Đồng nghĩa của supported

Alternative for supported

supports, supported, supporting

Đồng nghĩa: aid, bolster, defend, encourage, foster, help, sustain,

Trái nghĩa: abandon, discourage,


Capable of being used with (something)


Having received approval
carried accepted agreed approved passed voted for received standard confirmed common regular established normal traditional acknowledged recognized sanctioned authorized universal usual conventional appropriate correct allowed backed legalized official proven permitted validated customary certified affirmed OK'd ratified endorsed chosen time-honoured certain legalised made official recognised authorised vouched for agreed upon orthodox proper fixed settled authoritative set admitted stock popular prevailing familiar undisputed acceptable routine ordinary classic formal decorous legal seemly prevalent general lawful prescribed sound respectable suitable arranged well-known right fitting mainstream befitting true fit accustomed decent given done apt ceremonious legitimate time-honored unquestioned undoubted declared de rigueur comme il faut legit uncontested canonical rightful known understood habitual professed nice stipulated regulation typical expected wonted well-established punctilious kosher arrived at documented polite valid refined old-fashioned traditionalistic becoming OK classical genteel civilized widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted ceremonial long-established conforming civilised bona fide tried and true tried and tested determined statutory natural canonic definitive prearranged protocol in order dyed-in-the-wool inveterate characteristic believed renowned exhaustive done thing recognizable identified perceived strict entrenched apposite predictable realized remembered regimented express orderly methodical realised recognisable good tasteful dignified representative contracted granted decided guaranteed accredited comely pukka presentable trusted explicit systematic prudent stated historic stable ingrained deep-rooted widely used widespread ceremonialistic formalistic ritualistic ritual definite predetermined old old-style officially recognized confessed rooted secure unshakable vested permanent returned proclaimed answered unsuspected tried and trusted avowed sworn conceded unchallenged household predominant going fashionable touted just genuine current preferred everyday unopposed prescriptive plain okayed well worn bog-standard in vogue couth moral courtly mannerly well-mannered conservative conformist diplomatic stiff stiff-necked stilted starchy okay careful doctrinal traditionalist button-down unoriginal buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked ultraconservative old-line old-school unprogressive standpat reactionary die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative unheretical derivative well established right stuff religious straight pious square bien pensant straight arrow in line by the numbers according to the book most complete most reliable


