Đồng nghĩa của in tip top condition


Strong, healthy, and full of energy
vigorous robust lively strong energetic healthy hardy dynamic flourishing spirited vital active animated sturdy athletic bouncing fine fit high-spirited sparkling sprightly strapping tough vivacious able-bodied blooming peppy thriving effervescent in good health jaunty lusty perky playful powerful red-blooded spry zippy buoyant forceful hale indefatigable in good condition in good kilter in good shape in good trim intense sound strong as an horse strong as an lion strong as an ox tireless vibrant zestful bouncy feisty flush forcible gingery go-getting hale and hearty hearty spanking upbeat virile chipper spunky wick brisk dashing driving effective efficient enterprising exuberant fighting fit full of life hard-driving persuasive snappy steamroller take-charge take-over alive and kicking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of vim in the pink raring to go ball of fire full of beans full of energy fit as a fiddle in fine fettle well whole as fit as a fiddle well-conditioned wholesome husky in shape as fit as a flea bursting with health muscular trim right as rain in rude health in excellent shape stalwart as strong as an ox buff fit as a flea in trim physically fit in good physical shape fresh stout rugged shredded ripped all right sound in body and limb in fine feather normal brawny up to snuff in top form aerobicized right Herculean burly restored firm sinewy OK in good physical condition invigorated solid as a rock in good form unimpaired bushy-tailed bright-eyed healthful abled able as right as rain staunch capable mighty very healthy very well in perfect health bounding sane muscly better potent safe and sound rosy-cheeked slim muscled toned in peak condition well-built thickset powerfully built broad-shouldered healthier energised vitalized energized toned up nondisabled recovered good refreshed sporty the picture of health up to par together glowing luxuriantly not disabled rehabilitated ok beefy herculean two-fisted jacked hunky healed mesomorphic well-proportioned thewy stark cured mended agile nimble physical lithe fitter as strong as a horse as strong as a lion hunky-dory fine and dandy enthusiastic sparky gay bubbly mettlesome frisky animate airy pert kinetic racy quick springy pizzazzy pizazzy jazzy peart chirpy keen bright bold zingy ebullient fiery full of vim and vigour alert eager unflagging breezy strenuous untiring industrious zealous unwearied cheerful aggressive passionate determined jumping zesty frolicsome go-go resolute sharp gutsy sunny fast merry joyful courageous hyper irrepressible zappy go-ahead cheery effectual bright and breezy alive high-powered hefty persevering rapid swift inexhaustible weariless solid vivid ambitious steadfast bustling stirring happy light-hearted blithe sportive intrepid dogged excited daring on the go ardent busy tenacious unwearying emphatic impassioned speedy as merry as a grig indomitable exciting brave jolly frolic gamesome fearless crank moving valiant plucky incessant persistent surviving unremitting unfaltering unswerving unfailing creative around full of get-up-and-go gallant in high spirits grind pushing manly unwavering striking smart audacious elated peppery influential driven bubbling punchy high-octane scintillating full of the joys of spring stimulating gladsome ingenious diligent imaginative sparkly going strong inventive blithesome hasty swinging alive and well still with us resourceful hurried hard-hitting flamboyant valorous full of pep of good cheer innovative substantial assertive unflinching exhilarated pertinacious heroic storming adventurous euphoric lightsome unshakeable assiduous gritty young unrelenting vehement manful compelling undaunted pushy jubilant hard-working iron nippy authoritative carefree boisterous exultant ballsy clever gifted live hopping working rested existing solidly built well muscled revived relaxed full-blooded fleet happy-go-lucky smiley fast-moving rousing rocking dexterous productive operative existent self-starting ready mobile loud responsive brash awake living full of fun growing original like new dextrous unceasing lightning blistering galloping breakneck alacritous as lively as a grig hulking entrepreneurial doughty bulky dauntless dramatic heated progressive up-and-coming self-motivated fleet-footed colourful patient piquant pungent lionhearted game occupied positive continuing talented impressive hot stout-hearted avid witty muscle-bound quick-witted stouthearted well-developed telling convincing cogent activated breathing radiant intensive happening humming buzzing greathearted gutty heroical poignant tart tangy resounding astir abuzz operating breathless undauntable new gumptious eventful colorful functional rattling venturesome sedulous abubble aboil jovial hard bruising hulky entertaining have-a-go in-your-face functioning coruscating lion-hearted barnstorming deft well-knit light successful controlling sentient adroit brilliant enduring perceptive glad well knit organic sensitive operational full of spirit coming on strong biological gleeful mirthful powerhouse quick-thinking efficacious joyous subsisting all-out on the move abiding mercurial wonderful exceptional among the living having life competent in the land of the living quick on the trigger quick on the draw committed self-directed uncomplaining long-suffering strident stentorian unused rosy undimmed stimulated verdant relieved clear florid ruddy unfaded fair dewy creamy unwithered masculine fun-loving expressive big stocky A1 pioneering unstinting full-bodied built interesting high-energy liberal modern disruptive advanced forward-looking spicy electrifying ambulatory dazzling sturdily built meaty enlightened forward-thinking green tumultuous fleshy steely vibrating enlivened formidable full of the joy of living rude beefcake gorillalike hunk portly incisive fairylike grooving resolved mettled rising deedful savory humorous savoury hardened toughened inured cast-iron hard-bitten sexy upright burning hilarious enthralling gripping roaring rough suspenseful thrilling noble rhapsodical willful unruly relentless avant-garde fast-track fervid exhilarating heady biting full of zip acclimatised resistant acclimatized resilient seasoned steady constant confident eloquent as strong as a ox revitalized reinvigorated turnt peaches-and-cream incarnate bursting with good health well-made stable demoniac motive dynamical locomotive kinematic motile electric magnetic upstanding rich tasty distinctive unyielding unbending feeling one's oats as game as Ned Kelly irresistible graphic great bubbling over inspired practical salty revivified rejuvenated renewed engaged lighthearted corporeal bodily never-tiring authoritarian dominant supreme weighty ruling commanding gusty stubborn devoted dedicated nifty accelerated cracking expeditious express warm charged revitalised reenergized current excellent magnificent outstanding marvellous whopping marvelous remarkable employed fast and furious rock-ribbed full of determination unafraid deviceful sprouting burgeoning expanding augmenting amplifying budding in the flesh wiry ropy musclebound swole stringy tiger intact unsinkable single-minded remorseless hell-bent ironclad inexorable painstaking plugging unstinted undeterred fireball continued plodding pulling no punches contemporary running persisting present ongoing howling laborious succinct terse pithy fervent fruitful inspirited strengthened fortified pepped up freshened reanimated motivated perked up highly capable in control remaining supple charismatic activating highpowered energising energizing hyped-up go-getter vitalizing pumped up cock-a-hoop prolific durable bombproof undamaged extant going limber light-footed graceful nose to grindstone stop at nothing dead set on bound and determined handy occupational serviceable in the saddle unfatigued fresh as a daisy like a new person untired quickened overjoyed beaming laughing smiling grinning still going strong eager beaver practicable utile in good spirits thrilled acrobatic willowy action-packed undecayed hanging together rigorous flawless unhurt unblemished wide-ranging well-constructed holding together perfect safe play hard ball play for keeps genial untroubled unworried good-humoured delighted good-humored blissful quick-moving lissom featly light-foot lissome gracile nimble-footed feline lithesome like a new man utilitarian well-oiled viral tied-up twinkle-toed gratified optimistic contented content hopeful stiff in full swing busy as a bee in existence developing ticking in use clear-headed spright winged prompt easy-moving whirlwind splitting rapid-fire urgent flying dizzy beside oneself with joy jocund pleased wrapped festive on cloud nine thankful satisfied on cloud seven tickled ecstatic chuffed venturous free-swinging nervy emboldened adventuresome nerved intelligent heartening heartwarming blessed rapturous jocular twinkle toes deep devout full of hope hungry craving hardworking advancing itching yearning aspiring hustling lusting sharp-witted astute effusive generous affable unreserved on top of the world without a care in the world over the moon acute receptive profound deepest backslapping uninhibited brainy spark plug hard ball amiable savvy profuse full unrestrained gushing honest frank welcoming supersmart apt shrewd delicate hyperintelligent canny observant discerning ultrasmart back-slapping wise genius slick quick off the mark adept skilful whip-smart nimble-witted knowing deep-rooted good natured deep-felt warm-hearted provocative impactful useful responsible contributory decisive momentous motivational pivotal imposing animating motivating fateful inspiring swayful formative central inspirational consequential masterful touching critical crucial affecting meaningful swaying enticing material encouraging inducing impelling purposeful considerable guiding monumental instrumental alluring seductive far-reaching all there smart as a whip sharp as a tack skillful whiz on the ball wide awake curt wired perspicacious quick on the uptake viable mortal not dead glittering flashing glistening shimmering twinkling shining glinting gleaming iridescent lustrous coruscant shimmery flickering glistering dancing opalescent scintillant effulgent fulgurating mantling starry shiny spangled lambent glittery gaseous


