Đồng nghĩa của dissatisfied

Alternative for dissatisfied

Đồng nghĩa: disgruntled,

dissatisfies, dissatisfied, dissatisfying

Trái nghĩa: satisfy,

Tính từ

Feeling or displaying disappointment or a lack of contentment
discontented disgruntled displeased disappointed frustrated unhappy unfulfilled unsatisfied disquieted fed up malcontent aggrieved angered angry exasperated irritated ungratified annoyed disaffected disapproving discontent regretful resentful restive restless vexed begrudging bothered complaining crabby critical ennuied envious faultfinding fed-up fretful fretting griping grudging grumbling grumpy insatiable irked jaundiced jealous kvetching malcontented not satisfied offended picky plaintive put-out querulous snivelling sniveling sulky sullen unappeased unassuaged unsated browned off cheesed off brassed off out of joint not best pleased peeved piqued upset put out miffed narked indignant sore aggravated riled hacked off teed off cross irate nettled hurt disturbed peed off ticked off furious in a huff in high dudgeon enraged distressed disillusioned mad incensed embittered huffy tooshie steamed affronted eggy discouraged acrimonious troubled disheartened provoked fuming chagrined depressed perturbed wrathful infuriated inflamed in a temper saddened afflicted disenchanted galled sick testy rancorous cynical bitter ruffled let down miserable choked pained snuffy hoha choleric wounded wroth blasé ireful hot under the collar rebellious acrid ill-disposed sick and tired indifferent disgusted bellyaching bored petulant weary peevish churlish vex unpleased livid tired sour scunnered agitated crestfallen jaded spiteful worried harassed blue harried flustered maddened rankled rabid hot outraged roiled infuriate hopping steaming riley ticked ballistic shirty enflamed foaming apoplectic horn-mad wearied miffy glum tormented up in arms fretted down steamed up hard hot-tempered ill-humoured hateful crabbed grieving ill-humored hard done by thwarted factious stung dissentious troublemaking impatient grieved fault-finding carping nitpicking weighty annoying distressing defeated belly-aching anguished wronged sick to death gloomy surfeited satiated dismal sated injured harmed fed up to the teeth hung up carrying a chip on your shoulder up the wall ill-used woeful disapproving of morose heated splenetic with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the back teeth oppressed victimised persecuted victimized up to here vehement caustic sardonic irreconcilable soured unforgiving seeing red undeceived revengeful with a chip on one's shoulder with chip on shoulder grudge-bearing scornful boiling p.o.'d bugged surly confused going crook hopping mad huffish insulted perplexed grousing cranky irritable out of temper grouchy crabbing kicking uncontent vitriolic in a pet burned up in a fume disabused in a bad mood wrath off the air bent out of shape fit to be tied blue in the face sophisticated worldly mondaine sophisticate disenthralled knowing worldly-wise disentranced bad tempered foaming at the mouth out of countenance alienated set straight estranged disloyal antagonistic hostile seditious mutinous out of love sick of bored by unfriendly dissident insurgent insurrectionary uncompliant insubordinate renegade unsubmissive surfeited by weary of distressed by glutted by surfeited with jaded with jaded by satiated by glutted with apathetic downcast despondent downhearted have had enough disconcerted disconsolate have had a basinful of have had it up to here with have had something up to here dismayed dispirited discomfited melancholy forlorn dejected sad beaten hopeless aghast gutted cheerless worsted vanquished cast down baulked chapfallen objecting dolorous balked cut up low-spirited taken down shot down down in the dumps as sick as a parrot ratty crook snaky bad-tempered ill-tempered wound up ropeable seething in a lather worked up in a frenzy soreheaded tetchy snappy irascible touchy on the warpath beside oneself stroppy out of humour aerated waspish as cross as two sticks unimpressed fractious moody narky dark wild prickly short-tempered chippy chafed antagonized waxy raging incandescent raving frenzied out of sorts spare ranting needled antagonised gnashing one's teeth rattled crotchety snappish cantankerous crusty perverse glowering short mardy pettish slighted moping quick-tempered very angry in a paddy dirty unglued filthy in a bate storming with all guns blazing hot and bothered at daggers drawn blown a gasket beside yourself with rage goaded hassled reproachful wry snitty snubbed crazy concerned tense nervous anxious salty unamused crackers dishonored humiliated insane umbrageous dishonoured edgy curmudgeonly hacked rousted roused curt thin-skinned ticklish peckish whingy dogged uptight scandalized buffaloed frantic passionate shocked scandalised stewed sensitive like a bear with a sore head in a rage all steamed up overcome with anger bummed out at end of one's rope boiling mad pushed too far beside yourself at boiling point raging mad rubbed the wrong way in a filthy temper menacing threatening mopey belligerent aggressive malignant pouting malevolent evil wicked malicious vindictive maleficent baleful mopish scowling malign louring poisonous malefic mumpish pouty aloof fierce black venomous frowning withdrawn dour uncooperative brooding ornery obstinate sourpussed sulking unsociable gruff mean evil-intentioned hate-filled down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in a funk in a mood in the sulks in a strop disagreeable captious dyspeptic fiery snippy snarky snippety liverish raspy stuffy jumpy caviling cavilling out of humor

