Đồng nghĩa của young

Alternative for young

younger, youngest

Đồng nghĩa: juvenile, youthful,

Trái nghĩa: old,

Tính từ

In the early part of growth or life
juvenile immature little youthful adolescent pubescent teenage fresh junior teenaged undeveloped boyish budding childlike girlish babyish inexperienced inexpert infant raw unexperienced unqualified unseasoned untried youngish early fledgling green growing infantile young at heart young-looking callow childish new newborn newish teen unfledged blooming blossoming tender tenderfoot vernal burgeoning half-grown not aged not far advanced in one's salad days developing baby fresh-faced underage prepubescent embryonic younger nascent small innocent emerging incipient formative preteenager preteen naive up-and-coming inchoate wide-eyed preadolescent unsophisticated minor dawning in the springtime of life emergent bread-and-butter beginning beardless promising aborning inceptive rising baby-faced full of life youth milk-fed young looking virginal smaller boylike underaged childhood jejune impressionable pubertal unspoiled fresh-looking well-kept initial pre-adult vigorous untrained active infantine spry growing up unworldly unpracticed artless ingenuous sprightly child's children's spring verdant kid newly arrived uncultivated unversed wet behind the ears tenderfooted unskilled enthusiastic buoyant keen underdeveloped undergrown feminine well-preserved evolving potential primordial unevolved flirty kittenish naïve girly mincing hoydenish flirtatious coquettish advancing naissant just beginning future aspiring coming unripe unactualized abortive germinal flowering prospective sprouting germinating vegetating pullulating maturing would-be wannabe opening in its infancy in the making with potential half-baked bursting forth shooting up

Tính từ

Lacking in experience
inexperienced green new undeveloped fresh naïve unfledged uninitiated unproven untrained amateur amateurish callow ignorant immature inept inexpert naive tenderfoot unacquainted unfamiliar uninformed unlearned unpractised unqualified unskilled unskillful verdant innocent nonprofessional raw sophomoric unconversant undisciplined unprofessional unschooled unseasoned unsophisticated untested untried untutored unversed jackleg unaccustomed underdeveloped unpracticed unworldly lacking experience wet behind the ears wide-eyed juvenile adolescent puerile unformed unripened unripe kid rookie youthful prentice unused born yesterday wet behind ears unfamiliar with rude spring chicken infant dewy uninitiate ingenuous guileless simple jejune artless unbaked crude sophomore jellybean unsuspecting naif dewy-eyed not dry behind ears as green as grass unrehearsed untaught just starting out gullible credulous nescient unwary tender unknowing half-grown incomplete unready unfinished simpleminded primitive naïf uncritical unsuspicious foolish unmellowed sour aw-shucks not ripe brash reckless childlike impressionable insensible confiding unstudied trusting unpretentious unwitting trustful unaware unmindful unguarded unsceptical unaffected oblivious uneducated incompetent clueless incognizant over-trusting unpretending easily deceived unweaned novice easily taken in unconscious easily led unenlightened childish kidstuff non-technical unequipped unchartered unlicensed incapable uncertificated strange dilettante non-professional lay unheard-of unknown unprecedented novel original untamed uncultivated unprepared illiterate not trained wild inexperienced in unconversant with not used to inexperienced at uninstructed a novice at a newbie to unused to unacquainted with not used unversed in newcome a stranger too green unpractised in not given to a newcomer to fond unwise easy natural silly virginal countrified uncorrupted virgin like a babe in the woods cute quaint starry-eyed shallow unjaded simple-minded plain Panglossian

