Đồng nghĩa của jumpy

Alternative for jumpy

jumpier, jumpiest

Trái nghĩa: steady,

Tính từ

Showing or feeling insecurity or uncertainty
nervous anxious tense restless edgy jittery shaky uneasy worried apprehensive fidgety nervy fretful on edge unrelaxed antsy ill at ease overwrought twitchy uptight quivering shaking strained trembling wired het up keyed up on tenterhooks strung out worked up wrought up aflutter agitated atwitter dithery goosey hinky hyper insecure on pins and needles perturbed queasy queazy spooky squirrelly stressy troubled unquiet upset white-knuckled windy in a state of agitation in a state of nerves overstrung timorous toey a bundle of nerves creepy excited frightened frisky hung up in a state in a stew scared sensitive spooked stressed out strung up unrestful all of a dither all of a doodah all of a lather in a tizz in a tizzy like a cat on hot bricks like a cat on a hot tin roof disturbed unsettled fearful stressed bothered concerned restive disquieted distressed discomposed afraid highly strung neurotic distraught skittish high-strung excitable hysterical impatient in a flap panicky irritable wound up flustered ruffled alarmed in a sweat in a twitter hesitant shaken unnerved uncomfortable disconcerted having kittens discombobulated in a twit flurried timid vexed adrenalized worried sick shy bundle of nerves frantic touchy tormented in a dither in suspense annoyed unglued distracted unstable uncertain irascible dismayed bricking oneself beside oneself febrile harassed irked unsure trepidatious brittle shook up self-conscious overanxious angsty peevish rattled fractious nervous wreck terrified choked in a cold sweat bugged hot and bothered anguished taut shrinking wriggly squirmy quaking hectic tetchy frenzied fluttery oversensitive irresolute afflicted overactive heated testy irrational moved inhibited fazed embarrassed wrought-up unhappy querulous snappy wiggly crotchety saddened discomfited unsteady captious bad-tempered doubtful under stress clutched ill-tempered discountenanced quick-tempered prickly fidgeting irritated up the wall hot under the collar short-tempered hot-tempered suspicious tortured riled plagued put out perplexed waiting for the axe to fall bummed out cut up all torn up like a fish out of water waiting with bated breath flighty awkward desperate fevered overexcited bashful weak skittery careful spasmodic shocked out of place in a panic emotional retiring grumpy fretting peeved under a strain fraught crabbed petulant surly critical shivery stirred worked-up inflamed hurt aroused mousy wretched miffed itchy unruly fitful grouchy temperamental sad turbulent feverish hyperactive provoked cantankerous unpeaceful disconsolate wrecked chippy stiff fixated phobic grieved inconsolable shook confused watchful waspish splenetic cross angstful solicitous paranoid disoriented ratty hassled displeased inconvenienced gutted shot to pieces overwhelmed basket case pettish beset active sleepless perverse moody tooshie in a spin a wreck choleric crusty obsessed all of a flutter muddled ornery pained harrowed cranky steamed up beside yourself in a lather in a flat spin wounded in turmoil worried stiff with one's stomach in knots tossing and turning with butterflies in one's stomach with one's heart in one's mouth angst-ridden twittering mentally unsettled indecisive tentative dithering wavering vacillating under pressure jerky fussy mouselike swithering caught up disorientated pressured graceless animated curt roused easily frightened easily agitated exasperated frazzled wreck moving shot faltering unnatural gauche confined having cabin fever restlessly moving bewildered agog eagerly white knuckled stilted prim blushing withdrawn palpitant wrung nerve-racking stressful nail-biting feeling anxious stirred up flapping strict conventional cautious strange lost unconfident have cold feet dragged ripped exercised all agog avid open-mouthed all nerves on the qui vive flushed startled intense hurried transient wandering intermittent changeable inconstant footloose roving nomadic bustling recalcitrant distrustful nerves on edge diffident stir-crazy shaking in one's shoes aquiver daunted refractory unconsolable distrait shot down with bated breath anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting asea obstinate stubborn unyielding at fever pitch unreluctant jiggly aghast dreading foreboding mistrustful compulsive manic obsessive self-doubting unassertive self-effacing exacerbated puzzled chagrined aggravated mortified pestered harried old-fashioned hyped-up afire atingle hyperexcited on the defensive frozen meek lacking confidence unforthcoming a basket case sweating bullets offended angered disappointed fretted not self-assured lacking self-confidence introverted passive lily-livered running scared having stage fright biting nails having butterflies having cold feet having a funny feeling champing at the bit wakeful thrown low swivel-eyed unhealthy abnormal all wound up having butterflies in the stomach insomniac zipped up hot juiced up verklempt blue unzipped freaked-out wound-up crazy high keyed-up affected fired-up hot-and-bothered weary strung-out worn unstrung tired spent vague Delphic unassured questioning unpoised miserable maladjusted thin-skinned come apart psyched out broken up at sixes and sevens in disorder amazed throwing a wobbly awake unsleeping erratic aberrant deviant disordered hysteric flipped out out of your mind touch and go up in the air insomnolent hanging by thread on thin ice hot under collar all shook up alert at the end of your tether hypersensitive dejected despondent depressed vigilant devastated traumatized morose heavyhearted broken melancholy sorrowful doleful bitter heartbroken dolorous desolate cheerless without sleep wide awake wide-awake attentive curmudgeonly angry grieving despairing weeping down bereaved mournful heartsick rueful hurting ticklish quarrelsome huffy easily offended mourning haunted woeful crushed agonized dolesome churlish disagreeable dicey hazardous unsafe unpredictable wired up volatile sulky perturbable mean sorrowing woebegone in pain heavy with grief bewailing persecuted bemoaning wailing agonised racked with suffering broken-hearted suffering aching overcome with sorrow racked with pain traumatised grief-stricken brokenhearted snappish irate piqued galled resentful dyspeptic crabby livid apoplectic mad sullen narky sore ireful stroppy steamed shirty wild fiery snippy snarky snippety liverish crook soreheaded short raspy waxy vex ropeable stuffy hoha wroth snaky in a paddy mardy out of humour out of sorts up in arms out of humor on the warpath foaming at the mouth hacked off eggy as cross as two sticks not best pleased caviling in a bate ticked off ill-humoured hopping mad faultfinding bent out of shape teed off fit to be tied ill-humored cavilling aerated in a bad mood