Tính từ

Disposed to complaining, especially in a petulant or whining manner
querulous complaining petulant testy waspish cantankerous cross fretful irritable tetchy touchy crabby discontented grouchy grumbling pettish prickly carping crabbed critical crotchety crusty edgy fractious grumpy peevish peppery sour whining bitter curmudgeonly disagreeable impatient miserable moody morose murmuring plaintive censorious chippy cranky huffy irascible ratty scratchy sullen bilious captious choleric churlish dyspeptic liverish snappish snappy splenetic sulky surly whingeing eggy fussy narky whingy miffy peckish snaky sorehead soreheaded bearish bemoaning crying deploring difficult grousing grumbly lamenting moaning negative salty scrappy uptight wailing waspy whimpering whiny bad-tempered ill-humored ill-humoured ill-natured ill-tempered fault-finding on edge thin-skinned hard to please in a bad mood out of sorts out of temper huffy irascible like a bear with a sore head hypercritical perverse ornery griping stroppy fiery disgruntled shirty quibbling truculent cavilling snarky overcritical snippy snippety waxy stuffy temperamental raspy picky obstinate caviling argumentative sensitive feisty quarrelsome pertinacious tough contrary ungracious disputatious trying obstreperous cussed short-tempered quick-tempered short-fused having got out of bed on the wrong side on a short fuse as cross as two sticks irked angry tense glum curt huffish unsociable gruff volatile bristly ireful shrewish brusque misanthropic cynical contentious hotheaded pouty oversensitive harsh uncooperative exasperated displeased snarling resentful crybaby acrimonious gloomy annoyed iracund pouting brooding iracundulous mean acrid dour mardy acid awkward out of humor mumpish growling malicious venomous fretting vinegary short childish tart sharp hasty malignant vindictive nasty saturnine sore passionate filthy spiteful blunt chuffy out of humour ugly hot-tempered hot-blooded having got out of bed the wrong side cross-grained nasty-tempered hot under the collar foul-tempered out-of-sorts in a mood easily offended stubborn demanding uncompromising niggling grouching nagging criticizing overbearing unaccommodating intractable unrelenting unreasonable grim recalcitrant unamenable scathing disparaging bleating deprecatory disobliging hardheaded importunate strong-minded pitiless strict single-minded rude set in one's ways boorish thrawn rigid hard-line stiff inflexible finical bloody-minded froward hard-nosed obdurate tiresome opinionated vexed unpredictable pigheaded hard to handle stiff-necked unmanageable invidious bull-headed steadfast choosy fiendish refractory delicate dogmatic intransigent oppressive hard to satisfy irritating indomitable unflinching contrarious uppity wrong-headed inexorable troublesome impolite unyielding opinionative unbending obstructive headstrong perfectionist balky particular resolute fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial bolshie immovable disputative oafish tyrannical pedantic bellyaching nitpicking reproachful slighting condemnatory nit-picking faultfinding hair-splitting kvetching judgmental pass-remarkable rejective mithering chuntering nit-picky criticising difficult to please impossible to please disapproving sharp-tongued embittered abrupt grudging objecting bad jaundiced uncongenial wicked piqued ungenerous peeved vehement aggravated irritated unfriendly unhappy hostile protesting terse indignant narked dissenting repining mourning accusing weeping bewailing regretting charging impetuous unindulgent malcontent catty having short fuse hot under collar scolding rancorous litigious snide aggressive backbiting cattish vixenish