Tính từ

Newly produced or obtained
new fresh immature recent current developing newest undeveloped latest brand new newborn newfound unripe brand-new in its infancy in the making new-found newly arrived brand spanking new hot off the fire hot off the press just completed just done just finished just out of late spanking new modern contemporary late newfangled modernistic neoteric topical latter novel hot present-day up-to-date latter-day the latest up to the minute up to date state-of-the-art up-to-the-minute new-fashioned present advanced red-hot mod leading-edge ultramodern space-age contemporaneous designer avant-garde cutting-edge new age innovative trendy now voguish fashionable in vogue today progressive modish happening extant groundbreaking innovatory in fashion ultra-modern a la mode present-time ongoing contempo popular modern-day existent pioneering cutting edge with it au courant stylish trendsetting revolutionary twenty-first-century unique leading immediate modernized flash modernised snazzy instant nifty ingenious innovational forward-looking ground-breaking hot off press in forward concurrent original higher relevant coincident sophisticated developed chic evolved different radical existing unusual complex cool inventive creative prevailing unorthodox unprecedented unconventional hip imaginative coeval improved recently discovered futuristic unfamiliar refined trailblazing updated uncommon breakthrough faddish in the news untried originative live leading edge up abreast nouvelle high-tech hi-tech unknown strange offbeat atypical unaccustomed just released out-of-the-box out of the ordinary de nos jours newly discovered recently developed never-before-seen unheard-of left-field far along well ahead far ahead well along bang up to date today's gimmicky last supermodern afresh future synchronous occurring recently coexistent just issued appearing recently concomitant with-it prevalent simultaneous coexisting dewy quite recent last-ditch sexy popularized popularised coincidental in style coetaneous all the rage pristine actual living high coterminous culty smart raw last word alive burning coextensive du jour later unreleased twenty- first century synchronic singular rare newsworthy unpublished virgin virginal nowadays started prompt being begun commenced already swinging in the mainstream on front burner common knowledge untested visionary surprising experimental exotic previously unreleased newly published newly released natty span-new mint untouched intact perfect go-ahead inspired inspiring special refreshing just now even now in duration going on in process under consideration ad hoc kicking kicky tony off-centre distinctive artistic disruptive funky peculiar far cry breaking new ground seminal odd fly at this moment spiffy vital timely pressing important sassy stylin' for the time being in-thing plugged-in buzzworthy foremost prime ahead intricate supreme avant garde nominal thematic subjective interesting unwonted alternative à la mode avant complicated elaborate pre-eminent excellent extreme precocious paramount exceptional principal out of the common forward-thinking highly developed ahead of the times high-end this season's new-fangled more recent

Tính từ

Attractive, especially in a youthful manner
cute attractive good-looking alluring beautiful fair handsome hot lovely pretty adorable appealing eye-catching fetching gorgeous knockout ravishing youthful arresting beauteous hunky striking stunning aesthetic comely esthetic sightly young-looking drop-dead gorgeous taking bonny charming seemly likely lovesome drop-dead bonnie desirable well-favored bewitching seductive good captivating goodly fanciable sexy delightful foxy elegant smashing pleasing fit enchanting prepossessing luscious tantalizing exquisite fine irresistible pulchritudinous easy on the eye engaging beguiling tantalising nubile glamorous tasty winning enticing beddable inviting spunky sultry tempting nice-looking nice lush winsome dishy shapely sensual graceful arousing sensuous divine erotic sexually attractive bootylicious charismatic dazzling radiant provocative bodacious come-hither sweet agreeable fascinating entrancing luring delicate magnetic well favoured come-to-bed glamourous pleasant stylish wonderful personable splendid voluptuous adorbs sexual out of this world as pretty as a picture heavenly likable toothsome sublime easy on the eyes resplendent superb likeable fine-looking well-favoured dainty on fleek statuesque admirable provoking flirtatious delectable fabulous babelicious intriguing suggestive buxom sensational well-formed becoming curvaceous kissable excellent enthralling marvelous mesmeric tasteful lovable beckoning angelic grand scrumptious photogenic magnificent marvellous classy symmetrical refined ideal blooming coquettish titillating presentable yummy neat aesthetically pleasing beaut dreamy fashionable very beautiful interesting darling slinky affable studly congenial genial bedroom flamboyant enhancing dollish feline aesthetically appealing teasing wholesome trim hospitable prettyish showstopping elfin chic telegenic busty dapper clean-cut smart dashing delicious a ten well favored compelling fetcjomg naughty decorative artistic flattering ornamental breathtaking goodlooking siren curvy cuddly devastating eligible fancy amazing incredible fab terrific fantastic physically attractive beautifying specious top endearing jaw-dropping beseeching drawing attention suave well-chosen a sight for sore eyes virile willowy camera-friendly sheen debonair in good taste strong athletic spruce robust sharp noble smooth impressive good looking peng well-proportioned well-dressed dear exceptional dreamboat eyeful bijou swank prim suitable immaculate orderly spotless welcoming decent clean tidy picture-perfect satisfactory enjoyable positive great satisfying comforting mild enviable acceptable flashy exhilarating worthy pleasurable euphoric favorable comfortable valuable precious sound sunny amiable joyous clear super cunning A1 cheery rad reputable welcome prime amusing glossy honourable splashy snazzy ace sterling commendable zingy soothing rapturous blessed superior slick boss spanking intoxicating choice fun capital showy in order hunky-dory relief OK unspoilt not bad glad honorable elating splendorous paradisiacal deluxe super-eminent grateful copasetic first-rate passable delightsome shipshape first-class recreative supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gratifying paradisiac select gnarly ecstatic dulcet super-excellent copacetic paradisal relishable blest recherche stupendous paradisaical calming savory paradisaic irie savoury favourable cultivated cultured creative imaginative expressive sensitive harmonious sophisticated discerning majestic moving restrained poetic pure picturesque perceptive polished courtly symbolic pictorial urbane stately plush chaste classical original scenic supreme perfect discriminating idyllic eloquent fastidious simple flawless very nice glorious elevated figurative flowery inspired inventive colorful vivid fitting understated austere plain photographic pictographic arty unsoiled colourful quaint balanced Augustan profound deep insightful spiffy quiet posh rich unobtrusive splendiferous uptown unaffected precise subdued emotional full of feeling subtle musical rhythmical stimulating dramatic luxurious opulent sumptuous classic modish dignified distinguished decorous ornate swanky rare ostentatious ornamented genteel affected high-class schmick overdone august aristocratic stylized well-designed a la mode well-bred

