Đồng nghĩa của appalled

Tính từ

Horrified by something unpleasant
frightened alarmed daunted horrified scared terrified petrified unnerved shocked aghast stunned horror-struck fearful spooked afraid terrorized terrorised horror-stricken scared stiff stupefied startled terror-struck anxious scared witless frightened to death scared to death frozen hysterical affrighted dazed dumbfounded terror-stricken dismayed panicky speechless numb paralysed paralyzed transfixed benumbed immobilised immobilized in a panic have cold feet pushing the panic button in a cold sweat panic-stricken scary hysteric awestruck shell-shocked awe-struck scared out of your wits nervous worried jittery jumpy disturbed apprehensive agitated frantic intimidated perturbed upset frit in a funk in a blue funk uneasy windy funky beside oneself timorous shaky afeared frightened out of your wits in a tizzy in a flap troubled distressed disquieted tense overwrought cowed feart worked up timid nervy with your heart in your mouth shaking like a leaf faint-hearted in a state in a tizz running scared frenzied antsy shaken abashed aroused concerned edgy cowardly shaking in one's shoes uptight wired fretful rattled bothered trembling spineless rabbity lily-livered chicken yellow shivery pusillanimous in a fluster bricking oneself discomposed solicitous aflutter worried sick hung up having kittens in a flat spin on edge in awe in a sweat panicked traumatized panic-struck squeamish perplexed fearsome suspicious blanched discouraged disheartened traumatised hesitant in a frenzy flustered shrinking run scared diffident tremulous chicken-hearted sissy mousy butterflies jellyfish chickenhearted quivery unmanly weak-kneed sheepish goose-bumpy nerveless phobic in a dither cowering very scared in fear and trepidation numb with fear apprehensive about intimidated by having cold feet alarmed at twitchy fretting careful uncomfortable stressed unsettled restless flurried unquiet shaking toey insecure dithery atwitter queasy queazy fidgety squirrelly watchful hinky overstrung angstful stressy goosey unglued hyper spooky angsty taut with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof a bundle of nerves having butterflies in the stomach keyed up ill at ease in a twitter all of a lather a wreck shot to pieces in a spin on pins and needles like a fish out of water all of a dither strung out in a state of agitation strung up sweating bullets in a state of nerves het up shook up on tenterhooks like a cat on hot bricks bugged in a stew in a twit a basket case hot and bothered dreading in suspense under stress awed paralysed with fear

Tính từ

Shocked by something that is unpleasant or perplexing
shocked astounded stunned confounded perplexed astonished bowled over dumbfounded dumbstruck dumfounded flabbergasted startled stupefied surprised amazed thunderstruck dazed awestruck awestricken speechless gobsmacked staggered nonplussed bewildered taken aback open-mouthed agape awed flummoxed disconcerted floored aghast overwhelmed knocked for six openmouthed marveling marvelling wondering wide-eyed bemused shell-shocked at a loss for words confused lost for words blown away shaken horrified shaken up overcome goggle-eyed wonderstruck unnerved discomposed incredulous struck dumb frightened filled with astonishment filled with amazement filled with wonder stumped agog addled terrified afraid alarmed filled with awe puzzled baffled befuddled benumbed bamboozled jolted thrown fuddled bedeviled staring befogged bushed bedevilled rendered speechless at sea thrown off balance caught on the hop impressed at a loss fearful caught on the wrong foot cowed intimidated shattered dismayed daunted tongue-tied wonder-struck wonder-stricken reverential mystified spellbound dumb addlepated in amazement awe-stricken discombobulated beat buffaloed in shock flustered muddled rattled disoriented lost knocked sideways wildered in a dither uncertain mazed distracted at sixes and sevens perplex unable to believe your eyes unable to believe one's ears electrified abashed enthralled eager expectant paralyzed paralysed mortified petrified completely surprised unbelieving disbelieving overawed awe-inspired taken by surprise left speechless staring in amazement numbed owly-eyed moon-eyed saucer-eyed dazzled disorientated knocked for a loop rooted to the spot in awe thunder-struck giddy gaga dopey dizzy hazy dopy off-balance mixed-up awe-struck off balance spooked scared distraught in disbelief discomfited distressed fazed gutted ajar open yawning clueless troubled beaten vexed had their heads messed with uncomprehending besotted devastated crushed made to scratch their head confusticated foxed got caused to be at a stand gravelled fogged graveled thrown off upset stuck nonplused breathless licked knocked knocked out