Tính từ

Expressing an unfavourable opinion
disapproving censorious critical disparaging condemnatory deprecatory reproachful criticising criticizing discouraging frowning reproving boot-faced condemning damning denouncing denunciatory derogatory disapprobatory pejorative scathing unfavorable unfavourable displeased harsh hostile judgmental knocking negative slating stern full of reproof fault-finding hypercritical cavilling carping captious caviling overcritical castigatory faultfinding pedantic quibbling censuring pass-remarkable nitpicking niggling withering pernickety nit-picking contemptuous rejective hair-splitting pettifogging picky finicky cavillous reprobative accusatory reprobatory judgemental punctilious admonitory damnatory hairsplitting severe nagging overnice upbraiding accusing vituperative complaining fussy overscrupulous perfectionist over-exacting scolding griping bellyaching calumniatory belittling cutting cynical meticulous fastidious whingeing nit-picky hard to please exceptive sarcastic exacting demanding judgy incriminatory disappointed proscriptive nice abusive admonishing opprobrious fine subtle unforgiving overrefined persnickety culpatory reprehending reproaching chiding severely critical pharisaic self-righteous grousing grouchy moaning grumbling grouching precisionist whining exact precise scrupulous bleating dogmatic literalistic finical literalist purist formalist slighting over-censorious over-particular kvetching overparticular casuistical casuistic sophistical scholastic sophistic mithering chuntering critic humbling diagnostic demeaning trenchant sharp discerning penetrating biting particular choleric discriminating analytical satirical lowering difficult to please impossible to please discontented deprecating unsympathetic irritable crabby touchy cantankerous peevish nitpicky trivial testy perverse petty thorny acrimonious unfair contrary petulant unjust cross tricky very critical ultra-critical