Tính từ

Somewhat small
smallish small little diminutive slight undersized pocket puny pygmy dwarfish dinky bantam tiny Lilliputian shrimpy toylike miniature petite mini undersize fine wee subnormal minute teeny stunted microscopic elfin toy short stubby imperceptible insufficient infinitesimal inconsiderable inappreciable limited skimpy sparse cramped meagre meager scant undeveloped light peanut babyish brief embryonic fleeting hasty immature infant junior shrivelled shriveled snub truncated wizened pint-sized pocket-sized pocket-size half-pint pint-size fun size short-lived hardly any not big not large teensy-weensy midget teeny-weeny minuscule runty itsy-bitsy compact baby bitty miniaturized dwarf peewee weeny pintsize pintsized fun-size teensy bitsy minikin itty-bitty miniaturised dainty vest-pocket underdeveloped minuscular tiddly small-scale little-bitty titchy scrubby little bitty low micro nanoscopic insignificant small-boned microscopical portable eensy weensy eensy-weensy ickle knee-high to a grasshopper delicate feeble measly negligible scrawny fragile lilliputian runtish squat cute weak small-fry minor homuncular trifling minimum pee-wee bitesize unsubstantial picayune yea big bite-sized bite-size knee high to a grasshopper poky bijou pygmyish spindly dwarfed atrophied underweight sawn-off pygmaean button trim neat dear adorable handy abridged potted smaller munchkin reduced boxy narrow with no room to swing a cat concise condensed capsule lesser secondary bush-league adorbs minor-league small-time natty dumpy frail squatty fubsy stocky underfed weakly sickly thin skinny undernourished shallow slim twiggy spare slender teeny weeny second rate reedy nominal miserly minimal attenuate low-lying not long low-slung gracile stick skeleton broomstick weedy not tall sawed-off inadequate stingy trivial paltry niggling zero useless zilch inferior nothing unsound runt infirm two-bit shrimp unconsequential worthless knee high to a gnat close to the ground slightly built incidental poor scanty miserable piddling modest ungenerous derisory frugal size-zero lightly-built not heavy small time atomic insubstantial tenuous mingy nugatory piffling microminiature nano flyspeck scaled-down knee-high nickel-and-dime not worth bothering about very small stumpy exiguous thickset chunky heavyset mite restricted deficient solid sturdy stout skimp pitiful scarce sparing invisible beggarly thick broad pathetic invisible to the naked eye very little sprightly bonsai unimportant runted scrub shot undergrown model teenty nanosized tincy teentsy youthful microbic low-set hand-to-mouth molecular yea high small fry indiscernible unnoticeable minim efficient heavy bare confined petty extremely small barely perceptible meek lank mere a slip of a … pudgy beefy bull-necked granular submicroscopic fragmentary itsy bitsy incy wincy tincy wincy teensy weensy heavily built economic of space thin on the ground disappointing lean lamentable lowly contemptible base ordinary chubby nuggety mesomorphic pyknic thick-bodied fat