Tính từ

Easily excitable with an excessive amount of energy
excitable nervous skittish skittery jittery fluttery flighty spasmodic hyper hyperexcitable spooky hyperactive hyperkinetic high-strung fiddle-footed restless volatile wired edgy manic sensitive fidgety tense rash uneasy agitable alarmable impatient overzealous easily frightened highly strung easily upset anxious nervy uncontrollable energetic wild frenzied agitated excessively active overexcited overactive unbalanced hotheaded keyed up on the edge temperamental emotional mercurial restive touchy hasty irascible passionate unstable neurotic fiery tempestuous brittle moody twitchy uptight chippy unsettled lively snappy adrenalized violent stressy testy antsy impulsive fierce galvanic impetuous susceptible enthusiastic demonstrative volcanic peevish quick vehement uncontrolled inflammable reckless hysterical intolerant zippy giddy whimsical excited dizzy spookish squirrelly lightheaded animated peppy frivolous panicky scatterbrained combustible flappable volative wary unreliable spirited irresponsible light-headed harebrained skitterish undependable short fused easily agitated blowing hot and cold very nervous hot-tempered hot-headed quick-tempered oversensitive hypersensitive irritable thin-skinned petulant intense melodramatic hot-blooded easily offended mean ticklish short-tempered impassioned vulnerable angry prickly defensive tetchy paranoid choleric huffy overemotional ornery easily hurt explosive froward headstrong umbrageous in bad mood willful prima donna-ish wilful on a short fuse overstrung capricious tender erratic unpredictable soft supersensitive ardent querulous pettish quarrelsome fractious delicate ultrasensitive fervent conservative incensed stormy quick to take offence peppery dramatic passional fervid incandescent perfervid shaken fuming frantic raving enraged inflamed infuriated furious hottempered steamed-up torrid charged feverish hung up easily affected hyper-sensitive superheated dithyrambic religious warm heated burning blazing flaming all shook up warm-blooded red-hot short-fuse over-emotional sulky sullen grumpy morose cantankerous offended cross frowning glum curt miserable moping crabbed saturnine sour mopish crusty crabby dour dejected piqued splenetic mardy waspish broody mopey mopy huffish crotchety blue tooshie mumpish kittle wounded bad-tempered ill-humoured ill-tempered ill-humored

