Đồng nghĩa của unimpaired

Alternative for unimpaired

unimpaired /'ʌnim'peəd/
  • tính từ
    • không bị hư hỏng, không bị suy suyển, nguyên vẹn

Tính từ

Not impaired
operational perfect unaffected unhindered working free intact sound unbroken undamaged unharmed unhurt uninjured unscathed whole unblemished untouched unspoilt pristine unsullied unmarked unmarred unmutilated unspoiled unflawed pure virgin preserved solid faultless untainted undefiled entire flawless immaculate complete spotless unsevered undisturbed safe uncontaminated stainless impeccable together unstained inviolate clean untarnished as good as new uncorrupted good without a scratch unpolluted unruffled unscarred sturdy mint stable unscratched uninterrupted undented firm regular untroubled unchanged unremitting steady total natural as new ship-shape unsoiled squeaky-clean like new in good order comprehensive scatheless integral in one piece plenary uncut undiminished ongoing ceaseless secured continuous undivided unshaken thorough unceasing constant endless sacred unprofaned glowing unimpeachable unspotted native as good as before unadulterated bright burnished shining polished uncultivated shiny decent indigenous supported helped strengthened wholesome innocent artless raw crude wilding agrestal well-preserved fresh wild fair spic-and-span spick-and-span chaste antiseptic unassuming unblackened uncompromised unprocessed recent crisp just out sparkling unstudied latest new young original clear refreshing absolute finished seamless full-blown sweeping full-scale full-fledged exhaustive bulletproof gross airtight maximal unabridged full unviolated grand compleat imperforate indiscrete all in one piece

Tính từ

Not having had objectionable content removed
uncensored unabridged uncut uncondensed unexpurgated whole entire exhaustive unabbreviated full thorough undiminished intact unbroken integral outright replete undivided faultless unreduced gross thoroughgoing plenary all integrated imperforate organic undocked unitary lock stock and barrel full-dress hook line and sinker the works whole enchilada whole-hog whole-length whole nine yards complete full-length comprehensive perfect overall grand maximal all-out full-blown full-scale unedited broad ample compleat extensive total absolute unshortened unambiguous resounding emphatic overwhelming full-blooded wide-ranging full-out full-on far-reaching categorical conclusive pure out-and-out utter unqualified downright veritable unmitigated systematic clean all-inclusive inclusive detailed aggregate combined unified choate all-encompassing in one piece unblemished encyclopedic solid all-embracing universal general compendious in-depth composite finished global embracive cyclopedic broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in panoramic omnibus encyclopaedic full-fledged in depth final open consolidated inviolate continuous categoric sheer single all-in-one seamless sound one-piece fully constituted quorate sweeping indivisible wide joined catholic overarching umbrella blanket completed consummate wholesale eclectic widespread untouched maximum coast-to-coast interdisciplinary nationwide countrywide cross-disciplinary broad-ranging wall-to-wall radical unflawed expansive multidisciplinary across the board encircling containing comprising of great scope infinite discursive across-the-board the whole shebang synoptic the big picture unmarred undamaged uninterrupted unmarked copious abundant plentiful adequate plenteous itemized long unlimited most largest itemised

