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Alternative for exploratory

exploratory /eks'plɔ:rətiv/ (exploratory) /eks'plɔ:rətəri/
  • tính từ
    • để thăm dò, để thám hiểm


Serving to explore or investigate
investigative trial experimental fact-finding probing searching analytic explorative investigational tentative empirical examining pilot preliminary provisional test probationary sample developmental speculative rough experiential heuristic introductory approximate model practice initial testing mock prototype pretend simulated laboratory trial and error corroboration confirmation elimination under the microscope investigatory information-gathering research documentary evidential empiric existential objective inquisitive penetrating piercing observational based on observation experience-based inquiring enquiring quizzical pointed deep thorough minute in-depth unconfirmed indefinite unsettled conjectural TBC conditional untried dependent provisory provisionary unsubstantiated unproven pencilled in temporary subject to undecided acting makeshift contingent subject to confirmation not settled not final to be confirmed on trial contingent upon ad interim contingent on open to consideration open for consideration subject to change based on resting on hanging on hingeing on depending on determined by controlled by interim caretaker stopgap transitional changeover improvised working qualified unfinished limited interregnal draft outline draught fill-in make-do hypothetical pro tem pro tempore rough-and-ready untested based preparatory under review beginning unproved unconcluded depending counting relying susceptible to related to relying on liable to under control of relative to incidental to conditional on swayed by resultant from regulated by bound by accessory to influenced by first stage dependent on on the drawing board tied to bound up with


Prone to engaging in risky behaviour or unafraid to do things with uncertain outcomes
risk-taking adventuresome adventurous audacious bold brave carefree courageous daring exciting thrill-seeking venturesome enterprising gutsy dashing daredevil venturous nervy hardy nerved emboldened free-swinging intrepid rash reckless have-a-go unafraid valorous valiant fearless dangerous undaunted dauntless risky unshrinking foolhardy hazardous heroic heedless spunky peppy confident headstrong temerarious pushy restless on the go dareful seeking presumptuous plucky gallant spirited ballsy lionhearted brash doughty game stalwart gritty madcap stout unflinching mettlesome devil-may-care manful heroical gutty resolute impulsive stout-hearted stouthearted greathearted undauntable lion-hearted overbold overconfident hasty imprudent incautious swashbuckling wild determined death-or-glory impetuous chivalrous thoughtless harum-scarum hotheaded ill-advised unfearful brazen precipitate hare-brained indomitable overhasty harebrained flamboyant hot-headed feisty rock-ribbed dazzling irresponsible unabashed injudicious indiscreet tenacious unconsidered headlong unthinking unblenching spartan macho tough dynamic assured precipitous kamikaze brassy hell-for-leather unwise improvident slapdash ostentatious careless romantic showy shameless breakneck jumping to conclusions ill-considered striking noble manly precipitant as game as Ned Kelly strong unalarmed positive fire-eating death-defying decisive lively smart aweless defiant desperate tearaway irrational bull-in-a-china-shop forward unguarded cool go-ahead frightless fiery immature frenzied premature foolish unwary furious insuppressible passionate sporting unheeding unfearing impavid inconsiderate redoubtable assertive stupid silly herolike ill-conceived puissant worthy powerful over-adventurous over-venturesome swaggering rakish nerveless aggressive sturdy resourceful eye-catching startling flashy gaudy roisterous persevering resilient ill-judged saucy unspeakable rumbustious cavalier orped ungoverned uncurbed misjudged unthought-out undismayed reactive staunch forceful shocking stylish firm chin-up fortitudinous dogged high-risk knee-jerk Ramboesque jaunty sporty debonair not thought through badly thought out wide open unsafe mad off deep end out on limb exuberant inattentive assuming bantam outrageous mindless salty cocky impudent smart-alecky cheeky obtrusive crusty negligent breezy extreme life-threatening thrilling crazy gung ho attractive raffish animated buoyant energetic fire eating hot shot regardless misguided crackpot go for broke overventuresome swish elegant impractical senseless out on a limb uncontrolled uncareful unsmart playing with fire out of control helter-skelter fast and loose crackbrained radge urbane dapper daft chaotic wacky frivolous exclusive swank alert gay rousing vivacious keen

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