Tính từ

Feeling upset after suffering an embarrassment

Động từ

To have frightened or caused fear
scared frightened panicked terrified petrified startled alarmed shocked horrified intimidated daunted unnerved scarified affrighted dismayed frighted spooked terrorized filled with fear gave someone the heebie-jeebies made nervous put the wind up scared stiff scared the pants off scared to death struck terror into terrorised upset awed disconcerted jolted put the fear of God into floored cowed alarumed fazed disturbed browbeat perturbed consternated astounded disheartened scared the bejesus out of made one's hair stand on end flustered rattled stunned amazed distressed shaken shook agitated disquieted depressed worried chilled deterred discouraged bulldozed scared someone out of their wits got to knocked for a loop made one's blood run cold scared the living daylights out of shaken up shook up bullied ruffled confounded threw thrown browbeaten outraged sickened disgusted overawed insulted scandalized perplexed bothered scared witless discomforted unhinged repelled stiffed demoralized frightened to death stupefied stricken terror into put off scared off made one's flesh creep grossed out chilled to the bone scared away scandalised put the frighteners on frightened out of your wits frightened the living daylights out of filled with terror made teeth chatter demoralised enthralled gotten to threw into a panic thrown into a panic thrown into a blue funk threw into a blue funk discomfited confused abashed embarrassed nonplussed discountenanced mortified impressed unsettled threatened menaced subdued unmanned discomposed troubled oppressed annoyed astonished moved vexed puzzled vext tyrannized persecuted tormented victimized jarred dumbfounded traumatized paralyzed paralysed muddled coerced strong-armed mau-maued mystified irritated grandstanded made it hot for someone curdled the blood dazzled curdles the blood scared the hell out of chilled to the marrow made things hot for someone got the wind up victimised tyrannised bludgeoned stirred up given one the creeps scared the life out of made waves hotdogged dragooned inspired panic in overwhelmed gave someone goose pimples paralysed with fear scared the pants off of showboated chilled off struck hectored knocked for six made someone jump out of their skin frightened the life out of gave one the creeps sent into a cold sweat given someone goose pimples unstrung traumatised scared someone half to death scared the daylights out of flabbergasted knocked props out frightened off made someone shake in their shoes frightened someone out of their wits frozen froze stricken terror in struck terror in thrown into panic threw into panic stricken fear into struck fear into blew away stricken blown away taken aback took aback thrown off balance threw off balance thrown a curve threw a curve thrown into a fright threw into a fright frozen your blood froze your blood given someone the heebie-jeebies surprised made jump made afraid made someone's hair stand on end leaned on put chill on issued threats to pushed around put heat on scared silly gave a turn given a turn pressurized revolted warned periled adventured hazarded endangered ventured risked imperilled compromised imperiled jeopardized jeoparded freaked harrowed offended buffaloed nauseated made fearful given someone a fright gave someone a fright worked up snarled portended pressurised blustered lowered impended become horror-stricken freaked out scowled growled abused comminated flexed muscles cautioned uttered threats to whipped around staggered looked daggers distressed greatly made threats to walked heavy become horror-struck filled with panic jeopardised threatened to kill blackmailed psyched out made threats against made someone jump out of his skin scared hell out of sprung threatened to harm loomed stampeded made flesh crawl gambled with fulminated admonished forewarned picked on blinded someone with something enforced sprung on made threat shaken fist at shook fist at took your breath away taken your breath away became horror-struck became horror-stricken thrown into disarray threw into disarray thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy gave someone a jolt sprang on given a shock gave a shock sprang given someone a jolt

Động từ

Past tense for to diminish the confidence or courage of
discouraged disheartened dispirited dismayed depressed daunted demoralised demoralized dejected distressed unnerved cowed crushed chilled alarmed abashed dashed unmanned troubled scared bothered frustrated afflicted vexed vext awed confused disappointed tried overawed irked drooped prostrated repressed cast down made despondent weighed heavily on made downhearted psyched out beat down beaten down dampened the spirits of broke one's heart broken one's heart put a damper on caused to lose heart took the wind out of your sails taken the wind out of your sails upset let down put off put the wind up horrified frightened startled perturbed discomposed saddened shocked disconcerted confounded concerned unsettled disturbed discomfited surprised panicked rattled fazed discountenanced exercised distempered discomforted disillusioned unhinged hagrid psyched worried frazzled terrified ailed flurried disquieted alarumed derailed paralysed agitated chagrined distracted spooked fussed pothered disenchanted disgruntled affrighted weirded out bewildered embarrassed terrorized flustered freaked out perplexed paralyzed mystified nonplussed flummoxed terrorised puzzled dumbfounded knocked sideways filled with consternation knocked for six loused up got to messed up fouled up screwed up mucked up shaken shook took aback shaken up shook up taken aback undone hagridden undid hagrode threw thrown off balance threw off balance thrown snafued gotten to gave a turn given a turn threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy

Động từ

Past tense for to offend the moral feelings of
shocked horrified outraged disgusted offended revolted stunned nauseated scandalised scandalized sickened agitated astounded disquieted jolted rocked staggered traumatised traumatized unsettled amazed astonished disconcerted repelled shook shaken startled surprised upset distressed disturbed dumbfounded floored bewildered dazed discomposed displeased perturbed provoked stupefied threw thrown unnerved dismayed dumfounded flabbergasted jarred paralysed abashed angered antagonised antagonized overcame overcome overwhelmed awed devastated electrified insulted numbed paralyzed thunderstruck thunderstricken bowled over gave offence to given offence to shook up shaken up took aback taken aback grossed out knocked out raised someone's eyebrows threw a curve thrown a curve completely surprised knocked for six setted someone back on their heels shook out of your complacency shaken out of your complacency gave a turn given a turn hit like ton of bricks took the wind out of your sails taken the wind out of your sails put off galvanized galvanised knocked over repulsed knocked sideways stopped someone in their tracks sprung on turned off made someone feel nauseous made your gorge rise turned stomach affected unhinged made someone want to throw up turned relucted afflicted deranged made sick disordered threw a curveball thrown a curveball sprang on threw off balance thrown off balance dissatisfied affronted annoyed alarmed rattled pothered fazed terrified disheartened frightened scared intimidated daunted harrowed petrified distressed greatly made one's hair stand on end

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