Tính từ

In a good physical or mental condition
healthy well fine fit aerobicized flourishing blooming thriving hardy hale hearty robust strong vigorous active sturdy athletic chipper firm fresh full of life husky lively lusty muscular normal potent restored rosy-cheeked safe and sound stout tough trim virile OK able-bodied sound well-conditioned whole all right bright-eyed bursting with health bushy-tailed fighting fit fit as a fiddle fit as a flea hale and hearty in fine fettle in good health in good kilter in good physical condition in good physical shape in good shape in good trim in rude health in the pink in tip-top condition in top form physically fit right as rain the picture of health up to snuff uninjured undamaged safe unharmed in trim wholesome unhurt in good condition as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea rested strengthened untroubled toned relieved soothed disease-free in shape strapping comfortable abled nondisabled good unscathed as strong as an ox not disabled as right as rain alright hunky-dory secure as right as a trivet out of danger alive and well out of the wood out of the woods in one piece stable solid substantial intact bombproof bouncing durable stalwart fast perfect flawless well-built vibrant sane wide-ranging rigorous vital undecayed hard unblemished well-constructed hanging together holding together alive and kicking rugged resilient toughened hardened powerful inured resistant staunch long-lasting indestructible reliable well-made energetic imperishable enduring buff tenacious cast-iron hard-wearing heavy-duty steady dependable forceful brawny resolute capable well-founded able unassailable effective impregnable fortified impervious hard-bitten invulnerable strongly made reinforced unbreakable burly right mighty sinewy shredded spirited tried-and-true indefatigable rock-solid compelling seasoned in excellent shape cogent strong as an ox in fine feather unyielding infallible built to last established up to par steely full of vim airtight made to last hard as nails iron invincible lasting okay persuasive jacked beefy well fortified dynamic perdurable healthful peppy sound in body and limb sprightly stark flush ripped solid as a rock in good form perky unflagging gingery forcible heavy red-blooded glowing feisty cohesive fixed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans young shellproof Herculean inexpugnable proper foolproof risk-free influential important low-risk A1 significant riskless safeguarded untouched O.K. unthreatened bulletproof certain locked unscratched up to scratch in peak condition green brick-wall together luxuriantly perduring diuturnal long-continued error-tolerant big determined puissant rigid stiff inflexible slim muscled very well leathery unshakable convincing impenetrable immovable steadfast uncompromising unwavering indubitable toned up fortress-like armoured telling dense steeled molded conditioned tight moulded inviolable everlasting storm-resistant stormproof well defended well-protected impassible knockabout well protected unattackable well-armed concrete armored irrepressible withstanding better gritty impressive healthier tough as nails valiant plucky intrepid headstrong recovered refreshed stouthearted well-defined well-established rehabilitated ok eloquent effectual quick to recover difficult to keep down quick to bounce back rolling with punches healed animated rude hefty hunky powerhouse cured mended sparkling high-spirited vivacious thewy thickset weighty authoritative valid irresistible roaring rough effervescent zippy jaunty spry playful invigorated strong as an lion buoyant strong as an horse intense zestful tireless powerfully built solidly built go-getting bouncy upbeat spanking fitter wick spunky take-over dashing enterprising steamroller snappy exuberant efficient take-charge brisk hard-driving driving raring to go as strong as a horse as strong as a ox fine and dandy full of energy ball of fire serviceable

Tính từ

Without any imperfections or defects
flawless perfect impeccable unblemished intact faultless immaculate sound unbroken undamaged whole spotless ideal mint pure unmarked consummate pristine stainless superb superlative without blemish absolute accurate correct error-free exemplary indefectible irreproachable letter-perfect masterly model picture-book picture-perfect seamless unerring copybook tip-top unsullied entire unmarred unspoiled without fault as good as new as sound as a bell just so unspoilt excellent untarnished prime peak squeaky clean exquisite defectless optimal optimum untainted spick-and-span A1 finished lily-white undefiled clean untouched unpolluted uncontaminated blameless innocent incorrupt sinless unimpeachable guiltless unstained whiter than white unflawed unspotted modest above reproach uninjured beyond reproach decent unhurt chaste clear pure as the driven snow virtuous crimeless good inculpable righteous squeaky-clean classic above suspicion beyond criticism in the clear not to blame scrupulous upright cleanhanded uninvolved supreme uncorrupted textbook guilt-free irreprehensible archetypal honourable quintessential not guilty holy prototypical honorable classical as pure as the driven snow white infallible without sin uncensurable free from guilt free from blame free innocent as a lamb exact precise ultimate meticulous faithful lawful acquitted legal unfailing complete idyllic fitting honest foolproof best licit law-abiding errorless bang on spot on unguilty representative inviolate saintly have-it-all best possible moral unoffending right on on the mark on target on the nail on the button clean-handed sackless not responsible fine admirable laudable commendable meritorious estimable praiseworthy exceptional outstanding imitable paradigmatic archetypical sterling definitive punctilious applaudable bueno very good batting a thousand not too shabby neato worthy not bad

