someone jump out of his skin scaring the living daylights out of someone showboating grandstanding hotdogging striking dazzling knocking for a loop grossing out victimizing staggering springing putting chill on repulsing domineering hounding throwing into a tizz giving someone a jolt giving a shock springing something on taking someone aback striking terror in victimising railroading saddening throwing into disarray forcing obliging dispiriting concerning blinding someone with something taking someone's breath away bullyragging compelling riding inspiring panic in harrowing filling with panic blowing away knocking socks off constraining blustering blackjacking steamrollering enforcing bogarting discountenancing dashing disappointing giving someone the creeps putting the frighteners on offending distempering hagriding flurrying exercising frustrating undoing frazzling distracting ailing chagrining derailing disillusioning fussing making anxious making uneasy making it hot for someone making things hot for someone distressing greatly disenchanting disgruntling baffling destabilizing unbalancing pushing about weirding out embarrassing snafuing letting down puzzling making someone want to throw up making shudder twisting someone's arm knocking sideways destabilising blinding filling with consternation knocking for six messing up screwing up lousing up fouling up mucking up using strong-arm tactics on scaring the daylights out of making one's hair stand on end pestering annoying pulling the rug from under pulling the rug out from under besetting bugging irritating venturing risking compromising jeoparding imperilling imperiling endangering periling hazarding adventuring jeopardizing teasing afflicting rousting portending gambling with lowering jeopardising looming impending discommoding intruding baiting mistreating heckling breaking in bedeviling obtruding encroaching bedevilling pursuing accosting interrupting irking molesting uttering threats to issuing threats to whipping around scaring hell out of putting heat on dejecting discombobulating mortifying casting down displeasing fretting dampening crushing provoking weighing down aggrieving grieving bumming out burdening angering paining enervating trying hassling desolating galling needling hurting sapping exasperating muddling weakening bowling over damping throwing cold water on humiliating aggravating peeving dissatisfying pouring cold water on miffing affronting knocking the stuffing out of narking stressing stirring up bringing down getting down gnawing at hacking off undermining putting down putting a damper on humbling piquing wounding deranging nettling disordering debilitating graveling gravelling disobliging disarranging torturing disparaging chafing jarring ticking off devitalizing making despondent beating down burning up giving someone the blues making sad exciting stopping someone in their tracks cutting to the quick making someone scratch their head setting someone back on their heels enfeebling indisposing riling bemusing making downhearted disorienting putting out abasing overcoming fuddling addling moving devastating traumatizing racking befuddling rocking getting at catching off balance straining winding up antagonizing agonizing dumfounding leaving aghast leaving open-mouthed throwing off balking bringing low taking by surprise antagonising thunderstriking traumatising making waves stinging striking dumb agonising electrifying lying heavy on making miserable making unhappy giving a hard time breaking one's heart making gloomy deadening giving offence to turning one off throwing a curve causing to be at a stand infuriating shaming maddening bustling breaking baulking making dejected disinclining overpowering disempowering turning rousing shattering wearying disorganizing jumbling cursing embittering stumping putting into a flap beating arousing befogging downing disgracing crazing zinging despairing dulling chastening affecting getting injuring weighing heavily on making fretful tantalising tantalizing dissing egging on deflating beleaguering making a scene causing someone to lose their composure making someone fed up mixing up turning on nagging causing anguish to snubbing knocking out giving someone grief reducing to tears deprecating putting out of countenance making wretched causing anxiety to hurting somebody's feelings causing suffering to bringing one down dampening spirits dragging down making blue putting into a funk belittling casting a gloom upon pushing buttons bringing tears to your eyes taking the wind out of your sails putting someone off their stride making your heart bleed emasculating underwhelming clouding thwarting making uncomfortable preoccupying desiccating dehydrating castrating lobotomizing gelding inciting inflaming occupying souring hurrying incommoding casting a shadow frenzying being fluttering subjugating suppressing stifling causing disquiet to hustling tangling quickening taxing unquieting stimulating interfering tiring complicating deploring pressing suffering hindering diminishing squelching smothering prostrating repressing weighing drooping unstringing disarming besieging making restless breaking the heart of boggling putting someone off slighting fermenting disarraying dementing rummaging disrupting displacing driving crazy making discontented driving mad extinguishing curbing defeating quelling hitting like ton of bricks raising someone's eyebrows completely surprising shaking out of your complacency messing with one's head testing importuning causing anxiety examining ventilating causing to lose heart blurring dizzying casting a gloom on surprizing feeling unwell feeling pain snarling crippling unglueing unzipping ungluing uncalming disengaging detaching disconnecting uncoupling separating unhitching unfastening taking one's breath away rendering speechless causing wonder striking with awe tearing goading dunning upsetting apple cart making crestfallen making dispirited damping down bearing down on getting in the way knocking props out throwing into confusion disrespecting spiting giving someone the hump touching incensing working someone up bugging up making flip anguishing dashing hopes setting back taking apart blowing up sending up blowing out slurring throwing into uproar throwing into disorder dumping on deeply upsetting inflicting trauma doing in hurting one's feelings hitting like a ton of bricks sweating out dashing the hopes of casting a pall over taking steam out dogging pushing strapping martyring pricking nit-picking draining driving insane shattering the illusions of dampening the spirits of inconveniencing hurting someone's feelings getting someone's goat putting someone's back up rubbing up the wrong way rankling with giving offence putting someone's nose out of joint causing offense treading on someone's toes sending over the edge carping dragging darkening caviling cavilling throwing a pall over niggling fearing running down eating at cutting up stewing sweating disaffecting discontenting quibbling blowing one's mind boggling someone's mind putting one away nitpicking weighing on arousing anxiety in walking heavy incapacitating flipping cramping knocking the wind out of doing a number on making it tough for flapping fidgetting fidgeting enraging capping curdling roiling mispleasing cooling winging sounding flipping out firing up harshing one's mellow harshing someone's mellow hanging over making desolate bearing down breaking someone's heart keeping under posing foxing squashing keying up laying up getting across getting someone teeing off taking pains mazing rocking the boat labouring over bamboozling muddying fogging wildering setting someone thinking getting worked up getting in a stew playing dirty turning off flattening turning on the heat making a big thing of making a big thing out of obfuscating making a mountain out of a molehill making a meal of making a thing of getting on someone's wick hacking you off debunking destroying quashing boggling the mind putting your back up knocking the stuffing out of someone shooting down letting wind out of sails knocking down cutting down to size puncturing balloon taking the wind out of somebody's sails taking the wind out of someone's sails taking down a peg or two letting down easy taking down calumniating smearing libeling causing a few raised eyebrows amongst slandering denigrating bad-mouthing backbiting defaming libelling causing raised eyebrows raising eyebrows amongst reviling maligning blackguarding vilifying traducing dishonoring lampooning belying dishonouring detracting blackballing aspersing decrying condemning

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