Động từ

Past tense for to fail to fulfill the hopes or expectations of
disappointed disgruntled displeased failed disaffected discontented cheated disquieted exasperated let down failed to satisfy left dissatisfied gave cause for complaint given cause for complaint upset annoyed angered irritated irked vexed vext put out frustrated aggravated peeved bothered narked bugged offended dismayed perturbed discomposed outraged infuriated galled hacked off riled nettled maddened provoked piqued embittered disturbed miffed soured disgusted chagrined wound up incensed put your back up envenomed antagonized troubled needled hassled alienated enraged disillusioned affronted ruffled worried appalled scandalized fretted gravelled graveled grated chafed rankled embarrassed antagonised estranged inflamed made resentful made bitter ticked off tried turned off bummed out got to mortified scandalised poisoned hurt discouraged depressed got empoisoned disenchanted disconcerted persecuted agitated distressed rasped discomfited spited roiled griped frosted itched harassed tormented horrified shocked cut to the quick pained teased nagged hacked you off hounded mithered bit rubbed up the wrong way made someone see red got across rankled with put on the spot sickened nauseated ate eaten gotten to insulted abashed given someone the hump gave someone the hump disheartened dispirited rattled curdled perplexed disobliged repelled sounded revolted winged cooled capped mispleased zinged humiliated shamed got at teed off crushed daunted chilled unnerved unmanned demoralized jaundiced plagued gotten gat pestered played dirty confused afflicted grope gripen exacerbated worsened rid rode ridden made discontented demoralised harried disgraced flustered acerbated made rancorous acidulated venomed burnt up aliened burned up fussed molested abraded bitten made someone's blood boil gotten across gave a hard time got in someone's hair tried someone's patience driven up the wall made someone's hackles rise got under someone's skin driven bananas burnt mixed up got on your nerves confounded drove up the wall imposed upon burned ruffled someone's feathers gotten on your nerves got someone's hackles up niggled given a hard time drove bananas grated on discountenanced gotten at broke one's word broken your word broken one's word broke your word fallen short of expectations fell short of expectations drove crazy driven mad driven crazy drove mad gotten on someone's wick got someone's dander up gotten up someone's nose got up someone's nose gotten someone's back up gotten someone's dander up got someone's back up got on someone's wick got on someone's nerves gotten on someone's nerves gotten under one's skin got under one's skin gave a bad time gotten in one's hair given a bad time got in one's hair got your back up given someone grief gave someone grief gotten your back up goaded humped wound wounded aggrieved grieved made angry put someone's nose out of joint made cross put someone's back up ired fazed rubbed the wrong way slighted saddened put down hurt someone's feelings ailed hurt somebody's feelings enflamed madded concerned steamed up injured caused offense unsettled got your goat bedevilled bedeviled beset given someone the pip gave someone the pip badgered dissed alarmed agonized discommoded discomforted discombobulated distempered gnawed egged on stung made waves put off stirred up agonised driven to distraction drove to distraction fired up rattled someone's cage hit where one lives driven round the twist drove round the twist repulsed inconvenienced flurried crossed dogged bewildered jarred unhinged frazzled derailed alarumed distracted bored jarred on hagrid driven round the bend drove round the bend picked on cheesed off freaked out got on your wick made your blood boil got in your hair weirded out grossed out rubbed you up the wrong way got across someone given offence to gave offence to empurpled baited disrespected nudged taunted devastated incommoded exercised crazed oppressed put pricked tantalized floored raised hell tantalised gnawn gnew tortured harrowed cut indisposed made unhappy slandered racked stressed pothered eaten at ate at gotten on one's nerves got on one's nerves belittled got someone's goat gotten someone's goat gnawed at strained caused offence to got one's goat gotten one's goat put your nose out of joint got your dander up caused anguish to tried your patience upset the apple cart put someone to shame made wretched put to shame made miserable put somebody's nose out of joint put into a funk cut up cast down put a damper on hit like ton of bricks baffled balked shaken shook bore hagridden hagrode thrown threw undone undid got someone gotten someone gotten under skin got under skin got under your skin gotten under your skin lowered got on nerves gotten on nerves eaten away at ate away at excited chivvied festered stunned devilled deviled bristled wearied chivied pursued scared excruciated browbeat grilled staggered astounded traumatized jolted rocked attracted absorbed motivated interested grabbed ignited awaked absorpt quickened interrupted snubbed frightened aroused underwhelmed baulked boiled impeded hindered startled astonished surprised amazed stewed petted tiffed huffed chid chided browned off slurred slapped lambasted caused sorrow bled nagged at caused anguish mourned caused suffering humbled deflated dumbfounded worked up bruised henpecked harmed dazed stupefied bummed hacked steamed abased nonplussed caused resentment to caused annoyance to intruded upon psyched spooked imposed on beleaguered pushed the buttons of dumfounded curst cursed anguished flabbergasted paralysed foiled thwarted bent someone's ear made sore lost one's temper dejected abused dispraised confronted criticised criticized broke broken brake breathed down someone's neck carped at turned incapacitated debilitated cramped flipped got up your nose obsessed overwhelmed overcome turned one off made sick turned someone off calumniated smeared flipped out excoriated panicked worked on heated up het up strapped electrified pushed numbed martyred paralyzed awed traumatised desolated thumbed nose at ridiculed demeaned degraded sticked in one's craw worn on wore on setted one's teeth on edge keyed up layed up turned on laid up crabbed begrudged grudged tried one's patience wronged dumped on burdened bowled over caused suffering to asked for it dishonoured aspersed lampooned disparaged blackguarded maligned belied traduced reviled blackballed dishonored libeled vilified condemned libelled deprecated bad-mouthed defamed denigrated detracted decried rocked the boat made a scene got someone's wick messed riled up thrown off balance threw off balance brought down rubbed one the wrong way resent messed with caused to panic loused up cramped style made anxious caused raised eyebrows puts somebody's nose out of joint brought one down wound somebody up weighed down pushed someon's buttons made someone eat humble pie knocked out made blue knocked for six resented pushed buttons weighed on raised your hackles made indignant raised someone's eyebrows dampened spirits filled with loathing deterred lost one's interest hung up disinterested aroused anxiety in boiled over turned someone's stomach raised eyebrows amongst completely surprised caused offense to ruffled one's feathers made it tough for setted someone back on their heels tired made someone fed up chastened made one sick caused a few raised eyebrows amongst whipped up caused anxiety dragged down browbeaten awoken awoke blew up blown up driven nuts drove nuts putten given the business gave the business nit-picked got a rise out of gotten a rise out of trod on someone's toes trodden on someone's toes given offence gave offence backbitten backbit ate up eaten up overcame done a number on did a number on gotten even got even broke one's heart broken one's heart broke the heart of broken the heart of given a zinger given the cold shoulder gave a zinger gave the cold shoulder thunderstricken thunderstruck got your hackles up gotten on somebody's nerves got on somebody's nerves drove you up the wall driven you up the wall gotten your hackles up took aback shook up shaken up taken aback took the wind out got one's comeuppance gotten one's comeuppance taken down a peg took down a peg taken down taken the wind out took down gotten on someone got on someone gave a turn given a turn gave someone a turn shaken out of your complacency took the wind out of your sails given someone a turn taken the wind out of your sails shook out of your complacency thrown a curve threw a curve

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