Đồng nghĩa của early

Alternative for early

earlier, earliest

Đồng nghĩa: back, beforetime, in advance, in the past, late,

Tính từ

Of, relating to, belonging to, or occurring in, a former time (near the beginning)

Tính từ

Belonging or happening near the beginning of a particular period
first foundational initial original inaugural maiden preliminary antecedent earliest prior embryonic foundation prefatory raw pilot prelusive opening precursory undeveloped initiatory nascent precursive inceptive inductive preceding primitive beginning inchoate introductory young preludial trial foremost incipient old test fledgling infant starting brand-new lead-in elementary primary basic rudimentary fundamental preparatory commencing germinal budding headmost developing preparative emergent initiative pioneer virgin leading leadoff emerging immature rudimental premier incomplete aborning essential primal underlying unfinished imperfect elemental proemial uncompleted provisional anterior primordial unformed primeval crude dawning growing basal hasty unpolished prime indigenous aboriginal evolving unrefined quick sketchy cursory abecedarian meat-and-potatoes autochthonous prodromal prelim rough exploratory autochthonic pristine prodromic coarse embryonal primaeval prelusory just beginning underivative underived substratal simplest uncomplicated simple unprocessed uncut rough and ready prolegomenous premature new originating seminal potential experimental advance explorative unindustrialized impending ancient readying preparing newborn prehistoric unfledged up-and-coming burgeoning in its infancy start antediluvian antique native in an early stage lower ur- proto- prefatorial preambular preambulatory larval nuts-and-bolts bog-standard radical primigenial prolegomenal exordial prototype prototypal uncomplex ABCs plain simplified simplex primo clear entry-level uncivilised unevolved barbaric uncivilized previous formless first-hand duck soup child's play meat and potatoes amorphous unshaped shapeless just begun inexact imprecise clumsy unprecise roughhewn makeshift roughly made rough-hewn roughly-made rough-and-tumble rough-and-ready

Tính từ

Completed or done with efficiency and speed
hasty immediate prompt quick expeditious fast hurried brisk rapid swift direct instantaneous snappy prevenient anticipatory timely rathe ready nimble instant speedy alacritous rushed on-the-spot split-second express whirlwind lightning breakneck precipitate summary fleet whistle-stop fast-track meteoric overnight unhesitating winged sharp zippy rapid-fire splitting dizzy flying precipitous hot galloping headlong nippy rattling blistering fleet-footed breathless quickie punctual PDQ ultrasonic fleet of foot lively agile supersonic quick-fire speeding harefooted lissome accelerated sudden abrupt high-speed fast-moving rash cursory sprightly perfunctory brief fleeting expeditive active mercurial unexpected spirited short energetic superficial impulsive impetuous vigorous spanking passing unforeseen unanticipated without warning volant precipitant at speed rushing slapdash turbo short-lived cracking drive-by smart without delay hurrying velocious automatic spry reckless flat-out violent urgent overhasty gadarene straightaway helter-skelter pell-mell spur-of-the-moment careless quickened very fast on the double momentary sporty uninterrupted non-stop alert hypersonic up-tempo animated tantivy vivacious unpremeditated dashing pacey zooming peremptory incautious surprising spontaneous transitory hectic desultory imprudent willing pronto on the spot casual thoughtless without notice offhand unthinking snap impromptu unlooked-for double time double-quick haphazard irresponsible in nothing flat ultrarapid ultrafast successive moving hurtling staccato souped-up efficient bustling forthwith diligent spectacular excessive adroit arbitrary dangerous ephemeral transient effectual effective brilliant flashing dazzling responsive startling hurricane cyclonic tumultuous tornado going nifty streaming awful severe excruciating dreadful unbearable terrible intense piercing frightful machine-gun dizzying crash extremely fast dangerously fast fast-paced furious dynamic without formality without hesitation impatient evanescent mushrooming fast-tracked priority fiery hair-trigger dramatic impressive like lightning in a flash unswerving undeviating nonstop screaming speedball barrelling eager promptly given slambang at full tilt now or never not to be delayed without discussion incidental the double spasmodic acute like mad like crazy chop-chop fast and furious like the wind unfussy hit-or-miss purposeless shaking a leg explosive unusual speeded light-footed tearing whizzing sailing hastening whisking running darting barnstorming not bargained for out of the blue quick as a wink swift as an arrow inattentive half-hearted slight mechanical token uninterested routine sketchy uncritical shallow random half-baked sloppy depthless racing temerarious premature hit or miss subitaneous snatched instinctive extemporaneous capricious involuntary whimsical unplanned intuitive uninhibited emotional freakish injudicious unconsidered adventurous daredevil unprompted unrepressed foolhardy daring unguarded unpredictable madcap abandoned unwary unmeditated ad-lib hot-headed jumping the gun ill-thought-out devil-may-care winging it ill-considered brash passionate wild