Based on, or displaying, common sense, logic, or rationality
well-grounded rational logical reasonable sensible sound valid coherent justifiable good analytic substantiated analytical corroborated understandable consequent well-founded reasoned levelheaded commonsensical judicious commonsensible informed commonsense cogent just practical justified prudent sober solid realistic well grounded firm thoughtful well reasoned well-advised lucid circumspect wise pragmatic discerning plausible sagacious balanced objective credible level-headed down-to-earth grounded hard intellectual legitimate deductive well-reasoned together well advised well thought out intelligent consistent astute shrewd sane perceptive knowing defensible accurate reliable perspicacious enlightened relevant tenable convincing joined-up sustainable matter-of-fact viable well-thought-out cool legit supportable proven defendable true holding water exact precise well founded workable feasible articulate clear methodical careful likely decent thorough satisfying satisfactory deliberate meticulous responsible effective fair discriminating telling sharp mature believable warranted acceptable right compelling common-sense full of common sense congruent advisable weighty authoritative reflective philosophic ratiocinative veridical faultless cerebral thinking veracious maintainable probable perspicuous confirmed all there moderate cognitive impeccable clear-sighted clear-eyed straight correct steady-going clear-cut politic vindicable pertinent kosher hard-headed with both one's feet on the ground unidealistic inductive deducible inferential holding together syllogistic dinkum unemotional dispassionate insightful estimable strict faithful proper normal undistorted regular warrantable factual genuine substantial powerful based on hard data rock-solid based on hard facts strong infallible trustable reasoning collected unquestionable certain synthetic well balanced bona fide empirical errorless sure dead-on sincere spot-on certified open secure definite inerrant colorable calculable explicit on-target stringent letter-perfect rigorous validated verified empiric truthful persuasive irrefutable arguable uncorrupted able to hold water conclusive germane clear-headed attested forceful tested potent determinative trustworthy efficacious stable practicable equitable considered realizable attainable operational achievable suitable cautious punctilious orderly systematic possible operable doable manageable serviceable usable applicable impartial sapient scrupulous vigilant fastidious thought-out percipient restrained conservative unexcessive controlled fair-minded open to reason evenhanded temperate in one's right mind admissible based on good sense making sense unbiased standing to reason unprejudiced unextreme comprehensible intelligible useful accomplishable recognized flawless watertight right-thinking profound holding up recognised standing up holding up in wash got it together established orthodox accepted unassailable right-minded organized heedful finicky expedient within reach within reason meaningful well thought-out deep of use worthwhile organised well organized identified realisable within possibility within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility far-sighted discreet no-nonsense sage canny serious-minded clever well-informed attentive conversant au courant having all one's marbles in right mind businesslike smart unsentimental learned pragmatical knowledgeable earthy hardheaded composed steady dependable hard-boiled utilitarian savvy unromantic educated calm scholarly erudite keen even-tempered functional with both feet on the ground acute clearheaded self-possessed calculating prosaic unfantastic real serene hard-nosed imperturbable equable plain well judged poised strategic cool-headed contemplative intuitive tactical sedate philosophical useable alert serious considerate penetrating aware cool, calm and collected efficient straightforward unworried unflappable bright relaxed provident confident worldly-wise unmoved brilliant well-adjusted unruffled healthy well-balanced sharp-witted tough-minded unimpassioned with great knowledge diplomatic heady appropriate experienced quick-witted at ease desirable foresighted judgmatical judgmatic natural cagey apt mundane conceivable farsighted advised determined reserved working actionable full of insight cultured well-argued clearly stated unperturbed unfazed applicative showing great knowledge coolheaded genius smooth unbothered unflustered unagitated precocious gifted possessed well adjusted laid-back tactful utile obvious compos mentis resolute measured brainy of sound mind self-controlled fitting able to think clearly argute cogitative with one's feet on the ground wary fit foxy astucious dull flat well-judged deadpan dry sophisticated deliberative constructive literal lifeless unvarnished unembellished unimaginative sober-minded tough robust thought through modest hard-bitten uncreative unadorned imaginable cultivated plainspoken operative calmed pedestrian emotionless humdrum undisturbed safe stolid academic assured untroubled real-world unembroidered phlegmatic unaffected peaceful recollected limpid equal unshaken placid level witty staid straight-thinking tranquil understanding easy cold well informed applied handy bookish self-composed self-assured mentally sound ultrapractical fast exceptional able to reason clearly right in the head supersmart well-read hyperintelligent in your right mind in possession of all your faculties ultrasmart decisive subtle extensional juridicious well-organized necessary graceful earnest real-life self-aware sentient proportional well-proportioned symmetrical uncompromising adult vigorous prudential mentally stable cognizant harmonious cluey lifelike naturalistic clear-thinking mild gnostic hip streetwise sophic cunning calculated common-sensical deliberated true-life plain-spoken leery refined polished grown-up worldly well whole sensical lettered earth-bound hardboiled common introspective benign sobersided aforethought contemplated studied well considered in one's best interests settled apparent guarded unconfused weighed investigated premeditated examined thinking twice playing safe ruminative pensive pawky skilful well-expressed well-presented performable computed prepense studious hedging one's bets earthly potential well-structured well presented well expressed seasonable skillful judicial seemly ruminating deliberating competent genial mentally healthy in good mental health egghead accessible utilizable utilisable reachable obtainable sanctioned significant fly canonical reputable simple medium even warm comfortable checked regulated constant curbed muted sound of mind chary got head together schooled literate scientific procurable acquirable hang tough stand pat intractable locked in tough nut practiced meditative with all one's marbles in possession of one's faculties unexcitable unswerving thinkable chilled unpretentious close-lipped well chosen thought-through thought-about securable having all marbles have one's feet on the ground within the realm of possibility assertive equanimous nonchalant repressed nonplussed quieted disimpassioned easygoing soothed suppressed legal tried-and-true utilized used exercised supposable tutored widely read well read well educated well-taught ordered close-mouthed gettable meditating quick heads-up long-headed not turn a hair as cool as a cucumber at peace cool as cucumber have one's act together sure of oneself keeping your cool keeping a stiff upper lip keeping one's shirt on adapted correlated related experiential methodic unassuming softly-softly kid-glove delicate self-confident under the sun having both feet on the ground ideal perfect structured practised utilised gingerly watchful awake civil observant noncommittal precautious creditable folksy self-restrained get-at-able systematized coordinated workaday non-theoretical brought to bear hands-on enforced comprehendible apprehensible cogitable presumable conjecturable abstemious inventive able ingenious resourceful on lookout having foresight not rash bearable tolerable inconsiderable talented ordinary everyday disciplined whip-smart down to earth rustic informal like a clam highbrow comprehending creative nimble original whiz instructed imaginative having a good head on one's shoulders capable alive know how many beans make five having no flies on very smart quick on the uptake ready utility non-excessive within limits within due limits systematised expected predictable stoic naked cold-blooded impassive impersonal apathetic prosy predicted forecast anticipated inevitable well ordered well regulated well run foreseeable unsurprising straightened out likeliest helpful convenient to be expected only to be expected what one would expect par for the course on the cards not unexpected user friendly user-friendly nuts and bolts step-by-step both feet on the ground most likely