Tính từ

Reliable and unfailing
good dedicated devoted loyal staunch dependable faithful flawless inseparable safe stable steady trustworthy trusty unfailing unwavering valued attached balanced best bosom cherished close close-knit compelling constant convincing correct dear fast firm intimate loving normal perfect solid sound special treasured uncorrupted undamaged vigorous committed eatable expedient favorable favourable felicitous fresh influential persuasive potent seasonable steadfast timely trenchant tried and tested tried and true unhurt unspoiled unswerving well judged well timed whole fit to eat intact promising unblemished uncontaminated undecayed reliable true sure true-blue responsible tried-and-true calculable devout trustable secure tried ardent down-the-line resolute pious honest dutiful stanch stalwart enduring honourable upright honorable allegiant boon never-failing familiar certain trusted true blue fervent reputable genuine conscientious sensible zealous unfaltering truthful immovable keen fervid confidential as thick as thieves infallible strong sincere patriotic friendly chummy fanatical thick passionate especial tight true-hearted wholehearted enthusiastic near inward buddy-buddy mature card-carrying dyed-in-the-wool deep-dyed incorruptible level-headed assured thick as thieves abiding foolproof guaranteed stout predictable earnest rational competent obdurate intense inexorable persistent unimpeachable supportive settled righteous determined fixed established matey sworn uncompromising serious pally liege always there pledged hard-core hard-working sure-fire true to life straight adherent tried and trusted mad keen behind one on the level confirmed deep-rooted durable long-standing long-lasting straightforward fail-safe excellent orthodox credible unflappable sane redoubtable reasonable die-hard attentive concerned unhesitating warm favourite cozy cosy stiff inflexible tough avid truehearted discreet in good faith palsy-walsy obedient adult consecrated admiring capable unmistakable tested effective on top of each other dearest favorite unshakable persevering very dear confiding unchanging believable affectionate circumspect scrupulous eager driven rigid adamant bound stubborn immobile unmovable unbending unqualified changeless unquestioning intent diligent assiduous capable of being trusted string along with decent through and through studious purposeful impervious out-and-out as keen as mustard single-minded single-hearted old faithful given over to true to the end emphatic impeccable respectable decisive high-principled virtuous ethical principled incorrupt unequivocal positive careful veracious impassioned saintly definite confident fly right to be trusted straight-up worthy of trust above suspicion boy scout up front down home full of integrity rock solid as good as one's word hardened deep perfervid unflinching conclusive unanxious absolute undoubtful sanguine carefree able hopeful active vehement profound strict easy well-founded shoo-in heartfelt red-hot dinkum nailed down locked on in the bag heart-and-soul worshiping adoring venerating goody-goody revering worshipping pietistic sturdy goody two-shoes rocklike copper-bottomed go-to sober calm carrying the load to be counted on good as one's word indivisible equable imperturbable inalienable conjoined indissoluble inseverable levelheaded serene poised sedate stolid staid entwined intertwined integral connected united molded undividable unified moulded interwoven integrated unruffled reserved down-to-earth having both feet on the ground full of common sense collected self-possessed serious-minded well balanced composed cool self-restrained unexcitable as one joined at the hip tied up in each other's pocket

Tính từ

Able to think clearly
right logical normal balanced clearheaded coherent lucid rational sane stable wise all there compos mentis of sound mind well balanced able to reason clearly able to think clearly in possession of all your faculties mentally sound together clear-headed right in the head sound right-minded well-balanced in one's right mind sensible reasonable steady levelheaded playing with a full deck sober well abled discerning fair-minded self-possessed level-headed having all marbles whole reasoned cool got head together in possession of one's faculties with all one's marbles well-adjusted mentally healthy in good mental health collected composed poised possessed unfazed grounded assured mature cool, calm and collected with both feet on the ground even-tempered down-to-earth unflustered sound of mind well adjusted unagitated matter-of-fact controlled unbothered self-controlled sapient fit sage moderate sagacious oriented intelligent healthy playing with full deck both oars in water calm serene placid unruffled equable tranquil imperturbable untroubled relaxed unflappable undisturbed unworried peaceful laid-back unperturbed cool-headed unexcitable unemotional at ease practical judicious prudent dispassionate quiet equanimous coolheaded even realistic mild pragmatic commonsensical circumspect sedate reliable dependable businesslike smooth mellow recollected unmoved equal unshaken easy-going confident level self-composed nonplussed easygoing full of common sense constant still limpid benign unfluctuating pacific insouciant nonchalant blithe temperate discreet secure easy measured as cool as a cucumber regular unchanging unvarying uniform consistent invariable graceful unaltering unalterable calmed complacent patient straight assertive clubby breezy proportional well-proportioned symmetrical restful happy self-assured complaisant good-tempered farsighted stoical chilled unexcited deliberative self-confident well-thought-out mentally stable discriminating harmonious knowing informed having all one's marbles aware cognizant astute gentle at peace no-nonsense well-disposed sober-minded sobersided agreeable hard-headed noiseless dormant with one's feet on the ground phlegmatic stabile orderly systematic methodical stilly regulated reserved conservative unexcessive warm medium modest comfortable muted unimpassioned checked unextreme curbed static motionless silent

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