Tính từ

unspoiled intact perfect unchanged untouched artless innocent unaffected unblemished undamaged unharmed wholesome fresh natural pristine uncorrupted well-preserved preserved unassuming clean clear crisp just out latest new original pure recent refreshing sparkling uncontaminated unimpaired unpolluted unprocessed unstudied untainted whole untarnished undefiled unsoiled unsullied unstained unadulterated immaculate virgin undebased unspoilt spotless virginal sanitary unmarred salubrious mint unspotted brand-new laundered washed native uncultivated refined straight fine purified trim earthy plain organic white dirt-free unmixed unmodified undiluted unalloyed luscious envigorating sweet invigorating primal restorative unbroken indigenous unfermented not rotten not sour raw crude wilding agrestal wild unused sterile span-new sterilized disinfected brand new firsthand untried excellent mint condition in perfect condition spic-and-span spanking as new unseasoned spick-and-span untrodden spanking-new brand-spanking new shipshape in tiptop condition spanking new in mint condition brand spanking new flawless uninfected healthful taintless pasteurised aseptic intemerate sterilised pasteurized healthy good for you germ-free health-giving antiseptic hygienic stainless sanitized neat germfree sanitised squeaky-clean chaste fair shining unmarked snowy faultless delicate disease-free simple tidy gleaming like new polished cleaned up distilled absolute sanative prophylactic decontaminated completely clean salutary spotlessly clean unopened good salutiferous unworn cool squeaky clean neat and tidy spruce clean and tidy cleaned very clean as clean as a whistle tonic uncompounded uncombined cooling airy energising revitalising pleasant unblended refreshful energizing revitalizing rejuvenating rejuvenative revivifying vitalizing unsubdivided basic single elementary speckless fundamental non-complex non-compound cleansed dirtless squeaky unsmudged orderly elegant cleanly graceful vanilla well-kept spic and span neat as a button neat as a pin

Tính từ

Relating to the time before a child is old enough to go to school

Danh từ

Offspring, especially of an animal before or soon after birth
offspring progeny babies children cub fruit fry generation get issue lineage posterity produce pup scion seed spawn stock ankle-biter babe bairn brat brood chick child chit daughter descendant family heir infant issues kid kiddie lad litter little one munchkin nipper pickney shaver son sprog successor tacker toddler tot youngster baby progeniture tots babes bambino daughters kiddies kids little ones nippers scions sons sprogs successors tinies ankle-biters babe in arms rug rat sons and daughters tiny tot fruit of one's loins descendants offshoot youngsters heirs breed hatch begats quiverful succession kin binary clone flesh and blood whelp offshoots clutch lineages race infants chicks nest heredity yield product sons or daughters flock chip off old block school piglets kittens puppies cubs neonate set of offspring bantling suckling nursling tiny baby new baby bundle newborn small child young baby newly born child kiddiewink whippersnapper wean urchin youth juvenile teenager stripling schoolboy lass minor girl boy junior schoolgirl adolescent young one young person young man young adult fledgling teenybopper teen tiny puppy chap guttersnipe squirt sprout punk small fry imp laddie young woman moppet sprat bud kiddo youngling kiddy sonny littlie tadpole little guy lighty outjie female child pupil sapling student youngie juvenile delinquent snotnose kid young 'un little kid young shaver boyo shaveling boychik fellow callant tad boychick young fellow half-pint mate guy little shaver cadet runt knave buck gamin master dude rascal jackanapes wretch spoilt child devil minx horror scallywag superbrat monster terror hellion young lady lassie spoiled brat holy terror spoiled child impudent child badly behaved child enfant terrible unruly child wild one little monster hobbledehoy innocent cherub little doll nestling mite pubescent little angel anklebiter preschooler little darling tyke lamb preteen

Trái nghĩa của young

young Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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