Meticulously neat and tidy
shipshape orderly trim neat tidy kempt prim uncluttered clean organised organized spruce crisp groomed immaculate ordered spotless straight tidied trig antiseptic bandbox chipper smug snug businesslike tricksy in good order in order spick-and-span in good shape neat and tidy well-kept well-ordered well-organized spick and span well-groomed well kept well ordered picked up well-regulated Bristol fashion as fresh as paint as neat as a new pin in apple-pie order shipshape and Bristol fashion smart systematic arranged regular natty methodical dapper apple-pie order neat as a pin systematized nice proper exact correct slick well organized systematised to rights elegant chic fastidious structured efficient dainty sleek finical finicky methodic well-turned-out precise taut well-dressed clean-cut well groomed all together presentable together sorted out straightened out well turned out well regulated arranged well well turned-out snappy spiffy sharp tight impeccable well-presented compact cleanly well arranged sorted well-pressed symmetrical soigné well looked-after well maintained in place in position personable strict well-arranged rigid consistent regimented controlled steady self-controlled well disciplined fit to be seen put to rights besuited in good condition disciplined well thought-out logical careful coherent punctilious meticulous law-abiding well-behaved peaceable regulated framed uniform thorough formal rangé fixed scientific set-up alike conventional well-turned out well planned in shape neat as button neat as pin well-designed planned coordinated methodized standardized standardised effective supervised scrupulous systematical governed measured painstaking well thought out deliberate routine unified delimited practical classified restricted formulated severe closely controlled on a tight rein skillful directed skilful managed settled strictly controlled standard analytical thoroughgoing by the book by the numbers complete out-and-out joined-up well-maintained restrained reduced nonrandom harsh monitored superintended integrated adapted set adjusted cohesive piloted administered sensible in sync no-nonsense guided exacting rigorous reasonable consolidated collective professional ruled cooperative assimilated combined united harmonious correlated cataloged tabulated conscientious well run regimental negotiated contrived enforced grouped formed catalogued prearranged prepared workaday matter-of-fact organic unchanging even unvarying unvaried competent monotonous strictly regulated unbroken dull heedful conscionable punctual fussy demanding practised pragmatic sedulous diligent expeditious earnest practiced accomplished serious enterprising direct industrious concentrated purposeful intent hardworking

Trái nghĩa của in tip top condition

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