Tính từ

(colloquial) Timid, or showing a lack of courage
soft spineless timid scared cowardly panicky intimidated shaky jittery timorous tremulous unnerved pathetic gutless impotent spiritless squeamish characterless nerveless wet frightened fearful nervous startled apprehensive irresolute terrified feart weak-kneed lily-livered yellow-bellied afraid spooked alarmed petrified hysterical horrified anxious aghast scared stiff yellow agitated pusillanimous worried terror-stricken chicken horror-struck shocked frozen faint-hearted scared to death in a cold sweat diffident daunted trembling frantic nervy hesitant funky cowed panic-stricken affrighted perturbed in a funk in a blue funk frit cowering terror-struck windy dismayed horror-stricken terrorized antsy scary beside oneself shrinking hysteric disturbed upset afeared craven in a tizzy in a flap running scared have cold feet terrorised chicken-livered quaking recreant shy frenzied unmanly chicken-hearted chickenhearted sissy frightened to death frightened out of one's wits scared out of one's wits tense scared witless uneasy disquieted abashed fearsome with one's heart in one's mouth worked up shaking in one's shoes shaking like a leaf mousy overwrought rattled stunned rabbity in a state in awe having kittens in a tizz in a fluster poltroon unheroic dastardly milk-livered weak panic-struck distressed weak-willed boneless pigeon-hearted perplexed suspicious aroused blanched discouraged disheartened edgy excited easily frightened half-hearted easily scared weakling flustered in a frenzy in a flat spin frightened out of your wits scared out of your wits uncertain mousey unconfident skittish fainthearted wimpish wimpy candy-assed run scared butterflies shivery jellyfish uptight numb agog wired reluctant poor-spirited retiring tentative coy pushing the panic button hung up in a panic in fear and trepidation numb with fear in a sweat very scared quivering bashful worried sick quivery sheepish goose-bumpy in a dither solicitous phobic aflutter discomposed twitchy stressy overstrung unquiet keyed up spooky like a cat on a hot tin roof a bundle of nerves like a cat on hot bricks frightened of one's own shadow concerned bothered shaken fretful troubled on edge having cold feet alarmed at apprehensive about intimidated by bricking oneself feeble sissified wishy-washy effete limp-wristed invertebrate frail meek namby-pamby milk-and-water ineffectual ineffective weakened abject unassertive base submissive lacking courage pigeonhearted vacillating tame indecisive milksoppish inept caitiff wussy lame wavering gentle inadequate inefficient incompetent silly foolish coward weedy white-livered sookie insufficient drippy daft nerdy ignoble cowhearted backward worthless mean-spirited insignificant niddering dishonourable dishonorable cringing paper tiger no guts poltroonish fickle passive deceitful offensive treacherous sneaking low unprincipled unethical tricky having the willies cringey faltering dithering useless afraid of one's own shadow browbeaten Milquetoast capricious bullied unassured powerless undetermined indeterminate fallible corruptible supine hemming and hawing waffling yielding unreliable unsure undependable easily led unconvincing unenthusiastic unsubstantial meager fragile moderate mild flimsy faint tenuous low-key meagre forceless pithless without a will of your own afraid of one's shadow

