Đồng nghĩa của ate up

Động từ

Past tense for to consume food hungrily or in a gluttonous manner
devoured ate ingested bolted finished gobbled down gulped partook of wolfed bolted down champed chewed chomped crammed down finished off gobbled up gulped down munched noshed swallowed wolfed down demolished packed away put away tucked into disposed of polished off scarfed scoffed down shifted shoveled down sank tucked away consumed downed got stuck into gobbled guzzled ingurgitated inhaled scarfed down scarfed up scoffed snarfed got outside of made short work of pigged out on snarfed down snarfed up gorged feasted on chowed down gorged oneself on put down took pigged oneself on fed on used up hoovered swilled snacked on tucked in grazed on dispatched ate heartily crammed in tossed down dined crammed stuffed ate greedily ate hungrily ravened gormandized glutted slopped gorged on nibbled supped necked partook manducated lapped up mowed down knocked back exhausted cleaned out dug in finished up reduced made inroads into chowed lapped killed swallowed hurriedly murdered gorged oneself gourmandized sucked up gluttonized horked pigged oneself ate quickly guzzled down drunk drank imbibed Hoovered sipped had supper lunched lunched on had tea breakfasted on had breakfast picked at had dinner had lunch bibbed bevvied ate between meals munched on dined on tasted breakfasted mealed on drank up fed stuffed one's face feed snacked absorbed absorpt swigged delighted in pigged out drank in ate into assimilated dropped belted swallowed up tost took in engulfed destroyed took over tossed washed down disposed chugalugged got down eaten greedily eaten hungrily eaten up eaten overindulged englutted sloshed sunken sunk engorged quaffed partaken of binged satiated chugged overeaten overate taken made a pig of oneself filled packed put sated hoist choked surfeited blimped out hocked borked hawked choked down stuffed your face eaten like a horse ate like a horse tossed off taken in eaten heartily partaken devoured greedily banqueted banquetted chewn gorged oneself with cloyed congested jaded jammed regaled indulged slurped hoisted slugged down junketted junketed ruminated had digested bit masticated gasped pigged attacked feasted upon feasted loaded up on stuffed oneself pounded down scarfed out belted down slugged porked out poured dived in swilled down fed one's face swallowed whole indulged in wined and dined porked out on pecked at gourmandized on stuffed yourself washed up crammed oneself with drunk up eaten to excess ate to excess made a pig of oneself on shovelled it in shoveled it in fared sumptuously overindulged in binged on eaten quickly putten ate voraciously eaten voraciously drunk in bitten taken over eaten your fill ate sumptuously eaten sumptuously ate your fill eaten to your heart's content ate to your heart's content

Động từ

Past tense for take pleasure from
delighted in admired adored appreciated cherished indulged in relished reveled in revelled in savoured savored took pleasure in amused oneself dug enjoyed feasted on got a kick out of got high on got off on gloried in grooved on liked lived a little lived it up loved luxuriated in took delight in took great delight in fancied took joy in treasured had fun valued prized favoured derived pleasure from held dear stuck on cottoned to delighted favored took to embraced found appealing took an interest in got a thrill out of had a good time jubilated took a thrill to rejoiced in lapped up had a ball hankered for took satisfaction in thoroughly enjoyed immersed yourself in got a charge out of basked in had a proclivity for found irresistible went in for found pleasure in went for had a taste for got a buzz from of had affection for exulted in had a passion for cared for got a kick from of doted on really enjoyed had a great liking for had a predilection for had a thing for took a fancy to had a soft spot for liked to indulge in went a bundle on enjoyed greatly had a thing about really liked had a weakness for had a penchant for found satisfaction in drank in got a buzz out of took great pleasure in wallowed in madded about taken pleasure in eaten up gotten a kick out of gotten high on gotten off on taken delight in taken great delight in gloated over gotten a thrill out of reveled revelled gone for taken to preferred made the most of rolled about in rated highly minded rated had a liking for crowed about desired felt self-satisfied about gone a bundle on set one's heart on found attractive gotten a charge out of taken great pleasure in read compulsively put on a pedestal taken an interest in taken joy in taken satisfaction in absorbed absorpt tasted regarded highly imbibed wanted worshipped worshiped wallowed luxuriated got a thrill from got a buzz from taken a thrill to lay in lain in taken a liking to desiderated approved of liked to dreamt of had an eye for had a crush on sighed for got a charge from of marvelled at endorsed itched for got a bang out of hungered for taken a fancy to sanctioned derived satisfaction from thought well of felt affection toward gotten a bang out of lionised respected had a high regard for mooned over partaken of wished to revered thought the world of longed for hankered after lionized weltered gone in for got a charge from had a pash on yearned for glorified indulged oneself wished for rollicked took a shine to had an affection for soaked up held in esteem adulated had a preference for carried a torch for had a yen for idolized taken a shine to wanted to coveted had regard for indulged drunk in smacked your lips over had the hots for idolised had a craving for partook of thirsted for marveled at took a liking to looked up to basked fell for leant toward gloried drooled over devoured esteemed found agreeable derived pleasure lavished affection on felt like had a fondness for pined for rejoiced had a yearning for loved to tasted to the full fallen for enjoyed to the full found enjoyable leaned toward craved gone went marvel at gotten pleasure from got pleasure from took comfort taken comfort took pleasure taken pleasure gone through went through been through took in taken in

Động từ

Past tense for to use, empty or drain completely
expended exhausted consumed depleted drained absorbed absorpt burned burnt devoured employed sapped spent used used up utilised utilized dissipated emptied burned up drew down finished frittered frittered away played out finished off got through made use of went through wasted squandered milked sucked dry bled impoverished drew ran through washed up ran out ran down bled dry swallowed up diminished bankrupted attenuated slashed cut back dug into dried up frivolled away took last of finished up ran up put to use blew through emptied out occupied voided dried blew strained wore out threw away availed oneself of had recourse to ate dispersed dispelled reduced took up evacuated decreased lessened burned through lowered pared down weakened slimmed down undermined drawn drawn down eaten up run down run through gone through been through deprived gotten through fleeced run out cleaned out worn out ruined exploited squeezed wiped out tapped siphoned syphoned dispatched busted disposed of wrecked pauperized frayed sucked the life out of brought to its knees trashed run out of brought to ruin brought down run up extracted pumped destroyed enervated drafted annihilated ravaged engulfed demolished draughted devastated enveloped eaten broke broken brake gutted razed drew off drawn off catheterized diverted paid out laid waste disfigured pillaged beggared burnt up lapsed liquidated gobbled guzzled taken last of ran out of filtered off taken up blown through petered out crippled financially reduced to beggary made destitute decimated freed from had no more pumped out ruinated wasted away crushed extraught blown went gone thrown away gotten rid of gotten last drop got rid of got last drop

Động từ

(welcome in) Past tense for to officially celebrate the coming or arrival of

Trái nghĩa của ate up

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