Tính từ

Having been in existence for a very long time

Phó từ

Immediately, in a prompt manner
promptly quick soon fast immediately quickly instantly rapidly straightaway apace hurriedly instantaneously punctually seasonably first snappily swiftly forthwith pronto unhesitatingly briskly presto shortly hastily summarily fleetly now speedily directly expeditiously sooner posthaste post-haste at once by when chop-chop double-quick lickety-split on time pretty soon right away right now right off straight away straight off without delay without hesitation any moment now any second now as soon as possible by and by in a hurry in a jiffy in an instant in double quick time in no time on the double within a short time momentarily this instant this minute before the ink is dry on the page before you can say Jack Robinson in short order in a flash tout de suite in nothing flat like now before the deadline ahead of time on schedule beforehand without further ado soon after like a shot without more ado in a little while before long in a tick in a second in a short time in a moment in due time in less than no time before one can say knife in a minute in the twinkling of an eye in no time at all in the near future ahead of schedule a.s.a.p. before you can say knife without a second thought at the double at short notice in a New York minute with no delay straight soon enough instanter straightway presently there and then on the spot that instant incontinently double quick this very minute toot sweet PDQ right like a flash that minute here and now forthright then and there plumb bang in a trice headlong with all speed that very minute suddenly ekdam in two shakes before you know it abruptly in a wink in the blink of an eye hotfoot as quickly as possible in a mo anon first off urgently in two ticks at warp speed very soon very quickly like greased lightning in two shakes of a lamb's tail on a dime quick as lightning at the speed of light enthusiastically eagerly readily on the instant as fast as possible in the wink of an eye on the dot double-time on the nail at a stroke by return in a split second now or never like an arrow from a bow in a snap in next to no time in a sec in a fraction of a second like lightning all of a sudden off the bat from the word go in a blink this second this moment sharp away gladly very willingly outright dead meteorically precipitately plump spontaneously flat-out in a bit right off the bat without any delay ASAP with little delay on the barrelhead any second in a twinkling any minute now any minute in a nanosecond in a jiff quick as a flash quick as anything quick as a fox in a very short time with all haste with dispatch hot hell-for-leather swift at this point at this moment this day at this point in time at this juncture like wildfire like gangbusters full tilt at full tilt closely at full throttle a mile a minute at full speed by leaps and bounds at a rate of knots without notice without formality without discussion peremptorily without due process without warning arbitrarily hereupon thereupon energetically quite soon erelong soon afterward smoothly easily just now down the pike down the road at any moment ere long at any minute at any second in a short while in less than no time at all down the line hotly effortlessly freely well lightly facilely easy slang fluently painlessly handily with enthusiasm hands down swimmingly without difficulty no sweat without demur slick as whistle nothing to it at the drop of a hat quick as a wink piece of cake

Phó từ

Before the time in question
already before previously beforehand earlier formerly heretofore hitherto precedently preliminarily sooner then afore ahead antecedently anteriorly once by that time earlier on before then by then by the time until then up to then ahead of time in the past so far in advance by the time mentioned at one time a while ago back when in days gone by in days of yore way back when in old days prematurely inopportunely precociously unseasonably advanced fore in readiness previous precocious ante before now in anticipation until now aforetime erstwhile in times past in former times once upon a time in bygone days long ago some time ago time was a while back in years gone by time was when in times gone by in the olden days at an earlier time before this back in the day in earlier times forward prior to this onetime anciently up to now before present back then last time in the old days on a former occasion away back eons ago one time before of yore in the good old days in times bygone at one point in times of yore now near nearest former sometime ere since erst whilom in one case but once one time lately back ago as was thus far theretofore yet erewhile radically of old olden days water under the bridge used to be down memory lane as yet to date onwards in front till now up until now till then up until then at the head precedent preceding advancing progressing foremost to the fore at the fore at the head of the queue at an advantage in the vanguard in the lead in the foreground in the van ages ago up till now prior to now prior to the present time in those days before the present one time previously from way back at one stage on one occasion since God knows when prior to this time years ago

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