Tính từ

Playful and full of energy
frisky lively spirited bouncy active energetic playful coltish high-spirited perky animated peppy zippy bubbly frolicsome sparky romping skittish sportive zestful airy animate bouncing brisk exuberant frolicky gamesome gay high jaunty jazzy kinetic kittenish ludic mettlesome pert pizazzy pizzazzy racy rollicking snappy spanking sprightly springy vital vivacious frolic wanton dashing excitable excited full of fun in high spirits larkish lighthearted prankish wicked zesty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans full of get-up-and-go full of vim and vigour feeling one's oats full of joie de vivre buoyant vigorous spry chipper sparkling full of life chirpy bright dynamic effervescent upbeat cheerful happy vibrant breezy cheery merry sunny peart alert enthusiastic nimble jolly zingy carefree blithe zappy fiery light-hearted light agile blithesome fresh lightsome full of pep forceful strong ebullient keen go-go sparkly wick full of the joys of spring spunky hyper happy-go-lucky as lively as a grig jumping as merry as a grig joyful bright and breezy alive and kicking bold crank genial quick bustling insouciant tireless debonair feisty lusty untiring hardy gingery swinging full of energy industrious ball of fire jovial gleeful stimulating busy exciting jocose gladsome indefatigable passionate alive ardent potent jocund winsome powerful forcible peppery vivid eupeptic unflagging in good spirits canty stirring elated stalwart sturdy strenuous rocking fun-loving red-blooded high-powered casual smart glad sexy nonchalant sporty daring bubbling easy perk energized activated easy-going swift graceful mirthful mobile rapid colorful colourful irrepressible confident scintillating wild untroubled energised on the go buzzing eager flourishing astir valiant frivolous whimsical unthinking dexterous happening humming devil-may-care joyous driving festive hopping thriving abuzz gritty aggressive unconcerned enterprising rugged barnstorming impassioned sharp abubble aboil easygoing robust zealous laughing jocular dextrous in fine fettle determined brash rousing pushy responsive without a care in the world spritely neat coquettish flirty flirtatious dapper saucy sassy flippant outgoing pertinent relevant interesting dull tight breathless fairylike grooving aware fervent salacious glitzy fancy jazzlike psychedelic excellent outstanding fast striking magnificent marvellous new whopping wonderful marvelous remarkable exceptional beatific blissful euphoric ecstatic flush uncaring unconsidered heedless unworried indifferent youthful refreshing full of vim and vigor heated entertaining dramatic avid go-getting occupied hot burning amiable unserious insubstantial enlivened hale and hearty full of the joy of living raring to go vitalized eventful deedful fun moving demoniac motive tough kinematic dynamical locomotive motile fanciful elastic volatile resilient convivial cheering pleasure-seeking slaphappy rakish exhilarating heady on the move waggish informal good-humoured to the point good-humored forward self-assertive presuming full of zip electrifying distinctive piquant rich poignant tart clever tasty tangy pungent witty flamboyant dazzling as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy on top of the world virile vehement intense coruscating intensive relaxed storming resounding ballsy punchy sensitive vibrating effective emphatic radiant gutsy courageous muscular sound full-blooded all-out have-a-go hard-hitting high-octane full of spirit easy-breezy low-pressure ventilated affable mellow laid-back impish exhilarated plucky game devilish unconstrained spicy offhand free and easy brave trim natty venturesome fearless intrepid flip joking spruce showy audacious heroic steely tenacious gallant valorous mettled resolved steadfast resolute indomitable lithe as game as Ned Kelly supple limber light-footed deft willowy acrobatic fit fleet nippy lissom featly light-foot quick-moving lissome gracile nimble-footed feline fleet-footed lithesome twinkle-toed spright winged prompt quick-thinking mercurial quick on the draw twinkle toes clear-headed athletic easy-moving quick on the trigger in good condition ready strapping hearty healthy hale solid stout husky brawny burly hefty beefy hunky buff well built able-bodied muscly substantial assertive ripped shredded firm powerfully built jacked solidly built in the pink masculine manly all-male macho blooming positive sinewy invigorated well made iron in good health efficient in good trim in good shape Herculean violent fighting fit thewy wholesome well-conditioned stark thickset well-built fit as a fiddle boisterous theatrical expressive hilarious awake male chivalrous swashbuckling bulky lionhearted stout-hearted manlike dogged earnest persistent unremitting pertinacious muscle-bound mighty optimistic fine meaty hulking sanguine bullish hopeful fleshy mesomorphic well muscled refreshed strong as an lion in good kilter strong as an ox strong as an horse in tip-top condition rude powerhouse expansive well-knit well knit functional man-size mannish studly fecund man-sized fertile butch laddish staunch aerobicized going strong still going strong as strong as an ox reinvigorated revitalized roaring rough persuasive take-over steamroller take-charge hard-driving bursting with good health bursting with health in rude health as strong as a horse as strong as a ox as fit as a flea in trim as fit as a fiddle laid back full of vim reproductive sexually potent procreative generative restored revivified rejuvenated renewed rested complete operating functioning stable magnetic electric charged revived revitalised reenergized handy operational serviceable operative occupational working diligent go-ahead whole uncompromising thoroughgoing thorough utile practicable effectual inspirited reanimated motivated strengthened fortified perked up pepped up freshened pushing well-oiled utilitarian committed wholehearted total sweeping full unrestrained intact like a new person untired unwearied unfatigued fresh as a daisy quickened all-embracing all out uncontrolled exhaustive unbridled charismatic influential compelling energizing hyped-up activating go-getter productive vitalizing self-motivated highpowered energising well unimpaired undamaged durable bombproof like new rehabilitated bright-eyed bushy-tailed like a new man out-and-out unmixed out and out pulling no punches play for keeps play hard ball coming on strong right as rain wide-ranging sane undecayed well constructed hard hanging together up to snuff rigorous flawless normal well-constructed holding together perfect safe unhurt unblemished