Chosen or nominated as good or suitable for a given title or position
named chosen nominated selected anointed designated favoured favored identified specified announced appointed assigned cited commissioned declared delegated elected ordained picked approved authorised authorized certified classified consecrated deputed individuated pegged preferred sanctioned vested drafted entrusted mentioned tabbed decided upon settled on singled out opted for set decided particular agreed prearranged fixed prescribed certain select elect called handpicked favorite choice preferential favourite exclusive popular conscripted of choice cherry-picked hand-picked first-line voted picked out adopted with the nod stated specific voted in delineated predetermined given assumed known allotted settled determined arranged established scheduled proposed suggested installed preordained decreed culled preferable weeded carefully chosen elite recommended privileged ideal screened special best-liked fave advantaged lucky in endorsed recherché noble specially selected well-liked recherche pet most-liked fancied invited blue-ribbon blue-eyed aristocratic liked finest default crack prize vetted settled upon primary standard advocated commended specially chosen top-quality first-choice praised upper-class sweetheart blessed rarefied limited number one entitled honoured cliquish honored programmed planned preset controlled pre-planned arranged in advance preplanned pre-established intended indulged fortunate posh private arranged beforehand advance decided beforehand cliquey restricted


To have proven or demonstrated
seen proven demonstrated confirmed determined established exhibited revealed shown corroborated displayed documented illustrated manifested presented proved showcased substantiated verified affirmed ascertained asserted attested circumstantiated exposed noted ratified upheld validated certified elucidated evidenced evinced reinforced vouched borne out made clear made evident authenticated backed up sustained justified testified to indicated underscored endorsed guaranteed vouched for expounded showed backed vindicated attested to pointed out registered pointed predicated projected prescribed bore out enforced averred made plain testified produced proof discovered clarified submitted proof established evidence submitted evidence witnessed witnessed to the fact that laid out beared witness to produced evidence made out laid bare flagged up made known explained demonstrated the truth prove bore witness upholden gave substance to the fact that showed beyond doubt gave weight to argued for gave force to given weight to given force to signified signalled signaled denoted settled bespoke proclaimed expressed spelt out spelled out showed clearly declared cleared up concluded ostended got across espoused assured showed once and for all borne witness shown beyond doubt given substance to the fact that disclosed betrayed communicated suggested broadcast conveyed represented symbolized intimated bespoken betokened divulged bespake symbolised pointed to imparted implied argued aired uncovered given away gave away announced read reflected connoted embodied marked personified broadcasted epitomized let out let slip let drop told of let the cat out of the bag exemplified designated typified unveiled instantiated pointed toward advertised spilled spilt made manifest published publicized hinted at publicised epitomised incorporated incarnated meaned meant externalized materialized unmasked told evoked inferred advertized hinted bodied insinuated personalized made obvious exteriorized flashed set forth externalised personalised materialised put on view put across promulgated stated sweared realized pointed at pinned down encapsulated unearthed bared released leaked professed blabbed actualized emblematized concretized uttered spelled voiced relayed pinpointed reified related vented stood for come out with hypostatized objectified realised witnessed to added up to mirrored specified said relaid brandished featured depicted deposed pronounced talked sayed enunciated carried heralded alleged asseverated mouthed uncloaked portrayed claimed cited exclaimed detailed checked sounded reported maintained protested warranted paraded brought to light unbosomed disseminated addrest spouted purported addressed shown clearly put into words passed on put forth signposted put on display referred to put one in mind of put over put in mind of signed spread it around brought out into the open made public smacked of let it all hang out let cat out of bag completed let on about put on show put forward tested beared spieled put you in mind of demonstrated the truth of sworn swore readen came out with spoke gave the game away gotten across given the game away spoken alluded to spake highlighted articulated unfolded had trumpeted labelled labeled spotlighted spotlit mattered distinguished identified mentioned blazed blazoned informed verbalized avowed vocalized flagged delineated alluded furnished predicted underlined notated characterized described recorded promoted submitted worded remarked limelit pressed vivified prest opined recited limelighted instanced posted annunciated found blared circulated placarded shewed detected outed flaunted unclosed conjured up turned up disported portended foretold gave out given out shown to be true showed to be true ticked tagged branded imaged tabbed ticketed imported shouted offered phrased mumbled muttered delivered blurted avouched contended chattered cried repeated admitted enounced outlined pleaded orated pled proposed blazed abroad constituted proof of constituted evidence of shouted out pegged drawled sounded off shouted something from the rooftops adduced developt mounted yammered denuded murmured developed stood up for characterised jawed waved around arranged passed leaded you to believe summoned up allowed to be seen blew wide open referred brought to mind yakked called had the attributes of appeared convinced presented oneself as blurted out emphasised pulled the plug on trotted out reminded one of had a case verbalised engaged asked caught out discussed gestured towards blasted stated on oath reminded pointed in direction of crossed the mind translated naked ventilated shot off mouth popped off soliloquized retold stipulated stumped bodied forth summarised found out shown once and for all talked about resulted from vocalised winked served as evidence of augured reminded you of gabbed showed up brought out promised quoted adverted strutted piped unclothed adumbrated shouted from the housetops called to mind got at leaded to the belief occurred summarized sounded out chirped resulted crossed one's heart bewrayed fixed cracked fixt decreed marked off piped up with checked off spilled the beans on exposed to view passed the word buttoned down added up said so recounted narrated given substance to accosted declaimed shadowed emphasized pictured regurgitated tipped off smoked out bore blown wide open stated publicly tokened gave substance to gassed led to believe stressed intoned confessed reeled off borne got off rehearsed made you think of sported modulated exposed information traced had the qualities of lipped called up whispered blazoned abroad perorated shewn lay out amounted to got on a soapbox gotten on a soapbox founden fand gotten off thrown out spoken about given voice to spoke about given utterance to gave utterance to gave voice to threw out gave credence to given credence to given shape to gave shape to gotten at drove at driven at shown the position of showed the position of given human form to gave human shape to given human shape to gave human form to blown the whistle on blew the whistle on took the wraps off taken the wraps off given the show away gave the show away shown evidence of showed evidence of taken the lid off took the lid off gave testimony given testimony gave the impression given the impression given the idea gave the idea sang swore up and down sworn up and down gave facts given facts sworn to swore to gave one's word given one's word sungen sung partaken of partook partook of partaken


