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Alternative for muscled

muscles, muscled, muscling

Đồng nghĩa: brawn, strength,


To have caused someone to do something, usually against their inclinations
made forced pressured coerced compelled required drove induced obliged pressed pressurized browbeat caused commanded constrained impelled impressed demanded intimidated obligated ordered pressurised railroaded strong-armed willed badgered blackmailed bludgeoned bullied dragooned effected had harassed hectored hounded imposed on prevailed on put up to sandbagged bulldozed menaced prevailed upon steamrollered blackjacked put the screws on driven put pressure on put under an obligation pushed put the squeeze on influenced necessitated hustled leaned on twisted one's arm urged squeezed beset put the heat on put the arm on bound browbeaten goaded brainwashed nagged threatened used pressure on fast-talked worked on shotgunned brought pressure to bear on harried pestered prodded persuaded restricted enforced restrained bounced press-ganged concussed twisted someone's arm turned on the heat put the chill on set come at instilled used strong-arm tactics on had someone do something committed moved assailed cajoled wheedled importuned hassled tyrannized astricted indebted bothered argued steamrolled provoked worried coerced into pressurized into oppressed besieged talked hindered terrorized swayed cowed repressed suppressed plagued actuated dragooned into bludgeoned into ramrodded bullied into browbeat into acted on made an offer they can't refuse made necessary brought home to intimidated into made indebted left in no doubt instilled in tightened the screws on insisted on left someone no option but to turned the screws on pushed around emphasized to terrorized into dinned something into established tyrannised breathed down someone's neck tormented dogged left someone no option turned the screw on stressed politicked brought home came at vexed terrorised worked over knocked into fixed ingrained in tightened the screw on stressed to cracked down inculcated in troubled inculcated sold drummed into kicked insisted high pressured browbeaten into applied pressure thrown your weight around threw your weight around got into head driven home drove into driven into drove home gotten into head incited prompted mau-maued spurred bogarted bullyragged frightened encouraged egged on stirred domineered instigated blustered persecuted inspired motivated nudged triggered whipped appalled put the frighteners on inveigled exacted roused propelled buffaloed keyed up fired up sicced picked on terrified scared claimed enticed got tempted called for exhorted implored solicited challenged stimulated overawed subjugated besought beseeched chivvied expected asked spooked affrighted pricked convinced dictated imposed awed entreated bossed around bossed about despotized teased heckled baited put the screws to put through the wringer pushed for rowelled hit up upset put the fear of God into spurred on put heat on sounded scared the bejesus out of roweled spread it on coaxed warranted charmed involved led leaded advised flattered promoted admonished petrified entailed begged daunted subdued advocated expedited alarmed blarneyed gotten rallied courted wormed inspanned recommended lured pressed for requisitioned enjoined beguiled sought soft-soaped sweet-talked meaned wanted needed meant beared excited unnerved inflamed adjured incentivized egged startled scarified alarumed shocked horrified panicked victimized frighted extorted compressed commandeered ruffled blandished reasoned requested palavered postulated behooved craved needled overbore overborne castigated speeded up sped up tried to persuade animated aroused constricted condensed squashed rode ridden smooth-talked annoyed taunted chivied mistreated antagonized worked up made it hot for someone acted upon scared off dismayed made things hot for someone poured it on inhibited bantered exerted influence on left no choice but to leaned whistled for behoved sweetened up brought force to bear on appealed for clamoured for laid it on clamored for laid claim to brought round pushed about held a gun to one's head railroaded into held out for rode roughshod over bulldozed into won over petitioned for lashed sold one on scared to death titillated finagled prayed for talked into lorded it over rooted antagonised steamrollered into pestered for wrested quested rousted exerted invoked turned on forced upon victimised stipulated for arrogated badgered for inspired panic in dominated walked heavy summoned swaggered nagged for buttered up inquired about snowed bayed for spirited up shanghaied softened up got round frightened out of your wits brought pressure upon seduced ridden roughshod over made compulsory asked for oiled filled with terror fomented kowtowed supplicated sued for impetrated soaped leant conned irritated drew drawn stung took taken bore borne begged for applied for ridden herd on rode roughshod rode herd on ridden roughshod appealed to bore down on went to town on borne down on gone to town on snew snown struck terror in stricken terror in struck terror into stricken terror into