Tính từ

Lacking a coherent sequence or connection
disjointed disconnected unconnected incoherent disordered confused disunited discontinuous disorganised disorganized fitful fragmented muddled rambling spasmodic aimless fragmentary jumbled bitty choppy divided erratic garbled patchy scrappy separated directionless dislocated displaced loose mixed up piecemeal split wandering without unity cool disorderly far-out fuzzy inchoate incohesive irrational jerky out-of-it out-to-lunch spaced-out spacey unattached unorganised unorganized unintelligible untidy broken unclear unsystematic uneven illogical incomprehensible haphazard faltering chaotic messy cluttered inconsistent irregular inarticulate stammering stuttering incomplete sketchy mumbled scrambled muttered scattered topsy-turvy higgledy-piggledy all over the place uncoordinated shambolic unkempt anarchic indistinct out of order in disarray interrupted in a muddle intermittent in a mess stumbling disarranged spotty random imperfect maundering rumpled tangled upside-down slovenly halting poorly spoken hesitating mussy sloppy littered pell-mell hugger-mugger in disorder shuffled deficient partial meaningless mixed-up ill-thought-out hesitant sporadic incongruous muffled discombobulated occasional unsteady fractional wild aperiodic desultory spastic upset casual disheveled vague out of place catchy at sixes and sevens disarrayed mumbling blurred episodic orderless disrupted every which way mussed tumbled messed tousled dishevelled in confusion all over the shop screwed up all over the lot all over the map on and off in a shambles varying variable ununified diffuse nonsensical irrelevant distorted busted fractured smashed shattered uncontinuous indecipherable unfathomable periodic like a bomb's hit it mangled twisted corrupted misconstrued fragmental discrete tangly muddle-headed woolly weak half halfway intervallic monosyllabic clipped inconclusive part on again and off again in fits and starts muddleheaded out of kilter straggly out-of-place misplaced mussed up knotted tossed mute voiceless speechless in pieces tongue-tied wooly unarranged perfunctory messed up reticent awkward obscure unvocal inaudible clumsy partially gradual intermittently fitfully tumultuous inadequate slipshod superficial episodical awry askew in chaos upside down inside-out gaping alternate unpolished unfinished defective unhinged in a jumble cockeyed upended upturned luxated riotous downside-up overturned staccato by fits and starts by degrees stage by stage little by little step by step at intervals patchwork slurred stuttered discursive stammered thrown together breathless discordant puzzling dumb hard to follow stirred up ruffled haywire unmethodical snarled like a dog's breakfast like a dog's dinner faint murmured low senseless hazy crude rough inexplicit opaque ambiguous uncertain rudimentary muddy inane silly absurd vacuous unmeaning foolish indiscernible cryptic fatuous insufficient impenetrable ungraspable enigmatic inscrutable wanting indiscriminate illegible ridiculous idle lacking simple unskillful makeshift unexplicit equivocal unknowable Greek tenebrous incognizable fathomless systemless unsystematized basic short unregulated slapdash undeveloped undone abridged shortened bleary unstructured all Greek to me rough and ready half-pie unaccomplished restricted qualified unexecuted indefinite misty blurry nebulous ill-defined rude not total expurgated underdone unconsummated immature unwhole curtailed meager under construction not whole meagre not entire badly organized unfocused shadowy imprecise hit-or-miss undetermined gauzy dim murky muzzy pale undefined blear indistinguishable foggy inexact lacking definition out of focus unsure low resolution

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