To have endured or tolerated
took endured tolerated beared suffered withstood braved faced stood underwent confronted weathered assumed encountered experienced shouldered swallowed put up with stomached sustained abided abode accepted admitted allowed beared the brunt of bore with brooked came to grips with came up against carried coped with countenanced grinned and bear lived through lived with met with permitted resigned oneself to rode out sat through subjected oneself to submitted oneself to submitted to tholed took on toughed out went through bided bode hacked stuck out sweated out yielded to maintained handled absorbed absorpt abided by stayed the course stuck it out waited out kept up with taken borne bore undergone gone through been through borne with met resisted survived dealt with pocketed come up against stood up to felt defied worn wore had passed bidden faced up to come through ridden out stood for tasted tackled witnessed lived out challenged received sticked stuck grappled with hung in there hung in passed through persisted persevered dared bearded outlasted digested outfaced outbraved breasted come to grips with met head-on contended with hung tough brazened out came through grinned and bear it kept up gone went let continued lasted lived opposed fought seen known knew saw come into contact with come across had experience of risked overcome accosted surmounted crossed deferred brazened courted taken on pulled through heard of sanctioned stood your ground held out against come in for went up against stood fast come face to face with ventured sat tight affronted met eyeball-to-eyeball prevailed against stuck with squared up to gone up against faced down held out gotten through got through gutted it out gone along with never said die toughed it out stuck in there sucked it up went along with run operated engaged attacked held prevailed assaulted approached foughten observed had dealings in assimilated become familiar with came across participated in came into contact with run into shared bowed battled yielded overcame waylayed detained waylaid eyeballed engagde in engaged in stopped collared nobbled halted granted approved favoured faced up fronted borne up appreciated consented stuck to your guns allowed for negotiated green-lighted consented to lumped threatened played against called out repelled stayed on taken patiently came face to face with lived on become accustomed to chugged away reconciled oneself to got sat and took it remained favored held on permitted to watched granted permission to went one-on-one stood firm told off run on persevered against flew in face of made a stand called one's bluff come through unscathed come into contact scorned sampled carried on made a comeback humoured stood up against become resigned to died hard against learned to live with beheld tried stood one's ground authorized outdared pulled out of it conceded become reconciled to faced with lasted out met head on made the best of kept going comprehended flouted indulged admitted of provoked saw through plugged away run the gauntlet stared down stood firm against braced oneself for braced for made it through held up gone one-on-one came in for apprehended sat out stood up recovered from bore up squared off acquiesced squared off against allowed to humored flown in face of took patiently antagonized condoned held with perceived persisted with acknowledged pitted oneself against carried through made my day authorised faced out braved out antagonised green-lit held your own played seen through taken it like a man beared the brunt took it taken it took it like a man letten leet ran took kindly to taken kindly to partaken ran into partook became familiar with approved of beared up under taken aside took aside taken the bull by the horns bit the bullet took the bull by the horns holden undertaken undertook beared up against got used to gotten used to became reconciled to became resigned to ate eaten became accustomed to gotten gat came into contact beholden ran the gauntlet agreed to gave the go-ahead to gave the green light to given the green light to gave permission to given the go-ahead to given permission to broken through rose above risen above outwore outworn came through unscathed broke through yolden yold went the distance worn well gone the distance gone on wore well ran on went on flown in the face of flew in the face of