Past tense for to move or proceed forward by force
pushed jostled bulldozed elbowed pressed shouldered bored bore crashed squeezed bulled jammed thrust shoved forced thrusted shove shave barged nudged hustled bumped bundled knocked manhandled swept rammed hit rushed plunged propelled crowded prodded poked impelled shot struck railroaded heaved moved stuck sticked sent jolted butted hurried driven drove burst set in motion pushed aside put in motion inched threaded barreled barrelled strained winded wound gored budged dug steamrolled worked jockeyed struggled wrought steamrollered bludgeoned stricken boosted shifted bended bent hooked fought scrambled hitten rough and tumbled made your way worked one's way made one's way threaded your way plowed bucked shunted surged charged launched into pressed on crushed against moved forward pushed hard pushed forward rested on strong-armed parked exerted pressure on forced one's way thridden ploughed brast bore down on borne down on plonked drave druv prest hat shotten hove jabbed packed crammed jogged punched stabbed wedged crushed squashed tapped sandwiched piled shoehorned filled loaded touched heaped banged brimmed stuffed thronged bustled spurred goaded jam-packed frogmarched squished thrust forward compressed held mobbed gouged packed like sardines overfilled chocked depressed sunken sank sunk carried marched streamed swamped lunged inserted justled run jarred stowed flocked loaden joggled pricked wadded whisked beat pushed roughly pushed down pressed down held down bumped against powered filled to overflowing overcrowded wedged oneself sardined filled to the brim filled up threw thrown holden mashed flooded bunted buffeted buffetted hurtled blazed teared dashed ramrodded blew blown scuttled shaken shook tumbled elbowed one's way pushed one's way taken took belted jerked humped lobbed lurched expelled pumped careered attacked advanced pitched ran bursten blustered padded lined tupped drilled dabbed rapped stirred rolled overstuffed upholstered accompanied tipped drummed slammed smacked bashed climbed smashed collided thumped lodged blocked cannoned into collided with knocked against bumped into knocked into ploughed into punted poled pinioned thumbed pinned clogged up choked up loaded with dislodged transferred slid locomoted removed fixed fixt bunged compacted barrelled into yanked hitched used elbow grease actuated massed beared clogged tamped confined horned pushed against bore down borne down levelled leveled tacked bumped heads pushed around swarmed huddled trooped bunched congested deluged clustered gathered mustered congregated overloaded pinned down leaned on packed tightly packed 'em in whacked caused to move hurled weighed on changed position moved forwards forced down bunged up forced into flung topped off weighed upon run into thrid foughten torn tore beaten banged into clumb clomb borne slidden beared heavily ran into gave way given way gotten going got moving drove forwards got going gotten moving driven forwards


Having a physique with well-defined muscles
buff muscular brawny burly athletic rugged husky beefy healthy muscly ripped shredded fit hunky jacked sinewy toned hard hulky musclebound well-built broad-shouldered muscle-bound well muscled well-developed strong strapping sturdy robust stalwart lusty tough powerful powerfully built vigorous bruising hearty Herculean stout mighty herculean hefty manly thewy thickset able-bodied pumped up mesomorphic well-knit tiger ropy stringy wiry swole well knit powerhouse in shape well hale sound hardy wholesome trim abled slim whole fine right as rain in good health in good trim in good shape toned up well-conditioned fighting fit in trim fit as a fiddle hale and hearty as strong as an ox as right as rain in fine fettle as fit as a fiddle in top form in tip-top condition in good condition as fit as a flea heavyweight heavily built hulking imposing big meaty lumbering bulky gargantuan massive towering obdurate huge formidable gigantic solid heavy sturdily built colossal tall mammoth stark stocky in the pink active bouncing energetic blooming bursting with health flourishing firm thriving alive and kicking in rude health physically fit fresh lively unimpaired full of life normal aerobicized virile up to snuff all right able in excellent shape fit as a flea sporty red-blooded good in good physical shape vital OK restored substantial sound in body and limb right healthful in good kilter chipper staunch dynamic in fine feather strong as an ox peppy flush forceful gingery resilient hardened up to par hard-bitten full of vim physical potent agile nimble lithe in good physical condition bushy-tailed bright-eyed solid as a rock in good form undamaged capable spirited invigorated iron uninjured hunky-dory very well sprightly glowing toughened indefatigable resistant solidly built perky two-fisted inured durable as strong as a horse seasoned sane cast-iron vibrant feisty safe full of beans bright-eyed and bushy-tailed hard as nails young better healthier very healthy recovered refreshed disease-free rehabilitated ok well-proportioned A1 lean healed in perfect health bounding cured mended together luxuriantly health-conscious masculine rested proper okay bursting with good health well-made strenuous nondisabled manful as strong as a lion energised strengthened full-bodied built fitter stable in peak condition untroubled fine and dandy up to scratch relieved not disabled vitalized energized intact unharmed soothed unflagging enduring acclimatised acclimatized tenacious fast bombproof rude comfortable outdoorsy outdoor as right as a trivet roaring rough flawless wide-ranging undecayed well-constructed perfect rigorous unhurt unblemished sports-loving safe and sound rosy-cheeked animated hanging together holding together as strong as a ox sparkling high-spirited vivacious the picture of health rigid stiff inflexible effervescent zippy jaunty spry playful strong as an lion buoyant strong as an horse intense zestful tireless unbreakable leathery hard-wearing go-getting bouncy upbeat spanking forcible indestructible resolute wick spunky persuasive good at sports take-over dashing enterprising steamroller snappy exuberant efficient take-charge brisk hard-driving driving effective dogged determined cohesive dense steeled molded conditioned tight moulded raring to go tough as nails heavy-duty withstanding long-lasting made to last aggressive gritty ball of fire unyielding full of energy stubborn obstinate doughty cynical as tough as old boots tough as old boots hard-nosed self-assertive self-confident high-powered

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