To have created by training or teaching
developed cultivated educated fostered prepared trained guided nurtured equipped instructed taught tutored coached drilled enlightened honed indoctrinated molded moulded primed promoted schooled shaped shope demonstrated explained clarified expounded explicated counseled counselled described inculcated informed mentored directed pointed out advised supervised lectured briefed gave lessons gave instructions gave the facts showed the ropes showed given the facts given lessons shown given instructions developt shown the ropes disciplined put someone through their paces exercised conditioned groomed instilled fit reared upskilled readied brainwashed programmed initiated grounded ground practiced practised lessoned edified qualified led seasoned leaded cared for drummed into raised accustomed illuminated fitted put through the grind looked after made ready bred improved habituated parented warmed up got ready worked out provided for licked into shape brought up inured equipt let in on versed set propagandized rehearsed mothered piloted sharpened formed put in the picture worked over broke in set up propagandised broken in put through the mill proselytized nursed tended nourished implanted imbued acquainted persuaded influenced prepped familiarized bettered uplifted elevated gotten into shape catechized proselytised walked through updated got into shape familiarised whipped into shape helped hypnotized studied illustrated matured manipulated compelled planted wrought worked loosened up introduced told tailored convinced taken care of took care of ordered presented shapen hardened illumed shepherded communicated cherished clued inspired illumined clued in dinned something into put in the picture about gave lessons to made fit steered laid it out for attended to filled in put through grind hypnotised put through mill made suggestions to made conversant with familiarized with made recommendations to broke down put together tuned up given lessons to holp broke broken brake drilled into gave pointers dinned gave information to given pointers gave instruction to hammered into given information to given instruction to exemplified displayed exhibited domesticated sparred tempered acclimatized aged regimented fixed fixt organized adapted mellowed based notified stretched straught oriented crammed toughened armed ripened endowed poised holpen hipped labored laboured cleared strained apprised arranged braced orientated empowered ostended walked one through protected radicalized learnt made experienced facilitated annealed learned moderated enabled mitigated aided predicated rested laid fortified imparted civilized kept posted preached gave instruction got used to clued in on gotten used to homeschooled made something clear to wised up shadowboxed instructed in tutored in grounded in organised made suitable acclimatised shaped up made up impressed upon armed oneself informed about provided pulled one's coat trained in equipped with socialised watched over levelled gave counsel to given counselling to advanced fitted out caught up revealed gave direction to given instruction given advice to genned up on coached in drilled in knocked up kept your hand in explained things to gave someone tips given someone tips offered suggestions gave counselling to feed opened eyes made recommendations given direction to raised youngster supplied with facts taught information pounded into improved mind limbered up taught about taught school toughened up schooled in broken someone in managed clued up on demonstrated to fanaticized sponsored laid out clued up engineered cautioned given counsel to bolstered socialized offered opinions tamed got set suited filled in on got into condition radicalised genned up demonstrated something to acquainted with praught forearmed made plans for paved the way broke someone in civilised primed in backed leveled climatized fed polished up broken down hanged gave advice to hung made clear made aware of extremized nursled gotten set acclimated gave someone hints disclosed given someone hints lay out given a grounding in gave a grounding in did done gave character given character gave lessons in given lessons in broke it to broken it to gave the low-down on gave the gen about given the low-down on given the gen about given someone an idea gave someone an idea given the lowdown gave the low-down given the low-down gave somebody the lowdown given somebody the lowdown gave the lowdown done exercises did exercises gave an idea of given an idea of gave a demonstration of shown how something works showed how something is done showed how something works shown how something is done given a demonstration of shown the way to showed the way to given counselling given direction gave hints given hints gave advice gave direction gave counselling gave guidance given tips given counsel given advice gave counsel given guidance gave directions gave tips given directions

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